New Hire Packet Cover Temp 2012 by kbrown2488


									The following is a basic new employee packet cover that should outline the documents included in the
new hire packet. The new hire packet should be customized to meet the company’s required
documents (e.g. Employee Handbook) and also include state specific documents. Check with each
state in which you employ to identify the required documents to be added.

               New Employee Packet
Welcome to (Company Name)!
Each employee contributes directly to (Company Name’s) growth and success, and we hope you will
take pride in being a member of our team.

This new employee packet contains everything you need to establish yourself as an official employee at
(Company Name). The following is included in your packet, please review and complete as required:

          Emergency Contact Information form
          I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form
          Federal Tax Withholding; W-4 form
          State Tax Withholding form
          Direct Deposit Authorization form
          Payroll & Holiday Calendar
          Unemployment brochure
          Workers’ Compensation brochure
          State Disability brochure
          Sexual Harassment Prevention brochure
          Employee Handbook & Acknowledgement

If you have any questions regarding your new hire paperwork please contact Human Resources.

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