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Phases Of The Moon by yurtgc548


									By Madeline


         The Moon is a rocky, gray planet with
         ¼ the gravity that Earth has. It never
         rains or snows there, so astronaut’s
         footprints stay there forever. The
         moon doesn’t just sit there, though. It
         goes through Phases. And this
         power point is all about Phases Of
         The Moon.
New Moon

 The first Moon Phase is
  called the New Moon.
  During this phase, the
  moon is invisible to the
  naked eye due to the
  Sun shining its light on
  the opposite side of the
  side of the Moon we
  can see.
Waxing Crescent

After the first Moon
  Phase, the Moon
  enters another phase.
  This is waxing crescent.
  The Moon starts to
  “grow” and looks like a
  very thin crescent. The
  Moon is very small
  during this time.
Waxing Half Moon

 Once the second Moon
  Phase is over, the
  Moon becomes a
  waxing Half Moon.
  During this stage, the
  Moon has “grown”
  once again, and looks
  like a cut in half
Waxing Gibbous

 The next Moon Phase
  is the closest to the Full
  Moon - Waxing
  Gibbous. During this
  stage, The Moon looks
  a little squiggly on the
  end. You can see
  almost all of the Moon
  in this phase.
Full Moon

 This is actually not
  really a phase at all-it
  doesn’t wax or wane.
  You can see all of the
  Moon at this time. It
  looks like a shiny gray
  sphere. You can also
  see the craters.
Waning Gibbous

 Now, the Moon is no
  longer full. The Moon
  is waning, or
  “shrinking”. It now
  looks like it did just
  before the full moon.
Waning Half Moon

 Now, the Moon has
  shrunk back to the
  appearance, Waning
  Half Moon.
Waning Crescent

 Now, the Moon is
  nothing but that teeny
  tiny crescent again. You
  know what happens
  after this.
New Moon

 The Moon is once
  again invisible to the
  naked eye. It has gone
  through many phases,
  and now the cycle is
  starting all over again.
 I owe some credits. I
  didn’t make all the
  pictures myself. My
  credit goes to my
  teacher, Ms. Roberts
  for teaching me the
  moon phases. I give
  credit to Google and
  Microsoft Clip Art for
  the images. Thanks for

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