Cheatham PTA Financial Forms by dandanhuanghuang


									Financial Guidelines
Cheatham Elementary School PTA
There are basic guidelines established by the National, State and Local PTA that assist us with proper financial
accounting and practices. Additionally, as an officer of the Cheatham PTA, proper record keeping and cash control
practices are our responsibility and they also protect us from liability issues! The following procedures have been
established to help us properly manage our finances:
  P Itemized Receipt Forms/Itemized Check Forms/Check Request Forms are located in the Treasurer file in the
    PTA work room on the second floor.
  P When collecting/submitting cash or checks for deposit, please do the following:
     w Complete an Itemized Receipt Form and Itemized Check Form, if applicable.
     w Itemize all checks into groups of 30 and count all cash by denomination and record accordingly.
     w Cash must be counted by two people; the person submitting the deposit and one other
        PTA member.
  P Contact me ASAP so that we can arrange to transfer the deposit (I am home during the day and an not too far from
    the school ). If I am not available, you may also contact Mary Summers or Michelle Kretzschmar. For those
    officers with large deposits, please contact me prior to your event so that we may arrange a mutually
    acceptable practice of handling the deposits (preferably before 5 p.m. when the bank closes ). Please do not leave any
    deposits in the PTA mailboxes/workroom.
  P Please remember that until a deposit is in the PTA bank account, it does not belong to the PTA. The deposit
    is your liability until it is transferred to me!
  P Please do the following when submitting a request for reimbursement:
       w Fill out the request completely, including dates, delivery preference, category and reason for the
       w An original receipt or vendor bill must accompany the request. Photocopies or hand written receipts
          can not be accepted - no exceptions.
       w Please note that due to our 501(3)(c) tax exempt status, PTA is unable to reimburse for any sales tax!
          Please obtain a tax exempt form prior to your purchase or shop at a retailer that has an agreement with
          our PTA on file (list in the PTA workroom). There are no exceptions.
       w Please put your completed Check Request form in the Treasurer's mailbox in the PTA workroom.
          Requests sent via email are no longer accepted. I check the box several times per week. If you need a
          check quickly, or know you will need it on a specific day, please contact me and we can arrange.
       w If you need a check for a vendor prior to an event, a bill or contract must accompany the request.
       w Please remember that the President must sign all contracts and is the only person who can legally bind
          the Cheatham PTA in a contract.
       w Please also remember that all PTA checks require two signatures; please allow enough time for Mary or
          Michelle to review the request and sign.
  P I will provide an updated budget report at each board and general meeting (or upon your request). The
    balance in your budget will be reflected in these reports. It is your responsibility, as an officer, to stay within
    the budget provided. Please notify Mary, Michelle or me immediately if you have any questions or concerns
    regarding your budget.
I look forward to working with each of you. Please contact me with any questions or anything that I can do to
assist you during the school year!

Mika Graham, PTA Treasurer                    Home: (972)908-3481 Cell: (972)762-2009
Address: 2210 Thornbury Ln. Email:
Itemized Receipt Form
Cheatham Elementary School PTA
(to be used when giving funds to the treasurer)

Chairperson                                                                  Phone
Person Completing Form                                                       Phone

                                Total of Checks (must attach a tape/written account)

                                                  Number of Bills
                     $   100         x                                   =             $    -
                     $    50         x                                   =             $    -
       Total Bills

                     $    20         x                                   =             $    -
                     $    10         x                                   =             $    -
                     $     5         x                                   =             $    -
                     $     2         x                                   =             $    -
                     $     1         x                                   =             $    -
                                                                         Total Bills   $    -

                                                  Number of Coins
                     Dollar          x                                   =             $    -
                     50 Cent         x                                   =             $    -
       Total Coins

                     Quarters        x                                   =             $    -
                     Dimes           x                                   =             $    -
                     Nickels         x                                   =             $    -
                     Pennies         x                                   =             $    -
                                                                        Total Coins    $    -

                                                                    Total Deposit      $    -

Counter's Signature:                                                          Date

Counter's Signature:                                                          Date

Received by Treasurer:                                                        Date

(When turning in a deposit, please allow time for another count of the total deposit so a
receipt can be given to the person turning in the deposit)
Itemized Check Form
Cheatham Elementary School PTA
Committee Chair:
Date of Deposit:
      Check #          Name on Check              Amount
28                                                          Initials:
29                                                         ______
30                                                         ______
                                       Total: $        -
                             CHEATHAM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PTA - AISD
                                                                            2011-2012 School Year
                                                              PTA CHECK REQUEST
                                                                (Original Receipts MUST be attached)

Requested by:                                                                                                        Date:

Payable To:                                                                                                      Amount:



Please Indicate Preference:

     Mail to above Address         Deliver to PTA Mailbox                     Deliver to Teacher Mailbox          Other:______________________________
     Must include SASE


BUDGET CATEGORY: If category is unknown, please contact treasurer for clarification prior to submitting request

     Category                    Amount                     Category                      Amount                Category                       Amount
      Administrative                                        Fall Festival                                       Restaurant Spirit Nights

     AHS After Prom Donation                                Field Day                                           Room Parent Coord

     AISD Foundation Events                                 Fun Run Boosterthon                                 School Supplies 2011-12

     Arts in Education                                      Historian                                           Spiritwear

     Bonding & Insurance                                    Hospitality                                         Staff Appreciation

     Book Fair - Fall                                       Leadership Seminars                                 Teacher Grants

     Book Fair - Spring                                     Life Memberships                                    Teacher Fun Run Incentive

     Box Tops                                               LOT Training                                        Treasurer Supplies

                                                            Membership                                          WATCH Dogs: T-shirts

     Cheatham Press                                         Newsletter                                          WATCH Dogs: Pizza Party

     Copy Room Supplies                                     Pass the Book Dinner                                WATCH Dogs: Donuts w Dad

     Council Dues and Meetings                              Postive Charge Assembly                             Yard Sign Sales

     Destination Imagination                                Programs: Gen Mtgs                                  Other: __________________

     Directory                                              Programs: Other

                                                            Red Ribbon Week

Item description                                                                                                                     Amount:             17000   17475


                                                       Sales Tax Will Not Be Reimbursed!!!
Treasurer's Notes:
                                                                                                             Check Date:
Check Signer:
                                                                                                           Check Number:

Check Signer:                                                                                              Check Amount:
Deposit Voucher                                            School Year                          2011-2012
Cheatham Elementary PTA

Deposit Date                                            Deposit Number

Total Currency                           (please use itemized receipt form for cash and coin)

Total Coins

Total Checks                             (please use iteimzed check form for checks)

Total Deposit    $                   -

Deposit Details by Budget Account:
      6th Grade Project                             Interest Income
      Box Tops                                      Love Donations
      Book Fair - Fall                              Membership
      Book Fair - Spring                            Restaurant Incentives
      Charter Families                              School Supplies 2011-1012
      Directory Ad Income                           Spiritwear
      Fall Fest                                     Student Spirit Flag
      Fun Run Boosterthon                           Watch DOGS - Tshirt sales
      Golf Tournament                               Yard Sign Sales
      Grocery Store Incentives                      Other: _________________
                                                    Other: _________________
                                                        Total Deposit $                                     -

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