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					         6         Key competences that reflect the     How can competence be measured                Assessment methods where it can Types of tasks and questions that can be used
 Intelligence type intelligence; & What to look for                                                   be shown
     L Spain
                   Team work                            Participation level and observation of        Skills demonstration:              To plan a surprise party for someone: what to do? Who does it?
                                                        different roles played in the team work                                          How to do it? When? Where?
                                                        discussions and decisions making
                   Abilities:                                                                         Team work in different groups:
                                                                                                      small, big, mixed in gender, the
                                                                                                      same gender
                   Making decisions in group
                   to negociate,
                   to coordinate,
                   to give orders,
                   to obey, to delegate, to listen
                   Public talking                       -Presentation of the team work results        Oral presentation                  -To show the agreements and disagreements in the process of
                                                        (from previous group activity)                                                   planning the team work and the distribution of tasks
                   Good presence                        -Presentation talking about me                                                   -To account for an anecdote
                   Oratory and non verbal
                   To listen                            To express using your owns words what         Written report                     To listen an explanation about some new profession, and
                                                        you have listened                                                                afterwards explain what you have understood
                   Ability to understand other persons’                                               Oral presentation
                   intentions and motivations
                   Empathy                              To argue different individual positions for   Written report                     Using a new, comment it and give arguments to defend the points
                                                        the same situation                                                               of view of each person involved.
                   Ability to put in the place of                                                     Oral presentation
                   another person
                   (under another person’s skin?)
                   To solve interpersonal conflicts     To simulate a situation where there is a      Skills demonstration               To play a simulated situation: to present a claim/demand - to
                                                        conflict assuming different roles and                                            attend a claim/demand.
                                                        exchanging them.
                   Ability to understand different ways
                   of thinking/feeling/acting

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