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									                                                                            October 22nd, 2010

                                 BOBCAT                                              Calendar
                                                                           10/25 Walk / Bike to
                                                                           school day

                                BULLETIN                                   10/27 Cub Scouts meeting

Attendance Line: 480-484-1100
                                                                           11/1 - 11/5 Book Fair
      (during school hours)     Sarah Stammegna, Principal
    480-484-1108, Option 2      Gena Aikman, Assistant Principal
    (before and after school)
                                                                           11/3 APT meeting in APT
            or e-mail                                                room- 9am

                                                                           11/3 Early release at

                                                                           11/5 Family lunch in

  Dear Parents,
         It is hard to believe we are already into our second quarter of school. If you have a chance
  in the next few weeks, please stop by and check out the new “Cool Pavement” on our volleyball
  courts. Our volleyball courts had a great makeover donated by Emerald Cities USA Ltd. This new
  surfacing decreases the overall temperature on the pavement. Cochise was one of the first “Cool
  Schools” to receive this Solar Reflective Cool Pavement in the United States. Teal Blue was
  selected to match the school’s color theme.
         Also, please mark your calendar for our upcoming October and November events. Grand
  Canyon Trekkers began this week at lunch recess. Our annual Walk & Bike to School Day is this
  upcoming Monday, October 25th. November 1st through November 5th we have the Book Fair in the
  Science Lab. Also, November 5th is the Fall Family BBQ from 10:45 am - 1:00 pm. We hope to see
  you at these great events. Have a great week !


  Sarah Stammegna

                                           Early Release Days
  Please make note of the remaining early release days for the 2010-2011 school year: November 3,
  December 15, January 26, February 25 and May 20. The students will have lunch on early release
  days and dismissal will be at 12:15 p.m.
                                  PE Star Students for September
Tommy L.           Tom B.
Teagan M.          Chloe S.
Jane H.            Dylan S.
Trey H.            Gabby O.
Chrissy J.         Zach S.
Joseph S.          Sarah B.
Alexa W.           Jessie H.
Zey Taveo H.       Luke M.
Julia C.           Jacob S.
Tony P.            Becca S.
Han F.             Ruby B.
Kendall R.         Brandon W.
Logan B.           Paige G.
Brooke K.          Hayden G.
Allison B.         Jordan N.
Finlay C.          Judy F.
Abigayle G.        Katherine H.
Ryan Y.            Will O.
Teagan C.          Jakob H.
Charlotte D.       Taylar J.
Cade F.            Shira E.
Isabel R.          Bertrand O.
Tatum D.           Sydney C.
Cody D.            Ty B.

                                          APT Thank You
A special thank you to Lisa Bloom and Paula Rutt for their continued work to make the Health
Screening Day a success.

                         Entertainment Savings Spree Booklets on Sale
Look for the Entertainment Book Neighborhood Savings Spree Booklets in your child backpack this
Thursday. This booklet has lots of great coupons for neighborhood restaurants and stores. The
booklet costs $20. You may purchase one, sell some to friends and/or family or simply return the
booklets to school. Cochise will earn 50% profit on the booklets that are sold. All money, orders
and unwanted booklets are due to the school by Wednesday, November 3. Please contact Susan
Brown with questions at

Grand Canyon Trekkers
It’s time for Grand Canyon Trekkers, our lunchtime walking program for 1st - 5th grade! We start
walking Tuesday, October 19th, right after Fall Break, and will continue thru Thursday, December
16th. Students will be able to walk or jog a ¼ mile “trail” at lunch recess each Tuesday and
Thursday. Kids can walk or jog the loop as many times as they want during their recess, and they
will get a “boot” charm after each mile completed. Small incentives will be given at key milestones.
This program is sponsored by Community Health Services at Scottsdale Health Care and the
Cochise APT.

      The top 4 walkers in 4th and 5th grade will win a one day trip to the Grand Canyon with
       Scottsdale Health Care at the end of the school year
      The top 4 walkers in 1st - 3rd grade will win a prize that has yet to be determined from
       Scottsdale Health Care
      The top 8 walkers will also win camelback water packs that our APT has donated
      The top 30 walkers will go on a field trip to Fountain Hills Park in the Spring
      The top 60 walkers will receive certificates

Please encourage your children to participate. Exercise is so important! Send them with a hat,
water bottle, and sunscreen. Please feel free to come and walk with them, too!
We will need 3 parents for each Tues/Thurs shift to help keep track of the student’s progress. A
shift is from 11:15 am until 1:30 pm. Those who have already expressed interest in Trekkers will be
receiving a sign up schedule this week. More volunteers are needed! Please contact Leigh Anne
Odinet,, or call her at 480-294-9270 to sign up.

                                  Calling All Carnival Volunteers
If you missed the first carnival meeting, but still want to volunteer- contact Lisa Bloom at or Keri Wilson at

Save the date: Cochise Community Carnival
                        Friday, Nov. 19th 6:00-8:30

                                          APT Bobcat Blast
If you are not receiving the Bobcat Blast on Mondays you are missing out on important APT and
school related information. Please contact Tammy Ryan at with your email
address in order to begin receiving this email blast.

                                              Election Day
Cochise will once again be a polling site on Election Day. In order to free up the front parking lot
for the voters please use the West parking lot if you’re visiting campus on November 2nd. The
voting will take place in the APT/Community Room.
                 Cochise is proud to present our annual…


Wednesday, November 10th

Please join us as we recognize the men and women who have dedicated their lives and
continue to do so for the freedom of our great country.

The celebration will begin at 9:00am in the Cochise Cafetorium. The festivities will include an
assembly of students and family members with special performances by the 2nd grade, the
Cochise Chorus, Pack 40 Cub Scouts, and the Cochise Band. The celebration will conclude
with a memorable parade down Bobcat Boulevard and light refreshments compliments of our

Veterans can be honored by:
   Attending. Veterans in attendance will be introduced during the assembly and walk
     with pride down the boulevard. We will also post their information and a photo in the
     cafetorium prior to and during the event.
   Being included on the “Wall of Honor”. If veterans are on active duty, unable to
     attend, or deceased we will honor them by posting their information and a photo in the
     cafetorium prior to and during the event.
If you would like to have a Veteran honored at this special event please complete the
information requested on the following page and e-mail it to by Friday,
October 29th.

Please contact Heather Griller Clark at 480-227-7764 or Robyn Carter with any questions or concerns.
                         *** Please e-mail all information to
                                      by Friday, October 29th ***

Veteran’s Name
Branch of Military Service:
Dates of Service:
Name of Cochise Student(s):
Relationship to Cochise Student(s):
Your Name & Phone Number:

Please indicate which of the following apply:

    1. Veteran will be attending the assembly on 11/10/2010 at 9:00 am

    2. Veteran needs handicapped parking

    3. Veteran will not be attending the assembly

    4. I would like Veteran information to be posted on the “Wall of Honor” in the Cafetorium prior to and during
       the event.

    5. I would like to include a photo (photo must be e-mailed with this information).

The Scottsdale Unified School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material.
The distribution or display of this material is provided as a community service
The Scottsdale Unified School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this material.
The distribution or display of this material is provided as a community service

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