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Physical Therapy Exercises for the Knee after Surgery

Physical therapy exercises are an important and imperative aspect of
rehabilitation for the knee after surgery. In the period after the surgical
procedure, the recuperating patient would have to start such exercises under
the guidance of a professional. Whenever muscles are unused, they tend to
become weak and do not properly perform their function of moving and
supporting the body. The patient may have not used his leg muscles much
because of the knee problem, thereby causing the weakness. By performing
the recommended exercises, strength can be restored.

Objectives of Post-surgical Rehabilitation

The muscles most affected by the
surgical      procedure      are    the
quadriceps       muscles        (vastus
intermedius, vastus lateralis, rectus
femoris, and vastus medialis).
Physical      therapy     rehabilitation
following surgery of the knee is
carried out to achieve certain

   • Independence in walking and getting up and down the stairs
   •   Getting the knee back to the suitable range of motion because the
       muscles and tendons might have become stiff due to limited
       movement during and after the procedure

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   • Protecting against further injury
   •    Re-establishing strength in the joints so that the patient would be able
        to support his weight for the customary everyday tasks

A supervised and regular exercise program would help to achieve these
objectives. People of different age groups can benefit from such a program.

Physical Therapy Exercises Adopted after Knee Surgery

Stretching – Fundamental stretching movements would help to relax the
front portion of the leg and also to enhance general lower extremity

Isometric Strengthening – This helps to develop strength by the contracting
of muscles in such a way that there is no flexing of the knee. The patient
may be able to improve and feel the force of the contractions for a
deconditioned or weak muscle.

Quadriceps Strengthening – The quadriceps are a group of four muscles in
front of the thigh. These muscles should be in a good condition to effectively
perform their function of moving and strengthening the knee.

Isotonic Exercises – These movements effect alterations in muscle length
and are normally done to achieve stability and strength. Effective
movements of this kind would be targeted at building the hamstrings and the
quadriceps. These are the muscles that enable extension and flexion of the

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There are limitations in trying to perform physical therapy exercises for the
knee following surgery at home. So, it is better to go to a center specializing
in this area and get help from the specialists. Ask about the various medical
insurance plans that the center supports.

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