Dracula Study Guide Chapters 26 and 27 Ryan Morelock

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					Ryan Morelock                                  8-4

                                Chapters 26 -27 – Study Guide

   1. What does Van Helsing learn from Mina in her hypnotic state?
       Van Helsing learns that Dracula has left the ship, and that a gun has been shot. Pg. 474
   2. What seems to be happening to Mina’s hypnotic trances?
       Mina’s hypnotic trances are becoming shorter and harder to control, and it’s getting
       tougher to get answers. Pg. 477
   3. What had the Romanians on the crew of the Czarina Catherine requested several times of
       their captain?
       The crew requires that the captain throws the box overboard because it is cursed. Pg. 479
   4. What becomes of Petrof Skinsky who has claimed the Count’s box from the ship?
       Petrof Skinsky is found dead, and the man’s throat is torn open. Pg. 481
   5. What does Mina do for which Van Helsing and the others heartily congratulated her?
       Mina figures out that Count Dracula is most likely travelling to his castle by use of either
       the Pruth or Sereth Rivers. Pg. 486
   6. What single word does Mina hesitate to write in her journal?
       Mina hesitates to write the word “vampire” in her journal. Pg. 487
   7. How does the group divide its members in order to best capture the Count?
       The group divides it members up with Dr. Seward and Quincey Morris going along the
       river on horses that Arthur and Jonathan Harker are going on by steamboat, while Van
       Helsing and Mina Harker are going directly to Count Dracula’s castle. They hope to
       block off his escape routes by dividing up this way. Pg. 487
   8. How does Lord Godalming manage to trick boat owners to allow him to search their
       vessels along the river?
       Lord Godalming flies a Romanian flag, so ships believe he is a military boat and allow
       him to search their ship. Pg. 492
   9. What seems to arouse the superstitions of the people that Van Helsing and Mina meet
       along their journey?
       The superstitions are aroused by the red mark on Mina’s head. Pg. 496
   10. Describe the changes in Mina’s behavior since she and Van Helsing separated from the
       Mina has begun to dislike garlic, she sleeps long amounts during the day as well as losing
       her appetite for food, and can’t be hypnotized anymore. Pg. 497-499
   11. What precaution does Van Helsing take when he and Mina are forced to sleep outside for
       the night?
       Van Helsing sprinkles crushed host around himself and Mina, so as to guard from any
       vampires and keep Mina from running off. Pg 503
   12. What does Van Helsing see in the mist during the night?
       Van Helsing sees the three vampires that Jonathan Harker had mentioned in his journal
       during the night. Pg. 505
   13. Although Mina is safe from vampires inside her circle, what other danger concerns Van
       The danger of the wolves concerns Van Helsing. Pg. 508
   14. Van Helsing hesitates before killing the first vampire woman. What brings him back to
       his sense of purpose?
Ryan Morelock                                 8-4

       Mina Harker’s soul-wailing arouse him from the trance so he can destroy the first
       vampire. Pg. 509
   15. What happens to each of the female vampires once Van Helsing has purified them?
       The vampire ladies turn to dust, as if they had been left to decay. Pg. 511
   16. What does Van Helsing see through his field glass as he stood upon the large rock?
       Van Helsing sees a group of gypsies carrying what looks like a giant square chest, with
       Jonathan, Quincey, Seward, and Arthur in pursuit of the band. Pg. 513-514
   17. How is Count Dracula finally destroyed?
       Dracula is finally destroyed when Jonathan plunges his knife through Dracula’s throat
       while Quincey’s knife goes through his heart. Pg. 518
   18. What becomes of the members of the group after their terrible ordeal?
       Quincey Morris dies from a wound inflicted by one of the gypsies. Mina and Jonathan
       have a boy, who is named Quincey. Van Helsing continues being a professor, while
       Arthur and Seward are both married. The entire group remains intact as friends. Pg.