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					Artist                 Song Title                                   Album                                  Year
10 cc                  Hotel                                        Sheet Music                            1973
311                    Welcome                                      Music                                  1993
Aerosmith              Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)   Night In The Ruts                      1979
Air Supply             I Wanna Hold You Tonight                     Just as I Am                           1985
Alan Jackson           Gone Country                                 Who I Am                               1994
Alan Parsons Project   Don't Answer Me                              (single)                               1984
Alanis Morissette      Front Row                                    Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie     1998
Alice Cooper           Nuclear Infected                             Flush the Fashion                      1980
All Living Fear        Someone Under Everyone                       Minimum Resistance                     1996
America                Down to the Water                            Arbor                                  1977
Ancient rites          Lindisfarne (Anno 793)                       Dim Carcosa                            2001
Anthrax                Medusa                                       Spreading the Disease                  1985
Apache Indian          Peaceful Island                              Karma                                  2000
Arcwelder              Treasured Island                             Everest                                1999
Artension              The City Is Lost                             Phoenix Rising                         1997
Audioslave             Bring Em Back Alive                          Audioslave                             2002
Audioslave             Out of Exile                                 Out of Exile                           2005
Bal Sagoth             Draconis Albionensis                         Atlantis Ascendant                     2001
                       Journey To The Isle Of Mists (Over The       Starfire Burning upon the Ice-Veiled
Bal Sagoth                                                                                                 1997
                       Moonless Depths Of Night-Dark Seas)          throne of Ultima Thule
Beastie Boys           An Open Letter to NYC                        To the 5 Boroughs                      2004
Beastie Boys           B-Boy Bouillabaisse                          Paul's Boutique                        1989
Beastie Boys           Do It                                        Ill Communication                      1994
Beastie Boys           Flowin' Prose                                Hello Nasty                            1998
Beastie Boys           Mark On The Bus                              Check Your Head                        1992
Beastie Boys           The Vibes                                    Ill Communication                      1994
Bee Gees               Blue Island                                  Size Isn't Everything                  1993
Billy Joel             Captain Jack                                 Piano Man                              1973
Billy Joel             Everybody Loves You Now                      Songs in the Attic                     1981
Billy Joel             Goodnight Saigon                             The Nylon Curtaine                     1982
                       Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On
Billy Joel                                                          Turnstiles                             1976

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Billy Joel                  The Ballad Of Billy The Kid                       Piano Man                              1973
Billy Joel                  The Downeaster "Alexa"                            Storm Front                            1989
Biohazard                   Urban Discipline                                  Urban Discipline                       1992
Bjork                       There's More To Life Than This                    Debut                                  1993
Blind Guardian              Fast To Madness                                   Follow the Blind                       1989
Blind Guardian              Mirror Mirror                                     Nightfall In The Middle-Earth          1998
Blind Guardian              Out on the Water                                  Nightfall In The Middle-Earth          1998
Bob Dylan                   Belle Isle                                        Self Portrait                          1970
Bob Dylan                   Black Diamond Bay                                 Desire                                 1976
Bob Dylan                   Christmas Island                                  Christmas in the Heart                 2009
Bob Marley                  Smile Jamaica                                     Smile Jamaica part 2                   1976
Bob Seger                   Till It Shines                                    Stranger in Town                       1978
Bobo In White Wooden Houses Aside Of The Road                                 Bobo in White Wooden Houses            1991
Bon Jovi                    Santa Fe                                          Blaze of Glory                         1990
Borknagar                   The Presence is Ominous                           Quintessence                           2000
Brand New                   Logan to Government Center                        Your Favorite Weapon                   2001
Bright Eyes                 Train Under Water                                 I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning           2005
Brutal Truth                Crawlspace                                        Need to Control                        1994
Bryan Ferry                 This Island Earth                                 The Bride Stripped Bare                1978
Burzum                      The Power of Empathy                              Hlidskjalf                             1999
Burzum                      Tuisto's Heart                                    Hlidskjalf                             1999
Busted                      Thunderbirds Are Go                               Busted 2004                            2004
Cadillac Moon               Long Island Iced Tea                              In the Kitchen                         1997
Cake                        Italian Leather Sofa                              Fashion Nugget                         1996
Camel                       Drafted                                           Nude                                   1981
Candlemass                  The Ebony Throne                                  Chapter VI                             1992
Carly Simon                 Island                                            This Kind of Love                      2008
Carpathian Forest           The pale mist hovers towards the nightly shores   Through chasm, Caves and Titan Woods   1995
Celtic Frost                This Island Earth                                 Vanity/Nemesis                         1990
Christina Aguilera          Infatuation                                       Stripped                               2002
Chumbawamba                 Scapegoat                                         Tubthumper                             1997
Coldplay                    Warning Sign                                      A Rush of Blood to the Head            2002

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Counting Crows               Here Comes That Feeling Again                  Hard Candy                           2002
Cranberries                  Yeat's Grave                                   No Need To Argue                     1994
Crosby, Stills & Nash        Lady of the Island                             Crosby, Stills & Nash                1969
Dan Mccafferty               Island in The Sun                              Into the Ring                        1987
Dan Mccafferty               My Sunny Island                                Into the Ring                        1987
Dan Mccafferty               Southern Cross                                 Into the Ring                        1987
David Bowie                  The Supermen                                   The Man Who Sold the World           1970
David Gilmour                On An Island                                   On An Island                         2006
Death Cab for Cutie          Coney Island                                   The Photo Album                      2001
Death Cab for Cutie          Marching Bands of Manhattan                    Plans                                2005
Death Cab for Cutie          Transatlanticism                               Transatlanticism                     2003
Deceased                     Island Of The Unknown                          The Blueprints For Madness           1985
Demis Roussos                Happy to be on an Island in the Sun            Happy to be                          1976
Depeche Mode                 World in My Eyes                               Violator                             1990
Descendents                  Mr Bass                                        Fat                                  1981
Destroy!                     Atomic Myopia                                  Burn this Racist System Down (EP)    1992
Diana Ross                   Swept Away                                     Swept Away                           1984
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas   Waters Of Wide Agony                           Come Heavy Sleep                     1997
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles       F.R.D.C.                                       Dirty Rotten LP                      1983
Disembowelment               The Spirits of the Tall Hall                   Transcendence Into The Peripherial   1993
Donovan                      Atlantis                                                                            1968
Dropkick Murphys             The Rocky Road to Dublin                       Sing Loud, Sing Proud                2001
Edguy                        Babylon                                        Theater Of Salvation                 1999
Eloy                         Poseidon's Creation                            Ocean                                1977
Elton John                   Belfast                                        Made in England                      1995
Elton John                   Island girl                                    Rock of the Westies                  1975
Elton John                   On Dark Street                                 The One                              1992
Eminem                       Drug Ballad                                    The Marshall Mathers LP              2000
Eminem                       Tylenol Island                                 Off The Wall                         2000
Eric Clapton                 Don't Blame me                                 There's One In Every Crowd           1975
Everlast                     Pass It On                                     Forever Everlasting                  1990
Everlast                     Soul Music                                     White Trash Beautiful                2004
Evil Dead                    Future Shock                                   Annihilation Of Civilization         1990

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Faith No More          Anne's Song                           Introduce Yourself                       1987
Fate's Warning         Fata Morgana                          Awaken The Guardian                      1986
Fate's Warning         Island In The Stream                  Inside Out                               1994
Fate's Warning         Orphan Gypsy                          The Spectre Within                       1985
Fate's Warning         The Ivory Gate of Dreams              No Exit                                  1998
Fate's Warning         Without a Trace                       The Spectre Within                       1985
Fear Factory           0-0                                   Obsolete                                 1998
Ferguson Jay           Thunder Island                        Thunder Island                           1978
Finn Brothers          Kiss The Road Of Rarotonga            Finn                                     1995
Flogging Molly         Queen Anne's Revenge                  Within a Mile of Home                    2004
Flogging Molly         Tobacco Island                        Within a Mile of Home                    2004
Flotsam And Jetsam     No Place For Disgrace                 No Place for Disgrace                    1988
Fountains of Wayne     Fire Island                           Welcome Interstate Managers              2003
Fountains of Wayne     It Must be Summer                     Utopia Parkway                           1999
Fountains of Wayne     Red Dragon Tattoo                     Utopia Parkway                           1999
Fountains of Wayne     Utopia Parkway                        Utopia Parkway                           1999
Fountains of Wayne     Valley Winter Song                    Welcome Interstate Managers              2003
Frente!                Air                                   Shape                                    1996
Fun Lovin' Criminals   Scooby Snacks                         Come Find Yourself                       1996
Gamma Ray              Changes                               Sigh no more                             1991
Gamma Ray              Fire Below                            No World Order                           2001
Genesis                The Fountain of Salmacis              Nursery Crime                            1971
George Harrison        Cloud 9                               Cloud 9                                  1987
George Harrison        Pisces Fish                           Brainwashed                              2002
Glass Tiger            This Island Earth                     Diamond Sun                              1990
Glassjaw               Hurting and Shoving                   Glassjaw                                 2000
Godley & Creme         Honolulu Lulu                         Consequences                             1977
Gomez                  Bring It On                           Liquid Skin                              1999
Gomez                  Get Miles                             How We Operate                           2006
                                                             Radio Gnome Invisible Trilogy, Part 3:
Gong                   The Isle of Everywhere                                                         1973
Gordon Lightfoot       Christian Island                      Gord's Gold, Vol. 2                      1988
Grave Digger           Avalon                                Excalibur                                1999

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Grinspoon            Signpost                               Easy                            1999
Grip Inc.            Descending Darkness                    Nemesis                         1997
Grip Inc.            Vindicate                              Solidify                        1999
Guano Apes           You Can't Stop Me                      Walking on Thin Line            2003
GWAR                 Don't need a man                       Carnival of Chaos               1997
Hanson               Back to the Island                     Boomerang                       1995
Heather Nova         Island                                 Wonderlust                      2000
Hot Hot Heat         Island of the Honest Man               Elevator                        2005
Hum                  Isle Of The Cheetah                    Downward Is Heavenward          1998
Idlewild             I Don't Have the Map                   100 Broken Windows              2000
Impaled Nazarene     Genocide                               Suomi Finland Perkele           1994
In The Woods…        (only the album title)                 Isle Of Men                     1993
In The Woods…        (only the album title)                 The Return To The Isle Of Men   1996
In The Woods…        Ion                                    Strange In Stereo               1999
Indigo Girls         Ghost                                  Rites of Passage                1992
Insane Clown Posse   Cotton Candy & Popsicles               The Wraith: Shangri-La          2002
Insane Clown Posse   Every Halloween                        Forgotten Freshness, Vol. 3     2001
Insane Clown Posse   Super Star                             Forgotten Freshness, Vol. 3     2001
Insane Clown Posse   The Shaggy Show                        The Amazing Jeckel Brothers     1999
Insane Clown Posse   Wagon Wagon                            The Ringmaster                  1994
Jefferson Airplane   Rock & Roll Island                     Bark                            1971
Jefferson Starship   The Baby Tree                          Blows Against the Empire        1970
Jethro Tull          Acres Wild                             Heavy Horses                    1977
Jethro Tull          Another Christmas Song                 Rock Island                     1989
Jethro Tull          Ears of Tin                            Rock Island                     1989
Jethro Tull          European Legacy                        Under Wraps                     1984
Jethro Tull          Mountain Men                           Crest of A Knave                1987
Jethro Tull          Rock Island                            Rock Island                     1989
Jethro Tull          Strange Avenues                        Rock Island                     1989
Jethro Tull          Teacher                                Benefit                         1970
Jimi Hendrix         The Wind Cries Mary                    Are You Experienced             1967
Jimi Hendrix         Voodoo Child                           Electric Ladyland               1968
Jimmy Buffett        A Thousand Steps to Nowhere            Don't Stop the Carnival         1998

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Jimmy Buffett   Altered Boy                                    Far Side of the World                     2002
Jimmy Buffett   Back to the Island                             License to Chill                          2004
Jimmy Buffett   Boomerang Love                                 Off to See the Lizard                     1989
Jimmy Buffett   Calaloo                                        Don't Stop the Carnival                   1998
Jimmy Buffett   Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes     Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes 1977
Jimmy Buffett   Changing Channels                              Off to See the Lizard                     1989
Jimmy Buffett   Chanson pour les petits enfants                Volcano                                   1979
Jimmy Buffett   Christmas island                               Christmas Island                          1996
Jimmy Buffett   Coconut Telegraph                              Coconut Telegraph                         1981
Jimmy Buffett   Cowboy in the Jungle                           Son of a Son of a Sailor                  1978
Jimmy Buffett   Distantly in Love                              One Particular Harbour                    1983
Jimmy Buffett   Fat Person Man                                 Don't Stop the Carnival                   1998
                                                               Buffett Live: Tuesdays, Thursdays,
Jimmy Buffett   Fruitcakes                                                                               1999
Jimmy Buffett   Funeral Dance                                  Don't Stop the Carnival                   1998
Jimmy Buffett   God's Own Drunk                                Living and Dying in 3/4 Time              1974
Jimmy Buffett   He went to Paris                               A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean 1973
Jimmy Buffett   Henny's Song: The Key to My Man                Don't Stop the Carnival                   1998
Jimmy Buffett   If It All Falls Down                           Floridays                                 1986
Jimmy Buffett   Intro: The Legend of Norman Paperman/Kinja     Don't Stop the Carnival                   1998
Jimmy Buffett   Island                                         Coconut Telegraph                         1981
Jimmy Buffett   Island Fever                                   Don't Stop the Carnival                   1998
Jimmy Buffett   It's All About the Water                       Don't Stop the Carnival                   1998
Jimmy Buffett   Jolly Mon Sing                                 Last Mango in Paris                       1985
Jimmy Buffett   King of Somewhere Hot                          Hot Water                                 1988
Jimmy Buffett   Knees of My Heart                              Riddles in the Sand                       1984
Jimmy Buffett   Knees of my Heart                              Riddles in the Sand                       1984
Jimmy Buffett   Lage Nom Ai                                    Barometer Soup                            1995
Jimmy Buffett   Mele Kalikimaka                                Christmas island                          1996
Jimmy Buffett   Morris' Nightmare                              You Had to Be There                       1978
Jimmy Buffett   No Plane on Sunday                             Floridays                                 1986

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Jimmy Buffett                 Oysters and Pearls                             Beach House on the Moon               1999
Jimmy Buffett                 Prince of Tides                                Hot Water                             1988
Jimmy Buffett                 Public relations                               Don't Stop the Carnival               1998
Jimmy Buffett                 Public Relations (Reprise)                     Don't Stop the Carnival               1998
Jimmy Buffett                 Sheila Says                                    Don't Stop the Carnival               1998
Jimmy Buffett                 Son of a Son of a Sailor                       Son of a Son of a Sailor              1978
Jimmy Buffett                 Stranded on a Sandbar                          Volcano                               1979
Jimmy Buffett                 The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful   Coconut Telegraph                     1981
Jimmy Buffett                 The Wino and I Know                            Living and Dying in 3/4 Time          1974
Jimmy Buffett                 Time to Go Home                                Don't Stop the Carnival               1998
Jimmy Buffett                 Tin Cup Chalice                                A-1-A                                 1974
Jimmy Buffett                 Volcano                                        Volcano                               1979
Jimmy Buffett                 Who Are We Trying to Fool?                     Don't Stop the Carnival               1998
Joan Baez                     No Man is an Island                            Baptism: A Journey Through Our Time   1968
Joe Cocker                    Living in the Promiseland                      Live!                                 1990
John Farnham                  Reasons                                        Whispering Jack                       1986
John Foxx                     Shine On                                       In Mysterious Ways                    1985
John Frusciante               Communique                                     A Sphere in the Heart of Silence      2004
Judas Priest                  Call For The Priest / Raw Deal                 Sin After Sin                         1977
Judas Priest                  Island of Domination                           Sad Wings of Destiny                  1976
Justin Hayward & John Lodge   Who Are You Now                                Blue Jays                             1975
Kansas                        Distant Vision                                 Somewhere to Elsewhere                2000
Kataklysm                     3. Exode Of Evils                              Temple Of Knowledge                   1996
Kataklysm                     3. Shrine Of Life                              The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation    1993
King Crimson                  Islands                                        Islands                               1971
Kiss                          Escape From The Island                         Music from 'The Elder'                1981
Kool G. Rap                   Riker's Island                                 Wanted: Dead or Alive                 1990
Kreator                       When the sun burns red                         Coma Of Souls                         1990
Kris Kristofferson            Easter Island                                  Easter Island                         1978
Lagwagon                      Island of Shame                                Trashed                               1994
Laibach                       The Great Seal                                 Opus Dei                              1987
Laurie Anderson               Language Is A Virus                            United States Live                    1983
Lee Hazlewood                 Souls Island                                   A House Safe for Tigers               1975

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Lenny Kravitz         Let's Get High                                Lenny                               2001
Lfo                   What if                                       Life Is Good                        2001
Live                  Dance with you                                The Distance To Here                1999
Liz Phair             Stuck On An Island                            "What's Up Matador" (compilation)   1997
Lou Reed              Coney Island Baby                             Coney Island Baby                   1975
Luba                  Strength In Numbers                           Between the Earth & Sky             1986
Luna                  I Know You Tried                              Bewitched                           1994
Mad Capsule Markets   Island                                        OSC DIS                             2001
Mad Capsule Markets   Island                                        Cistm Konfliqt                      2005
Madness               Prospects                                     Keep Moving                         1984
Manilla Road          Isle Of The Dead                              The Deluge                          1986
Manowar               Each Dawn I Die                               Hail To England                     1984
Marillion             Dry Land                                      How We Live                         1987
Mazzy Star            Ghost Highway                                 The Black Sessions                  1993
Megadeth              Devil's Island                                Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?    1986
Memento Mori          Morbid Fear                                   Rhymes Of Lunacy                    1993
Meredith Brooks       I Need                                        Blurring The Edges                  1997
Meredith Brooks       Stop                                          Blurring The Edges                  1997
Michael Pinder        Island to Island                              The Promise                         1976
Michael W. Smith      Lamu                                          The Big Picture                     1986
Mike Oldfield         Dark Island                                   Voyager                             1996
Mike Oldfield         Foreign Affair                                Crises                              1983
Misfits               This Island Earth                             American Psycho                     1997
Misfits               You Belong to Me                              Project 1950                        2003
Mission UK            Island In A Stream                            Gods Own Medicine                   1986
Modest Mouse          Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat   The Fruit That Ate Itself           1997
Modest Mouse          What People Are Made Of                       The Moon & Antarctica               2000
Morten Harket         East Timor                                    Wild Seed                           1995
Mortician             Island of the Dead                            Chainsaw Dismemberment              1999
Motorhead             Lost in the Ozone                             Bastards                            1993
My Dying Bride        The Light At The End Of The World             The Light At The End Of The World   1999
Mystic Circle         Isenstein                                     Drachenblut                         1998
Mystic Circle         King Of The Nibelungenhord                    Drachenblut                         1998

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                           Moonick (Why Does It Never Rain On The     The World Is So Good That Who Made It
Mystifier                                                                                                     1996
                           Moon?)                                     Doesn't Live Here
Natalie Imbruglia          Everything Goes                            White Lilies Island                     2001
Neal Schon                 I'll Cover You                             Late Nite                               1989
Neil Young                 Captain Kennedy                            Hawks & Doves                           1980
Nelly Furtado              Island of Wonder                           Folklore                                2003
New Order                  Leave Me Alone                             Power, Corruption & Lies                1983
Nits                       Desert Island Song                         Da da da                                1994
Nocturnus                  Tribal Vodoun                              Thresholds                              1992
NoFX                       S & M Airlines                             S & M Airlines                          1989
NoFX                       Theme from a Nofx Album                    Pump Up the Valuum                      2000
Novembre                   Its gaze                                   Wish I Could Dream It Again…            1994
Nuclear Assault            Something Wicked                           Something Wicked                        1993
Oasis                      Half The World Away                        The Masterplan                          1998
On Thorns I Lay            In Heaven's Island                         Orama                                   1997
Overkill                   In Union We Stand                          Taking Over                             1987
Oxiplegatz                 A Black hole is swallowing the sun…        Sidereal Journey                        1998
Oxiplegatz                 Usurpers                                   Worlds And Worlds                       1996
Oyster Band                The Lakes Of Cool Flynn                    Wide Blue Yonder                        1987
Pain of Salvation          Fandango                                   Remedy Lane                             2002
Patrik Fitzgerald          Island Of Lost Souls                       Gifts and Telegrams                     1982
Peter Cetera               Holding Out                                One More Story                          1988
Peter Gabriel              Here Comes The Flood                       Peter Gabriel                           1977
Phish                      Anything but Me                            Round Room                              2002
Pink Floyd                 The Nile Song                              Soundtrack from the film More           1969
Police                     Message In A Bottle                        Reggatta De Blanc                       1979
Porcupine Tree             Jupiter Island                             On the Sunday of Life                   1991
Pulp                       Wickerman                                  We Love Life                            2001
Queensryche                Beside You                                 Q2K                                     1999
Rage Against The Machine   I'm Housin                                 Renegades                               2000
Ramones                    Oh Oh I Love Her So                        Leave Home                              1976
Ramones                    Touring                                    Mondo Bizarro                           1992
Rancid                     Reconciliation                             Rancid 2000                             2000

                                                             Page 9
Randy Newman            Little Island                          Randy Newman's Faust       1995
Red Hot Chili Peppers   Behind the Sun                         Out In L.A.                1994
Red Hot Chili Peppers   Yertle The Turtle                      Freaky Styley              1985
Red House Painters      Helicopter                             "Bridge"                   1993
Robert Plant            Ship of Fools                          Now and Zen                1988
Robert Plant            Song to the Siren                      Dreamland                  2002
Roch Voisine            Mountain Girl                          Double                     1990
Roger Waters            Watching Tv                            Amused to Death            1992
Roxy Music              Avalon                                 Avalon                     1982
Roy Harper              Desert Island                          Burn the World             1990
Running Wild            Port Royal                             Port Royal                 1988
Running Wild            Treasure Island                        Pile Of Skulls             1992
Runrig                  The Cutter                             The Cutter & The Clan      1987
Rush                    Alien Shore                            Counterparts               1993
Rush                    Digital Man                            Signals                    1982
Rush                    Entre Nous                             Permanent Waves            1980
Rush                    You Bet Your Life                      Roll the Bones             1991
Salad                   Shepherds' Isle                        Drink Me                   1995
Sam Brown               Where You Are                          April Moon                 1990
Sasha                   Raindrops                              Dedicated to …             1998
Satyricon               The Dawn of A New Age                  Nemesis Divina             1996
Savatage                Another Way                            The Wake Of Magellan       1997
Savatage                Sirens                                 The Dungeons Are Calling   1984
Scanner                 ...20th CENTURY CRUSADE                Mental reservation         1995
Scanner                 ...Conception Of A Cure                Mental Reservation         1995
Scanner                 ...Into A Brave Man's Mind             Mental Reservation         1995
Scanner                 ...Out Of Nowhere                      Mental Reservation         1995
Scanner                 Across The Universe                    Hypertrace                 1988
Scanner                 From The Dust Of Ages                  Terminal Earth             1990
Scorpions               Holiday                                Lovedrive                  1979
Septic Flesh            Marble Smiling Face                    A Fallen Temple            1998
Shed Seven              On An Island With You                  Change Giver               1994
Simon & Garfunkel       I am a Rock                            Sounds of Silence          1966

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Sister Hazel          Cerilene                                 Somewhere More Familiar                     1997
Skyclad               Isle of Jura                             The Answer Machine?                         1997
Skyclad               Our Dying Island                         Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth                1991
Solstice              New Dark Age II                          New Dark Age                                1998
Sonic Youth           Mote                                     Goo                                         1990
Sonic Youth           Providence                               Daydream Nation                             1988
Status Quo            Living on an Island                      (single)                                    1979
Steely Dan            Brooklyn                                 Can't Buy a Thrill                          1972
Steel Pulse           Islands Unite                            Vex                                         1994
Steve Miller Band     Jungle Love                              Steve Miller Band: Live!                    1983
Stevie Ray Vaughan    Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)             Couldn't Stand the Weather                  1984
Sting                 Island of Souls                          The Soul Cages                              1991
Stone Roses           Straight To The Man                      Second Coming                               1994
Styx                  Krakatoa                                 The Serpent Is Rising                       1974
Styx                  Lights                                   Cornerstone                                 1979
Styx                  Mademoiselle                             Crystal Ball                                1976
Styx                  Nothing Ever Goes as Planned             Paradise Theater                            1981
Suzanne Vega          Calypso                                  Solitude Standing                           1987
Sweet                 Co-Co                                    Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be                1971
Symphorce             Sea Of Life                              Truth To Promises                           1999
                                                               Prophets, Seers & Sages The Angels of the
T.Rex                 The Scenescof Dynasty                                                                1968
                                                               Travellers Aid Trust (various -
The Agents of Chaos   Damage Of Life                                                                       1988
The Apex Theory       Bravo                                    Topsy-Turvy                                 2002
The Beach Boys        California Girls                         Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)           1965
The Beach Boys        Hawaii                                   Surfer Girl                                 1963
The Beach Boys        Island fever                             Summer in Paradise                          1992
The Beach Boys        Island Girl                              Still Cruisin'                              1989
The Beach Boys        Still Cruisin'                           Still Cruisin'                              1989
The Beach Boys        Surfin' Safari                           Surfin' Safari                              1962
The Beach Boys        Where I Belong                           The Beach Boys                              1985
The Beatles           When I'm Sixty-Four                      Sergent Pepper                              1967

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The Bloodhound Gang            Mope                                             Hooray for Boobies                           2000
The Church                     Perfect Child                                    Starfish                                     1988
The Church                     Transient                                        Gold Afternoon Fix                           1990
The Counting Crows             Anna Begins                                      Across a Wire: Live in New York              1998
The Creatures                  Willow                                           Boomerang                                    1989
The Doors                      Break on Through                                 The Doors                                    1966
                               Celebration of the lizard (poema The Palace of
The Doors                                                                       Absolutely Live                              1970
The Eagles                     The Last Resort                                  Hotel California                             1976
The Hornettes                  Waikiki Tamouré                                  We Are On The Way-O                          1982
The Kinks                      Drift Away                                       Phobia                                       1993
The Kinks                      End of the Season                                Something Else by the Kinks                  1967
The Kinks                      I'm on an Island                                 The Kink Kontroversy                         1965
The Kinks                      State of Confusion                               State of Confusion                           1983
The Mars Volta                 The Widow                                        Frances the Mute                             2005
The Men They Couldn't Hang     Island in the Rain                               Waiting for Bonaparte                        1988
The Monkees                    Calico Girlfriend Samba                          The Monkees Present                          1969
The Moody Blues                Island                                           Seventh Sojourn                              1972
The Nits                       Man-friday                                       Work                                         1981
The Pixies                     Bone Machine                                     Surfer Rosa                                  1988
The Pixies                     Crackity Jones                                   Doolittle                                    1989
The Pixies                     Isla de Incanta                                  Come On Pilgrim                              1987
                                                                                Presidents of the United States of America
The Presidents Of The U.S.A.   Volcano                                                                                       1996
The Renaissance                Island                                           Renaissance                                  1969
The Samples                    Conquistador                                     The Last Drag                                1993
The Who                        Happy Jack                                       A Quick One                                  1966
They Might Be Giants           New York City                                    Factory Showroom                             1996
They Might Be Giants           Sleeping In The Flowers                          John Henry                                   1994
Tight Fit                      Fantasy Island                                                                                1982
Tom Petty                      Walls (Circus)                                   Songs and Music From "She's the One"         1996
Tracy Chapman                  I Used to Be a Sailor                            Matters of the Heart                         1992
Traffic                        Shanghai Noodle Factory                          Last Exit                                    1969

                                                                    Page 12
Travis                Driftwood                                  The Man Who                            1999
Turin Brakes          Starship                                   The Optimist                           2001
Type - o - Negative   (We Were) Electrocute                      Life Is Killing Me                     2003
U2                    One Step Closer                            How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb        2004
UB40                  All I Want to Do                           (single)                               1986
Ugly Kid Joe          Undertow                                   Motel California                       1996
Unleashed             Into Glory Ride                            Where No Life Dwells                   1991
Van Halen             Could This Be Magic?                       Woman and Children First               1980
Van Halen             Take Me Back (Deja Vu)                     Balance                                1995
Van Morrison          Coney Island                               Avalon Sunset                          1989
Velvet Underground    Coney Island Steeplechase                  Another view                           1986
Vicious Rumors        Faith                                      Cyberchrist                            1998
Violent Femmes        This Island Life                           New Times                              1994
Voivod                Sub-Effect                                 Nothingface                            1989
Voodoocult            Cliffhunger On A Bloody Sunday             Voodoocult                             1995
Voodoocult            Exorcised By A Kiss                        Voodoocult                             1995
Waltari               The Beginning Song                         So Fine                                1995
Warlock               Metal Tango                                Triumph And Agony                      1987
Weezer                Across The Sea                             Pinkerton                              1996
Weezer                Island In The Sun                          The Green Album                        2001
Whitesnake            Sailing Ships                              Slip Of The Tongue                     1989
Wire                  The Finest Drops                           A Bell Is a Cup...Until It Is Struck   1988
Wish                  Rain                                       Monochrome                             1995
Wishbone Ash          Lonely Island                              Outward Bound                          1998
Xtc                   Desert Island                              (single)                               1983
Yes                   Future Times/Rejoice                       Tormato                                1978
ZZ Top                Balinese                                   Fandango                               1975
ZZ Top                Dust My Broom                              Deguello                               1979
ZZ Top                Heave, Hell or Houston                     El Loco                                1981

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