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             Spring/Summer 2005
              Volume XXV, No. 3
                                                         C O N T E N T S

     Officers - 2005
          PRESIDENT                President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
        Sheriff Jim Faull
         Prowers County            Executive Director’s Perspective . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
       Sheriff Jim Crone
        Morgan County              Colorado Sheriff Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
     Sheriff Fred Wegener          Sheriffs’ Winters Conference Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
         Park County
  SECRETARY/TREASURER              A Word with Curd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
     Sheriff Douglas Darr
        Adams County
                                   VOICE Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
      Sheriff Jim Alderden
        Larimer County
                                   In and Around the Capitol with Peg Ackerman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

         DIRECTORS:                A Profile in History: Douglas County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
      Sheriff Joseph Pelle
        Boulder County
                                   CSOC Special Appeal Donors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
       Sheriff Mike Acree
        Douglas County             Concealed Weapons Permits Issued by County Sheriffs . . . . . . . . . . 28
      Sheriff Rod Johnson
         Grand County              Rocky Mountain Women in Law Enforcement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
       Sheriff Rick Rizor
        Jackson County             AARP ElderWatch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
     Sheriff Chris Johnson
         Otero County              CSOC Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

      Executive Director           Store Order Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
         George Epp

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       Suzanne Ross

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      The Colorado Sheriff
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      Volume 25, Number 3
      Spring/Summer 2005                article on page 19.
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9008 N. US Highway 85, Unit C
      Littleton, CO 80125
     Phone: (720) 344-2762
                         President’s Message
       s I was contemplating what       design of the jail there must be at     on a daily basis. They always
       to write about in the presi-     least three detention staff on at       acted in a professional manner,
       dent’s message, I thought        any one time 24-7. My detention         and regardless of their personal
about who was going to read it          staff is twice the size of my patrol    opinions, never let their feelings
and what has been written by            staff, and my jail budget is three      interfere with their job duties.
past presidents. I know that most       times the size of the patrol budget.        The few TV shows or movies
of the sheriffs will read the article        In order to have a female offi-    that deal with jails and prisons
and most of them know as much           cer on every shift, one out of          usually depict the detention staff
as I do about the Office of Sheriff.    every three detentions officers         as cruel or as morons. This is def-
I thought about our loyal mem-          must be female. Ideally I want
bers and what they have read in         one or more bi-lingual officers
the recent past.      Jim Alderden      on each shift. The jail staff
and Jerry Martin, the two most          must work un-armed with the
recent past presidents did a mag-       same people that the patrol
nificent job describing the Office      deputy dealt with while
of Sheriff. I decided that I wanted     armed with a gun. The best
to write about some of the hardest      jail personnel are those that
working and least talked about          have great people skills, that
group that works for the sheriff –      are able to communicate well
the detention staff.                    with a wide range of people,
    When I first ran for sheriff, I,    and are self-confident. Good
like many who had never worked          jail personnel are people who
in a sheriff’s office, put most of      are sticklers for detail but can
my campaign effort into dealing         be flexible when the need aris-
with crime. I talked about crime        es. Jail staff must be profes-
prevention, responding to crime         sional and be able to put their         initely not the case. Those who
scenes, and the investigation that      own feelings aside.                     staff our jails are good people that
follows. I did not talk about what           Over the last year we kept a       are under paid, hard working,
to do with a criminal after he has      woman who had murdered her              dedicated individuals helping to
been apprehended, because like          two very young children. She            keep our communities safe. The
most people I had never put             was known to most of us in law          next time you think about the
much thought into the subject of        enforcement because she had             sheriff’s office, take a moment to
detentions or jails.                    been an animal control officer          say a prayer for these folks who
    When we think of law                with the city, and then became a        spend their working days with
enforcement we think about the          dispatcher in our communication         people that most of us would not
men and women who are on the            center. We, like the majority of        want as next-door neighbors.
street that face unknown danger         sheriff’s offices in Colorado, are
on a daily basis. We hear of the        small and rural. We know most                    Sheriff Jim Faull
fights, chases and on occasion the      of the people in our community.                  Prowers County
gun battles. But who takes care of      This woman was known by most
these persons once they have            of us in the sheriff’s office. I even
been arrested for these crimes? In      attended the same church that she
my county I have a jail that is         and her family attended. I give
designed for 57 inmates and some        the highest praise to my detention
times holds close to 80. Due to         staff that dealt with this woman

                                                                                       Colorado Sheriff
Executive Director’s Perspective

Spring/Summer 2005                      32 years in public                                since the change.
                                        safety, I have seen                                   Much has been said
                                        people from all                                   about grant money that
                                        disciplines pull                                  has not been spent, but
                                        together, give up                                 drilling down a little

       here have been a lot of sto-     their turf battles, and roll up their   deeper reveals the reason that
       ries in the news during the      sleeves to work together for the        money was not spent. Some
       past several months about        safety of every Coloradoan.             types of equipment were backo-
t h e progress of Homeland                  Criticism has been leveled at       rdered by manufacturers. There
Security in Colorado. Politicians       the Colorado Department of              are only so many companies that
from both parties have taken            Public Safety for being slow to         make bomb robots or self con-
shots at the job that has been done     develop preparedness plans and          tained breathing apparatus.
by state and local officials to allo-   grant procedures. When our state        Money may not have been spent,
cate and spend the flood of grant       legislators level these charges         but almost every penny was
money that has come from the
                                        they need look no further than          encumbered, and will be spent for
federal government since 9/11.
                                        their own mirrors to find the           the equipment needed by first
The news media, always quick to
run to the smell of blood, took an      blame. Federal grant money for          responders.
interest in the story. But the sto-     Homeland Security began to                  There have been enormous
ries seem to have slowed, and the       come to the state in 2002, but the      changes in the way business is
blood apparently isn’t going to be      money could only be spent on            done for first responders in
flowing as much as they had             equipment, and our legislature          Colorado. County Sheriffs of
hoped.                                  made no appropriation for               Colorado has been hosting a
     What has really been going on      staffing to administer the pro-         quarterly meeting of the leader-
in Colorado to better prepare us        gram.      Last summer Governor         ship from the Sheriffs, Police
for either a terrorist attack or a      Owens transferred responsibility        Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, and state
major incident of any type? Most        for administration of Homeland          agencies for more than two years
of it has not been very dramatic.       Security      grants     from     the   now. This meeting has provided
It is often groups of people meet-      Department of Public Safety to          a forum for discussion of a whole
ing together over months and            the Department of Local Affairs.        variety of issues and solutions
months to identify problems, cre-       This was a sound executive deci-        that cross disciplinary bound-
ate priorities, propose solutions,      sion by the Governor, based on          aries.
work to implement the solution,         the realities of the resources avail-       Through the leadership of
and then evaluate the results and       able in each department.                people like Barbara Kirkmeyer,
make appropriate course correc-         Significant improvements in the         director of the division of local
tions. More than anytime in my          grant process have been seen            government in the Department of

 Colorado Sheriff
Local Affairs, Kevin Klein,            Fire Chief Larry Donner, with          Not to say that we are perfect,
Executive Director of the              staff assistance from Paul Cooke,      and that we should not continue
Colorado State Fire Chiefs, Sam        Director of the State Division of      to strive to improve, because we
Mamet of the Colorado Municipal        Fire Safety and Matt Coldwell          can always make it better.
League and others, and ultimate-       from the Colorado State Patrol,            So rather than trying to figure
ly by an executive order from          has been working on this prob-         out who is to blame, I think it
Governor Bill Owens, Colorado          lem. Participants in the commit-       might be wiser for us to figure out
has been divided into nine all-        tee include County Sheriffs of         who to thank.
hazards regions. Prior to this         Colorado, the Colorado Assoc-
order, state agencies had at least     iation of Chiefs of Police, emer-
                                                                                        George Epp
eleven different ways of dividing      gency managers, Gen. Tommy
                                                                                        Executive Director
the state into regions. Requests to    Grier, director of the state
the Department of Local Affairs        Division of Emergency Manage-
for Homeland Security grants           ment, the Colorado State Forest
must now be prioritized on a           Service, Department of Public
regional level. This procedure         Health and Environment, Bureau
has resulted in a new level of         of Land Management, the United
coordination, cooperation, and         States Army, the Colorado Search
increased efficiency. While in the     and Rescue Board, and others.
past neighboring jurisdictions         This group has developed stan-
might each make grant requests         dards for fire, law enforcement,
for the same piece of specialized      emergency medical, search and
equipment, now the requests are        rescue     and     public   works
discussed at regional meetings,        resources. An Internet based sys-
priorities are set and mutual aid      tem called ROSS has been devel-
agreements are ironed out.             oped so that agencies can list their
    When a major emergency             resources that are available for
strikes, it is necessary to mobilize   mutual aid, and so that the inci-
public safety resources from other     dent commander in a major emer-
jurisdictions to help with the situ-   gency can quickly get the help
ation. Prior to 9/11, Colorado         needed.
had an excellent system for mobi-          Countless training programs
lizing equipment and personnel         have been developed and pro-
to fight wildfires. But the FAST       duced, simulated emergency
system operated by County              exercises have been conducted in
Sheriffs of Colorado was the only      every jurisdiction and region, and
system available to mobilize law       each region has hired a regional
enforcement resources, and no          coordinator.
statewide system existed for               When I compare how ready
mobilizing structural fire fighting    we are to face a major emergency
resources. For the past two years,     now, versus before 9/11, I see that
a committee chaired by Boulder         huge progress has been made.

                                                                                    Colorado Sheriff
Colorado Sheriff

 ADAMS                                BENT
 Sheriff Doug Darr                    Sheriff Gerry Oyen
 1901 E Bridge St                     11100 County Road GG .5
 Brighton, CO 80601-1937              Las Animas, CO 81054
 (303) 655-3216                       719 456-0796

 ALAMOSA                              BOULDER
 Sheriff Dave Stong                   Sheriff Joseph Pelle
 1315 17th St, Ste 2                  1777 6th St
 Alamosa, CO 81101-3589               Boulder, CO 80302-5814
 (719) 589-6608                       (303) 441-4605

 ARAPAHOE                             BROOMFIELD
 Sheriff Grayson Robinson             Chief Tom DeLand
 13101 East Broncos Parkway           7 Des Combes Drive
 Centennial, CO 80112                 Broomfiled, CO 80020
 (720) 874-4165                       (303) 438-6440

 ARCHULETA                            CHAFFEE
 Sheriff Tom Richards                 Sheriff Timothy Walker
 PO Box 638                           PO Box 699
 Pagosa Springs , CO 81147-0638       Salida, CO 81201-0699
 (970) 264-2131                       (719) 539-2814

 BACA                                 CHEYENNE
 Sheriff Terry Mullins                Sheriff Virgil Drescher
 265 E 2nd Ave                        PO Box 363
 Springfield, CO 81073-1102           Cheyenne Wells, CO 80810-0363
 (719) 523-4511                       (719) 767-5633

CLEAR CREEK                     DENVER
Sheriff Don Krueger             Director Fred J. Oliva
PO Box 2000                     PO Box 1108
Georgetown, CO 80444-9999       Denver, CO 80201
(303) 569-3251 Ext. 376         720-913-3723

CONEJOS                         DOLORES
Sheriff Joe Taylor              Sheriff Jerry Martin
PO Box 37                       P.O. Box 505
Conejos, CO 81129-0037          Dove Creek, CO 81324-0505
(719) 376-2196                  970-677-2257

COSTILLA                        DOUGLAS
Sheriff Roger Benton            Sheriff Mike Acree
PO Box 6                        4000 Justice Way, Ste 3625
San Luis, CO 81152-0006         Castle Rock, CO 80104-7545
(719) 672-3302                  (303) 660-7541

CROWLEY                         EAGLE
Sheriff Jeffrey Keyes           Sheriff Joseph Hoy
601 Main                        PO Box 359
Ordway, CO 81063                Eagle, CO 81631-0359
(719) 267-5555                  (970) 328-6611

CUSTER                          EL PASO
Sheriff Fred Jobe               Sheriff Terry Maketa
PO Box 1489                     210 S Tejon St
Westcliffe, CO 81252-0092       Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 783-2270                  (719) 520-7204

DELTA                           ELBERT
Sheriff Fred McKee              Sheriff William Frangis
PO Box 172                      PO Box 486
Delta, CO 81416-0172            Kiowa, CO 80117-0486
(970) 874-2000                  (303) 621-2027

FREMONT                          HUERFANO
Sheriff James Biecker            Sheriff Bruce Newman
100 Justice Center Rd            500 S Albert Ave
Canon City, CO 81212-9354        Walsenburg, CO 81089-2238
(719) 276-5555                   (719) 738-1600

GARFIELD                         JACKSON
Sheriff Louis Vallario           Sheriff Rick Rizor
107 8th St                       PO Box 565
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601       Walden, CO 80480-0565
(970) 945-0453                   (970) 723-4242

GILPIN                           JEFFERSON
Sheriff Bruce Hartman            Sheriff Ted Mink
2960 Dory Hill Rd, Unit 30       200 Jefferson County Pkwy
Golden, CO 80403-8771            Golden, CO 80401-6008
(303) 582-1060                   (303) 271-5305

GRAND                            KIOWA
Sheriff Rodney Johnson           Sheriff Forrest Frazee
PO Box 48                        P.O. Box 427
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO          Eads, CO 81036
80451-0048                       (719) 438-5306
(970) 725-3344

GUNNISON                         KIT CARSON
Sheriff Richard Murdie           Sheriff Steve Goering
200 N Iowa St                    251 16th St, Ste 302
Gunnison, CO 81230-2220          Burlington, CO 80807-1674
(970) 641-1113                   (719) 346-8934

HINSDALE                         LA PLATA
Sheriff Bill Denison             Sheriff Duke Schirard
PO Box 127                       742 Turner Dr
Lake City, CO 81235-0127         Durango, CO 81303-7914
(970) 944-2291                   (970) 247-1157

LAKE                                MINERAL
Sheriff Ed Holte                    Sheriff Phillip Leggitt
PO Box 255                          PO Box 454
Leadville, CO 80461-0255            Creede, CO 81130-0454
(719) 486-1249                      (719) 658-2600

LARIMER                             MOFFAT
Sheriff James Alderden              Sheriff Buddy Grinstead
2501 Midpoint Drive                 800 W. 1st St., Suite 100
Fort Collins, CO 80525              Craig, CO 81625
(970) 498-5100                      (970) 824-4495

LAS ANIMAS                          MONTEZUMA
Sheriff James Casias                Sheriff Gerald Wallace
2309 E Main St                      730 E. Driscoll
Trinidad, CO 81082-2059             Cortez, CO 81321
(719) 846-2211                      (970) 565-8452 Ext. 303

LINCOLN                             MONTROSE
Sheriff LeRoy Yowell                Sheriff Warren Waterman
Box 10 103 3rd Ave                  1200 N Grand Ave
Hugo, CO 80821                      Montrose, CO 81401-3146
(719) 743-2426                      (970) 249-6606

LOGAN                               MORGAN
Sheriff Robert Bollish              Sheriff James Crone
PO Box 749                          801 E Beaver Ave
Sterling, CO 80751-0749             Fort Morgan, CO 80701-3611
(970) 522-2578                      (970) 867-2461

MESA                                OTERO
Sheriff Stan Hilkey                 Sheriff Chris Johnson
PO Box 20000                        222 E 2nd St
Grand Junction, CO 81502-5016       La Junta, CO 81050-1606
(970) 244-3500                      (719) 384-5941

OURAY                          RIO BLANCO
Sheriff Dominic Mattivi        Sheriff Si Woodruff
PO Box 585                     PO Box 1460
Ouray, CO 81427-0585           Meeker, CO 81641-0647
(970) 325-7272                 (970) 878-5023

PARK                           RIO GRANDE
Sheriff Fred Wegener           Sheriff Brian Norton
PO Box 27                      640 Cherry St
Fairplay, CO 80440-0027        Del Norte, CO 81132-3214
(719) 836-4101                 (719) 657-4000

PHILLIPS                       ROUTT
Sheriff Charles Urbach         Sheriff John Warner
221 S Interocean Ave           PO Box 773087
Holyoke, CO 80734-1521         Steamboat Springs, CO
(970) 854-3644                 80477-3087
                               (970) 879-1090

PITKIN                         SAGUACHE
Sheriff Robert Braudis         Sheriff Mike Norris
506 E Main St                  PO Box 265
Aspen, CO 81611-2923           Saguache, CO 81149-0265
(970) 920-5300                 (719) 655-2544

PROWERS                        SAN JUAN
Sheriff James Faull            Sheriff Sue Kurtz
103 East Oak                   PO Box 178
Lamar, CO 81052-0391           Silverton, CO 81433-0178
(719) 336-8050                 (970) 387-5531

PUEBLO                         SAN MIGUEL
Sheriff Dan Corsentino         Sheriff William Masters
909 Court St                   851 63L Road
Pueblo, CO 81003-2942          Telluride, CO 81435-9449
(719) 583-6125                 (970) 728-4442

SEDGWICK                           WASHINGTON
Sheriff Rick Ingwersen             Sheriff Larry Kuntz
Sedgwick County Courthous          26861 US Highway 34
Julesburg, CO 80737                Akron, CO 80720-9484
(970) 474-3355                     (970) 345-2244

SUMMIT                             WELD
Sheriff John Minor                 Sheriff John Cooke
PO Box 210                         1950 "O" St
Breckenridge, CO 80424-0210        Greeley, CO 80631
(970) 453-2232                     (970) 356-4015

TELLER                             YUMA
Sheriff Kevin Dougherty            Sheriff Sam McCoy
PO Box 27                          310 Ash St
Divide, CO 80814-0027              Wray, CO 80758-1800
(719) 687-9652                     (970) 332-4805

Sheriffs’ Winter Conference Hosted by
Boulder and Arapahoe Counties
    The winter meeting of County            display their latest products and          iffs, as did Mike Beasley,
Sheriffs of Colorado was held at            even to take a look at what the            Executive Director of the
the Westin Westminster January              competition is doing.                      Colorado Department of Local
5-8 this year. The Westin Hotel                 Training topics for the sheriffs       Affairs     and     Joe   Morales,
provided an excellent venue for             included     Problem      Oriented         Executive Director of the
the meeting, which featured the             Policing, legal updates, informa-          Department of Public Safety.
annual vendor show as well as               tion on different pension plans            Additional guests were from the
business meetings and training.             available for deputies, adapting to        FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task
The large ballroom at the Hotel             the new National Incident                  Force, the Metro Gang Task Force,
provided ample space for nearly             Management System (NIMS),                  the     Colorado      Bureau      of
100 vendors to display everything           dealing with line-of-duty deaths,          Investigation, the Colorado State
from software to patrol cars. The           and information on new federal             Patrol, the Western States Sheriffs
meeting and vendor show are an              legislation to eliminate rape in           Association, the Alcohol and
opportunity for sheriffs, undersh-          prisons and jails.                         Drug Abuse Division of the State
eriffs, police and fire chiefs and              Sheriffs heard from a variety          Department of Human Services,
command officers from all over              of speakers and special guests             and the Division of Criminal
Colorado to meet face to face with          during the meeting. The United             Justice.
many of the vendors that they               States Attorney for Colorado,                   A new slate of CSOC officers
deal with throughout the year.              now Colorado Attorney General              was installed at the annual ban-
Vendors get an opportunity to               John Suthers addressed the sher-           quet, headed by Prowers County
                                                                                       Sheriff Jim Faull as President.
                                                                                       First Vice President is Sheriff Jim
                                                                                       Crone of Morgan County, Second
                                                                                       Vice President is Park County
                                                                                       Sheriff Fred Wegener, and Adams
                                                                                       County Sheriff Doug Darr is
                                                                                       Secretary-Treasurer. Larimer
                                                                                       County Sheriff Jim Alderden
                                                                                       became the Immediate Past
                                                                                       President. Elected to the Board of
                                                                                       Directors were Boulder County
                                                                                       Sheriff Joe Pelle, Douglas County
                                                                                       Sheriff Mike Acree, Grand County
New board members, left to right, sheriffs Jim Alderden, Larimer County, Mike Acree,
                                                                                       Sheriff Rod Johnson, Otero
Douglas County, Jim Crone, Morgan County, Chris Johnson, Otero County, Rick Rizor,
Jackson County, Jim Faull, Prowers County, Rod Johnson, Grand County, Joe Pelle,       County Sheriff Chris Johnson,
Boulder County, Doug Darr, Adams County, and Fred Wegener, Park County.                and Jackson County Sheriff Rick

Rizor. Banquet speaker Brian            by a surprise appearance by
Vogt told stories of what it was        United States Senator Ken
like to grow up as “Opie.” Brian is     Salazar, just off the airplane from
the son of the late Roy Vogt, who       his first week in Washington D.C.
served many years as sheriff            The sheriffs were honored by the
of Arapahoe County. Brian’s             visit from their good friend
account of life growing up when         Senator Salazar. Salazar earned
the sheriff actually lived in an        the respect of Colorado law
apartment within the jail made          enforcement during his years as
everyone grateful for the progress      state Attorney General and as
we have seen in the last 40 years.      chairman of the Peace Officer         Senator Salazar
    The banquet was highlighted         Standards and Training Board.

                          SPECIAL THANKS TO THESE
                        2005 CONFERENCE SPONSORS:

                                         PLATINUM SPONSORS
                                          Securus Technologies

                                       GOLD SPONSORS
                           Correctional Healthcare Management, Inc.
                             Positron Public Safety Systems Corp.

                                           SILVER SPONSORS
                                           AV-Tech Electronics
                                       Blackhawk Products Group
                                              BSI 2000 Inc
                                      Canteen Correctional Services

                                          BRONZE SPONSORS
                                      Daimler Chrysler Motors Corp.
                                          Horace Small Apparel

          A Word with Curd
                                he CSOC Training article this issue    Field Training (FTO) process, forcing cor-
                                will take a look at law enforcement    rection of the defect before the officer can
                                training in Colorado, including        go to work. It is time consuming, expen-
                         both Academy and Advanced Training            sive and unnecessary.
                         Programs.                                          This training gap is not a deficiency
                              A group of experienced law enforce-      only between academies and law
                         ment trainers, which includes your            enforcement departments. Training for
                         CSOC training director, is working with       experienced officers within their depart-
                         Colorado’s Peace Officer Standards and        ments often doesn't bridge the gap
                         Training Board (POST) to study methods        between classroom instruction and the
                         of training currently in use by Colorado      complexity of real world situations
                         law enforcement training vendors, and         either, resulting in substantial amounts
                         to examine ways to improve our trainers       of wasted time and a considerable lack of
                         and the training process. An exciting         incentive for officers to attend in-house
     Dean Curd
CSOC Training Director   and interesting challenge for any trainer     training. Blocks of instruction that don't
                         indeed, and this group will likely agree      use multi-skill training strategies to
                         and disagree on many things before            duplicate reality are unlikely to match up
                         arriving at any conclusions. Some ineffi-     with real situations encountered by
                         ciencies are described in the paragraphs      peace officers.
                         to follow, as well as one possible idea for        Increased effort needs to be devoted
                         process improvement.                          to the quality of law enforcement train-
                              Law enforcement training in              ing, while giving respect to the hourly
                         Colorado, which includes basic academy        requirements judged necessary to satisfy
                         and advanced officer training, is based       liability concerns. One of the strongest
                         on hours of training, useful perhaps to       tools available for improving quality is
                         meet liability concerns but no true indi-     Performance Training; a scenario based
                         cator of learning. Length of time held in     training process that teaches students
                         class in no way insures that trainees will    basic physical and recall-type skills at the
                         assimilate the information or skills pre-     onset. After the student demonstrates
                         sented during the class. Academy train-       basic skills competency, as well as an
                         ing, for example, is commonly structured      ability to recall key information, he or
                         into blocks of academic lecture, with         she is moved to higher level, multi-skill
                         videos and practical exercises thrown in.     scenario training. At this level, skills and
                         Partially effective, but generally lacking    knowledge are put to work simultane-
                         the structured scenario opportunities         ously, evaluating and resolving realistic
                         necessary for trainees to practice per-       situations using application, analysis and
                         forming multiple tasks simultaneously         synthesis skills. Scenario based training
                         using multiple skills, realities for law      uses short lecture bits to introduce
                         enforcement officers. The new officer's       knowledge, discussions to develop prob-
                         inability to multi-task and/or make cor-      lem understanding, multi-skill scenarios
                         rect decisions becomes glaringly obvious      to practice problem solving, and the
                         to the employing department during the        introduction of new knowledge when

necessary for the student rather than at     be faced if this process is to be imple-
instructor discretion. Students learn by     mented on a broad scale.
doing and questioning, with minimal               Training has, as a profession, hope-
lecture. Students perform while learning     fully come a long way from the old "let's
in this process, and are better prepared     throw it against the wall and see if any-
to take the Outcome* Competency              thing sticks" training philosophy, that
Exam, physically handling a simulated        hoped somehow that if the trainer lec-
call or specified task**.                    tured and read enough PowerPoint
      Instructors using evaluation forms     slides to the captive officer for a specific
with specific behaviors assigned num-        amount of hours, that somehow positive
bers, similar to the DOR (Daily              change would occur. This philosophy
Observation Report) currently in use by      sometimes results in future musing as to
FTO programs, will grade Part I of the       why the problem that we trained to cor-
Outcome Competency Exam. Part II             rect still persists. . .
would examine the participant’s mental
process during the Outcome Compe-
tency Exam, by having each participant
prepare a written, step-by-step self-
assessment of his or her cognitive, affec-
tive, and psychomotor performances.            *The Outcome(s) that direct the training course must be deter-
Instructors grade the student's assess-        mined by analysis, and must be specific, measurable and rele-
ment against an established standard,          vant. Outcomes are also goals, semantically, except that goals as
which complete the competency exam             currently used are not specific enough for this process.
process. Part II creates a tremendous          Objectives continue to direct training tasks toward the desired
opportunity to open a window into the          Outcome.
student's mind, to determine if the stu-
dent actually understood the task and          **An inability to master Outcome Competency Exams, after
carried out tasks for the correct reasons.     repeated opportunities to practice and remediate, would be a
Written records of the performance in the
                                               strong indication that the student will not be successful as a
scenario, and the student assessment of
                                               peace officer. The task of diverting individuals from the profes-
their performance, are created. This
observation, journaling and evaluation         sion, those who truly are unable or unwilling to perform law
process should prove a far better assess-      enforcement duties, currently falls on FTO programs at a later
ment of officer competency than the            time in the process and after considerable investment of funds.
issuance of a semi-related written exam,       Moving the initial assessment of the candidate's ability back to
and should result in an officer far better     the academy setting is logical, as well as fairer to the individual
prepared to perform.                           unsuited for the profession.
     This training is geared towards the
way adults learn, while being substan-
tially more demanding for the Instructor
presenting the training. Instructor devel-
opment will be the most daunting task to

                                     VOICE Update
                                            We now have some new com-           technical, this is an ‘information
                                       puters and have upgraded the             sharing standard’ so that any-
                                       VOICE telephony system with              body’s database, at any law
                                       new dial in/out cards as well. The       enforcement agency in the country,
                                       technology used in this system           can share critical criminal informa-
                                       continues to amaze us in its com-        tion across the World Wide Web, in
                                       plexity, flexibility and dependabil-     a secured manner. This can be a
                                       ity. This is just one more example       problematical issue when ‘their
                                       of how public funds go to enhance        database’ doesn’t look like ‘our
      Robert Holland                   the service offering of CSOC to          database’ as is almost always the
CSOC Information Services Director     you, our members and friends and         case. The Global Justice XML Data
                                       all the citizens of Colorado as well.    Model does this by improving the

        ounty Sheriffs of Colorado          On a somewhat different note,       law enforcement officers’s access
        began a project last fall to   George Epp, Executive Director of        to information, both within their
        update our VOICE/CJAILS        CSOC and myself will be going to         own agencies and through infor-
systems. The project, funded by a      Chicago, Illinois to the “Global         mation sharing with all the other
Byrne Grant from the Colorado          Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM)           agencies out there. It is just anoth-
Division of Criminal Justice,          Policy Academy” in April 2005.           er example of how the Homeland
upgrades our systems and adds          There we will be learning about
                                                                                Security measures are progressing
redundancy. Redundancy in the          new and exciting ways your law
                                                                                here in the USA to make our coun-
computer world is good, it means       enforcement community can com-
                                                                                try a safer and better place to live.
that there is a backup system in       municate with one another via the
                                                                                    Here at CSOC, the citizens of
place in case the main system fails.   Global Justice XML Data Model.
                                                                                Colorado are our number one
The system uses a combination of       I’m sure you’re asking what this
                                                                                resource and I would like to grate-
computer technology and telepho-       is? Today, XML (Extended Markup
                                                                                fully acknowledge and thank all of
ny (automated telephone calls.)        Language) is important to Sheriffs
                                       because it will enable Sheriffs and      you out there for your support.
The system watches incoming
information sent by participating      others on the front line of law          With the VOICE/CJAILS Systems,
jails. If the system sees an offend-   enforcement to assist in the reduc-      Victim Services Training and infor-
er that has been “tagged” either       tion of crime through more and           mation technology support for our
being booked into a jail or released   better information being in the          sheriffs we are always speaking to
from a jail, automated telephone       hands of the right law enforcement       the CSOC commitment in under-
notification is made to the victim’s   personnel more quickly and effi-         standing the opportunities for
telephone number. The VOICE            ciently. We have been invited to         improved service to you — the cit-
system can also be used by coun-       attend this meeting along with rep-      izens of Colorado. By helping
ties who are not yet sending us        resentatives of the Colorado             CSOC you are helping one another
their jail information and a num-      Department of Public Safety as a         and for CSOC, in serving our
ber of counties currently use it in    first step in implementing a grant       Colorado’s Sheriffs statewide and
this manner, including the Mesa        which we hope will eventually            you, our citizens, the number one
County Sheriffs Office on the          give every patrol officer in the state   goal is safety and well being across
Western Slope and Adams County         with a mobile computer direct            our beautiful state.
Sheriffs Office and Arapahoe           access to the jail database informa-         So, like I always say, thanks
County Sheriffs Office here in the     tion we have in CJAILS.                  and please be safe and cautious
Greater Metro Denver Area.                  For those of you who are non-       out there!

Colorado Sheriff
In & Around the
Capitol with
Peg Ackerman

W      hen the General Assembly
       convened      in    January,
everyone knew the most impor-          •
                                           over $1 million in the 2005-
                                           2006 state fiscal year.
                                           County jails are already
                                                                              Sen. Williams – This bill removes
                                                                              the restrictions on the release of
                                                                              information about persons regis-
tant issue that had to be resolved         jammed to the point of crisis,     tered as sex offenders and author-
was the budget crisis. Fortunately,        but the state inmate backlog       izes law enforcement agencies to
the Governor and the Legislative           will continue to grow because      place such information on their
Leadership finally came to an              the state has no capital con-      web sites.
agreement on the measures that             struction money to build pris-         H.B. 05-1045 by Rep. Decker
will be placed on the ballot for the       ons or general fund money to       and Sen. Williams – This bill pro-
November 2005 election. If these           operate them.                      hibits the possession and use of
proposals are approved by the                                                 radar jamming devices in motor
voters, there will be no need to           During the 2005 legislative        vehicles.
continue cutting a state budget        session, the County Sheriffs of            H.B. 05-1055 by Rep. Ragsdale
which is already down to bare          Colorado have been involved in a       and Sen. Johnson – This bill man-
bones.                                 number of bills. A very brief          dates the court to order restitu-
    The County Sheriffs of             description of each one of these       tion in criminal cases involving
Colorado will be supporting this       measures follows.                      harm to service animals used by
effort to get the state out of the         H.B. 05-1015 by Rep. Romanoff      law enforcement agencies, fire
current fiscal mess because of the     and Sen. Johnson – This bill will      departments or search and rescue
impact that the lack of state          help with the pressing need for        operations.
money is having on public safety.      treatment of offenders addicted to         H.B. 05-1062 by Rep. Judd and
Here are two examples:                 drugs and/or alcohol by making         Sen. Takis – This bill will enable
• Identity theft is a rapidly          outpatient substance abuse treat-      Sheriffs’ civil divisions to recover
    growing serious crime that         ment a service that may be paid        the actual costs of serving and
    warrants a tougher punish-         for by Medicaid.                       executing court orders related to
    ment than a class 6 felony (the        H.B. 05-1034 by Rep. Stafford      the recovery of property.
    lowest of all the felony           and Sen. Windels – This bill fills a       H.B. 05-1076 by Rep. McCluskey
    charges). However, the bill        void in current law by creating a      and Sen. Grossman – This bill, that
    making identity theft a class 4    competency to proceed statute for      was developed by the Peace
    felony is doomed to failure        juvenile delinquency cases.            Officers Standards and Training
    because it is estimated to cost        H.B. 05-1035 by Rep. Hall and      Board, is designed to improve the

quality of peace officers serving           H.B. 05-1226 by Rep. Frangas            S.B. 05-131 by Sen. Grossman
the citizens of Colorado.               and Sen. Grossman – This bill crim-     and Rep. T. Carroll – This bill
    H.B. 05-1077 by Rep. Lindstrom      inalizes several ways used to gain      strikes a balance between the
and Sen. Johnson – This bill pro-       personal identifying information.       public’s right to know how home-
vides a means of identifying the            H.B. 05-1306 by Rep. Kerr and       land security grant money is
adult who purchased the keg of          Sen. Fitz-Gerald – This bill requires   being spent and the need to pre-
beer seized at an underage drink-       the Division of Motor Vehicles to       vent the release of information
ing party.                              suspend for 6 months the driver’s       that could be used by terrorists or
    H.B. 05-1108 by Rep. Larson         license of a person convicted of        other criminals.
and Sen. Bacon – This bill keeps        providing alcohol to an underage            S.B. 05-137 by Sen. Grossman
the conversations between an            person.                                 and Rep. Paccione – This bill allows
officer and a law enforcement or            H.B. 05-1308 by Rep. Butcher        a consumer to protect him or her-
fire service peer support team          and Sen. Tapia – This bill compels      self from identity theft by putting
member confidential.                    the court to order a person found       a security freeze on the con-
    H.B. 05-1109 by Rep. Hefley and     not guilty by reason of insanity of     sumers credit report.
Sen. Johnson – The County Sheriffs      an offense involving unlawful               S.B. 05-188 by Sen. Kester and
of Colorado opposed this bill cut-      sexual behavior to register as a        Rep. Jahn – This bill establishes a
ting sentences for juveniles            sex offender upon his or her            county officers salary commission
charged as adults and convicted         release from a mental health insti-     to make recommendations to the
of serious felonies, including          tution.                                 Legislature on appropriate levels
murder. The bill was re-written to          H.B. 05-1309 by Rep. Romanoff       of compensation for elected coun-
make it a sentencing study, but         and Sen. Tapia – This bill address-     ty officers in order to assist legis-
the Sheriffs are still concerned        es the pressing need for a larger,      lators in fulfilling their
that the outcome of the study is        modern forensic psychiatric facil-      constitutional duty to set the
foreordained by the language of         ity at the Colorado Mental Health       salaries of county officers by law.
the measure.                            Institution in Pueblo by provid-            Many of these bills are still
    HB 05-1116 by Rep. Crane –          ing a means to have the facility        moving through the legislative
This bill increases the penalty for     constructed by a private party          process. In my next report, I will
identity theft and adds identity        and leased by the state.                let you know which ones became
theft to the Colorado Organized             S.B. 05-002 by Sen. Takis and       law and what other issues sur-
Crime Act.                              Rep. Vigil – This bill provides         faced as the session moves
    H.B. 05-1138 by Rep. Coleman        improvements and clarity to the         toward adjournment on May 11,
and Sen. Groff – This bill is intend-   statutes related to juvenile parole.    2005.
ed to reduce traffic fatalities by          S.B. 05-036 by Sen. Williams
making failure to wear a seat belt      and Rep. May – Among other
a primary traffic offense.              restrictions intended to reduce
    H.B. 05-1143 by Rep. Borodkin       teenage traffic fatalities, this bill
and Sen. Fitz-Gerald – This bill cre-   prevents a newly licensed minor
ates a task force to address the        driver from carrying passengers,
escalating problem of trafficking       who are not members of the dri-
in adults and juveniles often for       ver’s immediate family, for six
the purpose of prostitution.            months.
    H.B. 05-1187 by Rep. Larson             S.B. 05-059 by Sen. Keller and
and Sen. Williams – This bill           Rep. Hefley – This bill authorizes
requires drivers to yield the right-    the creation of mental health serv-
of-way to stationary authorized         ice districts, and with voter
emergency vehicles by moving            approval, the levy of taxes to sup-
over and/or slowing down.               port the district.

                       A PROFILE IN HISTORY:

                      Douglas County

    n 1861 President Lincoln          district citizens. In 1862 Charles    over the West took place when a
    declared Colorado a territory.    Parkinson was elected the first       young, Douglas County home-
    Following this declaration the    Sheriff of Douglas County.            steader was found murdered in
Colorado Territorial Session Laws         Frankstown, named for James       his home in November of 1867. A
of the Territorial Legislature        Frank Gardner and known today         vigilante posse was formed and
divided this new land into 17         as Franktown, was the first coun-     tracked two suspected strangers
counties, one of which was            ty seat. In 1864 Mr. Gardner pur-     south along a creek bed.
Douglas County, named after           chased a ranch directly south of      Eventually the criminals were
Senator Stephen A. Douglas.           Frankstown called the California      overtaken and captured with
    At that time the county           Ranch. Here he built a hotel, post    proof of their guilt being that they
extended from the Rockies east-       office, general store, stage line     had some of the victim’s property
ward to the Kansas border and         office and his own residence          in their possession. As the posse
included present counties of          there, and eventually this area       headed back towards the jail one
Elbert and Kit Carson, as well as     became the hub of the county.         of the men became unruly and
portions of Lincoln and Cheyenne      Later that year, county records       was quickly strung up under a
Counties. Criminal justice in the     and government business moved         big pine limb. The second man
early years was delivered by the      from Frankstown proper to the         was accompanied back to an area
"People’s Court," which consisted     California Ranch. Consequently,       near the homestead of the victim
simply of a trial by the people.      the first courtroom was construct-    and a trial was held. He met the
The accused was tried in a "fair"     ed here in 1867, and the first        same fate as his companion and
trial, and sentences were carried     District Court assembled in           was buried nearby in the bank of
out immediately, usually by           Douglas County met with Judge         a sandy gulch. After many years
whipping, banishment from             C.S. Eyster presiding and a small     floods eroded the gulch, and the
camp or hanging. A single appeal      jail building stood facing the        skeleton of the man was exposed,
could be made to "the court of last   hotel.                                almost perfectly preserved. Some
resort" consisting of a meeting of        An example of early justice all   local residents put it back togeth-

er with a small metal ring fas-      Sheriff’s Office had much in com-       ties which occasionally were
tened on top of the skull and pre-   mon with its pioneer-era roots.         attended by law enforcement offi-
sented it to the public school. It   The county had only been in exis-       cials. Alterie was at last gunned
was hung in a closet and taken       tence for 39 years, and its tiny        down by mobsters in a Chicago
out by various teachers to illus-    population was spread out               hotel lobby.
trate the human framework to         among a number of small com-                 In 1942 H. Robert Campbell
classrooms of students. In 1896      munities that made pro-active           became sheriff. On February 14,
the old school building burned to    law enforcement impractical, if         1946, Manuel Perez, 17, of
the ground and the skeleton          not impossible. Sheriff Edward          Denver, was on the run after
turned to ashes.                     Hoffman took office for a two-          shooting two Denver Police offi-
    By the 1870’s Frankstown had     year term that year. During the         cers during a domestic distur-
reached its peak with as many as     first half of the 1900s most sheriffs   bance investigation. Three days
                                     ran one or two-man operations           later after following creek beds
                                     and relied heavily on volunteer         south, a hungry young man
                                     deputies to lend a hand when            stepped into the B&B Café in
                                     needed.                                 Castle Rock for a bite to eat. Some
                                          In the 1920s when Prohibition      patrons recognized Perez from
                                     came into effect, bootlegging and       the newspaper and alerted Town
                                     Chicago gangland figures came to        Marshal       Ray     Lewis      and
                                     Douglas County. Sheriff Roy             Undersheriff Duncan Lowell.
                                     McKissack was sheriff at the time       Sheriff Campbell was on vacation
                                     as local newspapers described           at the time. An unarmed Marshal
                                     seizures of stills and destruction      Lewis arrived first and blocked
                                     of hundreds of gallons of mash in       Perez’s path as he tried to leave.
                                     the battle against booze. Chicago       Perez opened fire with a hand-
       Sheriff Edward Hoffman        mobster Leland A. Varin, better         gun, killing Lewis instantly.
                                     known as "Diamond Jack" Alterie,        Enraged by Lewis’ death, several
100 stage teams passing through      bought several properties west of       patrons grabbed Perez and
per day along the Territorial Road   Sedalia and held outlandish par-        dragged him across the street to
between Denver and Colorado                                                  the courthouse lawn, prepared to
Springs. In 1874 Douglas County                                              hang      him     from     a    tree.
was divided to form Elbert                                                   Undersheriff Lowell arrived just
County to the east, and authority                                            in time, took custody of Perez and
was granted to move the Douglas                                              took him to the El Paso County
County seat. A heated battle                                                 jail to await trial. Perez was con-
ensued, but on March 31, 1874                                                victed of the killing and died in
votes were cast and Castle Rock                                              prison after losing in a knife fight.
became the new county seat.                                                  To this day bullet holes still pep-
County records and business                                                  per the walls of the B&B Café in
were quickly moved to their new                                              Castle Rock.
home.                                                                             Fourteen years later in 1960
    With the dawn of the 20th                                                Adolph Coors III, of the Coors
century the Douglas County                                                   Brewing Company family, was
                                           Sheriff H. Robert Campbell

                                      Castle Rock in 1890 burned to the     county and district courts and the
                                      ground at the hand of Rose Ann        Coroner’s Office.
                                      Lucero, 17, of Denver. She was            In the late 20th century
                                      angry that her boyfriend had          Douglas County drew distinction
                                      been jailed. The fire forced the      as one of the fastest growing
                                      county’s criminal justice agencies    counties in the United States. The
                                      into temporary quarters for the       population rose from 59,000 in
                                      next year until a new justice cen-    1990 to 237,000 in 2004. The
                                      ter was constructed.                  Sheriff’s Office also grew rapidly
                                           On January 17, 1980 the par-     to meet the increases in popula-
                                      tially nude body of KHOW radio        tion, and has emerged as a leader
                                      intern, Helene Pruszynski, was        in suburban law enforcement.
      Sheriff Royal C. McKinster      found in a field just west of         Advances in technology and a
                                      Daniels Park Road in northern         tremendous increase in staffing
                                      Douglas County. She had been
kidnapped for ransom.          The    brutally raped, stabbed repeated-
Coors family complied with the        ly and left to die. The case
kidnapper’s ransom demand, but        remains unsolved, but a multi-
the ransom was never picked up.       jurisdictional task force reopened
The family agonized for seven         the investigation in January of
months before learning that their     1999, utilizing cutting-edge DNA
patriarch had been murdered. On       technology.
September 16 his remains were              In January 1983 Stephen C.
found at a landfill near the          Zotos took office as the 30th
foothills of Douglas County.          Sheriff of Douglas County.
Joseph Corbett, Jr. was ultimately    During his five terms in office,
tried and convicted in the case       changes to the Sheriff’s Office
and sentenced to life in prison. He   were monumental. Cases became               Sheriff Stephen C. Zotos
was paroled in the 1970s under        more numerous, and unprece-
sentencing laws in place at the       dented numbers of murders
time.                                 stretched     the     investigative   have helped the sheriff’s office
    As the decade of the 1970s        resources to their limits. In 1998    keep pace with this unparalleled
came along, staffing levels in        eight homicides took place in the     growth. Sheriff Mike Acree took
Douglas County were still con-        county, just as the new Robert A.     office in January 2003 in the wake
spicuously low. Sheriff Royal         Christensen Justice Center was        of the September 11 attacks. His
McKinster was facing a slowly         completed in June of that year.       immediate challenge was to re-
increasing population but still       The new justice center was a cul-     examine traditional views of
had only perhaps two deputies         mination of years of research and     homeland security and the role of
patrolling the entire county dur-     planning      and     dramatically    the Sheriff’s office in the world
ing the day and an "on-call"          improved the efficiency of the        and local community. The new
deputy responding to calls at         entire criminal justice system.       motto, "A Unified Community," is
night. On March 19, 1978 the his-     The building houses not only the      a pledge by officers throughout
toric stone courthouse built in       Sheriff’s Office and jail, but also   Douglas County to ensure safety

through a renewed emphasis on          vide data to local businesses to
community policing and a joint         help educate them about crime
dedication to local neighbor-          trends and aid in crime preven-
hoods, schools and businesses.         tion. Another program targets
As the county continues to             hotels and apartment complexes,
address the issue of growth, so        ensuring that they receive the
does the Sheriff’s office.       An    same quality of crime prevention
expansion of the Robert A.             education as homeowners under
Christensen Justice Center due for     the Neighborhood Watch pro-
completion in the spring of 2005.      gram.
Each school in the district has            The challenges facing law
been assigned a member of the          enforcement today are consider-
Sheriff’s command and supervi-         ably more complex than back in              Sheriff Mike Acree
sory staff with the intent of build-   1861 when the Colorado Territory
ing a stronger relationship with       was first established. Focus has   Today we see the focus shift much
the youth of the community. A          changed dramatically from a time   more to prevention, safety and edu-
special unit has also been estab-      when law enforcement demands       cation within our communities.
lished under Sheriff Acree to pro-     reacted to crimes committed.

Douglas County Justice Center

          — CSOC S P E C I A L A P P E A L D O N O R S —
    County Sheriffs of Colorado asked these kind supporters for their help in raising money for sheriffs training funds.
                         Please accept our deepest thanks for your response to our plea for help!
ADAMS COUNTY                       Mr. Lawrence Deherrera         Mr. Kenneth Willis               Mr. Thomas H. Farnham            CONEJOS COUNTY
Arvada                               Nanelle/Fine Jewelry         Englewood                        Mrs. Madeline P. Koehler         Antonito
Ms. Patricia anders                ALAMOSA COUNTY                 Dr. Douglas Cline                Mr. Paul Haberstroh              Mr. William R. Baker
Mr. David Rupert                   Alamosa                           Mile High Appraisal             Distinctive Imaging Lic        Mr. Dave & Jane Van Berkum
Aurora                             Ms. Berle Lewis                Mr. Frankie Frazier              Mr. Robert W. Callis               Rainbow Trout Ranch
Mr. Daniel Dolan                   Kris Steinberg                 Director C. Olson                Mr. Thomas A. Mccann             COSTILLA COUNTY
Mr. Carl D. Eriksen                ARAPAHOE COUNTY                The Honorable Robert Fullerton   Mr. Thomas F. Long               Blanca
Mr. Kenneth F. Silman              Aurora                         Mrs. Letha Bomgardner            Mr. Jim T. Barbee                Mr. Lonnie Smith, Smiths Store
Mrs. Claudine J. Chatel            Mr. Ted Mahler                 Pamela A Duys CPA, MT            Mr. Walter Lund                  CROWLEY COUNTY
Ms. Jery L. Wingrove               Mr. James Mallory                 Bailey Saetveit & CO, P.C.    Mr. Ronald C. Paup               Ordway
Bennett                            Mrs. Helen S. Walsh            Mr. Leonard Anthony              Mr. Walter J. Pienciak           Mr. Bruce A. Hughes
Ms. Marilyn F. McCarthy            Mr. James W. Walker            Mr. Thomas E. Marfizo            John A. Steiner                  CUSTER COUNTY
Brighton                           Mr. Richard E. Wagner          Mr. James Cusick                 Efran Gomez                      Westcliffe
Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Jackson           Mr. Chong Sam Kim              Ms. Linda M. Roady                 Efrain's Mexican Restaurant    J. W. Armentrout
Mr. Craig E. Floreth               Mrs. Gail A. Hogge             Mr. James Fletcher               Mr. Robert J. Williams           Mr. Emanuel Weathers Jr
Mr. Norman F. Jernberg             Mr. Lee R. Young               Mr. Adrian "Bernie" Ciazza       Mr. Michael R. Enwall            Mr. D.I. Kaufman
Mr. Robert L. Warner               Mrs. Trimble Runyon Jr.        Mr. Michael Marsh                Broomfield                       Mr. Richard Hrpcha
Commerce City                      B. Moore                          Marsh & Associates Inc.       Mr. Michael E. Nielson           Winifred Jacobs
Mr. Phillip E. Linn                Mr. Ga Nguyen                  Mr. Christoph J. Glynn           Ms. Miriam L. Corgan             Luis Marquez DC
Mr. John Weigel                    Ms. Sonia L. Mattson           Mr. Paul G. Sakiewicz            John Ashline MD                  Mr. Louis B Kravitz
Mr. Karl W. Schmidt                Mr. Robert A. Metz             Mr. Paul R. Loos                 Ms. Beth A. Sigren               DELTA COUNTY
J KS Café                          Mr. Raul D. Boerner            Greenwood Village                Erie                             Delta
Mr. Allen C. Baker                 Mr. William F. Ellis           Mr. Alan Lazaroff                Mr. Darrell D. Thomas            Mr. Way E. Parker
Mr. Gerald Eaton                   Ms. Polly Rehmar               Mr. George M. Vogler             Lafayette                        Ms. Shirley W. Boutwell
Mr. Johnny V. Shotkoski            Col. Elmer F. Richardson       Mr. John S. Walker Jr.           Mr. Richard L. Slade             DENVER COUNTY
Mr. Larry D. House                 Mr. Robert E. McCorkel         Littleton                        Longmont                         Denver
Denver                             Ms. Thuyen T Ha                Mr. Kirk Bateman                 Mr. Robert Watson                Mr. Richard M. Anderchin
Mr. Fred Baker, Quick Pawn, Inc.   Mr. Mikhail A. Eryan           Mr. Afsar Ali                    Mr. Jerry D. Schoettger          John J. Jung
Mr. Vernon C. Lund                 Mr. John Kerbaugh              Mrs. Mary Bradford               Mr. Timothy H. Simmons              Villa Monaco Liquors
Harold & Barridee Prewett          Mr. John Erickson                 Bradford Auto Body Inc.       Mr. Gary C Callaway              Mr. Thomas W. Christy
Mr. George H. Lynds                Mrs. Barbara A. Lazarus        Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Beeman         Mr. William R Emerson            Mr. Harold W. Daum
Mr. Charles L. Brown               Mr. David Lee                  Mr. Roger H Papazian             Mr. Vernon D. Stiegler           Mr. Theodore J. Umlauf
Mr. John G. Lewis, AWES LLC        Mr. Charles W. Grote           Mrs. Dixie L. Ruland             Mrs. Beverly Ann Mil Jones       Mr. Miguel A. Sanchez
Judea Beckett                        Academy Acres Kennel         Mr. Silvester Filkorn            Mr. W.G. Markland                Mr. Gilbert D. Ribelin
Mr. Harlan Marsh                   Byers                          Mr. Ramano                       Mr. Richard W. Crist                Gil’s Auto Spa of Colorado
Mr. Albert C. Lagreca              Mr. Ed Camp                      Romano Corporation             Louisville                       Mr. Robert L. Wershaw
Mrs. Lillian J. Peterson           Centennial                     Mrs. Ruth B. Christmann          Mr. Richard D. Samuelson         Mr. Lloyd R. Wilson
Mr. Stephen M. Hutchens            Mr. Henry McPhee               Mr. John H. Robinson             Mr. Frank A. Traylor             Mr. Bret B. Dowlen
Mr. Roger D. Phillips              Mr. Tom Rouen                  Mr. Alan Wenger                    Visiontek Inc.                    Dowlen Sound
Ms. Kathy M. Demars                James Peif                     Mr. Walter J. Unrath             Edward V. Scaramutz              Mr. Harold D. Phillips
Mr. Ray Burkhart                   Deacon Craig J. Fucci          Mr. Leroy Jirik                  Lyons                            Mrs. Elizabeth Cannon
Mr. Jack Kettler                   Mr. Peter D. Tilley            ARAPAHOE                         Mr. William H. Milburn           Mr. David Y. Weiss
Mr. Evald S. Jensen                Mr. Neal Andersen              Mr. John D. Haley                Mr. John R. Gordon               Mr. Alan M. Barker
Dupont                             Ms. Agnes H. Krause               Haley Engineering Inc.          J R Lazy G Ranch               Mr. Timothy P. Tynan
Mr. Joseph P. Cauchy               David & Pamela Baron           Chia-Cheng & Linda Wang          Niwot                            Mr. Neal R. Veta
Albert Kramer                      Mrs. Jane A. Okubo             Mr. William W. Hoskins           Ms. Janelle R Krueger            Ms. Margaret Ackerman
Federal Heights                    Mr. Brian E. Walker            Ms. Susan Noga                   Pinecliffe                          Ackerman Information Corp.
Mr. David Moe                      Mr. Jerry Summers              Mr. Patrick Sullivan             Mr. Randall E. Palmer            Mr. David I. Dougan
Mr. Leslie M. Jones                Mr. Arthur Feiner              Ms. Heidi Keogh                  CHAFFEE COUNTY                   Mr. Richard P. Carter
Mr. Dean A. Benjamin               Mr. Richard L Chapman          ARCHULETA COUNTY                 Buena Vista                      Ms. Cynthia A Greenfield
Northglenn                         Mr. David K. McDougall         Pagosa Springs                   Mr. & Mrs. David H. Ellithorpe   Mr. Carl L. Kastendieck
Mr. Mikhail Ponomarev              Reverend Paul Fedec            Mr. Steven L. Thull              Poncha Springs                   Lakewood
Ms. Mary Mattson                   Mr. Thomas B. Spratt           Mr. Hubert M. Rackets            Mr. Victor G. Mabus Sr.          S. M. Cannon
Mr. George Winogrodzki             Ms. Betty A. Sidebottom        Mr. Douglas B. Humble Jr.        Ms. Lillian A. Bender               SM Cannon Property Mgmt.
Strasburg                          Ms. Elena G. Sakas-Sluder      Mr. Albert H. Schnell            Salida                           DOLORES COUNTY
Ms. Charlotte J. Kerksiek          Mr. Fred Nehring               BACA COUNTY                      Glivar Brothers                  Dove Creek
Ms. Jo Shults                      Mr. Daniel Warner              Springfield                      Mr. Matt Savoren                 Mr. Jack Eaton
Thornton                           Mrs. Louise Williams           Ms. Neva M. Willson              Mr. Lee Cannon                   Mr. Jose L. Ramirez
Mr. David Kaiser                   Mr. Galen Middleton            Mr. Q. J. Sam Parker             Ken & Sharon Tiegs               Mr. Bruce F. Hoopingarner
Mr. James L. Geer                  Mr. John S. Baker              Mr. Raymond Christie             CHEYENNE COUNTY                  Mr. Ron Galyean
Mr. Jerry Miller                   Ms. Virginia Storjohann          Baca County Sheriffs Posse     Arapahoe                         Mrs. Lolete White
Ms. Mary Meier                     Mr. Tommy A. Parks             BENT COUNTY                      Mr. Clement D. Mitchell          Mr. James Doubravsky
Watkins                            Mr. Ronald Bond                Las Animas                       CLEAR CREEK COUNTY               DOUGLAS COUNTY
Mr. Heung K. Park                  Mr. Gary L. Fisherbaugh        Mr. Hubert C. Tiedt              Dumont                           Castle Rock
Westminster                        Mr. Ralph Ginn Jr.             BOULDER COUNTY                   Mr. R. Hector                    Mr. Henry Wells
Mr. Jack Tooker                    COL. (Ret.) Byron W. Daniels   Boulder                          Evergreen                        Mr. Robert G. Oliver
Mr. Yoichi Usui                    Mr. Jacinto Runes              Mr. Eliseo Velasco               Shirley Ann McMormick            Mr. Jerry McFadden
Mr. Steve Gaumond                  Mr. Frank Catanese             Dr. Michael A. Goldman           Georgetown                       Mr. James A. Abel
  Twinstar. Inc.                   Terry & Joyce King                Alpine Foot & Ankle Clinic    Mr. Donald J. Weber              Mr. Dan Carlson
Mrs. Cassandra Goode-Kitchen       Denver                         Mr. Eaton M. Scripps             Idaho Springs                    Mr. Rollin D. Barnard
Mr. Stephen M. Maio                Igor Skakovsky                 Mr. Robert J. Serafin            Mr. William Steve Mora           Mr. Brian P. Sherman
Mrs. Thelma Wolfe Bradford         Fred & Mary Alice Palmer       Ms. Maria Nygyuen                Cottonwood Rv Park               Mr. Peter T. Gray
Mr. Leonard D. Thelander           Mr. Robert Elliott                Asian Seafood                 Mrs. Helen L. Buck               Mr. Spencer C. Dumont

Rev. L.E. Ziegler                  EAGLE COUNTY                     Kenneth & Nancy Rottger            Mr. Cameron                     Grand Lake
Mr. Andrew P. Tingirides           Aurora                           Mr. Michael A. Wheat               Mr. William P. Diedrich         Mr. Joseph K. Wetherill
Mr. Alan Wilson                    Mr. Saul Varela                  Mr. Carl F. Schmidt                Mr. Charles Wickline            Mr. Stanley D. Brown Sr.
   Wilson Motorsport Inc.          Avon                             Mr. Robert Witkowski               Fountain                        Mr. Keith K. Davis
Mr. Stephen Holmes                 Mr. Walter R Smith               Mr. Clifford R. Hinson             Mr. Rodney E. Daye              Mr. Nicholas Tacinas
Ms. Marsha Davenport               Basalt                           Mr. James L. Rynning               Mr. Ken Gurrera                 Mr. Albert F. Clark Jr.
Mr. Rex W. Sjostrom                Mr. Jan E. Meeker                Ms. Elisabeth Devries              Mr. Charles A. Pickles          Winter Park
Centennial                         Eagle                            Ms. Marianne Mckoane               Mr. Willie J. & Verna Alex      Mr. James R. Holahan
Mr. Duane Halvorson                Mr. Kenneth Wilson               Mr. Glenn L. Hovenkamp             Manitou Springs                 GUNNISON COUNTY
Franktown                          Mr. Steve Johnson                Mr. Frank Shevock                  Mr. Erle Ford                   Gunnison
Mr. Thomas B. Swain                  Allen Insurance Agency, Inc.   Mr. P C Wetzig                     Monument                        Jack L David
Ms. Jan Reynolds                   Edwards                          Mr. Donald V. Milazzo              Mr. Donald L. Herman              Backhoe Service
Mrs. Ruth E. Remedi                Mr. Robert S. Herbst             Mr. Roman J. Stobbe                Mr. & Mrs. James W. Taylor      Williams Drilling Co. Inc.
Mr. Dan Jiruska                    Kemp & Co., Inc.                 Mr. Thomas L. Stewart              Mr. Howard L. Rice              Mr. Deno Piloni
Highlands Ranch                    Leadville                        Ms. D. Jean Paulin                 Mr. Robert G. Swift             Mr. John Palla
Mr. David Martz                    Mr. Charles Warren               EMr. William N. Dewar              Katrine Maxey                   Mrs. Ruth L Willey
Mr. Kenneth Starr                  Vail                             Mr. Levy R. Valdez                 Mr. Kenneth P. Allmon           Powderhorn
Mr. Stephen King                   Mr. Richard R. Le Fevre          Mr. Mel Bower                      Mr. Roscoe E. Crowder           Curtis & Shirley Holt
Mr. Kent Withers                   Mr. Guenter J. Mussmann          Mrs. Joan Deardorff                Mr. William Anderson            HINSDALE COUNTY
Mr. James A. Zalmanek              Mr. Carrol P. Orrison            Mr. Junius U. Parker                  Anderson Mgmt./Eng.          Lake City
Thomas Morris                      Mr. Wolfgang P. Lampe            Mr. James Dalton                   Mr. Gayle White                 Mr. Dennis D. Cavit
Ms. Amalia Hufendick               EL PASO COUNTY                   Mr. Harold C. Ingersoll            Peyton                          Mr. Carl L Hurst
Capt. Charles Heiland USN (Ret.)   Black Forest                        Cheyenne Propagation Inc.       Mr. Everett C. Kessler          HUERFANO COUNTY
Mr. Clayton Reeves                 Mr. Wayne T. Sibilia             Mrs. Anneliese Giilespie           L.S. Foster                     La Veta
Mr. David R. Brown                 Calhan                           Mr. Harvey Mcanulty                Mr. Henry A. Douglas            Mr. George H. Albright
Mrs. Kerry Weigner                 Mr. Ernest E. Danger             Mr. Willaim F. Spengler            Mr. Edwin McPherson             Walsenburg
Mr. Barry Ballard                  Cascade                          Mr. Julius Martin                  ELBERT COUNTY                   Mr. Charles R. Armour
Ms. Lora Thomas                    Mr. Robert A. Patchell           Mr. Lloyd C. Blachburn             Elbert                          Mr. Verland Duke Behringer
Mr. Frank Eichenlaub               Mr. John Tagert                  Mr. Richard B. Linder              Mr. John Ring                   Fern Sandoval
Mr. James F. Roberts               Colorado Springs                 Ms. Diana Melton                      Ring & Ring Inc              JACKSON COUNTY
Ms. Tamra Glore                    Mr. Fred Anhalt                     Melton & Associates             Elizabeth                       Cowdrey
Larkspur                           Mr. Joseph R. Cross              R.G. Hauptman                      Mrs. Chris Happ                 Ms. Gloria Chandler
Ms. Rosemarie Woolston             Mr. Glenn A. Raitz               Mr. & Mrs. Norman F. Lewis         FREMONT COUNTY                  Walden
Mr. Alexander Nesbitt              Ms. Gail J. Piper                Mr. Jack Benz                      Canon City                      Mr. Jim Dustin
Mr. Michael Flannery               Mr. Lawindell R. Oost            Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Hubbell Jr.   Ms. Edith Mae Wilson              Dustin Publishing, Inc.
   M & M Ranch                     Ms. Merrilyn L. Caduff           Richard Smith                      Mr. Melvin C. Mills             JEFFERSON COUNTY
Mr. Robert I. Curts                Mr. Bobby R. Hopkins             Dr. Randall J. Bjork               Mr. Mike Paine                  Arvada
Littleton                          Inku K. & Ok Reun Yi             Ms. Janet Finley                      Mikes 66 Service             Edward Walker
Mr. Orion Shockley                 Mr. James Illian                 Young Kim                          Mr. Norman R. Wilson            Mr. T.M. Wise
Mr. Kwei S. Siu                    Armando A. Balan Jr.                Borg Warner Clothing Care       Mr. Harry J. Dumond               Marcella Manor Apartments
Mr. Jon Jensen                     Mr. Micha H. Zentz               Mr. Sidney W. White                Dr. James A. Benzmiller         Mr. Owen A. Robb
Ms. Paricia Thompson               Mrs. Muriel E. Fagan             Mr. Floyd Flinn                    Mr. Edwin A. Johnson            Mr. Gordon Stone
Mr. John E. Cavey Jr.              Mr. Brian D. Hammond             Mr. Freddie L. Underwood           Mr. Forrest N. Hodgson          Mr. Richard A. Grenfell
Lyle & Mary Boll                   Ms. Muriel C. Gair               Colonel Milton M. Connell          Mr. Michael J. McLoughlin       Mr. Jesus Salas
Mr. Bill Callaway                  Mr. Mark S. Ross                 Mr. William H. Symington           Florence                        Mr. J. Lavrinc
Mr. Chung W. Leung                 Mr. Robert P. Kane               Mr. Charles Smith                  Mr. Joseph E. Cornella          Ms. Margaret E. Fry
Mr. Edward P. Anuszewski           Mrs. Nadine C. Cain              Mr. Albert Keuhlen                 Mr. Oliver F. Kendall           Mr. Harold Warner
Mrs. Ella Mae Mills                Mr. Lindy Stone Sr.              Mrs. Henry W. Taylor               Penrose                         Mr. J. A. Harlan
Mr. Charles R. Otey                Mr. Darrell Emery                Mr. Warren F. Bibey                Mr. Gino Carlisimo              Mr. George O'Neal
Mr. Ted Lukomski                   Mr. Loren Ernsbarger             Ms. Joan D. Maki                   GARFIELD COUNTY                 Mr. Kenneth J. Giammaria
  Devry Institute                  Mr & Mrs. Jean-Marc &            Mr. James Bradford                 Springs                         Mr. Gerhard Luetzow
Mr. Stephen J. Steinberger           Wanda Lepillez                 Mr. Robert Steward                 Mr. Tommy D. Tigert             Denver
Mr. John A. Fluss                  Mr. Tommy L. Newsom              Mr. Kenneth L. Towe                Parachute                       Mr. William Fitzgerald
Mr. Doyle C. Marshall              Mr. Charles Cochrane             Mr. David Nuss                     Mr. Jerry L. Williams           Mr. Henry Hadraba
Ms. Patricia J. Edwards            Mr. John V. Baumann              Ms. Barbara A. Wills               Mr. Jack Blankenship            Mr. Robert E. Strottman
Mr. Clifford Day                   Col. Kenneth G. Chaulk           Mr. Robert E. Wall                 Mrs. Carmen A. Anderson         Mr. Robert L Eimer
Lone Tree                          Mr. Harry D. Blout               Mr. Lawrence Tuffley               Rifle                           Evergreen
Mr. Warren Pichler                 Mrs. Andre & Karin Jacelon          Tuffley & Sons                  Ms. Sharon Bistline             Mr. Lewis E. Armbrust
Mr. Dan Sabol                      Ray & Linda Renneberger Jr.      Ms. Nancy J. Ruegg                 Mr. Larry Hazelbaker            Mr. Alton Slaybaugh
Parker                             Mr. Dale Masterson               Mr. Earl Livingstone               GILPIN                          Mr. Jeffrey B. Mershon
Ms. Carol Tyson                    Col. Henry A. Kortemeyer         Jackson L Anderson DDS             Black Hawk                      Mr. Patrick E. Knoell
Mr. Hank Coll                      EMr. Michael H. Bauman           Mr. Steven Gilmore, Comcor Inc.    Mr. Joe Collins                 Dr. Robert H. Weaver
Mr & Mrs. Roy Knappe Jr.           Mr. Lino De Michieli             Mr. Ira C. Messinger                  Fitzgeralds Casino           Mr. Gerald M. Miller
Mr. Mitch Trevey                   Mr. W.T. Nance                   L. McDermed                        Golden                          Mr. Malcolm Giles
   The Trevey Company              Mr. George D. Hall III           Mr. Boyd B. Carmichael             Mr. James S. Keller             Golden
Mr. Ivan Applegate                 Mr. Frederick Gibson             Mr. Wayne Haring                   GRAND COUNTY                    Mr. Peter H Coors
Mr. Frank Hull                     Mr. William H. Wright               ABCAP Tax Services Inc.         Bond                            Mr. Keith Bakula
Mr. Christopher F. Erskine         Mr. Jim Drehle                   Mr. Joseph M. McBrearty            Mr. Carl L. Rahne               Michael & Sharon Pizzuto
Mr. Steven Thone                                                    Mr. Richard M. Cox                 Fraser                          Mr. Charles I. Reed
Mr. George Couzens                 Mr. Wendel Kent                  Mr. Robert C. Kindel               Thomas Urban, Weathertop        Mr. Ronald Hagmeyer
  Motor Racing Management Inc.     Mr. James L. Booterbaugh         Mr. Chang Hyo Lee                  Fraser                          R. L. Simpson
Mr. James R. Jansson               Mr. William J. Gosling           Mr. Toai P. Pham                   Robert Morrow                   Mr. George Palmateer
Mr. William C. Larson              Mr. Richard E. Lewis             Sgm. Weston R. Staggers               Morrow & Sons, Inc.          Heritage Auto Plaza-Conoco
Linda C. Philbrook                 Mr. Harold L. Moffat             Mr. Conrad R. LaRose               Ganby                           Mr. Russell J Wright
Mr. Dominic A. Lemma               Reverend John J. Ziegler         Mr. Joseph Coughlin                Mr. Pasquale Joy                Lakewood
Mr. Gregory B. Schneider           Mr. William J. Parker            Mr. Rolland Hall                      Roadside Trailer Park        Mr. David G Davis
Sedalia                            Mr. Sam Quindt                   Mr. Randy Johnson                  Granby                          Mr. James L. Dorram
Mr. John Kancir                    Mr. Bruce J. Zimmerman              Checks 2 Cash 2                 Mr. Darrell Woods, Grand        Mr. Edward Juhan
Mr. Paul O. Packer                 Mr. C. VanBuskirk                Mr. Horace M. Walters                County Heating & Sheetmetal   Mrs. Christine M. Cure
                                   Mr. Malachi Kahn                 Kerry Brill                        Leslaw Koczera                  Mr. Howard D. Zeller
                                   Mr. George T. McLaughlin Jr.        Merit Co. Inc.                                                  Mr. Donald L. Walker

Mr. Robert T. Paswell          Ms. Amy M. Salisbury            Mr. Robert D. Tenney             Mrs. Fran Gilliland             Mr. Gary Levin
Mr. Gary E. Keaney             Khun Bin Kuah Ivy               Mr. Dick Schneider               Holyoke                         SUMMIT COUNTY
Mr. William H. Jones               College Café                Mr. Keith B Foulk                Mr. Donal D. Raitz              Breckenridge
Mr. Frank Tapler               Dr. Hans C. Coester             Mack                             PITKIN COUNTY                   Mr. Arch G. Gothard III
Littleton                      Mr. Lewis B. Lachman            Mr. Orion L. Cowan               Aspen                           Mr. Arek Nowakowski
Mrs. Norma M. Parker           Mr. Charles T. Collopy          Mesa                             Mr. John Cooley Jr.                Service Now Colorado, Inc.
Mr. Wayne Brown                Mr. Scott H. Gordon             Mr. Gary Fraley                    Mountain Valley Mobile Home   Mr. Gordon A. Heuer
Mr. Tex Freeman                Mr. Delbert Williams            Mr. Steve Bailey                 PROWERS COUNTY                    AA Janitorial
Mr. John Cumings               Mr. Gene C. Wilken                Powder Ski Resort              Granada                         Frisco
Mr. Ronald W. Soule            Mr. Miles Porter                Palisade                         Mr. Vincent Andrade Jr.         Mr. Patrick B. Wallace
Dr. Eugene Pedicino            Mr. Carl G. Wakefield           Mr. John R. Ludlam               Holly                           Ms. Marge Hettenbaugh
Zekrija & Zilha Ademovic       Mr. Gary A. Welton              MOFFAT COUNTY                    G Blackwell                     Keystone
Mr. Alfonso G. Gonzalez        Ms. Barbra Shelton              Craig                            Lamar                           Mr. Robert L. Kimble
Mr. Buddy Jones                Mr. Cliff Bymaster              Epp & Associates Inc.            Mr. Bill Thrailkill             Silverthorne
Mr. Victor Gali Jr.            Ms. Mary T. Grandin             Mr. Jack E Timmer                Doc's Bail Bond                 Mr. David W. Whitham
Mr. John R. Johnson            Mr. Thomas Woods                Mr. Robert C. Bower              PUEBLO COUNTY                   Mrs. Sigrid S. Bailes
Mr. Nicholas Davis             Glen Haven                      Mr. Robert Aaberg                Avondale                        Mr. Raymond L. Keith
Donald J Coenen                Mr. James J Kadlecek            Dinosaur                         Mr. Harry Vold                  TELLER COUNTY
Mr. Joseph M. Jacques          Laporte                         Ms. Glenna Louise Emerick          Harry Vold Rodeo Co.          Cripple Creek
Mr. Carl G. Salvatore          Mr. Sol Trujillo                Maybell                          Boone                           Mr. John Boettjer
Morrison                          Sol's Long Branch Lounge     Gary & Jessie Rowley             Nielsen Farm & Ranch            Divide
Mr. Kenneth E. Neu             Livermore                       MONTEZUMA COUNTY Dolores         Pueblo                          Mr. Fred D. Acord
Westminster                    Mr. Duane Rennels               Mr. Donald L Wolf                Mr. Raymond Pachak              Jackie Peterjohn
Mrs. Joann J. Wood             Mr. Kenneth Curtis Jr.          Mancos                           Mr. Richard Nanes               Florissant
Mr. Boyde M. Larson            Mr. David Mallory               Mr. Harold T. Witcher            Mrs. Eve F. Walker              Mr. James E. Rounds
Toni Barge                     Mr. Robert L. Dixon             Towaoc                           Mr. Ralph Gish                  Woodland Park
Wheat Ridge                    Loveland                        Ms. Pearl R Lanier               Mr. Bill Stitt                  Mr. Frank P. Fehn
Mr. Frank E. Fahey             Mr. Thomas M. Intlekofer        MONTROSE COUNTY                  James & Kathleen Pagel          Mr. Peter Zander
Mr. Warren H. Mccoy            Mr. William L. Wright           Montrose                         Mrs. Pauline L Castro           WASHINGTON COUNTY
KIOWA COUNTY                   Ms. Marie J. Machain            Mr. Frederic A. Kuhlemeier       Pete Cornish                    Akron
Eads                           Mr. John L. Holman              Mrs. Gwendolyn M. Johnson        Bung Joun                       Mr. Joe Theurer
Mr. Wayne L. Singer            Mr. Larry Friedlan              Mr. Wallace G. Parcell             Norwood Discount Liquor       WELD COUNTY
KIT CARSON COUNTY              Mr. Donald D. Burbank           Mr. Roy E. Teter                 Mr. Edward A. Rizer             Eaton
Burlington                     Mr. Jerry Doggett               Mr. Robert Perry                 Mr. H.W. Farwell                Mr. William E. Sathe
Mr. Gilbert F. Bollwinkel      Ms. Virginia M. Johnson         Mr. Jack E. Bowen                Mr. Brian Galusha               Mr. Kevin Shironaka
Flagler                        David Scherer                   Mr. John Legault                 Ms. Ruth Vonahlefeldt           Erie
Mrs. Bernice Maloney              Clover Leaf Dog Track        Mr. David E. Karl                Mrs. Thelma R. Currington       Mr. Burton L. Mobley
Mr. Thomas Bredehoft           Pueblo                          Mr. James Church                 Mr. James Lomax                 Fort Lupton
   Flager News                 Mr. James E. Asbury             Strasburg                        Mr. Robert L. Henry             Mr. Harold Enander
LA PLATA COUNTY                Timnath                         Mr. Robert Appel                 Mr. Roland R. Harris               Vehicle Systems, Inc.
Bayfield                       Virgil & Pat Blackburn          MORGAN COUNTY                    Pueblo West                     WELD COUNTY
Mr. Carl L. Hanson Jr.         Wellington                      Brush                            Mr. Virgil Kreider              Gilcrest
Mr. J. Roger Minner            Ms. Donna M. Adcock             Ms. Peggy Bellis                 Mr. Ole Bloch                   Bulk Transporters, Inc.
Mr. Frank A. Forbes            Mr. David Bath                  Mr. Keith Barton                 Mr. Vernon Hensley              Greeley
Durango                        Mr. Kenneth Betchel             Fort Morgan                      Rye                             Mr. Raymond J. Buss Sr.
Mr. Thomas G. Goldenberg       LAS ANIMAS COUNTY               Ms. Ann Wilson                   Mr. Robert L. Egan              Mr. Earl Bishop
Rob Salazar                    Trinidad                          Trendmaker Realty Services     Vail                            Mr. H. Richard Lewis
Mr. William E. Alsup Jr.       Mr. Donald Jones                Mrs. Erma L. Hines               Mr. Ronald Delong               Ms. Margie Martinez
Ms. Grace Swanson                 Century Savings & Loan       C H Schlothauer                  RIO BLANCO COUNTY                 Weld County Sheriffs Office
Mr. Glen K. Johnson            The Sabo Family                 Mr. Edward Shirl                 Meeker                          Mr. Dewey Zabka
Mr. Robert L. Abrams           LINCOLN COUNTY                  Mr. Christoph A. Lowe            Mr. Walt Proctor                   Martin Produce Company
Hesperus                       Hugo                            OTERO COUNTY                     Mr. Denis Unrein                Ms. Doris M. Carpenter
Mr. Kenneth D. Dossey          Mr. Fred Tuttle                 La Junta                         Center                          Mr. Harold Wacker
LAKE COUNTY                    LOGAN COUNTY                    Lyle & Sons Plumbing &           Mr. Raymond E. Abbott           Mr. Randy D. Foos
Leadville                      Sterling                          Heating, Inc.                  ROUTT COUNTY                    Kersey
L Chong, Szechuan Taste Ii     Mr. John V. Nab Jr.             Tualrosa                         Steamboat Springs               Mr. Richard Heckendorf
LARIMER COUNTY                 Mr. Gerald Jefferies            Mr. Carl E. Vallance             Mr. David E. Stearns            La Salle
Bellvue                        MESA COUNTY                     OURAY COUNTY                     Mr. James Jenny                 Mr. Fred W. Roberts
Mr. Wayne L. Arndt             Clifton                         Ridgway                            Harwigs                       Longmont
Mr. William L. Stromberg Sr.   Mr. Carl J Cantrell             Jim Francis                      Mr. Joseph M. McNasby           Concrete Structures Inc.
Berthoud                       Mr. Clyde H. Shrader            Mr. William L. Forsythe            Mdm Group Associates Inc.     Mr. David Wynja
Mr. Ralph Nelson               Mr. Calvin W. River             OUT OF STATE                     Ms. Sulan Lee                      David Wynja & Associates
Mrs. Sandra L. Long            Collbran                        Panorama City                      Canton Chinese Restaurant     Mr. Glen S. Douthit
Mr. Robert Deyo                Mr. Larry L Hanna               Ms. Angela Vamianakis            Mr. Chien S. Lee                Mrs. Merilee Lewis
Estes Park                     Fruita                            Delta Building Services Inc.   Edna F. Tellier                 Mr. Gerald L. Mechtly
Dr. Jack Gravlee               Mr. Homer J. Mcmillen           San Ramon                        Yampa                           Plattville
Mr. William Trowbridge         Mr. Donald Siefers              Mr. Don Newman                   Mr. Dale L. Corporon            Mr. Perry A. Graham
Mr. Jerry S. Moore             Dean & Kathy Pichler            PARK COUNTY                      SAGUACHE COUNTY                 Roggen
Fort Collins                   Grand Junction                  Bailey                           Crestone                        George Glenn
Mr. Burl R.Young               Mr. Arnold H. Ridder            Mr. Howard T. Betts              Mr. Alan J. London              Windsor
Mr. William Caldwell           Mrs. Ella E. Bigelow            Mr. Jon S. Powers                Moffat                          Mr. Wally Sternenberger
Mr. Fred Hepp Jr.              Mr. Ernest A. Guerrie           Como                             Mr. John D. Baker               YUMA COUNTY
   F&C Door Check & Lock       Mr. Philip D. Anderson          Mr. Dennis Nall                  Villa Grove                     Yuma
   Service                     Mrs. Gloria Taylor              Jefferson                        Mr. Elmer Keeler                Mr. James D King
Mr. Harold Kennedy             Mr. Kenneth Saya                Ms. Patricia Glover                Elk Lock & Key Co
Mr. Oma Gilbreth Jr.           Mr. John Reid                   Shawnee                          SAN JUAN COUNTY
Mr. George F. Gaebler          Mr. Dain Innis                  Mr. David Winner                 Scottsdale
Mr. William Thomas                Double D Services            PHILLIPS COUNTY                  Ms. Barbara Bradbury
Mr. Rodney W. Schmitz          Mr. Paul E. Maynard             Amherst                          SAN MIGUEL COUNTY
Mr. Bert Carney                Mr. Lee Bemis                   Ms. Margie F. Jeffers            Telluride
Mr. Russell B. Mayberry           Bemis Electric Company Inc   Haxtun                           Mr. Joseph B. Price

                    Concealed Weapons Permits Issued by County Sheriffs

In 2004 Colorado enacted Senate Bill 04-24, a new law        issued, the number denied and the number revoked.
which established clear guidelines for the issuance of       County Sheriffs of Colorado collected the data from
concealed weapon permits by sheriffs. One of the             sheriffs and submitted it in one report. We are includ-
requirements of the law is that each sheriff submit an       ing the report in our magazine so that our honorary
annual report to the legislature listing the number of       members and other readers may see the permit activity
permit applications received, the number of permits          that each county has reported.

                         Report to the Colorado General Assembly
               Concealed Weapons Permits Issued by Colorado Sheriffs in 2004
       Denial and Revocation codes: A=Arrest Record, D=Discretionary, R=Residency, RO=Restraining Order,
                                         M=Mental Illness or Addiction

                                                                   Denials                  Revocations
   County           Applications        Permits
                     received           issued           A     D      R      RO   M    A    D    R    RO     M
   Adams                  584              566                12      1           1         3    1
   Alamosa                 21               21
   Arapahoe               727              788           8     7             1    1   3
   Archuleta                55               55
   Baca                     16               15          1
   Bent                      4                4
   Boulder                263              263           1     1                      1
   Broomfield              59               57                                        1
   Chaffee                 28               28
    Cheyenne                8                 8
   Clear Creek             37                36          1
   Conejos           No report
   Costilla                 5                3                        1
   Crowley                  5                5
   Custer                  28               27                               1
   Delta                  137               98
   Denver                 295              278           7            1      1    5    3
   Dolores                  7                7
   Douglas                478              423           1     7                      2     1
   Eagle                   59               53           2     1
   El Paso                663              662           1                   1    1   16         1     5     1
   Elbert                  97               81
   Fremont                 87               86           1                             2         2
   Garfield               111              110           1

             Applications       Permits           Denials                 Revocations
              received          issued    A     D    R    RO    M    A    D   R    RO   M
Gilpin             33               33
Grand              91               84
Gunnison           18               18
Hinsdale            4                4
Huerfano           17               16     1
Jackson             9                9
Jefferson         947              921     4    1     1   3          5         2    1
Kiowa               3                3
Kit Carson         21               21
La Plata           46               45                               1              1
Lake                7                7
Larimer           192              216     2    7               2   12        19    2   1
Las Animas         38               38
Lincoln             2                2
Logan              68               68
Mesa              222              204     4    2     1                   3
Mineral            46               46
Moffat             51               51
Montezuma         133              133
Montrose          213              213
Morgan             12               12
Otero              13               13                                    1
Ouray              12               12
Park               78               73
Phillips            1                1
Pitkin             13               13                                              1
Prowers             10                4               1
Pueblo             419              372         1         1          1    1         1
Rio Blanco          31               31
Rio Grande          40               31    2          7
Routt               77               77
Saguache            12               12
San Juan          zero             zero
San Miguel           9                9
Sedgewick           30               30
Summit              56               55
Teller              62               61    1
Washington          10                9         1
Weld              218              229     1    2                    2    1         1   1
Yuma               10               10
Totals          7,048            6,860    39   42    13   8    10   49   10   25   12   3

                                Denials        112
                            Revocations         99

Rocky Mountain Women in Law                                                ence for Female Law Enforcement Officer of the
                                                                            Year, Female Law Enforcement Civilian of the
Enforcement was formed in 2002 to provide                                    Year, and Professional Lifetime Achievement.
focused training to law enforcement agencies.                                Agencies can make nominations through June
Our annual conference is designed to provide                                 1, 2005.
innovative and current information on the
recruitment, retention, and development of                                 This conference is open to all sworn and civilian
women in law enforcement. Our 2005 conference                            law enforcement personnel, male and female. Join
will be hosted by several Colorado front range agencies             us in Denver, Colorado at the Four Points Sheraton on
in Denver, Colorado, September 21-23, 2005. Some of the           September 21-23, 2005.
issues that will be addressed at this year’s conference
include Forensic Interviews with Child Victims, a                 For more information or to register, visit our website at
Roundtable for Recruiting Officers, How to Develop Your 
Career from Day One Until It’s Done, Emotional Survival
For Law Enforcement Personnel, and much more.                     Contact information:

We will be holding a mentoring contest for high school            Sgt. Linda Grisham        Officer Nancy Gifford
and college students who are interested in law enforce-           Pueblo Police Dept.       Colorado Springs Police Dept.
ment as a career. Winners of the contest will receive free        (719) 553-2562            (719) 444-7433
conference registration and an opportunity to network   
with others in the law enforcement profession.
Additionally, we will be presenting awards at the confer-

                       ROCKY MOUNTAIN WOMEN IN
                           LAW ENFORCEMENT
                       2005 REGIONAL CONFERENCE
    Are you a civilian or sworn law enforcement professional who is interested in:
       • Enhancing your physical and verbal skills?
       • Learning about stress management and conflict resolution?
       • Obtaining current information to use in promotional testing and assessment centers?

    Are you a law enforcement commander or recruiting/training officer who is interested in the
    latest information for recruiting, retaining, and promoting female law enforcement personnel
    for your agency?
                                    THIS CONFERENCE IS FOR YOU!

                                     JOIN US IN DENVER, COLORADO
                                       SEPTEMBER 21 – 23, 2005

                     Meet people in your profession from all over the United States!
                     Create a positive network to help you achieve your career goals!
              For more information or to register, visit our website at

                              Enhancing Law Enforcement … One Woman at a Time

Game Over: The Lottery You Can Never Win
It can happen to anyone. The phone rings and a skilled telemarketer excitedly
announces that you’re a winner. The game might be El Gordo from Spain or a lot-
tery from Canada, Australia or some other far away land. Before you have time to
even ponder how this could be possible, they are dazzling you with all the ways
your life is about to change. Your grandkids will go to the finest schools. You will
travel the world. You will have the best of everything. Money will never again be a
Think again. Federal law prohibits foreign lotteries. You cannot win. Yet, every week
AARP ElderWatch receives calls from consumers about foreign lotteries and the
promise of collecting their prize. On a good day, callers look to ElderWatch to con-
firm whether or not they are about to be scammed. They are. Other times, the vic-
tim has already parted with thousands of dollars and the money is gone forever.
The scam scenario can vary. Sometimes the caller pretends to be a representative of
U.S. Customs because they’ve impounded a check for a large sum of money. In order
to claim it you must send money immediately. In other cases the caller pretends to
be a government representative of the country awarding the prize, but before you
can claim your winnings you must pay the taxes, processing fees or any other
charges that they can conjure. In almost every case they want an urgent wire trans-
fer of funds. Sometimes, they will conveniently have your address and be able to
direct you to the nearest wire location.
If they successfully victimize you once, the calls will continue, and the only money
you will ever see are the dollars you send. One victim sent over $80,000 incremen-
tally over several months and then tried to refinance her home because she learned
that she had won an even bigger prize and with it came even higher fees. The bank
contacted AARP ElderWatch to try and convince her that she was caught up in a
scam. She refused to believe she’d been duped. She had lost too much to accept reality.
Blame greed. Blame ignorance but blaming victims accomplishes nothing. These con
artists are masters of the game. They prey on any information they have and use it
to their advantage, and if sticky sweet kindness doesn’t score some money, they turn
vicious. Placing calls in the middle of the night, using profanity and threatening vic-
tims are just some of their manipulative tactics. Older people living alone are forced
to choose between paying and feeling safe. Then, they feel so utterly embarrassed,
ashamed and afraid that they would rather suffer in silence than admit to having
been so devastatingly deceived. And the perpetrators brazenly dial their next
Most of these lottery operations are conducted outside the United States and many
are connected to forms of organized crime with the moneys they collect used for
drugs or other illegal activities. Multiple law enforcement and government agencies,
advocacy groups and others are working to stop this form of financial abuse, but as
long as these criminals continue to draw money, lottery scams will continue.
The solution is simple. Hang up the phone. Don’t argue. Don’t engage in conversa-
tion. Don’t wonder at the possibility of winning. Hang up. Game Over!
For more information or to report lottery scams, fraud or other financial elder abuse, call
AARP ElderWatch via the Colorado Consumer Line at 800-222-4444, option 2.

Janice L. Friddle, Director

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