Level 6 Writing

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					                                                             Level 6 English
                                                        Writing Assessment Grid
                         5.25                                   5.5                                  5.75                                6.0
Text             Students write, in both              Students write, in both print         Students write, in both print        At Level 6, students
Type             print and electronic form,           and electronic form,                  and electronic form,                 write sustained and
           expressively about thoughts,         expressively about thoughts,           expressively about thoughts,         cohesive narratives that
           feelings, opinions and ideas to      feelings, opinions and ideas to        feelings, opinions and ideas to      experiment with different
           explore different perspectives       explore different perspectives         explore different perspectives       techniques and show
                about current issues.           about complex current issues.          about challenging and complex        attention to chronology,
                Their writing displays                They use writing to explore a    issues.                              characterisation, consistent
           character development, a                   complex issue and to argue             They use writing to explore    point of view and
           consistency of viewpoint,            decisively for a particular point of         and speculate on a complex     development of a resolution.
           development of a resolution and      view, express alternative opinions     issue and to argue strongly for a        They compose a range
                attempts at cohesion. They      on challenging issues and attempt      particular point of view.                of other texts, such as
                use writing to                  to correct the use of                        They write texts that              feature articles,
           explore a complex issue and to       sociocultural bias.                          suggest possibilities and      webpages and workplace
           argue a particular point of view.          They integrate complex ideas     engage in personal reflections       texts.
                 They display creativity in           and multiple perspectives in     about challenging themes and
                 terms of open-ended            their writing.                         issues.
           possibilities that include writing                                                They show alternative
           texts that express feelings                                                       perspectives, evaluate
           and emotions.                                                               these and synthesise a position.

Planning        They plan and write                  They plan, draft and write             They use a range of writing         They proofread and edit
and             extended narratives                  sustained narratives with              strategies including                their own writing for
                showing some evidence of        character development,                 prioritising and sequencing,             accuracy, consistency
Editing    inclusion of a main plot and sub-    consistency of viewpoint and           composing ideas, proof reading,      and clarity.
           plots, organised ideas, and use      development of a resolution and        revising and editing for                  They plan and deliver
           of vocabulary and sentence           cohesion.                              vocabulary, audience                      presentations,
           forms appropriate to a sustained          They use proofreading and         appropriateness, clarity,            sequencing and organising
           narrative.                                redrafting for clarity,           creativity, coherence and            complex ideas.
                The writing shows evidence           coherence, creativity and         consistency of style.                     They select subject
                of planning to support a        consistency of style.                                                            matter and begin to use
           clear position and accounts for                                                                                  a range of language
           alternative opinions and                                                                                         techniques to try to position
                different perspectives.                                                                                     readers to accept particular
                They show evidence of                                                                                       views of people,
                writing strategies including                                                                                characters, events, ideas
           redrafting, editing for audience                                                                                 and information.
           appropriateness, prioritising and
           sequencing ideas.
                         5.25                                5.5                            5.75                            6.0
Grammar         They use language techniques        Their texts demonstrate          They use effective             They write accurately
and             to argue and persuade for a         written conventions of           language to lead and           punctuated,
           particular point of view.           different text types and         persuade the reader.           grammatically sound and
Language                                       the use of relevant linguistic        They write sustained      complex sentences with
                                               techniques and text structures        longer narratives with    embedded clauses and
                                               and features.                    attention to chronology and    phrases.
                                                     They reflect upon and      achieve cohesion through the        They write persuasive
                                                     evaluate how well they     effective use of relevant           texts dealing with
                                               have stated their viewpoint to   linguistic techniques.         complex ideas and issues
                                               position readers.                     They reflect upon and     and control the linguistic
                                                                                     evaluate how well they    structures and features that
                                                                                have conveyed meaning and      support the presentation of
                                                                                met the demands of purpose,    different perspectives on
                                                                                context and audience.          complex themes and issues.