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    Monthly Publication of the Kentucky-Indiana Personal Computer Users Group

September 2005
 Volume 24, No. 9

Program Director . . . . . . . . . .3
Why Can’t I Just Copy My
                                                 Gene Barlow
  Programs to My New
  Computer? . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4
Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
29 Useful Bookmarks . . . . . . .6
Maintaining Your Downloads .9                              MoveMe
Lessons Learned Too Late . .10
Figuring Out How Spammers
  Get E-Mail Addresses . . . .11
Beware of File Sharing . . . . .12              SecureClean/WipeDrive/
Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15           Media Wiper
SIG Directory . . . . . . . . . . . .16
SIG Scene . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17
  Access . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
  Advanced Users . . . . . . . . .18                     True Image
  Community Outreach . . . .18
  Digital Photography . . . . .19
  Genealogy . . . . . . . . . . .19, 20                         on
  Hands On . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20
  Intermediate . . . . . . . . . . .21           September 6, 2005
  Investing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21
  New Users . . . . . . . . . .21, 22
  Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . .22
                                                General Public is invited to attend.
  Technical Market Analysis 23
                                                 Free Program Starts at 6:30 PM
  Utilities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23
                                                       Directions - Page 3
  Visual Basic . . . . . . . . . . . .24
  Webmasters . . . . . . . . . . . .24
  Windows OS . . . . . . . . . . .25               w w w. k i p c u g . o r g

Wi-Fi Wireless Internet
  and Network Availability . .26
Membership Application . . .27
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 Computer User News September, 2005 Page 2
               Over the Program Director’s Shoulder
         September                        Gene and his wife Linda visit
                                        about 100 user groups each year. He
                                        is one of the most interesting pre-

  Once again, one of our favorite       senters you will hear. Don't miss
presenters Gene Barlow (formerly        this meeting.
from Partition Magic) will return.        This Presentation will follow the

Gene has been a key figure in the       Back to Basics presentation. In
user group community for the past       addition, we will also have the User
25 years. Gene will demonstrate         to User session. Please be sure to
three exciting products.                bring your written question to the

  MoveMe: This is a clever utility      meeting. Some of our members
from Spearit Software to help users     may be able to help answer your
easily transfer all of their applica-   questions.
tion programs, settings and data

                                          After the meeting, when we dis-
files from an old computer to a         tribute door prizes, the KIPCUG
newer computer.                         Membership Drawing will be
  SecureClean/WipeDrive/Media           awarded to a lucky member (with
Wiper: Gene will demonstrate three      paid-up dues) if they are in atten-
wiping utilities from WhiteCanyon       dance. Since the prize is $300
Software and show you how easy it       please do not be a wish-I-had-been-
is to prevent personal and private      there member.
information from getting in the           A BIG Thanks to Klayton Cone,
hands of the wrong people.              Louisville's Apple        Solutions     MEETING DIRECTIONS
 True Image: Gene's main topic          Consultant based out of the
will be Backing Up Your Hard            CompUSA Jeffersontown store for         Christ Church United Methodist
Drive with True Image, a drive-         his excellent presentation on iPod
                                        and the amazing Apple Mac mini.             4614 Brownsboro Road
imaging utility from Acronis
                                                                                From I-264 (Watterson X-Way)
                                                                               take the US-42/Brownsboro Road
          ON AUGUST 2                                                          exit number 22 turning left onto

          THE WINNER                                                           Brownsboro Road if you were
                                                                               traveling East on I-264 (turn right
          WAS NOT
                                                                               instead if you were traveling West
        IN ATTENDANCE.                                                         on I-264). Continue for about 0.6
                                                                               miles turning left at the traffic
         NEXT MONTH                                                            light at Blankenbaker Lane and

      THE PRIZE WILL BE                                                        turn left into the Church parking
                                                                               lot. Look for the signs.
                                                                                Maps are at and
    WILL YOU BE THERE?                                               

                                                             Page 3 September, 2005 Computer User News
   Why Can’t I Just Copy My Programs to My New Computer?
By Brian K. Lewis, Ph.D., Sarasota        all the settings needed to connect to      did a search in the registry for items
PCUG, Florida and           your hardware. It also has all the         related to one application. The
APGUG Editorial Committee                 settings for the software installed on     search found 128 entries. This may
                                          your hard drive. These settings are        not have been all of them.
  Let's start this with a discussion of   references to the files on your hard       Considering the number of pro-
imaging software. Something that          drive that are absolutely essential        grams you might have on your hard
many of us use to backup our hard         for the proper operation of both           drive, the total number of entries to
drives. Imaging software makes a                                                     be transferred is mind-boggling.
                                          hardware and software. On
very complete "bit-mapped" copy of
                                          Windows versions prior to                    Another example, the Windows
your hard drive. Bit-mapping means
                                          WinXP/Win2K, the registry was              folder contains many Dynamic Link
that everything contained on the
                                          contained in two files: system.dat         Library (DLL) files that are associ-
hard drive is being copied, usually
                                          and user.dat. In Windows XP this           ated with the particular version of
to a compressed file. Generally,
                                          has changed greatly. The registry is       Windows you have been running.
imaging software also backs up
                                          now found in files in hidden folders       There are also many shared DLL's
open files, those that are currently in
                                          within the System32 folder and the         used by Windows and your applica-
use on your computer. Most, but not
                                          Documents & Settings Folder.               tion software. How do you know
all, regular backup software can
                                          Presumably this is to prevent users        which ones should be transferred
only make copies of files that are
                                          from deleting vital files. You can         and which ones will create problems
not in use at the time of the backup.
Thus it is very easy for a standard       examine the Registry by running            with your new OS or your new soft-
backup to miss some files or to pro-      "regedit". However, it is not advis-       ware. Finally, the motherboard,
duce a backup of your hard drive          able to make changes to the                chipset and CPU in your new com-
that is incomplete, especially with       Registry unless you are a very expe-       puter require driver files that are
regard to files currently in use by       rienced user. It is quite easy to cor-     specific to them and very likely are
your Operating System (OS).               rupt the Registry and find that your       quite different from the drivers used
Imaging software overcomes this           computer will not run.                     on your old computer.
problem.                                    The Registry has five main                 Faced with this problem, what do
  So when you buy, build or upgrade       branches in WinXP/Win2K. In ear-           you do? The most commonly used
to a new computer, why can't you          lier versions there were six. These        solution is to dig out all the original
simply use your image file to trans-      are identified as keys. The most           disks for your application software.
fer all of your programs and data         important are HKEY_ CLASS-                 Find the serial numbers and/or other
from one computer to another? The         ES_ROOT which has all the file             information needed to do a new
basic answer is related to the differ-    types used by your software;               installation on your new computer.
ence in hardware between the two          HKEY_          LOCAL_MACHINE               Once you have the programs
computers. If you are just replacing      which contains all the information         installed you can transfer the data
a hard drive in your computer, you        on the hardware and software in            files for each application. This gives
can use the image file to move            your computer.                             you a clean install for your software
everything to the new drive. Some           So if you used the image file to         and, if the programs are compatible
imaging software allows you to            transfer everything from your old          with the new OS, you will have no
"clone" the old hard drive to a new       computer to your new computer you          problem running your applications.
drive. That is, providing both drives     would overwrite the Registry set-            This, however, can be a long and
are connected to the same computer.       tings for the hardware and pre-            tedious process. Also, what happens
However, when you change to a             installed software on your new com-        when you can't find the original pro-
new computer with a new mother-           puter. This would very likely pre-         gram discs? Maybe it was down-
board, CPU, chipset, USB ports,           vent it from completing a boot-up. It      loaded and you didn't keep the
sound and/or integrated video are         is really not practical to try to selec-   install file or make a copy of it. Or
different and require new drivers.        tively transfer items from the             maybe you can't find the serial num-
  The image file contains a com-          Registry on the old computer. This         bers you need to install some of
plete copy of the Registry that has       would introduce other problems. I          your programs. Then you have to

  Computer User News September, 2005 Page 4
                            Why ? (cont.)                                                  Membership
ask the software manufacturer for          and virus checker during the serial         Please     welcome      KIPCUG’s
help, providing you registered the         number validation process. This val-
                                                                                      newest members.
software when you first installed it.      idation requires that you be connect-
There is another option.                   ed to the Internet. In my case I still      PETE WORCESTER
                                           had a hardware firewall in my               GERALD C DOSS
  I got into all this because I have
                                           router, but that's not always suffi-
just built a new computer and need-                                                    ANNETTA J DOSS
                                           cient protection. But I went ahead
ed to transfer all, or most all, of my
                                           and ran the software. (You know the         STEPHANIE M CLARK
software to a new computer. I had
                                           saying "Fools rush in……)
used two different transfer programs                                                   Each new person that you invite to
in past upgrades and found them to           Yes, it did work, but with some
                                           glitches. First let me say it trans-       a KIPCUG meeting can earn a
be somewhat lacking in both accu-
racy and speed. Since my new com-          ferred over 12 gigabytes of pro-           FREE month of dues for you if they
puter is running Window XP Pro I           grams and data from the old to the
                                                                                      join as an Individual or Family
also looked at the "Transfer Files &       new in just over 1.5 hours. Now that
Setting" Wizard. This transfers the        is a definite time saving. I had esti-     member! If you liked the Meeting,
Internet browser and e-mail settings       mated it would take me more than a         they will too!
between the two computers, provid-         day to reinstall all my software and
ing you are using Internet Explorer        move the data files. Only a couple
and Outlook or Outlook Express. It         of applications and my external
will also transfer the contents of         devices needed to be reinstalled
your "My Documents" folder. It will        after the move. By that I mean print-
not transfer any applications. For         ers, scanner and external drive. The
me this was useless, since I don't use     big exception was the Bookmarks
IE or OE.                                  for Firefox and the e-mail address
  In my searching for possible solu-
                                           book and mail settings for                      Call about
                                           Thunderbird. Those I had to transfer
tions I found a program called             manually. Once I found the instruc-          KIPCUG Special
"Move-Me" from Spearit Software.           tions on the Mozilla websites, the
It is the first transfer program I've                                                              DSL Light
                                           setup went quickly.
found that uses network connections                                                              DSL Standard
to move programs, data files, set-           The point of all this is, if you buy                   DSL X-2
tings, etc between your old and new        a new computer, try to get the deal-                   Dial-Up with
computers. It can also use the USB         er to transfer your old software as                  5X Acceleration
ports or the parallel ports. These are     part of the deal. If you do it yourself,       Available in Kentucky and
much slower than a LAN connec-             a file copy won't work. You need                   Southern Indiana
tion. Move-Me also works with              special transfer software like Move-          6MB DSL and $199 DSL-T1’s
removable media that can be read           me or Aloha Bob's PC Relocator.               Available in Southern Indiana
by both computers. Now before you          However, if you don't have a LAN
                                           connection between your comput-                       502-815-7000
get too excited, this is not a free pro-
                                           ers, expect to spend 1 hour per giga-                (7 Days a Week)
gram. It will cost you $39.95 for the
Internet download version. You can         byte for a USB 2.0 transfer and
download a trial version that has all      much, much more time with a paral-
                                           lel port transfer.                                “Possibly the best tech
the information and help files. It just
                                                                                            support in the business...”
will not do any transfer until you          Dr. Lewis is a former university &
                                                                                                 PC Magazine
enter the serial number. That you get      medical school professor. He has
only after paying for it. The only         been working with personal com-                       Free Seminars
thing that makes me nervous about          puters for more than thirty years.
the whole process is that you have         He can be reached via e-mail:        
to turn off your software firewall         bwsail at

                                                                  Page 5 September, 2005 Computer User News
                                  29 Useful Bookmarks
By Richard Johnson, TUGNET              41,000 active clinical trials in which     want to bookmark is that personal- and APGUG                you could participate. (Some com-          ized page.
Editorial Committee                     pensate you handsomely for help-
                                                                                    8. Past Weather
                                        ing, along with free medical moni-
                                        toring.) Includes a notification ser-
  The Web is a marvelous resource,
                                        vice, for trials in areas of your inter-   /other/weather/yesterday.html
and most of us come nowhere near
tapping its full potential. I've        est. Also describes the newest drug          Use this site to compare today's
attempted here to list 29 websites      therapies.                                 forecast with yesterday's weather.
that without any necessary down-         5. Objectgraph Dictionary                 There's also interesting historical
loading provide exceedingly useful                                                 data and a graph showing the weath-
free non-specialized services and                                                  er for the past seven days. The past
tools, that require no particular         A combination standard dictio-           weather information can easily be
knowledge except how to navigate        nary, technical dictionary, and the-       compared with the forecast from
the World Wide Web.                     saurus. (There's also a dictionary of      Myway weather (link #7), which
                                        chemical elements, of rather limited       derives its data from the same
 1. Time Cave
                                        interest). A unique feature is the         source.                       site's ability to "read your mind" if
                                                                                    9. Furl
 2. Memo to Me                          you're not sure of the word you're
                                        thinking of -- or its spelling -- or if                       you just want to save typing.                Bookmarking is useful, but what
  Using these two email reminder         6. Myway email                            do you do when you find that a
services you'll never forget another                                               bookmarked page has disappeared
upcoming activity or event. Time
                                                                                   (left the Web)? Or maybe it's still
Cave allows you to schedule incom-        An excellent Web-based email             there, but -- as with many newspa-
ing messages by interval (so many       provider with an exceptionally clean       per sites -- you can't read it without
hours, days, weeks, months, or even     interface (no banner ads or pop-           going to a paid archive. This won't
years away) as well as by date and      ups). Unlike the case with competi-        be an issue if you've Furled the
time. Memo to Me allows editing of      tors like Yahoo mail, Myway will           page. Furl allows you to create a set
content and date. With Time Cave        respond to support inquiries. (It also     of special bookmarks that can be
you can choose your own subject         has a terrific weather page -- see         easily searched or browsed -- or
line and send reminders to others,      link #7 following.) [If you prefer         shared with others -- but whose con-
but Memo to Me will charge you for      Gmail, equally clean-appearing, I          tents are permanently stored on your
those features. On the other hand,      can get you an invitation -- see my        hard drive. (If you feel the need to
Time Cave charges for the ability to    article in the March Keywords.]            save parts of a page, try Net
repeat messages (monthly, weekly,                                                  Snippets            Free            at
etc.), standard with Memo to Me.         7. Myway weather
 3. Way Back Machine                                    does require a download.)              The best weather page on the Web.         10. Gold Star Events
                                        Even though its weather informa-
  Is a website you're seeking no                                          
                                        tion is from, you'll see
longer around? If it was active as      when you use it that the interface is        Gold Star enables admissions to a
late as 1996, you'll probably find it   much cleaner (and loading therefore        large variety of live California pro-
easily in this huge archive.            faster) than if you were to bring up       ductions at 50% off or better. After
 4. Centerwatch Clinical Trials         either or one of its           your (free) registration, you'll
                                        competitors. You can personalize           receive regular email notices of
                                        the weather according to your home         well-described shows in the zip
 Gives information on more than         town or zip code; the page you'll          code areas of your preference.

  Computer User News September, 2005 Page 6
                            29 Useful Bookmarks (cont.)
There's a small per-ticket service        wise might require visiting ten or       search results from two or three dif-
fee, usually between $3 and $7.           more sites to find the language of       ferent search engines, or see what
                                          interest! It also has a neat button to   you're missing from your regular
 11. Password Generator
                                          identify a mystery language.             search results. (According to the                                                    site, competing search engines typi-
                                           16. Anybirthday
passwordgen.htm                                                                    cally share fewer than 4 out their 10
                                                   top results.) Still in development,
  Random characters compose the
safest passwords. This tool will cre-       A fun site that can divulge your       it's currently limited to Google,
ate a password with random charac-        friend's birthday or even tell you       Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves.
ters according to your specifica-         where to mail the card.                    21. Medem Medical Library
tions. On your instructions, will                                                  w w w. m e d e m . c o m / m e d l b / m e d
                                           17. TrackEngine
even avoid ambiguous characters [o
and 0, 1 and I].                 
                                            Notifies you via email of changes        Searchable and browsable medical
 12. Zap2it
                                          in Web pages that you select. You        library, organizing contributions                                                                    from 45 medical societies. Features
                                          can preview the changes or view the
  With Zap2it you can check out           whole page via email, with changes       a complexity indicator for each arti-
both TV and movie schedules.              highlighted. Choose the Web              cle, from "introductory" to "profes-
Various options let you permanently       address of a neighborhood theater,       sional."
personalize each set of listings, to      to see what plays are coming up. Or       22. Metacritic
give you just the information you         see every new installment of a
need, in the format you prefer.           favorite newspaper column, without
                                          having to buy the paper.                  23. Kids-in-mind
 13. Acronym Finder
                                                     Metacritic is an excellent source
  Don't be baffled by acronyms and
abbreviations you encounter on the          A source of information on over        for movie critiques. For each film, it
Web and elsewhere. This site offers       400 government-funded programs           arranges its large variety of reviews
definitions for over 398,000 such         that extend benefits for which you       from most to least favorable, and
terms. Optional downloading of any        may qualify, including compensated       then tabulates the opinions, for an
of a number of search tools (for var-     volunteering. Features a confiden-       overall "metascore." (Additional
ious browsers) will allow you to          tial questionnaire designed to point     Metacritic pages cover videos,
view a definition almost instantly.       you to the most likely matches.          music, and games.) For evaluating
                                                                                   movies for children, or if you have a
 14. Restaurant health ratings             19. AddALL
                                                                                   concern about violence, sex, or pro-
(LA County)
                                                           fanity, Kids-in-mind will rate and                                                  describe each film's content in those
                                            Use this site to find the very best
  Avoid traveling to an appealing         price for a book you want to buy.        three areas.
restaurant only to find that its health   Unlike most other comparison sites,       24. CardRatings
rating is below the level with which      it figures in shipping costs for your
you're comfortable.                       location. Links will take you to
                                          pages for magazine subs, music             This site maintains information on
 15. Translation Wizard
                                          CDs, and videos.                         over 700 credit cards, and will sug-                                                     gest the best cards in a variety of
                                           20. jux2
  The Translation Wizard uses other                                                categories --low or no credit, no
                                                             annual      fee,    low     interest,
sites' services to ease the process of
finding a translation -- that other-       Jux2 lets you receive and compare       rewards/rebates, etc.

                                                                Page 7 September, 2005 Computer User News
                            29 Useful Bookmarks (cont.)
 25. The California Patient's   is a phan-         maps are not implemented in the
Guide                                    tom address, messages to which dis-     regular Google search results,
                                         appear into the ether. Use any-         which will still point you only to
                                if you'll want        Yahoo and MapQuest maps.
  A well-organized extensive guide       to check on a reply message. (This
to Californians'' health care rights,    is handy for registrations that           Richard Johnson is a writer and
and what you can do if they're com-      require confirmation.) And you may      editor, and founder/administrator of
promised. Assembled by medical,          want to use        FREE FOR ALL The Skills Pool, a
legal, and consumer experts, and         for all your correspondents. Mail       29-year-old membership organiza-
published by the Foundation for          from each such "net" address can be     tion ( He is
Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.            forwarded to you, and if it starts
                                                                                 a volunteer with TUGNET
 26 CheckFree                            generating spam, just cancel the for-
                                                                                 HelpContact for assistance with
                                         warding order!                                                               Internet Explorer, Outlook Express,
  There are a host of good reasons                                               and Gmail. You may reach him at
for paying your bills online. It saves    29. Google Maps              
time, saves the cost of stamps, 
reduces the chance of late payment,
extends the time in which you can          Head and shoulders above the
use your money, cuts down clutter,       competition, these maps are much
eliminates the danger of checks lost     larger and far easier to configure.
in the mail, and facilitates tracking.   Zooming in and out is quick as a
With CheckFree you'll be able to         bunny, and re-centering is instanta-
pay many or most of your bills           neous. You can locate by category
online, and the service is free to the   businesses in the map area, along
payers.                                  with their phone numbers. Note that
                                         (at least as of this writing) these
 27. Bug Me Not
  This site and the one following
save you time and trouble while
helping you cut down on spam. Bug
Me Not keeps on hand log-in data
(passwords with user names) for a
huge number of sites that require
registration. If you want access to
such a site (like, but
don't want to bother registering, just
visit the Bug Me Not site and log in
 28. Spam Bob
 Spam Bob offers a choice of three
email addresses that you create, to
protect       your        privacy.

  Computer User News September, 2005 Page 8
                          Maintaining Your Downloads
By David Garcia, President, Little       tion and documentation purposes, to     For example, if I downloaded a file
Blue PC Club, Northglenn,                create a sub-folder within the          called     "Abc4205.exe"       from
Colorado           "Downloads" folder that identifies      Symantec using the procedure #1
and APGUG Editorial Committee            the origin of the download. Give the    above, it would be in the
                                         sub-folder a short name that identi-    "Downloads" folder in the
 Having trouble keeping track of         fies its origin. For example, if you    "Symantec" sub-folder. I would then
your downloaded files? Here's a          download some anti-virus software       create    a    text    file   called
couple of easy procedures to help        from Symantec, you might name the       "Abc4205.txt," and also place it in
you maintain, identify, and docu-        sub-folder "Symantec." Then when        the "Symantec" sub-folder. In this
ment your downloads.                     you download the file place it into     example, I would have two files
                                         the Symantec sub-folder within the      within my "Symantec" sub-folder:
 1. Create a "Downloads" Folder &
                                         "Downloads" folder. Any subse-          Abc4205.exe which is the down-
                                         quent downloads from Symantec           loaded file and Abc4205.txt which
  When downloading files, (for           should also be placed into this fold-   is my description of the downloaded
example, you buy some software           er.                                     file.
online, and download it instead of
                                           Creating the sub-folder is similar      To create the text file left-click the
having it mailed) it is a good idea to
                                         to creating the "Downloads" folder.     sub-folder name (e.g. "Symantec")
place all your downloads into a spe-
                                         To create the sub-folder you left-      once. Click "File" on the Menu Bar
cific folder so that you can always
                                         click the Downloads folder, click       and then point to "New." When the
find them when you need them. If
                                         "File" on the Menu Bar, point to        fly-out menu opens, click "Text
you don't already have a folder
                                         "New," click "Folder," and rename       File." A "New Text Document.txt"
called "Downloads," or "My
                                         it. You should now have a sub-fold-     file will be placed into the subfold-
Downloads," then you should create
                                         er within the Downloads folder. The     er. Rename the file to the download
one on your hard drive (normally
                                         hierarchy should look like this:        file name (without the "exe" exten-
the "C:" drive).
                                          Local Disc (C:)                        sion). Now double-click the
  To create a folder on the "C:" drive
                                                                                 renamed text file to open it with
right-click the Start button on the          Downloads (or My Downloads)
                                                                                 Notepad. Type in your description
desktop, then click "Explore" in the             Sub-folder (Whatever you        of the download and save it.
popup menu. This will open the
                                                 name it)                          Using the above two procedures
Windows Explorer. Left-click the
"Local Disk (C:)" icon to highlight       2. Documenting the Download            gives you an orderly method of
it. Then click "File" on the Menu                                                maintaining, identifying, and docu-
                                           When a file is downloaded it usu-
Bar and point to "New." When the                                                 menting your downloads.
                                         ally has a cryptic name like
fly-out menu opens, click "Folder."                                                Article rights are reserved. This
                                         "Abc4205.exe" To further document
A "New Folder" is created on the C:                                              article may be reproduced, down-
                                         my downloads, I create a text file
drive. Rename it to "Downloads" or                                               loaded, disseminated, or transferred,
                                         within the sub-folder that identifies
"My Downloads" as you prefer. To                                                 for single use by nonprofit organiza-
                                         the download. Within the text file I
rename it just right-click it and                                                tions for educme ppb5 - Tc9ur downloads.
                                         give a description of what the down-
select Rename from the popup
                                         load is, when I downloaded it, and
                                         when I installed it. I give the text
 Prior to downloading a given file it    file the same name as the down-
would also be good, for identifica-      loaded file except for the extension.

                                                              Page 9 September, 2005 Computer User News
                      Lessons Learned Too Late (cont.)
viruses and worms. This utility can     online antivirus scans, referenced in    both on our home computers as well
be downloaded for free at               a previous column here, such as          as distributed throughout our vast            those from Trend Micro (house-           commercial computer networks. It
move. It should be noted that this, BitDefender         is also imperative that appropriate
Microsoft utility will only remove a    (,         Panda     protective software, such as
few dozen of the most common            (, and
                                                                                 antivirus, firewall, and anti-spyware
worms and viruses and their vari-       others, can detect and remove much
                                                                                 software be installed and updated
ants, such as Bagel, Sober, and         more malware than the limited
Netsky, but is not a substitute for a   downloadable utilities.
properly updated antivirus program.       Sadly, pain is an excellent teacher,     With proper and timely protection,
The antivirus software publisher        and hopefully we have learned our        we can do much to protect our sys-
McAfee also had a similar free          lesson. It is now more imperative        tems from more devastating com-
downloadable          utility      at   than ever that security patches be       puter virus and worm future attacks The free       promptly and properly installed          which are sure to come.

By Dave Gerber, Dave's Bits &           include the following:                   still increasing exponentially - at a
Bytes, A Periodic Newsletter for the                                             rate of at least several gigabytes per
                                          Web spiders: Spammers employ
Members of the Sarasota PC User                                                  day. This means lots of e-mail
                                        Web crawlers and spiders that har-
Group and the World!! Director,                                                  addresses are there for the taking.
                                        vest e-mail addresses from Web
Sarasota       PCUG,        Florida                                              Any spammer with enough band-      and APGUG            sites. It's common for Web sites to
                                        include mailto: URLs as well as          width can slurp up all those bits and
Editorial Committee
                                        unlinked user@domain addresses.          just sift out the e-mail addresses.
  Spammers employ a variety of          Put your e-mail address on a Web           Groups, blogs, and discussion
methods to acquire e-mail address-      site, and you're spam bait. These        boards: Yahoo! and Google have
es. Some methods take advantage of      spiders are not unlike the spiders       their groups and mailing lists, many
the e-mail addresses readily avail-     and Web crawlers used by Yahoo,
                                                                                 of which make their members' e-
able on the Internet, whereas others    Google, and others that scan the
                                                                                 mail addresses available. There are
employ different levels of trickery,    Internet's Web sites in order to keep
                                                                                 thousands of blogs and discussion
from harvesting to outright stealing.   Web search indexes fresh. Except
                                                                                 boards out there, too, that contain
                                        that e-mail address harvesting spi-
 Harvesting from the Internet                                                    easily acquired e-mail addresses.
                                        ders are up to no good. And where
  Spammers (and their assistants)       do these spiders get domain names?         Test messages: In this method,
utilize a technique called harvesting   With over 90 million .com domains        spammers send test e-mails to recip-
to acquire e-mail addresses. While      in existence, it's easy enough to just   ients whose addresses they simply
harvesting requires a lot of band-      guess domain names in order to           guess - so-called test e-mail mes-
width, it is ingeniously simple:        come up with quite a few.                sages sent to addresses like ser-
Simply download the right pages           Newsgroups: It's a straightforward     vice@, info@, test@, marketing@,
from select Web sites and extract the   task to harvest e-mail addresses         security@. Spammers at one time
e-mail addresses that are there for     from Usenet newsgroups: Just pull        could reliably conclude that, if they
the picking. Some of the tools and      in a big news feed and extract the e-    receive no "bounce-o-gram" back
sources employed in harvesting e-       mail addresses with a simple shell or    from the domain, that the e-mail
mail addresses from the Web             Perl script. Newsgroup volumes are       address must be legit.

                                                              Page 11 September, 2005 Computer User News
                SpammersGetE-MailAddresses (cont.)
  This is because e-mail servers         be easier, in fact, because this activ-     And of course, everyone has heard
used to routinely send nondelivery       ity is far less likely to be detected     the stories of Web sites that collect
receipts (NDRs) back to the sender       than a mass-mailing worm.                 your e-mail address and promise not
of a message sent to a nonexistent                                                 to sell it (ha!). But they sell, trade,
                                           Unsubscribe requests: A good
address. But that ain't necessarily so                                             or give away e-mail addresses any-
                                         number of spam messages contain
any more: More servers are opting                                                  way, even when their privacy policy
                                         "unsubscribe me" links that a user
to stop sending NDRs.                                                              says they won't. A few high-profile
                                         clicks to opt out. However, many
                                                                                   companies have been prosecuted
  Unsubscribe links: Many spam           spam operators actually continue to       and/or fined for this practice.
messages include an opt-out or           send spam to e-mail addresses sub-
unsubscribe link so that the recipi-     mitted to "unsubscribe me" links.           Business and service provider e-
ent can request not to receive more      When a user submits such a request,       mail lists are also stolen and sold to
spam. However, often the real pur-       the spammer knows that the address        spammers. In mid-2004, a former
pose of unsubscribe links is to con-     being sent is a valid e-mail address.     AOL employee was charged with
firm a valid, active e-mail address.     Do you think they'll actually stop        stealing 90 million screen names
                                         sending spam to a known valid             and 30 million e-mail addresses
  Malware: Spammers sometimes
                                         address? Not on your life!                from AOL and selling them to a
use Trojan horses, viruses, and
                                                                                   spammer for $100,000. This is not
worms to extract e-mail addresses         Buying and stealing addresses            an isolated case, but it is a notewor-
from individual users' computers. If
                                           Among spammers and e-mail               thy one because of the size of the
mass-mailing worms can extract the
                                         address brokers, e-mail addresses         heist. So much for privacy, eh?
contents of a user's e-mail address
book for the purpose of propagating      are a traded and sold commodity. If         Listen to Dave's Bits & Bytes
spam, then it's going to be easy to      you know where to look, you can           radio show archives at www.dave-
perform the same extraction and          purchase CDs and downloads con- ; subscribe to his newslet-
simply send the list back to the         taining e-mail addresses by the hun-      ter by sending an e-mail to
hacker's lair. This would probably       dreds of thousands or millions. 

                                 Beware of File Sharing
By Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director;          commercial computer programs,             General Alberto Gonzales, "… that
Columnist,     The    Examiner,          and other intellectual property.          those who actively induce or
Beaumont TX; Radio Show Host             Ethicists have long bemoaned such         encourage the theft of copyrighted
                                         behavior, and representatives of          works may be held liable for their
                                         intellectual property right owners        actions. … Our objective in this
ag/speeches/2005/063005operation                                                   operation was to find and dismantle
                                         have long tried to shut down such
sitedown.htm                                                                       large-scale criminal enterprises that
                                         activities with lawsuits and other
  Most of us have heard about the        forms of pressure. Such pirates are       illegally obtain, copy, distribute, and
popular "Peer to Peer" or "P2P" file     alleged to have deprived the rightful     trade in copyrighted software,
sharing networks. Countless mil-         owners of billions of dollars of rev-     music, movies, and video games."
lions of computer users around the       enue. Legal challenges to such              Recently, Attorney        General
world routinely download copy-           practices have met with some suc-         Gonzales announced "Operation
righted music, software, videos, and     cess, but the recent US Supreme           Site Down", a coordinated interna-
games on these computer networks,        Court ruling of MGM vs. Grockster         tional legal and criminal attack on
as well as from "alt.binaries" news-     has now opened up another avenue.         cyber pirates, with law enforcement
groups where users upload complete       In a statement by US Attorney             agencies from the US (the FBI),

  Computer User News September, 2005 Page 12
                          Beware of File Sharing (cont.)
Canada, France, Belgium, Israel, the     Gonzales stated, "By dismantling          nect to outrageously expensive
United       Kingdom,        Portugal,   these networks, the Department is         international locations, and other
Denmark,        the      Netherlands,    striking at the top of the copyright      forms of threatening malware.
Australia, and Germany participat-       piracy supply chain - a distribution      Websites offering such content are
ing in raids on computer file sharing    chain that provides the vast majority     often loaded with active-x based,
networks, and arresting individuals      of the illegal digital content now        Java enabled, or other content capa-
allegedly engaging in such intellec-     available online."
                                                                                   ble of installing unwanted software
tual property theft. It is noteworthy
                                           A variety of online resources have      on the victim computer, hijacking
that two countries, reportedly the
                                         stated that the principles of many of     browsers, redirecting searches and
major centers of piracy, Russia and
                                         the sites raided were directly behind     purchases, and other nasty process-
China, were not participating in the
                                         the cracking and distribution of pop-     es.
                                         ular and expensive software such as
  Operation Site Down, in its first      products from Adobe, AutoCAD,               Operation Site Down, and the
series of internationally coordinated    Microsoft and other software pub-         MGM vs. Grockster case should put
raids, shutdown or crippled several      lishers, as well as the distribution of   all of us on notice that behaviors
of the popular file sharing networks,    recent movies, including "Mr. and         that may have been common place
and websites offering pirated mate-      Mrs. Smith", and "Star Wars               in the past should now be halted,
rials referred to in cyber circles as    Episode III: Revenge of the Sith".        lest "we" become civilly and crimi-
"warez" (pronounced "wares").                                                      nally liable for our online actions. I
                                           "And by penetrating this illegal
Among the networks and sites raid-
                                         world of high-technology and intel-       know that many computer users
ed were RiSCISO, Myth, TDA,
                                         lectual property theft, we have           rationalize such actions with excus-
LND,       Goodfellaz,     Hoodlum,
                                         shown that law enforcement can and        es such as "(big name software pub-
Vengeance, Centropy, Wasted Time,
                                         will find -- and we will prosecute --     lisher) is rich and won't miss it", or
Paranoid,      Corrupt,      Gamerz,
                                         those who try to use the Internet to      "(big name software publisher) has
AdmitONE, Hellbound, KGS,
                                         create piracy networks beyond the         been ripping us off for so long that it
                                         reach of law enforcement.", so said
TUN, and BHP. Over 70 search                                                       is time for some payback." Just
                                         Attorney General Gonzales.
warrants were executed in the US,                                                  because a file is available in a news-
with several arrests reported, while       There is more to file sharing than      group or a website to download
additional raids and arrests were        just the legal, moral, and ethical        does not mean that it is a legitimate
reported in the other cooperating        considerations; P2P file sharing has      "shareware" or "freeware" copy.
nations.      These services were        also been a major source of comput-       Most downloaders of such software,
alleged to have been "first              er problems, as they also often           music, games, and videos are all too
providers" who posted the first          install spyware, viruses, and Trojans
                                                                                   aware that the content is pirated, yet
copies of pirated works, often crack-    on      unsuspecting       computers.
                                                                                   they participate in great numbers.
ing any copy protection or registra-     KaZaA, Morpheus, and Grockster,
tion schemes integral with such          three of the major P2P file sharing         To the pirates reading this column,
products. Once these services made       networks (there are actually thou-        or to the parents of children illicitly
material available, it tended to show    sands of such pirate networks), have      downloading copyrighted music and
up on warez sites around the world,      frequently been cited as the vector
                                                                                   other intellectual property, you have
where millions could then download       utilized to infect computers, both
                                                                                   been warned. The feds may be
the material using P2P networks,         with their requisite software, and by
websites, FTP sites, and other online    the content downloaded from third         looking over your shoulder, and
resources. It is hoped that by raid-     party participants. Warez sites are       may not like what they can see. All
ing these primary sources of illicit     also notorious for installing spyware     internet users leave an electronic
intellectual property, that much of      that includes pop-ups with porno-         trail that is easy to track; please, do
the supply of pirated content will be    graphic content, key loggers that         not become a target of a federal
reduced.         Attorney General        can steal identities, dialers that con-   investigation and prosecution.

                                                               Page 13 September, 2005 Computer User News
                      Directory of KIPCUG Leaders
Name                Position                 Home           Work       Email Address
Charley May         President                425-4604        
Bill Buzan          Vice-President           639-7647        
Barb McGee          Secretary                893-9691        
Rosemary Viele      Treasurer                452-6878        
Judy Lococo         Program Director         893-8710        
Tom Denning         Membership Director 550-6106             
Tom McArdle         Volunteer Director       458-7269        
Brian Miller        SIG Director             749-5892        
Susan Moore         Editor                   499-5222        ,
John Henderson      Webmaster                           812-945-1102
Vacant              Publicity Director
Joe Rothstein       Review Editor (Acting)
Doc Viele           Director                 452-6878        
Beverly Setree      Director                                452-9851
Charles Russman     Director                 244-0667        
Ken Hubler          Director                 812-738-3485    
Wayne Perkey        Director
Alan Birch          SIG Leader               429-0506        
Martin Campion      SIG Leader               810-9125        
John Kilpatrick     SIG Leader               969-6983        
Grant McCormick     SIG Leader               935-2497         (Preferred)
Flave Reising       SIG Leader                               
Bob Rose            SIG Leader               241-1604        
Tom Scanlan         SIG Leader               502-477-1639 477-1639
Myron Smith         SIG Leader               897-7718        
Jim Travelstead     SIG Leader               375-4796       852-4761

                                 For Your Information
 Changes for mailing address, email address or telephone numbers should be sent to Tom Denning, Director
 of Membership. You can send the change to the KIPCUG mailing address printed on the back of this Magazine
 or by email to The KIPCUG Membership Renewal Link is on the web page at      in the “For Your Information” section or you can assess it directly at

  Computer User News September, 2005 Page 14
Page 15 September, 2005 Computer User News
          KIPCUG Special Interest Group Directory
ACCESS PROGRAMMING SIG - Meetings on                    HARDWARE SIG - Meets 6:30 PM the 1st Monday
Hold - Meets at a date and location to be determined.   of the month at the LFPL-Eline Branch at St. Matthews
Contact SIG DIRECTOR Brian Miller at                    City Hall Building, the corner of Grandview or 749-5892                             Ave./Fairfax Ave. 3 blocks south of Shelbyville Rd.
                                                        Contact Co-SIG LEADERS Grant McCormick at
ADVANCED USERS SIG - Meets 6:30 PM on the      or Charley May at
3rd Friday of the month at CCUM at 4614 Brownsboro      or 425-4604
Road (US 42 & Blankenbaker Lane) in the Computer
Lab (Room 222). Contact SIG LEADER Tom Scanlan          INTERMEDIATE USERS SIG - Meets 6:30 PM
at 1-502-477-1639 or                   on the 4th Monday of the month at CCUM at 4614
                                                        Brownsboro Road (US 42 & Blankenbaker Lane) in the
BASIC ACCESS SIG - Meets 10:00 AM on the 2nd            Computer Lab (Room 222). Contact SIG LEADER Jim
Saturday of the month at NHCLC at 10200 Linn            Travelstead at or 852-
Station Road in the Triad East Bldg. Contact SIG        4761(W), 375-4796(H)
LEADER Alan Birch at or 429-
0506                                                    INVESTING SIG - Meets 6:30 PM the 2nd
                                                        Thursday of the month at the Louisville Aero Club,
BASIC EXCEL SIG - Restarting Soon - Meets               Bowman Field. Contact SIG LEADER Doc Viele at
6:30 PM on the 1st Friday of the month at CCUM at       452-6878
4614 Brownsboro Road (US 42 & Blankenbaker Lane)
in the Computer Lab (Room 222). Contact Co-SIG          LINUX SIG - Meetings on Hold - Meets at a loca-
LEADER             Flave         Reising       at       tion and time to be determined. Co-SIG LEADERS                              Rob Coffey and Jacob Wilkins. Contact TEAM MEM-
                                                        BER Jack Link at
4th Friday of specified months at Advanced Grinding     NEW USERS SIG - Meets 6:30 PM on the 2nd
and Machine Inc, 4644 Illinois Avenue. Contact TEAM     Monday of the month at the NHCLC at 10200 Linn
MEMBER Beverly Setree at 452-9851 or                    Station Road in Suite 110 of the Triad East Bldg.                           Contact SIG LEADER Charley May at
DIGITAL- PHOTOGRAPHY SIG - Meets 6:30                   NEW USERS DAYTIME SIG - New Time -
PM on the 4th Tuesday of the month at the LFPL-Bon      Meets 2:00 PM on the 3rd Monday of the month at
Air Regional, 2816 Del Rio Place. Contact SIG           CCUM at 4614 Brownsboro Road (US 42 &
DIRECTOR Brian Miller at or 749-        Blankenbaker Lane) in the Computer Lab (Room 222).
5892                                                    Contact SIG LEADER Winnie Miller at
Hold - Meets 6:30 PM on the 2nd Friday of the month     PDA SIG - Meetings on Hold - Meets 6:30 PM on the
at CCUM. Contact SIG DIRECTOR Brian Miller at           3rd Tuesday of the month at a location to be deter- or 749-5892                             mined. Contact SIG DIRECTOR Brian Miller at
                                               or 749-5892
GENEALOGY SIG - Meets 6:30 PM on the 3rd
Monday of the month at the LFPL-Eline Branch at St.     REAL ESTATE SIG "NEW"-New Date/Location-
Matthews City Hall Building at the corner of            Meets 6:30 PM on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at
Grandview Ave. and Fairfax Ave. about 3 blocks south    CCUM at 4614 Brownsboro Road (US 42 &
of Shelbyville Rd. Contact SIG LEADER Susan Moore       Blankenbaker Lane) in the Computer Lab (Room 222).
at       499-5222         or       Contact    SIG     LEADER      Bill    Buzan    at
(                          or 639-7647
GENEALOGY II SIG - Meets 6:30 PM on the 2nd             TECHNICAL MARKET ANALYSIS SIG -
Thursday of the month at the LFPL-Jeffersontown         Meets 6:30 PM on the 4th Tuesday of the month at
Branch, 10635 Watterson Trail. Contact SIG LEADER       Louisville Free Public Library, Crescent Hill Branch,
Susan Moore at 499-5222 or              2752 Frankfort Avenue in the lower level meeting
                                                        room. Contact SIG LEADER Myron Smith at 897-
HANDS ON SIG "NEW" - Meets 2:00 PM the 4th              7718 or
Saturday of the month at the LFPL-Eline Branch at St.
Matthews City Hall Building at the corner of            UTILITIES SIG - New Date/Time - Meets 6:30 PM
Grandview Ave. & Fairfax Ave. 3 blocks south of         on the 4th Thursday of the month at CCUM at 4614
Shelbyville Rd. Contact Co-SIG LEADERS Charley          Brownsboro Road (US 42 & Blankenbaker Lane) in the
May at or Grant McCormick at                Computer Lab (Room 222). Contact Co-SIG LEAD- or Tom McArdle at                    ERS Tom McArdle at or                                   Charley May at or 425-4604

 Computer User News September, 2005 Page 16
    KIPCUG Special Interest Group Directory (cont.)
VISUAL BASIC SIG - Meets 6:30 PM on the 1st                   WINDOWS OS SIG - New Date/Location - Meets
Thursday of the month at the LFPL-Bon Air Regional,           on the 2nd Friday of the month at 6:30 PM at CCUM
2816 Del Rio Place. Contact SIG LEADER Martin                 at 4614 Brownsboro Road (US 42 & Blankenbaker
Campion 810-9125 or                         Lane) in the Computer Lab (Room 222). Contact SIG
                                                              LEADER Bob Rose at or
WEBMASTERS SIG - Meets on the 3rd Thursday                    241-1604
of the month at 6:30 PM at Win.Net located at 1048
Chestnut St. Contact SIG LEADER John Henderson at             YOUTH SIG - Meetings on Hold - Meets 6:30 PM or 812-945-1102                          on the 4th Friday of the month at CCUM. Contact SIG
                                                              DIRECTOR Brian Miller at or 749-

                                           The SIG Scene
By Brian Miller, KIPCUG                                       Boneck will be revising his role as SIG LEADER for
                                                              the BASIC EXCEL SIG. I hope that everyone interest-
              Where to find the scoop on
                                                              ed in Excel will attend this SIG. Anyone interested in
              your Special Interest Group
                                                              getting on the list for this SIG send me an email to the
        HEADLINE NEWS                                         address below and I will make sure you get put on the
                                                              list for updates. We will be sending out an email with
  September is here and maybe you have been anxious-          the date and location of the meetings.
ly waiting or maybe you were unaware, but either way,          Whatever your area of interest is currently or what
Vista is on its way. Yes the new Windows OS is here and       you may want to learn about, there is a SIG out there for
with it all of the excitement of what Microsoft did right     you. So, come visit some of the SIGs. The SIGs and the
and what the critics say they could have done better. If      General Meetings are open to all guests.
you have anything to do with computers, you should
keep up to date with the release of a new operating sys-       If you do not see one that peaks your interest, then
tem. Like it or not, at some point you will probably be       email me and let me know what would. I am always
using a computer running this OS. Now is the time to          open to your comments and suggestions for the SIGs.
get in on the first release and start testing to see if you   After all, this is your User Group.
want to change over now or later. I realize that most           KIPCUG SIGs are still looking for NEW meeting
people will not have access to Vista right away without       places. Please keep your eyes and ears open for new
shelling out the money themselves. That is only one rea-      SIG meeting locations and report suggestions to
son that you should visit the WINDOWS OS SIG. Bob
                                                              KIPCUG SIG DIRECTOR Brian Miller at
Rose will be doing a demo of Vista, formally called
                                                     or 749-5892. Locations should hold
Long Horn while in development, this month. I am sure
                                                              12-24 persons and Internet connections and, if possible,
there will be more meetings with subjects based around
                                                              computers for the attendees would be a plus.
Vista as well.
 More exciting news is the startup of the BASIC
EXCEL SIG. I am glad to let everyone know that Jim

                                                               Page 17 September, 2005 Computer User News
                                  The SIG Scene (cont.)
                                          We meet in the Computer Lab,
                                        Room 222, at Christ Church United
           ACCESS                       Methodist (CCUM) on the third                 BASIC EXCEL SIG
                                        Friday of the month. Add yourself
  PROGRAMMING SIG                       to our email alert list by self-regis-
                                        tering at          The BASIC EXCEL SIG is being
                                        KIPCUGAdvUsers or contact Tom            restarted. We are excited to be able
  The ACCESS PROGRAMMING                at Please use          to offer this SIG again and will pro-
SIG has been suspended due to con-      ADVANCED USERS SIG in the                vide details through email as well
flicts with the meeting location. We    subject line of your email.              as next months magazine. Please
hope to resume meetings when a                                                   make sure to send an email to let us
new meeting location is secured.                                                 know if you would like to be put on
                                          BASIC ACCESS SIG                       the email distribution list. Keep an
                                                                                 eye on the magazine to find out the
SIG assumes a good working
                                                                                 meeting time and location as well.
knowledge of Access and focuses
on programming and advanced               The next meeting of the BASIC            If you would like to be on the
techniques. If you would like to be     ACCESS SIG is September 10 at            Distribution List for this group or to
notified of the restart of this SIG,    the New Horizons Computer                express your interest in helping to
you can contact SIG DIRECTOR            Learning Center at 10:00 AM. The         lead the SIG, you can contact SIG
Brian Miller at        topic will be sent by email to the       DIRECTOR Brian Miller at
Include ACCESS PROGRAM-                 members on the contact list.    Include BASIC
MING SIG in the subject line of                                                  EXCEL SIG in the subject line of
your email.                               The August meeting went over           your email.
                                        members’ problems and questions
                                        that were brought in.

ADVANCED USERS SIG                        The BASIC ACCESS SIG uses              COMMUNITY OUTREACH
                                        the tools that are available in
                                        Access without programming. If
 The discussion topics for the          you have topics that you would like
September 16 meeting of the             discussed, please contact SIG
                                        LEADER        Alan     Birch     at        The next meeting of the COM-
ADVANCED USERS SIG which                                                         MUNITY OUTREACH SIG will
meets at 6:30 PM in the Computer or 429-0506.
                                        If you have some tips and tricks to      be September 23 at Advanced
Lab, Room 222, at Christ Church                                                  Grinding and Machine, Inc, 4644
United     Methodist    will     be     share, we would love to hear them.
                                        We meet on the second Saturday of        Illinois Ave. in Louisville at 6:30
announced through the email list.                                                PM. This will be the last meeting
                                        the month from 10:00 AM to Noon
  The ADVANCED USERS SIG                at the New Horizons Computer             this year. There will not be another
explores software and hardware          Learning Center.                         meeting until January 27. Even
topics of interest to people that are                                            though the meetings will no longer
very comfortable with their com-                                                 be on a monthly basis, we still can
puters who want to know even                                                     accept donations by appointment
more. We encourage everyone to                                                   when necessary.
share their experiences so we can                                                  The     COMMUNITY          OUT-
all learn and grow in areas we                                                   REACH SIG has been designed to
would not normally explore on our                                                take donations of computer equip-
own.                                                                             ment and restore it to working con-
                                                                                 dition. These computers can then be

 Computer User News September, 2005 Page 18
                                  The SIG Scene (cont.)
distributed to people in need. We         Any questions on cameras, soft-        We hope that the SIG will resume
are always looking for donations.       ware or printers will also be wel-     soon if KIPCUG members express
Even if you think there is no value     come. Bring those nagging ques-        sufficient interest. To be added to
in your old computer, contact us        tions, pictures on which you need      the email list or to state your inter-
and let us take it off your hands. We   help (on disk), cameras (with the      est in this SIG, send an email to SIG
also welcome people willing to help     user manuals), and if you have spe-    DIRECTOR Brian Miller at
restore computers for redistribu-       cial software be certain to bring it and type "EXCEL
tion.                                   also.                                  INTERMEDIATE SIG" in the sub-
                                                                               ject line.
 This SIG has provided PCs to dis-        The specific purpose of this SIG
advantaged residents of the area        is to examine the software and
and will continue to provide a valu-    hardware topics that will make your
able service to the community. Your     photographic efforts more fun and          GENEALOGY SIG
participation is greatly appreciated.   rewarding. Members at any level of
                                        experience and owners of any type
  The SIG meets at Advanced             of digital camera are welcome.           The next GENEALOGY SIG
Grinding and Machine, Inc, 4644         Again, please be certain to bring      Meeting will be at 6:30 PM on
Illinois Ave. in Louisville at 6:30     your camera, manual and photo CD       September 19 at our regular loca-
PM on the fourth Friday of odd-         and we will all increase our ability   tion, the LFPL Eline Branch. The
numbered        months       except     to understand how digital photogra-    presentation will be How to Use the
November. To be added to the SIG's      phy is different from using film.      Picklist to create filters that can be
advance mailing list, contact
                                                                               used to list individuals with com-
TEAM MEMBER Beverly Setree,               The DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                                               mon features. This Picklist is inter-          SIG meets monthly at 6:30 PM on
                                                                               active allowing you to directly edit
Place the words COMMUNITY               the fourth Tuesday at the LFPL Bon
                                                                               each of the individuals or you can
OUTREACH SIG in the subject             Air Branch Library. To get advance
                                                                               later use the filter to create reports.
line of your email.                     notice of this SIG, contact Bill at
                               Be             The August GENEALOGY SIG
                                        certain to put DIGITAL PHOTOG-         Meeting was a presentation a
DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY                     RAPHY in the subject line of your      review of the basics of The Master
                                        email so that it is not destroyed as   Genealogist and the creation of
         SIG                            SPAM.                                  Custom Tags. Custom Tags are
                                                                               additional tags (events or notes)
                                                                               that you can use to add additional
  The next meeting of the DIGITAL                                              facts to your data. Custom Tags like
                                        EXCEL INTERMEDIATE
PHOTOGRAPHY SIG will be on                                                     the Standard Tags can include date,
September 27 at 6:30 PM at the                  SIG                            location, memo, citations and wit-
LFPL Bon Air Branch Library. We                                                nesses.
will continue looking at the camera
equipment we already own or hope          The EXCEL INTERMEDIATE                 Since TMG version 6 is now
to possibly purchase. Also we will      SIG assumes a working knowledge        available, we have switched to ver-
continue to see how pictures we         of Excel and familiarity with most     sion 6. Now is the time to jump in
have taken or wish to take can be       of the Excel icons. There are many,    so that you get all of the tips and
optimized first in the camera and       many functions that are available in   tricks.
then by the computer. Software will     Excel that few of us realize can         The GENEALOGY SIG meets at
be discussed including continuing       make our lives easier. Due to low      the LFPL Eline Branch at 6:30 PM
examples by Matt Chojnowski             attendance, the EXCEL INTER-           on the third Monday each month.
using the free program The GIMP.        MEDIATE SIG has been suspend-          SIG LEADER Susan Moore and all

                                                             Page 19 September, 2005 Computer User News
                                  The SIG Scene (cont.)
of the SIG's attendees are looking      at 2:00 PM and will work with you        If you have a problem machine,
for YOU to join us at a future meet-    to get your machine back up and         contact the Co-SIG LEADERS list-
ing. If you have any particular ques-   running at top speed. The group can     ed below in advance of the next
tions before the next meeting,          also help you build/upgrade your        meeting so that time can be allocat-
please email SIG LEADER Susan           own PC in just one weekend. It may      ed to address your problems. For an
Moore at If you        not always be possible to work on       advance notice of this SIG, please
want a map or directions on how to      every machine that is not expected,     contact Co-SIG LEADERS Charley
get to the GENEALOGY SIG, go to         but we resolve most issues by the       May at or Tom                    library closing time.                   McArdle at
                                                                                Please add the words HANDS ON
                                          There is no fixed topic to discuss,
                                                                                SIG in the subject line of your
                                        just a chance to find some assis-
   GENEALOGY II SIG                                                             email.
                                        tance and learn more about your
                                        PC. You will need to bring your
  The GENEALOGY II SIG will             complete system, monitor, key-
have its next meeting on September      board, mouse, cables and processor.          HARDWARE SIG
8 and will continue to meet month-      Should you need help getting it up
ly on the second Thursday at 6:30       to the meeting room, members will
PM at the Louisville Free Public        assist you.                               Once again, this year, we will
Library Jeffersontown Branch.             At the August 27 meeting, we          miss our September meeting as it
                                        worked with problems that came in       falls on Labor Day.
  The GENEALOGY II SIG had its
last meeting on August 11.              the door. Time was spent by mem-          On October 3 at 6:30 PM, we will
                                        bers installing new components in a     look at the many uses for a new
  This SIG is going to be an infor-     failing system. We were able to         scanner. Find out how to set one up
mal Q&A session without any             save most of the existing data with     and we will include an overview of
handouts. Topics are not announced      recovery software.                      the best software for use with your
ahead of time because the partici-                                              scanner. We meet in the second
pants will determine the content of       If you are not comfortable going
                                        at it alone, email us in advance and    floor meeting room of the Eline
the meeting. Short subjects may be                                              Branch of the LFPL in St.
presented from time to time when        the group will be ready to help you
                                        help yourself. Gain confidence and      Matthews.
there are insufficient questions.
                                        improve your knowledge base in           At our August 1 meeting, we dis-
  If you have any particular ques-      just a few hours. Members with          cussed further wireless networking
tions before the next meeting,          repair experience are encouraged to     with emphasis on why you might
please email SIG LEADER Susan           drop in and help other members          want to use a wireless Bridge.
Moore at If you        solve nagging problems. All levels
want a map or directions on how to      of experience are welcomed and we         Do you have a desire to expand
get to the SIG, go to                   will share our abilities with one       the capabilities of your existing sys- and click on        another.                                tem? Do you want to be comfort-
the GENEALOGY II SIG.                                                           able with adding your own hard
                                          Our location has a high-speed web     drive, audio or video card, memory
                                        connection and driver updates and       module, DVD burner or building
                                        patches can be downloaded quickly.      your own computer from the
 HANDS ON SIG (NEW)                     We meet on the fourth Saturday of       ground up? Learn the tips and tech-
                                        the month at 2:00 PM in the second      niques necessary for a successful
                                        floor meeting room at the Eline         hardware upgrade.
  Our next meeting will be on           Branch of the LFPL. We often run
September 24 at the Eline Branch of     well into the afternoon to assure        Does your machine need help?
the LFPL in St. Mathews. We start       your problems are resolved.             Contact us so the Co-SIG LEAD-

 Computer User News September, 2005 Page 20
                                   The SIG Scene (cont.)
ERS Charley May and Grant                  The SIG focuses on the various        month at the Louisville Aero Club
McCormick can be ready to assist         versions of MS Windows software,        at 6:30 PM. This is not an invest-
you with your computer. Do not           its features, methods of operation,     ment club; they DO NOT discuss
surprise the group. Let them know        problems and all the hints and tips     mutual funds.
in advance that you are bringing         that Jim knows you will be interest-
your unit. With advance planning,        ed in. Topics suggested at meetings
you may not need to bring your           usually become future meeting top-
complete system to the meeting.
                                                                                           LINUX SIG
                                         ics. This SIG is for users who are
                                         comfortable with the daily use of
  The HARDWARE SIG meets on
                                         their computer and want to learn
the first Monday of the month at                                                   With the loss of our meeting
                                         more. In other words, you have
6:30 PM, in the second floor meet-                                               place, the LINUX SIG is presently
                                         mastered your fear of computers
ing room of the Eline Branch of the                                              in a state of limbo. At such time that
                                         and you are willing to push the
LFPL in St. Matthews. If you would                                               new arrangements can be made,
                                         envelope a little. We welcome dis-
like a reminder of the next meeting                                              notice of future meetings will be
                                         cussion and a chance for everyone
and its topic, send an email to Co-                                              posted in the Computer User News
                                         to learn.
SIG LEADER Charley May at                                                        and emailed to list members. Be sure to put                If you have any questions or sug-
HARDWARE SIG in the subject              gestions for meeting topics, bring        Want to be notified about meeting
line of your message.                    them to the SIG or email Jim at         subjects or do you have a sugges-
                                and      tion for future meeting topics?
                                         Jim will have your answer at the        Please send an email to TEAM
INTERMEDIATE USERS                       next SIG meeting. Do you want to        MEMBER         Jack      Link     at
                                         get on Jim's email notification list? and type
       SIG                                                                       "LINUX SIG" in the subject line.
                                         Send him a short note with "Add me
                                         to the KIPCUG INTERMEDIATE
                                         USERS SIG meeting email list" in
 For our next meeting on                 the subject line.
September 26, the topic will be
                                                                                      NEW USERS SIG
How to have tabs in Internet
Explorer. We will go over the MSN
Search program, which allows for               INVESTING SIG                       Come join us at the September 12
Tabs in Internet Explorer.                                                       meeting from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. We
                                                                                 meet at the New Horizons
  The INTERMEDIATE USERS                                                         Computer Learning Center, 10200
                                           SIG LEADER Doc Viele moder-
SIG meets in the Computer Lab,                                                   Linn Station Road, in Suite 110 of
                                         ates the INVESTING SIG discus-
Room 222, at CCUM at 6:30 PM                                                     the Triad East Building. You will
                                         sions, which have been ongoing
monthly on the fourth Monday.                                                    find the learning curve easy enough
                                         since 1986. The next SIG meeting
CCUM is at 4614 Brownsboro
                                         will be on September 8. Meetings        for anyone to join in at any time. We
Road (US 42) at the Blankenbaker
                                         consist of round table information      will take our second look at setting
Lane traffic light. Directions are on
                                         exchanges on any economic subject       up and maintaining a file system
the    CCUM         web     site    at
                                         of current interest. Questions and      that will help you easily find your and on the KIPCUG
                                         presentations are encouraged.           data, years from now. It will help
web site at
                                                                                 keep you organized for years to
                                          The next SIG meeting will include      come and will be easy to keep
 For the August 22 meeting, we
                                         general information on investing        backed up by almost all backup pro-
went over the Microsoft Program
                                         and    the   usual   information        grams.
Remote Desktop.
                                         exchange. The INVESTING SIG
                                         meets the second Thursday of the

                                                              Page 21 September, 2005 Computer User News
                                  The SIG Scene (cont.)
  The Q&A session follows the pre-      will send you a reminder of our          We meet from 2:00 to 4:00 in the
sentation each month. Do you have       meetings and the topics to be cov-     Computer Lab, Room 222, at
a question? Jot it on a piece of        ered a few days before our next        CCUM on the third Monday of
paper and bring it with you for an      meeting.                               each month. CCUM is at 4614
answer you can understand.                                                     Brownsboro Road (US 42) at the
Questions go into a drawing for a                                              Blankenbaker Lane traffic light. To
prize(s). Come find out about our                                              be added to the email list, please
                                        NEW USERS DAYTIME                      send SIG LEADER Winnie Miller
new NUS Group on the Internet,
where you can get answers between           SIG (NEW)                          an email at
meetings by email or on the
                                          Important! Starting in September,               PDA SIG
  The NEW USERS SIG holds its
                                        please mark your calendars with the
meetings on the second Monday of
                                        NEW day for our NEW USERS
each month from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.
                                        DAYTIME SIG. It will be the third
We meet at the New Horizons                                                      There are currently no meetings
                                        MONDAY of the month in the
Computer Learning Center, 10200                                                scheduled for this SIG. Members
                                        Computer Lab, Room 222, at
Linn Station Road, in Suite 110 of                                             are requested to let our SIG
                                        CCUM from 2:00 to 4:00. Our next
the Triad East Building.                                                       DIRECTOR know their ideas for
                                        meeting will be on Monday,             this group. If you have a handheld
  If you want to review or if you are   September 19.                          device, we want to hear from you.
a new PC user, you are invited to
                                          This is a hands-on SIG. If you are     This SIG plans to review and
join the NEW USERS SIG. We
                                        new to computers, you can get help     explore the hardware and software
don't go too fast so everyone can
                                        finding programs, opening and          of Personal Desk Assistants, Smart
follow. We start with the basics and
                                        closing programs and using your        Phones and like devices. SIG
gradually build up your knowledge
                                        mouse.                                 DIRECTOR Brian Miller encour-
base and skill level. Each member
will have a computer to follow           If you would like to see programs     ages all members that are interested
Charley through every step of every     by 599CD, this is the place to be.     in this group to contact him. We
feature. This hands-on experience       Please bring your earphones.           expect to cover all versions of
will give you the opportunity to fol-                                          PDA's including the newest combi-
low the lessons as projected on the       Are you interested in Word? We       nation units with phone, PC and
screen in the front of the classroom.   will help you learn about changing     photo capabilities.
                                        fonts, size, color and saving your
  TEAM MEMBERS Susan Moore                                                       Members using these devices or
                                        work. If you need help moving
and Tom McArdle will help mem-                                                 that are considering the purchase of
                                        folders or creating folders, this is
bers follow the presentation and                                               a PDA are asked to contact Brian at
                                        the place to be.
master the skills at every meeting.                                   You will be
Join us in a comfortable environ-         Are you having difficulty with the   added to a contact list for advance
ment that makes learning easier. We     keyboard? You may try typing this      notice of future meetings, topics,
invite all those attending to join us   sentence at home, as it uses all the   times and location.
for a mini PIG SIG after the meet-      letters of the alphabet. The quick
ing for a brief time, to address any    brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
personal PC questions.                  With this one sentence in Word or         REAL ESTATE SIG
                                        Works, you can change size, color              (NEW)
 To join our mailing list, send an      and font, and save your work to a
email to Charley at         document.
and be sure to include NEW
USERS SIG in the subject line. We                                               The REAL ESTATE SIG will

 Computer User News September, 2005 Page 22
                                  The SIG Scene (cont.)
meet September 20 at 6:30 PM in                                                  technical analysis and its applica-
the Computer Lab, Room 222 at                                                    tion to the present market condi-
CCUM. The SIG will continue its          TECHNICAL MARKET                        tions. We generally discuss the pre-
analysis and development of soft-           ANALYSIS SIG                         sent market, and use any web-based
ware for record keeping and man-                                                 indicators available. Many times,
agement of Rental Properties. SIG                                                we also have someone present top-
LEADER Bill Buzan will monitor            At the September 27 meeting, we        ics of interest to anyone using tech-
the discussion and lead the mem-        will use our technical indicators to     nical analysis.
bership in its quest for the simplest   try to determine the near term direc-      We are always looking for sugges-
and most comprehensive program          tion of the market, and to hone our      tions for topics of discussion, or
to do so.                               skills using these indicators with       suggested presentations by knowl-
  The REAL ESTATE SIG met               everyone's input. We use a group         edgeable groups or individuals.
August16 to continue the develop-       discussion format to answer every-       Please send your ideas to SIG
ment of this program. The focus         one's questions and let everyone tell    LEADER       Myron     Smith     at
will continue on using the PC to        how they use the indicators.   
save time and resources in growing        Additional information will be
our property assets.                    announced by email to all members
  The mission of this SIG is to pro-    on our list. With the late date of the          UTILITIES SIG
vide property owners and investors      SIG meeting and potential market
the opportunity to gain a greater       fluctuations, email is the best way
insight into their transactions by      to inform all of our discussion top-       The September 22 meeting at 6:30
interaction with others, so that they   ics.                                     PM in the Computer Lab, Room
can protect and guide their endeav-                                              222, at CCUM will feature an intro-
                                          The August 23 meeting continued
ors more effectively.                                                            duction of Forte's Agent 3.0, the lat-
                                        our ongoing discussion of mathe-
                                                                                 est release in this leading news-
  Future meetings will continue this    matical analysis of market trends.
                                                                                 group reader. The new features
theme and expand into other             Members shared the tools that they
                                                                                 make this one a must have for
aspects of this important subject. If   have found to be successful in ana-      'power downloaders'. Co SIG
you have any subjects related to        lyzing today's market.                   LEADER Tom McArdle will have
Real Estate that you would like to                                               trial copies of the programs for
                                          The TECHNICAL MARKET
have on the agenda for future meet-                                              those attending; just bring a blank
                                        ANALYSIS SIG meets on the
ings or would like to be added to                                                CD to get your disk. Learn how to
                                        fourth Tuesday of each month,
our mailing list, please send your                                               unlock the mystery of the thousands
                                        except December, at 6:30 PM at the
request to Bill Buzan at                                                         of newsgroups that are just a mouse
                                        Louisville Free Public Library,                                                            click away.
                                        Crescent Hill Branch, 2752
  The REAL ESTATE SIG meets             Frankfort Ave. in the lower level          August 25 had Co-SIG LEADER
monthly on the third Tuesday in the     meeting room.                            Charley May showing us some free
Computer Lab, Room 222, at                                                       Utilities that helped determine what
                                          For more information on meetings
CCUM at 6:30 PM. CCUM is at                                                      is running on a computer when it
                                        or topic information, contact SIG
4614 Brownsboro Road (US 42) at                                                  starts up. Members found out how
                                        LEADER Myron Smith at 897-
the Blankenbaker Lane traffic light.                                             to turn some of these offenders off,
                                        7718,    or      email     him  at
Directions are on the KIPCUG web                                                 how to monitor your RAM memory
                               to be added
site at                                                          in use and how to easily
                                        to the email distribution list.
                                                                                 release/defragment that RAM with-
                                         New attendees are encouraged to         out having to shutdown your com-
                                        come to the meetings to learn about      puter.

                                                              Page 23 September, 2005 Computer User News
                                    The SIG Scene (cont.)
  Members are kept up-to-date with          On August 4, SIG LEADER               any web site can host a video file.
timely messages and answers to            Martin Campion presented Web
their questions at http://groups.         pages using ASP.Net and Access,           On August 18, we explored how           Serialization/Deserialization (sav-     to resize and optimize photos. We
SIG/. You do not have to be a mem-        ing and loading files consisting of     learned what file formats to use,
ber of the group to view the mes-         objects with their data), and a         how to cut a photo into sections,
sages, but you will need to sign up       Large Windows application (Rails        and how to save images to your
(free) with Yahoo for full access.        West). It's not as complicated as it    web site. While this topic could
Links to sites discussed in our pre-      sounds. Martin walked the group         have taken a semester and still not
vious meetings are posted there.          through he simple steps that made it    be complete, we tried to offer sim-
                                          all come together.                      ple solutions to use pictures on the
  Examining a mix of freeware,                                                    Internet.
shareware and retail programs, this         The VISUAL BASIC SIG meets
SIG hopes to make your computer           monthly on the first Thursday at          Every WEBMASTERS SIG
experience       more    enjoyable.       6:30 PM at the Bon Air Regional         includes design tips and tricks.
Members may bring blank CD's to           Branch of the LFPL, 2816 Del Rio        There is usually time after the main
exchange for free and trial versions      Place. To be added to the email list    presentation for Q & A. Every
of featured utilities.                    for a reminder of meetings and          meeting contains web design ele-
                                          topics planned, contact SIG             ments or tips for both the beginner
  This SIG meets on the fourth            LEADER Martin Campion at                and the more advanced web site
Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM Add the              creator. KIPCUG members are
in the Computer Lab, Room 222, at         words VB SIG to the subject line of     encouraged to ask for a review of
CCUM. To be added to our advance          your email.                             their web site.
notice list sign up at the Yahoo
groups site or contact Co-SIG                                                       See for
LEADERS Tom McArdle at user-                                                      information on the current topic, a or Charley May
                                             WEBMASTERS SIG                       map and summaries of our recent
at Please add the                                                    presentations.
words UTILITIES SIG in the sub-
                                            On September 15, the WEBMAS-            Non-SIG members interested in
ject line of your email.
                                          TERS SIG will meet at 6:30 PM at        building a web site or just learning
                                          the Win.Net offices. We will learn      how the Internet works are invited
                                          how to include Video in a website       to any of our meetings.
   VISUAL BASIC SIG                       or in an e-mail.
                                                                                    We meet at 6:30 PM on the third
                                            Web site video is an exciting tech-   Thursday of the month at the
  The September 1 meeting will be         nology for anyone creating web          Win.Net offices. To be added to the
an open forum, we will discuss any        sites. Carlile Crutcher of Video        mailing list for notices of this SIG's
subject related to VB.Net, VB 6,          Kitchen is a leader in converting       activities, please email TEAM
ASP.Net, etc. that anyone wants to        images to Internet ready files!         MEMBER Roger Klingeman at
bring up. We are looking for mem-         Come watch a demonstration of            and
bers with an interest in developing       how a video file is created from        include the words WEBMASTERS
their skills in this powerful, but user   software you may already have.          SIG in the subject line of your mes-
friendly program. Now is the time         Carlile will present video and audio    sage.
to open yourself to a new set of          solutions that are available to any
skills that can unlock the power          web master. He will cover what
hidden in your PC.                        software and file types are options
                                          and discuss possible file size prob-
                                          lems or compatibility. Remember,

 Computer User News September, 2005 Page 24
                                 The SIG Scene (cont.)
                                       ticular issue, please contact SIG      members        in     this     SIG.
                                       LEADER            Bob        Rose,     Consideration is being given to
   WINDOWS OS SIG            , by email       offering a computer gaming or an
                                       a few days before the meeting so he    'Instant Messaging' focus to this
                                       can have members prepared to           group to stimulate youth interest.
  On September 9 at 6:30 PM in the     address your problem.                  If you have children or grandchil-
Computer Lab, Room 222, at                                                    dren with a desire for some addi-
CCUM, we hope to have a 'beta'           The WINDOWS OS SIG current-
                                       ly meets at 6:30 PM on the second      tional computer activities, we
copy of Windows latest O/S, re-                                               want to hear from you. Please con-
named "VISTA". Keep your fingers       Friday of the month in the
                                       Computer Lab, Room 222, at             tinue checking the KIPCUG web
crossed and join us to get an early                                           site for the latest information at:
look at the Operating System that      CCUM, 4614 Brownsboro Road,
                                       US Hwy. 42 at the Blankenbaker            Saturday
should be on the store shelves early
                                       Lane traffic light. Check the          meetings are the likely dates for
in 2006. As we go to press, we are
                                       KIPCUG         web      site    at     this SIG.
waiting for an early release candi-
date of Microsoft's latest package. for a map to the
                                                                                To sign up younger members or
Our back up plan is to introduce the   meeting site. To be added to the
                                                                              to volunteer your assistance, con-
"Action Pack' to the members and       email list, please contact SIG
                                       LEADER            Bob        Rose,     tact SIG DIRECTOR Brian Miller
show them what Microsoft offers to                                            at    Please
its partners.                 and put
                                       the words WINDOWS OS SIG in            include YOUTH SIG in the sub-
  At the August 12 meeting we          the email subject line.                ject line of the email.
completed an upgrade from
                                                                                This SIG's mission is to develop
Windows ME to the Windows XP
                                                                              the computer skills of middle
operating system. SIG LEADER
Bob Rose presented us with a few
                                               YOUTH SIG                      school or advanced elementary
problems and showed us how to                                                 school students. It will cover top-
resolve these issues. If you were                                             ics beyond those basic skills
running with Windows 98 or ME,           Targeted to return this fall, your   taught in the school system. High
you saw just how simple the            input is requested. We hope to         school age students can volunteer
process can be.                        include KIPCUG and CCUM                to assist in this SIG.

  The SIG will focus on maintain-
ing and updating the various
Windows OS's to keep them per-
forming at peak efficiency. While
our direction will be forward, ques-
tions and topics for older formats
will be part of the topic list we
intend to cover.
  The SIG includes topics covering
Windows Operating Systems from
Windows 95 though XP- SP2, with
an emphasis on changing technolo-
gy. Time is always reserved to
resolve problems and answer ques-
tions members bring to the meeting.
To be sure we can get to your par-

                                                           Page 25 September, 2005 Computer User News
   Wi-Fi Wireless Internet and Network Availability
By Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director;, to determine what        local restaurants, some hotels, many
Columnist,     The    Examiner,          wireless access is available enroute,     airport terminals, RV parks, and
Beaumont TX: Radio Show Host             or at my destination.                     other locations. All it takes to access
                                  is one of the leading         these totally free and public sites is
                                         interactive directories of publicly       the SSID of the wireless host and
                                         available wireless internet locations,    appropriate hardware; the Jwire
                                         typically using one of the industry       sites list the SSID's of the public
                                         standard       802.11        protocols.   sites.
  Recently, one of my daughters          Standardization, as well as substan-        When the wireless access on the
called me from a major city, and         tial downward compatibility, has          notebook computer is activated, the
asked me where she could find            ensured that almost all computers         wireless networks within range can
some free "hotspots" or wireless         equipped with 802.11 type wireless        be identified, and if accessible, the
"Wi-Fi" locations where she could        internet hardware can effectively         SSID can be entered, and connec-
get free broadband wireless internet     communicate at broadband speeds.          tions established. It is important that
access. She gave me her street           As I type this, Jwire is listing almost   from a personal security standpoint,
address, and within moments I            70,000 public access wireless             these public connections are not
found several nearby locations           hotspots around the world. The Intel      often encrypted, and can be
where she could access the internet      companion site lists almost 30,000        "sniffed" or picked up by anyone
for free using the wireless "802.11b"    wireless hotspots in the U.S., and        with suitable equipment; sensitive
PCMCIA card she had with her             about 40,000 international wireless       information, passwords, banking,
notebook computer. She told me           hotspots. According to the Intel site,    and other critical information
which hotspot she selected, and I        the top U.S. cities for public wire-      should never be sent on an insecure
gave her the "SSID", or "Service Set     less are New York City with over          public network.
Identifier", a simple code, usually a    550 public access locations, fol-
name, that identifies a local hotspot.                                               In addition to the free sites, there
                                         lowed by Chicago (434 public wire-        are many thousands of publicly
  I recently purchased a new note-       less locations), San Francisco (412),     accessible but commercial (fee
book computer for another daugh-         and Seattle (320). Texas is well rep-     based) hotspots, often in coffee
ter, and this computer came with an      resented in the top 10 most               shops, restaurants, hotels, book-
Intel Centrino chipset, which pro-       "unwired" cities with 309 public          stores, some airport terminal areas,
vided integral wireless internet         hotspots in Houston, 250 in Austin,       and other locations. These hotspots
access, where ever available,            and 192 in Dallas. California is list-    either require a subscription to a ser-
whether at home or on the road. As       ed by Intel as the state with the most    vice, such as a cellular phone com-
she travels around town, at school,      public access with over 5000 loca-        pany or other third party, or a daily
or away from home, she can likely        tions, followed by Texas with             or hourly fee for access. Generally,
access the internet at high speeds.      almost 2000 hotspots, Florida with        since these pay services require
  I travel extensively, and always       about 1800, and New York with             some type of access code, they are
take my notebook computer with           over 1600 public hotspots. It should      slightly more secure than the free
me, as I often find it necessary to      be emphasized that these numbers          public sites, but are still usually
check my email, find restaurants, or     are only the wireless sites that allow    accessible to a hacker with com-
locate other information on the          public access, either for free (some-     monly available but illicit software.
internet. Through experience, I have     times with some strings attached) or      Again, it is a good practice not to
found that many hotels, restaurants,     for a fee, and does not include the       type any sensitive personal informa-
airports, and other locations offer      millions of sites that are private        tion while on a publicly accessible
wireless broadband internet access       wireless networks. The listing also       wireless network. Some of the com-
either for a fee, or for free. Now       does not include many of the hotel        mercial hotspots offer "WEP", or
before I leave home, I check a web-      chains that offer free wireless access    wireless encryption protocol, which
site, or its twin sis-     to registered guests.                     makes it more difficult for unwel-
ter site supported by Intel,              Many of the free sites listed are        come third parties to listen in on

  Computer User News September, 2005 Page 26
                         Wi-Fi Wireless Internet (cont.)
internet communications, but the        gaining "free" broadband internet         hundreds of wireless networks, 80%
methods for cracking WEP have           access is driving around town with a      of which were easily accessible, as
been widely published, and are now      notebook computer with 802.11             they were not properly secured.
only considered to provide marginal     hardware, and logging the wireless        These included such sensitive loca-
security.                               networks found, with those same           tions as banks, law offices, retail
                                        networks often broadcasting the           stores, medical facilities, and other
  One warning about wireless inter-                                               choice locations for hackers to pen-
                                        SSID necessary for access. This
net access; it is illegal to access a   practice is called "wardriving". In       etrate.
wireless network without the con-       major cities, marks are drawn on            Use the Jwire sites to find wireless
sent of the owner, despite the fact     sidewalks and the outside walls of        access, as I do, but be totally aware
that studies have indicated that        buildings in a similar escapade,          of the risk and security implications
about 80% of all private wireless       "warchalking" where SSID's and            of broadcasting critical information.
networks, both workplace and home       other relevant information is written     There are a variety of hardware and
based, are not adequately protected,    for all to see, and access. Locally, in   software utilities that can be utilized
and can easily be picked up and         a security demonstration, a security      to harden wireless access, and some
accessed by anyone who wants            consultant drove around the busi-         of those will be discussed in a future
access. A popular hacker method of      ness district of town, and logged         column.

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