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CityU Guide 2012-13_Eng


									Arrival Guide
for International Students

Facts about CityU
Established in 1984

7 Colleges and Schools

   College of Business
   College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
   College of Science and Engineering
   School of Creative Media
   School of Energy and Environment
   School of Law
   Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies

World rankings:

   110th in QS World University Rankings 2011
   12th in QS Asian University Rankings 2012

Welcome to City University of Hong Kong                    2

Visa                   Apply for Hong Kong student visa    3
                       Visa restriction

Accommodation          Student Residence                   7
                       Private housing

Money                  Settling the fees                  11
                       Banking

Insurance                                                  15

Arrival                Pre-departure checklist            17
                       Getting to CityU

Get Started            Student Residence check-in         21
                       Student orientation
                       Enrolment and student ID
                       Course registration
                       “Student status” Octopus Card
                       Hong Kong Identity Card

Settling In            Safety                             25
                       Weather / climate
                       Electricity
                       Telephone
                       Post
                       Religion
                       Smoking
                       Transport

Academic Advising                                          29

Campus Resources                                           33

Contacts                                                   37
      Welcome to
      City University of Hong Kong

      This guide is compiled by the Mainland and External Affairs Office (MEAO) to
      provide you information that you might want to know before and after arrival in
      Hong Kong. It is by no means all-inclusive, but serves as a quick tool to navigate
      you at the beginning of your living and studying in a new country and university
      environment. Please use this guide as well as the other sources of information
      available at the CityU website while embarking on your educational journey
      with us!

      Contact MEAO
      Address:      Mainland and External Affairs Office
                    2/F, Block 2, To Yuen Building
                    City University of Hong Kong
                    Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR
      Tel:          (852) 3442 8089
      Email:                         Vision
      Website:                      and Mission
                                                        Vision: City University of Hong
                                                       Kong aspires to become a leading
                                                     global university, excelling in research
                                                          and professional education
                                                     Mission: To nurture and develop the
                                                      talents of students and to create
                                                      applicable knowledge in order to
                                                        support social and economic

2 3   CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13

       Visa                                                             Apply for
                                                                       HK student
                                                                     visa as soon as

       Apply for Hong Kong student visa
       If you don’t have the right of abode or the right to land in Hong Kong, you must
       obtain a student visa (or entry permit for mainland Chinese students) from the
       Hong Kong Immigration Department before you can formally register as a student
       at CityU. Apply early as an application may take as long as six weeks to process at
       the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

       CityU will assist students with their student visa application. Send the following
       documents to MEAO by post if you need CityU to sponsor your student visa:

       Original documents required
        Hong Kong Immigration Department form ID995A, with all relevant parts
          completed and signed
        Letter of consent completed and signed by your parent if you are under the
          age of 18
        A declaration by financial sponsor if you are financially sponsored by another
        A Request for Visa Sponsorship and Student's Agreement form

          Templates and forms can be downloaded from
Photocopies required
 Your travel document or identity card containing personal particulars
 Letter of admission issued by CityU (keep the original letter with you as you
   may be asked to produce the letter for inspection upon entry to Hong Kong)
 Your acknowledgement of acceptance of the admission offer (not applicable to
   exchange students)
 Financial documents, e.g. bank statements, savings account passbook,
   scholarship award notification, etc. If you are financially sponsored by someone
   else, provide proofs of deposit, income statements, tax receipts, etc. of the
   financial sponsor (don’t send original documents as all documents, once
   submitted, will not be returned)
 If you are a resident of the mainland of China and possess an Exit-entry Permit
   for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao《往來港澳通行證》, enclose
   the page with your personal particulars
 For Macao residents, your Macao identity card
 For Taiwan residents, your household registration in Taiwan (戶籍謄本) and
  Taiwan identity card

Visa fee & postage
 A non-refundable and non-transferable payment
                                                                 to present
   of HK$450 will be charged for student visa (or
                                                             your student visa /
   entry permit) application and courier fees.
   Enclose a bank draft payable to "City University          entry permit to the
   of Hong Kong" together with your visa                    Immigration Officer
   application, or fill out the payment section                upon entering
   in the Request for Visa Sponsorship and                       Hong Kong
   Student's Agreement to authorize payment
   by credit card

                                                              CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13   4 5

        Community and Integration
                ”Poon Choi“ sharing

                                                                         a Hong Kong visa does
                                                                        not mean that you have
                                                                    the right to enter the mainland
             If you are a permanent resident of the                of China. If you wish to travel to
             mainland of China, you will need to apply for           the mainland during your stay
             an Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from         in Hong Kong, a separate visa
             Hong Kong and Macao (EEP) plus an exit                   is needed. Contact the China
             endorsement from an office of the Public Security          Travel Services for more
             Bureau after receiving your Hong Kong entry permit.               information

             Visa restriction
             With a student visa issued by the Immigration Department, you must:
              attend the educational institution and undertake the programme or course of study
                that were named in the letter of admission issued by the University
              not take up any employment, whether paid or unpaid, or establish or join in any
                business, unless you have special permission granted by Hong Kong Immigration

             For detailed information about visa application, visit this website

       6 7      CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13


                Student Residence
                Application method and deadline
                How to Apply

                 Exchange students          Apply online
                 Deadline: 15 May 2012      exchange_visiting/exchange/apply/

                 Exchange students
                 Deadline: 15 May 2012

                 Degree-pursuing students
                                            Application form is obtainable from
                 from overseas
                 Deadline: 30 May 2012

                 Degree-pursuing students
                 from mainland China
                 Deadline: 29 July 2012
Inside the room…

                                      Desk lamp   Air-conditioner (operated with a fee card)
                           Pedestal                   Bookshelves
                       Chair                               Study desk
                                                              Telephone (free for local calls)
                                                                    Computer network connection port
        A shared
        shower room                                                       Single bed with mattress

     A shared toilet                                                               Wardrobe

                                                                            Rubbish bin
      Mirror cabinet
          Wash basin

Common area…
                                            Laundry room

                                                                          Common rooms
                                                                          on most floors

             Music room
              Computer room

                       Meeting room

                                                                            CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13   8 9

                        Residence fees
                        Double Room: HK$4,840 per semester per person.
                        Single Room: HK$7,260 per semester per person.
                        3-person Apartment: HK$6,450 per semester per person.

                        Postgraduates of government-funded programmes
                        Fees vary from HK$1,350 to HK$3,000 per month per person.
                        Air-conditioning, laundry and bedding fees are not included.

                        Private housing
                        The rental for off-campus accommodation could range from HK$5,000 to
                        HK$12,000 a month depending on the size, location and type of accommodation.

                        For more information about finding an off-campus accommodation,
                        please visit

                10 11   CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13

        Legal tender in Hong Kong is the

        Hong Kong dollar (HK$), which is linked to
        the US dollar at a rate about HK$7.8 to US$1,
        although exchange rates may fluctuate slightly.

           Estimated Cost of Living
           Food                                                 HK$3,000
           Local transportation                                  HK$300
           Laundry                                               HK$200
           Books & stationery                                    HK$200
           Personal toiletries                                   HK$300
           Total:                                               HK$4,000
        Note: The cost of living is for reference only.

        Settling the fees
         New students will receive one payment notice during the first month after
            enrolment, which may cover tuition, student residence fee and insurance
            premium, whichever applicable
         Payment can be made at the Hang Seng Bank on campus by means of cash or
            a personal cheque in Hong Kong dollars, or by a transfer in Hong Kong dollars
            from a local bank account
Don’t bring too much cash with you while travelling to Hong Kong! About
HK$10,000 in cash should be enough to cover basic necessities for the first two
months in Hong Kong.

 Banks nearby:
   ˙ Hang Seng Bank on campus
   ˙ Citibank, HSBC and the Bank of China can be found in the nearby Festival
      Walk shopping mall
 To open a bank account, you need to produce your CityU Student Identity
   Card, travel document, student visa (or entry permit), and a proof of residence
 24-hour Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are available nearly everywhere
   in Hong Kong. They are connected to global networks such as Cirrus, Global
   Access, Plus, Visa or MasterCard. ATM cards can be used to withdraw cash in
   Hong Kong dollars. Some ATMs also provide cash in Renminbi

                                                             CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13   12 13
          International Exposure
                Internship at London Olympics

        14 15   CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13
            Insurance                                                            Take out
                                                                            travel and health
                                                                              before coming
                                                                                  to HK

            It is mandatory for non-local students to have suitable and adequate insurance
            throughout the entire period of their studies at City University of Hong Kong. You
            should purchase your own insurance policy that includes, but not limited to, travel,
            personal accidents, medical expenses (accident and non-accident), hospitalization
            and emergency evacuation / repatriation before coming to CityU.

             If you don’t have your own insurance, or wish to have additional coverage, you
               may enrol in the Group Personal Accident and Medical Benefits Insurance Plan
               for Non-local Students contracted by CityU. However, the Plan provides only
               basic and minimal coverage and does not include medical and health insurance.
               Students who have special concerns or wish to have better protection should
               take out insurance policies that will meet their specific needs

             It is always in your best interest to obtain and maintain a suitable and adequate
               insurance coverage before coming to CityU. Failure to do so may put your well-
               being at risk. The University and its staff are not liable for any loss, damage or
               injury, cost or expense arising from your failure to maintain adequate insurance

          Pre-departure checklist
           Apply for student visa / entry permit to Hong Kong
           Apply for Student Residence or find an off-campus accommodation
           Purchase travel and health insurance before departure
           Complete online pre-enrolment process and activate your electronic ID (EID) to
             login the CityU Student e-Portal and access information relating to your studies
           Read course registration information and follow the instructions on add / drop
             of courses
           Bring the following things with you to Hong Kong:
             ˙ valid passport / travel document

             ˙ original letter of admission issued by CityU
             ˙ copy of your insurance policy (Leave the original with your next of kin)
             ˙ cash, traveller’s cheque and / or credit card
             ˙ medication prescribed by your physician for personal use
             ˙ a few recent passport-size photos
             ˙ clothes fitting the weather in Hong Kong
             ˙ useful telephone numbers in case you need to seek help
Bus   E22
  From Airport to
  Kowloon Tong

Getting to CityU
 From Hong Kong International Airport
  ˙ By bus - take bus number E22 (do not take A22, E22A or E22P) from the
    public bus terminal at the airport and get off at the CityU Student Hostel
     Station which is located at Cornwall Street in Kowloon Tong
  ˙ By Mass Transit Railway (MTR) – take the MTR from the Airport Station to
    Kowloon Tong Station, where CityU is located. You will need to change the
     line at Tsing Yi, Lai King, and Prince Edward stations. Please visit to check the route and fare
  ˙ By taxi – it will cost about HK$220 to get to CityU or the Student Residence.
    There will have an extra charge for each piece of luggage and toll fees for
     crossing bridges or tunnels
 From Hung Hom Railway Station
  ˙ By MTR – take the East Rail Line and get off at Kowloon Tong Station
  ˙ By Taxi – it will cost about HK$50. There will have an extra charge for each
     piece of luggage

                                                             CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13   18 19
            Students Clinch International Awards

          20 21   CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13
 et Started
          Get Started

          Student Residence check-in
           If you have secured a place in the Student Residence or in the Jockey Club
              House of the Academic Exchange Building, you should plan to arrive in Hong
              Kong and check in to your room at the start of the housing term

           Housing Term
            Semester A                       27 August 2012 – 29 December 2012
            Semester B                       7 January 2013 – 27 May 2013
            Full-year                        27 August 2012 – 27 May 2013        Come to MEAO
          Please check for the latest information.           and get your
                                                                                 welcome pack

          Student orientation
           The University’s orientation programme normally starts

              one week before the first teaching week, unless specified
              otherwise. Join the orientation to get yourself familiarized
              with the campus environment and make new friends
           After settling in at the Student Residence, visit MEAO to get your orientation
              pack, which contains useful information about the orientation week
           Orientation programme schedule will be posted at the MEAO website
              one month before the semester begins

          Check out for more at
                                                               12               credits
                                                                    Minimum study load
                                                                       per academic

  Important Dates
                                       Semester A                           Semester B
  Student orientation       27 August 2012                              7 January 2013

                            3 September 2012
                            Applicable to exchange students,
                            students admitted with Advanced
                            Standing II and postgraduate students
  First teaching date                                                   14 January 2013
                            10 September 2012
                            Applicable to new undergraduate
                            students other than students admitted
                            with Advanced Standing II

  Last enrolment date       15 September 2012                           26 January 2013
  Course registeration
                            15 September 2012                           21 January 2013

Enrolment and student ID
 New students are required to complete the
   enrolment process. Bachelor’s degree, exchange
   and visiting students should follow the instruction
   for enrolment as indicated in their enrolment letter

Course registration
 Most of the courses can be registered online via AIMS (Administrative
   Information Management System), the University's intranet system. If online
   registration is not available for the course you intend to take, you will need to
   select the course on the AIMS platform, print out your selection (Add / Drop
   Form) and then submit the printout to the teaching department for approval
 As a non-local student, you should register for 12 up to 18 credits in one
   semester, or 6 up to 7 credits during the summer term to fulfil the student visa

                                                                      CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13   22 23
            Cross-culture Experience

                  “Student status” Octopus Card

                   Full-time students aged 25 or below are eligible to apply for a personalized
                     Octopus Card with "student status" to enjoy discounts on the MTR
                   Octopus application form can be obtained from Student Development Services
                     at the beginning of the semester, or you may get the form from any one of the
                     MTR stations

                  Hong Kong Identity Card
                   It is required by law to apply for a Hong
                     Kong Identity Card within 30 days after
                     entering Hong Kong if you will stay in Hong
                     Kong for more than 180 days
                   Make an appointment to apply for Hong
                     Kong Identity Card at

          24 25   CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13
Settling In
ettling In
              Settling In                                                    999  For Help
                                                                                (Police, Fire,
               Although Hong Kong is comparatively a safe city, it is
                 always in your best interest to stay vigilant and safeguard your
                 personal well-being at all times
               Hong Kong is left-hand traffic in driving. Always remember to check the traffic
                 on your right hand side and then the left before crossing the road
               In the event of an emergency, call 999 for help (police, fire, ambulance)

              Weather / Climate
               Season                   Months                  Temperatures        Humidity
               Spring     March to mid-May                       20°C to 28°C       About 80%
               Summer     mid-May to mid-September               28°C to 35°C       About 90%
               Autumn     mid-September to mid-December          20°C to 28°C       About 70%
               Winter     mid-December to February               15°C to 20°C       About 70%
Settling In
 The standard electrical voltage in Hong Kong is
   220 volts AC, 50Hz. The majority of electrical sockets
   take a three-pronged plug. Transformers and adaptors
   for electrical / electronic devices can be purchased in Hong Kong

 Local calls are free from private landlines
   and cost only HK$1 for five minutes from
   public telephones
 Telephone at the Student Residence can
   make free local calls
 Mobile phones which operate on networks
   such as GSM 900 / 1800, CDMA2000 and
   WCDMA can be used in Hong Kong (Phones
   operate on GSM 1900 network do not
   work in Hong Kong)

                                                                                                     Settling In
 The postage of a regular letter via airmail charges from HK$2.5
 The nearest post office to CityU is located at 11A, Fa Po Street, a 15-minute
   walk from campus along Tat Chee Avenue in Kowloon Tong

 Hong Kong is a multicultural city and people are free to worship according to
   their beliefs
 A quiet room is available on CityU campus (Room R7206, 7/F, Amenities
   Building, via Lift 19) for quiet reflection, meditation and prayer

                                                               CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13   26 27
                                                                     HK      $5,000
                                                                       Maximum penalty
                                                                       for smoking in the
                                                                         prohibited area
                       Smoking is prohibited in most indoor areas,
                         including the university campus and its buildings
                       Some outdoor and public areas are designated as statutory no smoking
                         areas, such as public beaches, swimming pools, public transport facilities and
                       Any person who smokes or carries a lighted tobacco product in the prohibited
                         area commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a maximum
                         fine of HK$5,000

Settling In

                       Public transport system
                         ˙ The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is one of the most convenient means of
                           public transport in Hong Kong. CityU is located right next to Kowloon Tong
                             MTR Station
                         ˙ Buses, minibuses, trams, ferries and taxis are also
                           widely used in Hong Kong
                       Octopus Card
                         ˙ Octopus is an electronic stored-value card that can
                           be accepted by most public transport including
                             buses, minibuses, trains, ferries, and the Peak Tram
                         ˙ It can also be used in convenience stores, e.g.
                           7-Eleven, Circle K and some fast food restaurants, e.g. Maxim’s, McDonald’s

              28 29   CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13
           cademic Advising
           Academic Advising

           For academic advice, students may contact their college or school.

             College of Business

             Room G7502, 7/F, Academic 1
                 (852) 3442 8525

             College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

             Room G7612, 7/F, Academic 1
                 (852) 3442 7151

             College of Science and Engineering

             Room B6518, 6/F, Academic 1
                 (852) 3442 7124

             School of Creative Media

             Level 7, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre
                 (852) 3442 8049

             School of Energy and Environment

             Room G5702, 5/F, Academic 1
                 (852) 3442 2410
School of Law

Room P5300, 5/F, Academic 1
    (852) 3442 8008

Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies

Taught Postgraduate and Visiting Postgraduate Studies
7/F, Block 1, To Yuen Building
    (852) 3442 5588

Research Degree, Professional Doctorate and Visiting Research Studies
7/F, Block 1, To Yuen Building
    (852) 3442 9076

                                                   CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13   30 31
             Whole Person Development
                   Olympic Torch Relay

           32 33   CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13
            ampus Resources
            Campus Resources

            Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO)

            Services for undergraduate students
            ˙ Student identity card application
            ˙ Course registration matters
            ˙ Certificate of study / graduation application
            ˙ Transcript application

            5/F, Fong Yun-wah Building              

            Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

            Services for postgraduate students
            ˙ Student identity card application
            ˙ Course registration matters
            ˙ Certificate of study / graduation application
            ˙ Transcript application

            7/F, Block 1, To Yuen Building          

            English Language Centre (ELC)

            ˙ English language enhancement programmes
              and workshops
            ˙ English Language Mentoring Scheme
            ˙ IELTS preparation courses
            ˙ Self-study online resources

            2/F, Green Zone, Academic 1             

            Student Development Services (SDS)
            ˙   Scholarships
            ˙   Personal counselling
            ˙   Leadership training programmes

            ˙   Physical education and sports

            ˙   Student and cultural activities
            ˙   Services for disabled students
            6/F, Amenities Building                 

 ˙ Books, serials, journals, and electronic
 ˙ Workshops on citing sources of information
   and preventing plagiarism

 3/F, Academic 1                               

 Hu Fa Kuang Sports Centre

 ˙ Indoor sports facilities
 ˙ Training for the university sports teams
 ˙ Physical education courses

 4/F, Amenities Building                                hk/sds/home/service/

Campus Catering
 City Express (Student Canteen)     5/F, Amenities Building
 AC2 Canteen                        3/F, Academic 2 (Halal food packs available)
 Garden Cafe                        G/F, Academic Exchange Building
 City Chinese Restaurant            8/F, Amenities Building
 City Top                           9/F, Amenities Building
 Homey Kitchen                      Student Residence, Cornwall Street

                                                              CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13   34 35
              East Meets West
                    Chinese New Year Celebration

                    Computer and internet
                     Wi-Fi is available in most parts of the campus including the ground area of the
                       Student Residence
                     Free internet service is available inside the room of Student Residence

                     Access various online services ranging from academic matters to campus
                       facilities booking via e-portal

                    AIMS (Administrative Information Management System)
                     View or manage your course registration, class schedule, examination
                       timetable, grades, Student Residence application, personal information,
                       student financial account, campus job application, application for certain
                       student services, etc.

                    Service for the disabled

                     Student counselling and study aids are available on campus. Please contact
                       Student Development Services for details

            36 37   CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13

           On-campus contacts
           24-hour Campus Security
             Main Campus                                     (852) 2788 8888
             Student Residence, Cornwall Street              (852) 3442 1111
             Jockey Club House, Academic Exchange Building   (852) 3442 4509

                                                             (852) 3442 6066 (Medical)
           Young Chung Yee Health Centre
                                                             (852) 3442 6052 (Dental)

           Mainland and External Affairs
           Office (International and                         (852) 3442 8089
           Non-local Students)

                                                             (852) 3442 7658
           Student Residence Office
                                                             (Help Desk)

           Academic Regulations and
                                                             (852) 3442 2300
           Records Office

                                                             (852) 3442 7658
           Computing Services Centre
                                                             (Help Desk)

           Chow Yei Ching School of                          (852) 3442 5588
           Graduate Studies                                  (852) 3442 9076

           College of Business                               (852) 3442 8525

           College of Liberal Arts and
                                                             (852) 3442 7151
           Social Sciences
College of Science and Engineering              (852) 3442 7124

School of Creative Media                        (852) 3442 8049

School of Energy and Environment                (852) 3442 2410

School of Law                                   (852) 3442 8008

Off-campus contacts
Police, Fire, Ambulance                         999
Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (Private hospital)   (852) 2339 8888
Caritas Medical Centre (Public hospital)        (852) 3408 5678

Hong Kong Immigration
Department                                      (852) 2829 3253
(For HK identity card application)

China Travel Services
                                                (852) 2315 7171
(For China visa application)

Consulates General in Hong Kong
(Protocol Division of HK)

                                                      CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13   38 39
  Campus Map

40 41   CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13
MTR System Map
CityU Arrival Guide 2012-13    for International Students

Mainland and External Affairs Office

2/F, Block 2, To Yuen Building
City University of Hong Kong
Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR
Tel: (852) 3442 8089
Fax: (852) 3442 0223

June 2012
Mainland and External Affairs Office
City University of Hong Kong

We strive to provide the most updated information in this guidebook as far as possible at the time of
printing. However, the University cannot accept responsibility for any changes that may occur. For the latest
information, please visit our website at and the websites as provided in this Guide.

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