Clicker Sequence Tutorial by liwenting


									Creating a Sequencing Activity in Clicker 5

                   Jane Ricard                1
Click on Cell

                   Click on Explorer
                   in either of these 2

     Jane Ricard                      2
Double-click on    REMEMBER!!
the Sending
window in the      *****************
Master Grids       Make your
section.           changes to the
                   Mater Grids so
                   that they apply
                   to all of your

         Click on a cell
         and drag it to
         the blue
         sending grid

 Jane Ricard                           3
      Resize the cell by
      clicking and dragging
      one of the corners of
      the cell. Reposition the
      cell by clicking in the
      cell and dragging it to
      its new position.

Jane Ricard                      4
                     Right-click on the
                     cell and click on

On the Send tab, click Send no text, Send
picture shown in cell, and Send space.

                    Jane Ricard             5
      On the Sound & Video
      tab, select Speak text
      shown in cell. There is
      no need to make
      changes on the other 2
      tabs, although you
      might want to change
      the cursor in the
      General tab selections
      to draw attention to the

Jane Ricard                      6
Close the Properties box, then
right-click in the cell and
choose Copy. Move the cursor
to a blank area. Right-click
and choose Paste.

Jane Ricard                      7
Make 3 more copies of this cell and position them as above.

                                        Click on the
                                        Yellow tab of
                                        the Cell Palette.
                                        Click on the left
                                        arrow and drag
                                        it to the grid. Do
                                        the same with
                                        the right arrow
                                        and the return
                        Jane Ricard                          8
Next Save the Grid Set as a Template.

Click on Explorer.

    Right-click on the Sending grid in the Master Grids
    section and rename it Sequence. Then drag it up to
    the Sequence 1 section and drop it. So this several
    times to make multiple pages of your activity.
                       Jane Ricard                        9
                       click on the
                       1 grid in

              Shift-click in the
              first cell. Type apple
              and press Enter. In
              the next cell shift-
              click and type

Jane Ricard                        10
You can also open up the Picture Palette and drag
pictures into the cells. In this activity, the idea is to
sort the fruits in alphabetical order. The pictures are
typed into the word processing document. Click the
right arrow and fill in content for the rest of the

                       Jane Ricard                          11
Other Notes:

To select multiple cells, hold down the CTRL key before
selecting any cell. THEN click on all of the cells you want to
modify. You can delete words and/or pictures in selected
cells, have them all open the same grid and do other similar
operations this way.

Clicker Grids are stored in the following folder:
My Computer\Shared Documents\Clicker

                          Jane Ricard                      12

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