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newspaper October Finished


									                              The Edison Park Wolves Present

                    THE HOWLER
                                           October, 2011

              School Events                         Walk With Wolves
                                             jd     By Sarah A., Scott, Jacobi, Mili, and Andy
Curriculum Night                                    (8th)
By Dylan, Molly, Danny, Marjia (6th)
                                                            The Edison Park Elementary’s
        Curriculum Night was September              annual Walk-A-Thon is right around the
14,       2011. It was held from 6:00 pm to         corner! So put on running shoes and get
7:00 pm, beginning inside the gym.                  ready to run.
        Curriculum Night is an open house                   The Walk-A-Thon is on October 7,
at Edison Park where kids’ parents can              2011 at about 12:30 pm, after lunch. It is
meet their teachers and see what is going           roughly a two hour walk, jog, or skip
                                              8t    around the school.
on in their classes.
        The Howler asked Mr. Z, Ms.                           According to Mr. Zimmerman,
McMahon, and Mrs. Blumberg some                     “The PTA, teachers, and parent volunteers
questions about curriculum night. “Do you           of Edison Park Elementary are trying their
think that all parents should go to                 hardest to make this Walk-A-Thon the best.
curriculum night?” Mr. Z replied, “Yes it’s         Our school’s goal is to reach 15,000 dollars
important to know how their child’s                 from pledges and donate it to technology.”
teacher runs the classroom, and to find out                 Not only is the staff excited, but the
more about their instruction.”                      students are more excited because the older
        When Ms. McMahon was asked “Is              kids get to walk with their younger
curriculum night important and why?” She            buddies, as well as their friends. It is also a
replied, “It is important because of forms          great source of exercise for children of all
that the parents get. It tells them what their      ages. It is time for bonding between
child is going to learn.”                           students and their buddies.
        When Mrs. Blumberg’s question                               The students get to socialize
was asked “Are all of the teachers at               while trying to reach the goal that has been
curriculum night,” she replied, “Yes, all of        set for EPE, as well as achieving their own
the teachers are at curriculum night it is too      personal accomplishments. With the
important not to come.”                             support of their families, they are almost
        Parents should attend Curriculum            certain to reach their common goal.
Night. It is a great opportunity to get                     Also, do not forget to turn in the red
involved with their child’s education.              sheet with pledges before Friday October
Curriculum Night should be the time when            7th. Each family should try to earn 150
all parents stop by. It is the voice between        dollars. Remember if a student raises 25
parents and Edison Park. It should be               dollars or more you can receive an EPE
heard.                                              gift.
          Get ready to walk for the home of the
   wolves. Awooo!                                    from the Chicagoland area participated.
                                                              The boys ran first and the girls ran
                                                     afterwards in separate running events. The
                                                     5th/6th graders had to run a mile, while the
                      Sports                         7th/8th graders ran a mile and a half.
                                                              Michael Pawlowski finished in 14th
   Multi Fall Sports                                 place out of all the runners in the 5th and 6th
B By Peter, Kendra, Tierney, Ben, Venkat(8th)        grade boys category.The track was
                                                     challenging with many twists and turns, but
                                                     all the runners made it to the end. With
           Kick! Pass! Throw! Run! Edison            most of the Middle School teachers
   Park Wolves sports are now in season! The         standing nearby to cheer on the wolves, the
   school has multiple sports such as cross          positive energy and school spirit was
   country, volleyball, and the very first boys’     certainly felt by all.
   soccer team.                                               The Howler interviewed 6th grader
           Cross country is coached by the very      Ethan Cherry after the race.When asked,
   lovely teachers Ms. Diggins and Ms.               “How many years have you been in cross
   Carman. There are twenty-five kids on the         country,” Ethan responded, “This is my 2nd
   team, in grades fifth through eighth. Ms.         year. I think Ms. Diggins did a really good
   Diggins plans for the runners to be               job coaching us and I think I can run a lot
   successful, with a positive attitude. She is      faster!”
   very excited about the year. Kids on the                    When asked what might make a
   team run a mile for fifth and sixth grade, and    Edison Park wolf want to join the cross
   a mile and a half for seventh and eighth          country team, Ethan responded, “Well, my
   grade. The first meet, the Wolf Invitational,     cousin encouraged me. And it feels really
   was held at Bunker Hill on September 22.          good when you put all of your effort into
           Volleyball will be coached by Mrs.        such a fun sport.” The day could not have
   Riordan and Ms. Gehrig. Practice will be          have brought more perfect fall weather,
   starting on September 27 and their first game     with sunny skies, a temperature of nearly
   will be October 4.                                70 degrees, and a gentle breeze. All the
           Boys’ soccer will be coached by Ms.       Wolves did a terrific job. The wolves give
   Schroeder, Mr. Astudillo, Mr. Gates, and Mr.      a big thanks to all of the teachers for
   Hochleutner.                                      supporting them and also give a big thanks
           Flag football, unfortunately, is          to coaches Ms. Diggins and Mrs.Carman.
   canceled this year. But, there are many other     GO WOLVES!
   sports to do in the winter and spring, like
   basketball and girls soccer.
           Let’s hope the wolves will have an                  Outside these Walls
   incredible season this year. Sports aren’t just
   about winning; it’s about working as a team.      Minnesota in Horror
                                                     By Madi, Leyla, Jeremy, Adam (6th)
   Edison Park’s Wolf Invitational
   By: Ethan, Michael, Giancarlo (6th)                       On August 18, 2011, lighting struck
                                                     a forest in Boundary Canoe Area
          Ready…Set…Go! And they are off!            Wilderness near Lake Minnesota. The
          On Thursday, September 22, 2011            smoke traveled all the way to our Chicago.
   Edison Park’s cross country team hosted the               The fire covered over 100,000
   3rd annual Wolf Invitational at Bunker Hill.      acres. On September 13, 2011, there was a
   Many schools                                      bad burning wood odor in Chicago.
        The forest fire has been going on      anniversary of the attack, there was a
for about a month. They believe that the       parade leading to a firefighter memorial.
winds carried the smoke to come into the       Speakers mentioned the events of that day.
Chicagoland area.                              The, most of them were reading the names
        Most people were more upset about      of those that lost their lives. The most
the forest destruction than their own safety   touching part was when the family
and how it could affect them.Many              members said the names.
residents used to hike there, camp, and                The attacks on 9/11, left a hole in
enjoy outdoor activities the wilderness        America’s soul,and will never be forgotten
could offer. There was once a bench where      or forgiven. Years later,Americans
kids spent time and read, however, it is       celebrate for the lives that were lost, as
now destroyed                                  well as the soldiers that died as a result of
        All the residents are planning on      9/11.
planting new trees, plants, and vegetable              A hurricane, tornado, or bomb can
crops when the fire stops. It represents a     not stop America or its citizens. The events
new life and helps Minnesota residents         cannot stop them either because hope
forget about the tragedy that happened.        springs eternal.
        Ms.McGrath, a 6th grade teacher,       God Bless America.
said she feels heartbroken for the citizens
of Minnesota. If she can do anything to
help the residents of Minnesota she would         This Month in Chicago History
give money to fund replanting projects.
                                               The Auditorium Building
                                               By Sebastian, Anthony, Michael, Adam
10 Years Later                                 (6th)
By Colette, Kirk, Joey, Rose (7th)
                                                       Have you ever wondered if there
         Ten years have passed since
                                               was any Chicago history in the month of
thousands died when the tallest Twin
                                               September?        Well, check out the
Towers fell under attack. One section of the
                                               Auditorium Building downtown. It was
pentagon could not stand a chance with the
                                               constructed during the years 1884-1888
crash of flight seventy-seven. No one can
                                               and is now a landmark of Chicago. It was
forget brave 40 passengers on flight 93
                                               finished on September 15, 1888.
who sacrificed their lives so others may
                                                       The Auditorium Building was made
                                               by many people. Ferdinand Peck designed
        September 11, 2001 was just a
                                               the theater section as an opera house. Peck
normal work day around the world: the sky
                                               worked with Denkmar Alder, who was the
was blue in New York, birds were singing,
                                               engineer that specialized in acoustics.
parents were leaving for work, and
                                               Louis Sullivan was the architect and the
everything was going as planned. However,
                                               designer, who designed the Auditorium
it changed in two seconds when a 757 hit
                                               Building. H.H. Richardson designed the
the north tower of the World Trade Center.
                                               exterior, which is made of granite.
Shortly, an old term was thrown around,
                                                       Offices and hotels were added in
“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”
                                               1890 to help fund the building.
That turned people’s lives around.
                                               DuringWorld War II, the building was
        Ten years later, where the twin
                                               occupied by the USO.
towers once stood, is a majestic fountain
called,” Reflecting Absence.” On the
         The Auditorium Theatre lost its                Families haven’t seen anything
popularity because no one was going to see      amazing, until they’ve seen the fountain at
performances anymore, so the Auditorium         night. It is absolutely gorgeous. There are
closed down. It then became occupied by         so many colors that it’s like a rainbow
Roosevelt University in 1946. It is still       dancing against the night sky. Sometimes,
occupied by the university today. The           on a hot summer day, a gust of wind will
owner got rid of the hotel rooms and turned     come by and blow water on you. It is
them into classrooms. Luckily, thanks to        extremely refreshing and an end to a
The Auditorium Building Council, the            perfect evening. Next time, you head
Auditorium Theatre opened back up.              Downtown; make sure you check out the
         Now people are able to go there and    gorgeous Buckingham Fountain.
enjoy watching a nice performance!
Visitors can watch many plays. Some
examples of the shows that people have
enjoyed are The Wizard of Oz, The
Nutcracker, or Alice in Wonderland.
Remember the Auditorium Building and
visit there sometime.
                                                             Primary News

                                                Differences between Primary and
             Travel Chicago                     Middle School
                                                By Allison, Eddie, Eli, Jocelyn, Austin (8th)
Fountain, Water, and Lights, Oh My!
By Jackie, Sarah, Marcello, Tommy (8th)                 Ms. Gherig’s way of teaching gave
                                                The Howler insight to the differences
        A perfect day in downtown Chicago       between middle and primary school.
would be spent visiting Buckingham              Younger children seem to learn better
Fountain. Buckingham Fountain is an             through visual work as well as hands on
important monument in Chicago that has          materials. Ms. Gherig has helped others
been up since 1927.                             understand the way her students learn.
        The fountain was a gift from the                While middle school is required to
Queen of England. It was finally built on       write essays and research papers, the
May 26th, 1927 and was dedicated to             younger kids will be focusing on personal
Edward H. Bennet on August 26th 1927.           narratives. Ms. Gherig claims, “I will be
Buckingham Fountain has an important            able to get to know my students as they
meaning behind it.                              start writing their narratives about
        There are four sea horses that          themselves.”
represent Lake Michigan. The fountain was               For science class they will be
built by Marcel Loyau and is made out of        exploring air and weather science through
Georgia pink marble. The water is re-           experiments. The kids will be able to learn
circulated from the bottom of the fountain      how rain, shine, and storms form. Wow,
and then is filtered back up and spewed         these younger kids are learning some hard
out. The bottom of the fountain is 280 feet     things!
in diameter. Every hour on the hour, the                Depending on all the effort put into
center of the fountainshoots water 150 feet     the kids work, Ms. Gherig chooses one
in the air. At 10:15 is the first display and   student at a time to be star student. This is
the water does It for 20 minutes.               the student who shows that they are putting
the most effort into their work.
        Middle school does not have a star     there and eager to learn. Have a great year.
student, the teachers expect every student
to get acceptable grades in classes and set            Shout Out to the Staff
an example for the younger kids. So, then
when they move into middle school, they        Look Who’s the New Teacher in Town
will be ready to take a step into higher       By Eva, Robyn, Sam, and Sareena (7th)
        Ms. Gehrig’s class is learning hard            Ever talk to Ms. McGrath? She is
things, but it pays off. There are many        the new 6th grade literacy and 8th grade
differences between middle school and          writing teacher here at Edison Park
primary, but the way they learn now will       Elementary.
help in their future.                                  She was born on June 6th; she ended
                                               up being the only girl with 4 brothers. She
                                               descends from a large Irish family. She
                                               lives with two dogs, one being a black
                                               Labrador named Aidan and a 9 month old
                                               boxer puppy named Maive.
                                                       She is an avid reader of fantasy
Room 105 Is Going to Shine                     books, her favorite being Matilda. The
By Andzelika, Lindsey, Val (7th)               reason why she enjoys this book is that it is
                                               filled with imagination. She loves reading
        What is going through a                because of the great teachers she had as a
kindergartener’s head when they walk into      middle school student.
a school? After spending most of their time            When she is not reading or
with their mothers, they now stay away for     teaching, she is running. When she was a
six and a half hours. The Howler got the       middle school student she did not enjoy
inside scoop from Anna and Sofia.              running as much as she does now. She
        While asking the two about their       stated that she was horrible at sports.
teacher they said, “Our teacher is Ms.                 She joined other clubs, such as
Zelasko.” Anna said, “She is nice.” Sofia      yearbook. Maybe her lack of interest in
said, “She is fun.”                            sports also enhanced her love for reading.
        The Howler wanted to find out                  Something this wonderful teacher
more about the two girls and their lives in    likes to do is go on vacation. She visited
kindergarten. “September 15th is my            Mexico for a week and Puerto Vallarta,
birthday and I spend a lot of time with my     along with France, for 2 weeks. “I loved it!
family,” Anna said. Sofia said, “January       It was very pretty,” she exclaimed about
14th is my birthday and I celebrate it with    London. “I think it has a lot of history.”
my family and sometimes I go to a special              Cupcakes and sushi are her favorite
place with my friends.” Anna said she went     snack, “But not together; that would be
to a Polish pre-school and Sofia went to       gross!” On her birthday she also enjoys
pre-school here at Edison Park.       In       going out for dinner and a movie with her
kindergarten, Anna and Sofia will learn        friends and family.
how to write. They also play in the kitchen.           This enthusiastic teacher loves to
        While in room 105, The Howler          talk, so head over 207 and have a chat.
noticed     the     exciting  and     joyful
environment. Everyone was thrilled to be
Ms. Schroder’s Fabulous Life                    boys soccer and softball. Before joining the
By Julia, Cassidy, Jackie, Alexa (6th),         staff at Edison Park Ms. Schroder worked
Patrycja, Natalie, Ian, Brandon (7th)           at the YMCA.She left her old job to teach
                                                and was presented with an opportunity at a
      Edison Park Elementary staff has          great school. She loves to teach because it’s
recently been enlarged, through the hiring      natural and she likes being a part of student
of several new teachers, including Ms.          learning.
Shroeder. She teaches gym, technology,                  In her spare time, Ms. Shroeder
and 6th grade advisory.                         enjoys riding her scooter around town and
         Ms. Shroeder grew up in Chicago,       hanging out with her friends.
IL in the Norwood Park neighborhood. She                Three places that she wants to travel
has 8 siblings, including 5 brothers and 3      to in her life are Rome, for the art, Hawaii,
sisters!She attended Lane Tech High             for enjoyment, and Luxembourg, for
School and later graduated from Northern        family.
Illinois University.                                    Dogs are her favorite animals,
         Her role model is her mother,          which may be why she has one, along with
“…Because she is hardworking and                two cats.
strong.”                                                When asked where she sees herself
         When The Howler asked her how          in five years, she said, “I would still be
her experience at Edison Park has been so       teaching, own a new home, and may be
far, she answered, “I love it. I think it is    starting a family.”
great.”                                                 Feel free to stop by the gym and
         Ms. Shroeder became a gym teacher      have a chat with Ms. Shroeder! She is
because she feels P.E is an important           already placing an impression on her
subject and she believes it should stay in      students and will for years to come.
the school curriculum. Ms. Shroeder likes
teaching gym class because she is giving                Eighth Grader Profiles
kids knowledge through activity. In total,
Ms. Shroeder teaches 6 classes a day. Yet       Meet the 8th graders!
she still stated, “I enjoy PE the most          By Hailey, Jeslyn (6th)
because it is important to stay active and
healthy.”                                               Your 8th grade class at Edison Park
         But, if she did not teach gym she      is very special, but you don’t know a lot
would teach science because that is her         about them. Soon, they will be leaving
favorite subject.                               their lives as 8th graders and going on to
         Her favorite genre of music is         high school. While they are here, we are
country. Her favorite book is Lord of the       going to make sure that each and every one
Flies,while her favorite color is green.        of them gets a special shout out.
         Ms. Shroeder also enjoys softball              Try and guess who this amazing 8th
very much. She has been playing for 12          grader is.     This girl wants to go to
years! Her preferred day of the week is         Northside or Main South, she loves to play
Friday. Her birthday is June 26th.              soccer and volleyball, and she likes the
       When The Howler asked her what           color blue. Her favorite food is pasta. She
she would change about the world, Ms.           enjoys eating Lemon Heads while watching
Shroeder replied, “The world would not          her favorite movie, Super 8. So do you
have any bad citizens.”                         think you can guess who this 8th grader is
         Ms. Schroder coaches 5th/6th grade
boys soccer and softball. Before joining the
staff at Edison Park Ms. Schroder worked
at the YMCA.She left her old job to teach
and was presented with an opportunity at a
great school. She loves to teach because it’s
natural and she likes being a part of student
so far?
       This amazing 8th grader has dark         because its hysterical, and Transformers.
brown hair, with eyes to match, and a great             He likes tennis because of the
personality. She is a very hard working         learning involved and competition. He also
student.                                        plays soccer and basketball.
       This mystery student also loves to               Edison Park is lucky to have a
shop at Golf Mill Mall. She even has been       student like Venkat!
to the Mall of America! She is always
keeping up with the latest trends. On a         ObiWan Jacobi
warm day she enjoys ice-cream.                  By Ava, Emily, Katie, Liz (7th)
       So did you have a chance to guess
who this great 8th grader is?                           He’s 13, likes Star Wars and adores
       Yep, you guessed it. It is Sarah         songs from the 1950’s. There’s a lot more
Astudillo!      This year, Sarah will be        to our new friend here at Edison Park than
graduating 8 grade and moving on to high        one may think.
school. We will miss her along with all of              Jacobi is a new student recently
the other 8th graders. We wish you luck in      added to the wolf pack. His family heritage
high school Sarah!                              is Russian, Polish, Southern, and Native
                                                American. He celebrates various holidays
The Math Wiz                                    including Hanukah and Christmas because
By Rocco, Angie, Nicole, Eddie (7th)            his family accepts all religions and
                                                cultures.They       even      accept     his
        A new school year has come,             hypoallergenic Terrier, Prisse.
bringing new students. When most kids                   In the morning, there’s a certain
find out that there are new students, they      delicacy from which Jacobi thrives:
want to get to know them. The Howler            buttermilk pancakes served with a side of
would like to help.                             crispy bacon. Yum!
        His name is Venkat, he is in the 8th            Another thing Jacobi favors is Star
grade and he came from Francis Granger          Wars. “Why,” we ask him. He fleetly
Middle School. He transferred because his       replies, “Because it’s awesome!” He
brother got into the University of Chicago      especially favors Obi Wan Kenobi.
Laboratory School. “It is a shorter ride for            Over      the    summer,      Jacobi
my brother and me.”                             considered attending Taft High School,
        He likes Edison because the             which he is agog about. Also over the
teachers and students are pleasant,             summer, his uncle from the Caribbean
especially Ms. McMahon and Mrs.                 came over and they watched movies
Hernandez “They are both hysterical. Their      together. He also went to two zoos-
assignments are useful and somewhat fun.”       Brookfield and Lincoln Park- with his aunt.
        Besides Chicago, Venkat lived in        Now, that’s a lot of animals!
India for 4 years. He says that India and               If Jacobi could travel back in time,
Chicago are really different because India      to anyplace, he would go to Los Angeles,
is very rural; there are planes and farms. It   California in the 1950’s because of all the
is also a better life style, and more           stupendous cars and music during that time
independent. Chicago is very urban and          period. Jacobi’s role models are Japanese
there is more technology here then there.       Anime creators because he enjoys Anime.
        Venkat likes the movies Batman,                 Looking further ahead, when he
because it is a long movie with a lot of        grows up he wants to be alawyer because
suspense and action, The Other Guys,            he is a propitious defender. Or, he would
                                                like to be an elementary school teacher
                                                because he likes teaching kids new things.

                                                if one doesn’t particularly like Anime, the
like to be an elementary school teacher         school, so get to know this interesting 8th
because he likes teaching kids new things.      grader while you can!
        Even if one doesn’t particularly like
Anime, the 1950s, or any of Jacobi’s other      Tierney, 8th grader
interests, The Howler encourages all to get     By Jessica, Kylie, Aly, Mady G. (6th)
to know Edison Park’s new friend, Jacobi.
In the wise words of Obi Wan Kenobi,                    Tierney is an 8th grader, soon going
“May the Force be with you!”                    to high school. She is excited to be going to
                                                high school, but thinks it will be like school
Hanging out with Eddie                          here. Tierney keeps busy by doing her
By Grace, Nikki, Shannon, Justin (6th)          homework after school.
                                                        While catching up with Tierney,
        Have you ever met Eddie? He is an       The Howler found our more about some of
8th grade student here at Edison Park. He       her favorite things. For example, she loves
has been a student at Edison Park for four      the drink Dr. Pepper and eat Italian cuisine.
years, ever since the school opened.            For desert, she enjoys a type of chocolate
        Eddie is really excited about           desert called the Mona Lisa. Tierney
heading to high school and is applying to       certainly has a sweet tooth and can’t resist
Lane Tech and Walter Payton. He is also         Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.
looking at St. Pat’s high school. When          Tierney’s #1 movie is Harry Potter Deathly
asked if he will miss his siblings at school    Hollows Part Two. The TV show that she
he laughed, “Probably not. It will be nice      watches a lot is Victories, but her other
going to a different school than them.”         favorite sis Pretty Little Liars. Her favorite
Eddie is currently playing tackle football.     TV series is Friday Night Lights. The TV
In the spring he is planning on playing         channel that she watches all the time is
softball, and in the winter he will play        Starz.
basketball. When The Howler asked him                   Her favorite actor is Tom Felton.
what his favorite sport was, he quickly         Her favorite actress is Helena Bonham
replied, “Basketball is my favorite because     Carter. Her favorite band is Panic At The
it is the most physically demanding sport,      Disco. Tierney loves Dubstee music. Her
besides football.” When he is not playing       favorite song is “There’s a Good Reason
sports or working on schoolwork.                These Tables are Numbered Honey You
                Eddie enjoys listening to       Just Haven’t Thought of it Yet.” Her
the upbeat and popular song, “Party Rock        favorite singer is Ingrid Michelson. Her
Anthem”.                                        best day ever was when she met Cody
        Eddie said that his favorite subject    Simpson.
is math because in his opinion, it is the               The genre that she likes to read is
most fun and it is easy. When Eddie leaves      fantasy and science fiction. Her favorite
for high school, he said that he is going to    book is the Hunger Games.
miss gym class because he thinks it is the              Her favorite subject is science
best period, besides lunch and recess.          because she likes doing experiments.
Eddie had many funny and memorable              Before she came to Edison Park she went
moments in his years at Edison Park, but        to Ebinger.
his favorite was when Daniel’s phone                    Tierney’s favorite animal is a
randomly went off during 6th grade math         unicorn. She loves the color yellow.
class.                                          Tierney loves the type of dog called a
        Soon Eddie will be heading to high      dioxin.
        Her favorite sport is soccer. Tierney   tower, she discovers a world with,
loves sports, so that means she is very         surprisingly, no monsters.
athletic. What she does with her friends is              Tangled is a story about how the
talk and watch TV. What Tierney does with       princess finds out who she really is. It’s a
her free time is read and take random           comedy with some sing along here and
pictures. Also, she likes to draw. Tierney’s    there… with a touch of romance. It is
future jobs are a director or a marine          definitely a great family film, for brothers,
biologist.                                      sisters, moms, and dads.
        Tierney is a fun loving, spunky girl             Sarah in 8th grade was interviewed
who loves unicorns, Italian cuisine, and        about the movie, Tangled. She believed
Harry Potter. She also loves soccer and has     that it was an extremely funny movie. She
a good taste in music.                          said that Tangled is her favorite movie
                                                because of the chameleon, and how he
                                                would always change colors when he was
                                                         “I give the movie Tangled five
                                                stars. It wasvery humorous, anddifferent
                                                from other Disney princess movies, and it
                                                was better and more interesting than the
                                                original Rapunzel. It had many funny
                                                scenes that made everybody laugh. It was
                                                different from other Disney princess
             Movie Review                       movies because they made a serious plot
                                                funny and it was more interesting than the
Tangled in this movie                           original Rapunzel because instead of
                                                marrying a prince she married a robber and
By Daniel, Victor, Michaela, Abbey,             her hair was magic.” ~Michaela (Two
Phillip (8th)                                   paws up)
                                                        “I loved this movie. It was possibly
        The Disney movie Tangled is a           the best movie in the world. I laughed
remake of the story Rapunzel, which is          through the whole film. It was happy at
about a princess locked away in a tower,        some parts, sad at some parts, and scary at
until she is saved by a prince.                 others. The best part in the movie was
        It is a movie about the day             when Rapunzel and her boyfriend sat in the
Rapunzel becomes free and her adventures,       boat and saw the lanterns.” ~Phillip (Two
with the prince, that followed.                 paws up)
        However, the movie “Tangled”
added a funny twist to the original story.              “When I first saw Tangled, I
There is a lot of sarcastic humor in it. For    thought it was going to be a baby-ish, kid’s
example, the prince always stated the           movie. However, it was a hilarious movie,
obvious and makes fun of the princess for       with a great storyline. My favorite
her lack of knowledge of the real world.        character was the horse because of how he
However, the princess is a funny, clever,       treated the princess’s boyfriend. It was
and tough girl to.                              really funny.” ~Daniel (Two paws up)
        She was stuck in a tower for all her          “I thought Tangled was a great
life and had no concept of reality. But         movie with some comedy, and some
when the prince randomly appeared in her        romance; just the perfect balance. I think
tower, she discovers a world with,
surprisingly, no monsters.
        Tangled is a story about how the
princess finds out who she really is. It’s a
comedy with some sing along here and
there… with a touch of romance. It is
this is one of my favorite movies I have                       Music Review
ever seen. Plus, in this movie the princess
saves the prince, which made it a new age         Tonight Tonight
film. It was different than a traditional fairy   By Sam, Kevin, Cassidy, Juliet, Jack (7th)
tale.” ~Victor(Two paws up)
        “I thought Tangled was a really                   Are you tired of your boring old
funny movie because it seemed so modern.          songs on your iPod? Well go on iTunes
It was interesting because the girls in the       and get the new hit song “Tonight Tonight”
movie weren’t all helpless and had to be          by Hot Chelle Rae. You will never get
rescued. It was a greatmovie, its good for        bored of this song.
all ages.”~Abbey (Two paws up)                            They have acoustic and electric
                                                  guitar that is so awesome. Hot Chelle Rae
                                                  has amazing upbeat lyrics.         If you
The Story of the Bird Named Blu                   download it, it will be your new favorite
By Chloe, Victoria, Cameron, Jacob, Bart          song.
(6th)                                                     It was ranked #7 on the music
                                                  billboard. Western Radio ranked it #9 out
        Rio is a family friendly comedy           of 25. ITunes ranked it 19. According to
about a bird named Blu, who has lived with        many people, it is such an easy song to
his owner since the day of his birth. Blu is      dance to.
a blue macaw, the last male, but not the last     Two Paws Up- This song is Da-bomb! -
one of his kind! Blu travels to Brazil to         Sam
meet his destined mate, Jewel.                    Two Paws Up- This song makes me want
        Now that he’s met his mate, Blu           to dance! -Kevin
believes that everything will be perfect!         Two Paws Up- This song makes me want
The only problem is that Jewel avoids Blu.        to jump around! –Cassidy
After a heated argument, they fall quickly        Two Paws Up- This song is so much fun!-
asleep. During the night, they are captured       Jack
by birdnappers.                                   Two Paws Up- This song makes me want
        Will the pair of courageous macaws        to party! -Juliet
escape the hands of the greedy
birdnappers? If not, what will happen to
them? Watch the movie to find out!
Two paws up- The movie was very
interesting with a very strong climax,
which makes the movie very interesting. –
Two paws up- I think the movie was very
interesting because it was about a bird who
can’t fly. –Cameron
Two paws up- I liked it because it was full
of lights and explosions. -Jacob
One paw up- I think it was very interesting.
Number One Hit!                                                 Extra
By Sienna, Rachel, Eric, Johnny (8th)
                                               Guess Who…
        “Someone Like You” is the number       By Chloe and Cameron (6th)
one song on the charts. The song is by a
female artist named Adele and has a slow       Guess who has black hair?
melody. It is meaningful, her voice has a      Guess who is a man?
natural flow, and the song has                 Guess who wore a white suit with and
melodramatic lyrics. It was released on        eagle on the back?
January 24th 2011 and continuously gained      Guess who became famous at age 21?
popularity. It is part of her album 21.        Guess who sang “Jailhouse Rock”?
        Adele was inspired to write this       Guess who married a girl named Priscilla?
song after a relationship of hers ended. It    Guess who died in 1977?
describes her feelings after a break up and    Guess who died at the age of 42?
how she slowly regains her confidence. It      Answer Below
has become a favorite to many, recently.
This is what the 8th graders thought of the
song. I really like Adele’s voice and I
think the lyrics are excellent. However, I
don’t find the song too catchy, and it can
become dull and a tad boring. I liked the
chorus the best, and the instrumental is
very well done. It’s not my favorite song,
but I do like it. -Sienna (One Paw Up)
        I think it’s a fantastic song! She’s
an amazing artist and shows her true talent.
She needs no auto tune, and personally, I
think she sounds better live. The song is
always stuck in my head and I’m singing it
all the time. – Rachel (Two Paws Up)
        The song is a real hit! The tempo is
relaxing and inspiring. Though, at times, it
can get a bit repetitive hearing the same
lyrics over and over. - Eric (One Paw Up)
        “Someone Like You” is a calm
song. I think it deserves to be number one
on the charts. -Johnny (Two Paws Up)

                                                                   Answer: Elvis Presley

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