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									Number           Organisation              Funding    Grant       Match       Amount to be
                                           Category   allocated   Multiple    raised
12 /102 / V001   Temple Bar Gallery             I         4,137       2            8,274

12/103/ V002     Little Museum of Dublin       III       10,750       4           43,000

12/104/V003      Macnas Ltd                    I         5,000        2           10,000

12/108/004       Lets Do it Galway Ltd         IV        20,000       5          100,000

12/106/005       Monica Loughman Ballet        I         5,000        2           10,000

                                                                             D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24ebee0a-3d85-4de7-911a-37f73351ede5.xlsx Awards
12/109/006   Draoicht, Blanchardstown   I    5,000    2        10,000

12/110/007   Cork Community Art Link    I    5,000    2        10,000

12/111/008   Gaze Film Festival Ltd     II   6,500    3        21,400

12/112/009   Dublin Theatre Festival    IV   20,000   5       100,000

12/105/010   Wexford Festival Trust     V    20,000   5       100,000

                                                          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24ebee0a-3d85-4de7-911a-37f73351ede5.xlsx Awards
12/114/011          The Model, home of The   I     5,000      2        10,000
                    Niland Collection

12/113/012          Ouroboros Ireland        II    7,000      3        21,000

12/115/013          Cill Rialaig             II   10,000      3        30,000

12/107/014          Baboró                   I     5,000      2        10,000

12/101/015          Portumna Arts Group      I     3,000      2        6,000

Leave blank
Totals                                            131,387             489,674

Multiple of funding implied                            3.73
Target                                                 2.40

                                                                  D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24ebee0a-3d85-4de7-911a-37f73351ede5.xlsx Awards

Temple Bar Gallery to work with a leading Irish Artist to commission
a temporary public artwork in 2012 to last 3 years on the building
The little Museum of Dublin launched its annual Dublin Lectures
series. The lectures are designed with a simple remit: to explore the
history of Dublin and her people. Once a month up to 100 guests are
given a Directors Tour of the Little Museum, followed by the
evening’s lecture.
Macnas have created an ‘8 year old boy explorer’ (puppet 15ft high)
show and plans to visit four designated primary schools around
Ireland. This production itself involves a core team of 9 artists who
work as puppeteers, performers and production crew. Macnas
presents a show and facilitates workshops as part of the Boy Explorer
visit to the school. The children’s work will be collated and form part
of an ongoing nationwide project.
Delivery of ceremonies for the Volvo Ocean Race An Arts and
Culture event including the creation of a world renowned Street
Theatre to include Macnas, Els Comediants and The Galway Gospel
Choir to name a few.
Monica Loughman ballet is a National ballet company with an
indigenous roster of over 70 dancers. Monica proposes to host the
Nutcracker ballet in the Convention Centre, Dublin this December,
which is a beautiful family event which in most countries is the main-
stay of the National ballet calendar.

                                                                          D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24ebee0a-3d85-4de7-911a-37f73351ede5.xlsx Awards
Spréacha is Dríocht’s International arts programme for children aged
2 to 12 years which are perfect for school groups and families with
events programmed in and out of school time located in the Dublin 15
area. As part of this years programme, Draiocht will bring ‘Kinder –
The Adventurous Life of Icelandic Sheep’ an Italian TPO company to
Draiocht in June, 2012.
Cork Community Art Link is one of Ireland’s leading Community
Arts organisations established in 1993 that develops arts projects and
programmes in Cork City. The Dragon of Shandon Parade takes place
on the night of October 31st in the heart of Shandon, Cork City. The
parade celebrates the ancient Gaelic tradition of Samhain with floats
and puppets with the highlight of the evening parade - a giant
GAZE - Dublins’s Annual International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &
Transgender Film Festival. It is the largest LGBT film festival in the
country, showcasing the best in local and international LGBT cinema
every August Bank Holiday weekend.
In 2012 Dublin Theatre Festival plans to invite US ensemble The
Wooster Group to Ireland to perform Shakespeare’s Hamlet and
multi award winning company The Corn Exchange propose to
perform James Joyce’s Dubliners.
Wexford Festival Opera continues to be recognised as one of the most
prestigious and iconic cultural events in Ireland, with an unrivalled
national and international reputation for excellence in the opera
production, while making an increasing contribution to Ireland’s
cultural tourism revenues.

                                                                         D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24ebee0a-3d85-4de7-911a-37f73351ede5.xlsx Awards
The Model proposes to work with Dutch artist Bart Lodewijks to
realise an unusual public art drawing project in Sligo's urban spaces.
The line drawings will connect the city through a journey of chalk
lines on Sligo's public and private buildings. The final work will
traverse and connect the city of Sligo through a web of intricate and
layered line drawings, creating a cultural map of the city. Through
these simple line drawings, new and intriguing connections between
Sligo's diverse community will be formed.
In the centenary of Bram Stoker's death, Ouroboros Theatre’s
production of “Stoker” will take place in Stokers Alma mater,
Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College, Dublin.
The Artists' Homcoming will be a large Arts Festival and international
gathering of artists in Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry, celebrating Cill
Rialaig's 21st anniversary
Baboró is Irelands’s International Arts Festival for Children and
Families based in Galway city. Their work includes both English and
Irish language theatre and literature events and will feature work by
11 Irish based producers e.g. Fíbín, Donegal youth Orchestra & Choir,
and Púca Puppets. The Arts Festival for Children is running in
The Shorelines Arts Festival 2012 will take place on the 20th to 23
of September in a variety of venues within Portumna

                                                                           D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\24ebee0a-3d85-4de7-911a-37f73351ede5.xlsx Awards

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