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        People’s opinion on immigration is very split. Some people think we should let

them come into our country and others think we should build a huge fence to keep all of

the immigrants out. In the book Guns, Germ, and Steel, by Jared Diamond: Diamond

talks about how the Europeans came across the sea and took over North America. “ For

America in particular, the 1492 snapshot captures the end of the independent trajectory

of the Native American”(360. Although illegal immigrants into the United States is very

unlikely to have the same drastic effect it had in the 1400’s, they still cause a lot of

problems in our county today. The act of illegal immigration into the United States

needs to be stopped, so that we will no longer need to deal with the problems they

currently cause.

        Illegal immigrants cause many problems in the United States. The immigrants

that are sneaking into the U.S. are taking jobs from the legal Americans who are already

in the country. FAIR, which is the Federation For Immigrant Reform, estimates there are

nearly 8.5 million jobs taken by illegal aliens in 2010 (FAIR). This is the main reason why

people in America are so outraged with Illegal immigration. They feel that, especially in

the harsh economy this country is in, illegal immigrants are taking jobs that U.S. citizens

and people who have legally immigrated to the U.S deserve. The illegal immigrants are
cheating the system, they are not going through the process to legally go into the U.S.

So they are taking jobs from people who have waited for a long time to become legal

U.S. citizens and deserve the jobs, that are available, a lot more then the illegal


       Another problem that the illegal immigrants are causing is the cost they cause

our country to pay for their health care and incarceration. Illegal immigrants health care

and incarceration cost California 10.5 billion dollars per year (usgovinfo). That is a huge

amount of money and that is only the cost for one state, which means if you totaled the

whole state it would be a much larger number. This is a ridiculous figure because this

money could be going towards a much better cause, like fixing our roads or running

government programs to help out the poor people who are in are country that are

actually U.S. citizens. Instead the country has to take care of people who another

country should be dealing with. The U.S also has to deal with and pay for people who,

shouldn’t even be in the country, are breaking laws and causing havoc.

       The last main reason why people don’t want illegal immigrants in America is

because smugglers from Mexico to the U.S. are not only smuggling people they are

smuggling drugs. Federal investigators believe that as much as 2.2 million kilograms of

cocaine and 11.6 kilograms of marijuana were smuggled into the United States via the

Mexican border in 2005 (nccivitas). Some of the drugs that cross the boarder are

crossing with the illegal immigrants because many immigrants are criminals who are

running from the law in Mexico and the U.S. is the only way out. So its not only the

immigrants that are the problem it is the drugs and crime that some of the illegal
immigrants bring over with them. This causes more violence in the U.S. then is already

in the country and also leads to deaths and Paramilitary groups trading fire with U.S

agents (nccivitas). This is a main cause for anger towards the immigrants because U.S.

citizens are pissed off when U.S. people are getting shot at over drugs that are being

smuggled across the boarder.

       On the other side of the argument, people think that the illegal immigrants

deserve a shot at the American dream (cnn). These people agree that the illegal

immigrants are taking jobs, but they say that they are taking the jobs that most U.S.

citizens wouldn’t even want to work. They say they are jobs that need to be done but

unless we have immigrants we would have no one to do these important, but hard or

disgusting jobs. Another argument people have is that the United States is a country of

immigrants. They pull the historical point that everyone in the United States, except for

Native Americans, came from a different country and their ancestors immigrated from

one country or another to the U.S.

       Some of the points on the pro side of the argument do make some sense, but do

not over take the bad things that illegal immigrants cause. Even though the United

States was founded on immigration it was before the laws of immigration were made

and over the history of the U.S. the country has had many laws put in to place to try to

control immigration to the U.S. from specific countries. This is so that the illegal

immigrants do not overwhelmed the country and they come in at a controllable rate.

The argument that they deserve a shot at the American dream is a good point, but they

should have to go through the legal process like everyone else. They should not be
allowed to just cheat the system and get away with it, they should be healed to the

standards of every one else. The argument that immigrants take jobs that U.S. citizens

don’t want might have been a valid point before the economic down turn, but now that

unemployment is so high many people would take any job they can get their hands on.

So the illegal immigrants are taking money from people who are U.S. citizens.

       Illegal immigration is a huge problem in the U.S. People are on both sides of the

argument and have many different reasons as to why they believe in one side or the

other. The reason why the pros out weight the cons is because the immigrants cause

more problems then good they do. They take jobs from U.S. citizens; they also cost the

country a lot of money when they are forced to take care of their health care bills and

the incarceration. Those are the reasons why illegal immigration is a bad thing and it

needs to be fixed to cause further problems in the United States.

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