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					                                                                   Requirements for 2012 Graduates
                                   CENTRE COLLEGE
   NAME: ___________________________________________
   The following are the current requirements for a teaching major in Art (P-12).

   I have reviewed the requirements available on the Education Program website at I know that to be admitted to the Education
   Program, I must:
       1. Attain sophomore or higher status and be in good standing with the College with a GPA
          of at least 2.50, recommendations from three faculty members, and review by the Dean of
          Students and by the Associate Dean.
       2. Demonstrate mastery of basic skills by achieving writing proficiency and by achieving a
          composite score of 21 on the ACT (or a combined 990 on the SAT or passing scores on
          the PPST).
       3. Successfully complete or concurrently enroll in at least one of the introductory courses
          (either EDU 227 or EDU 228) and in the educational technology course (EDU 226).
       4. Complete field experiences in the schools and written reflection on these experiences.

   Upon completion of requirements for the Art Studio major and Centre College degree
   requirements, students will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree.

   I know to be certified I must successfully complete student teaching, which includes a portfolio
   (with a Teacher Performance Assessment component) that is judged to be proficient, pass the
   required PRAXIS exams and achieve a 2.50 GPA overall, in education and in art courses.

       Signed _____________________________________            Date __________________

       Education Advisor ____________________________           Date __________________

Include term and year in the blanks to the left.
[All courses are 3 credits]

          One of the following
                  ARS 110 Introduction to Drawing
                  FYS 119 (First Year Studies) Drawing
          1. ARS ______or FYS ______
          2. ARS 210 Drawing and Painting-I
          Two courses from the following groupings (only one ceramics course can be selected):
                  ARS 220 Drawing and Painting-II
                  ARS 230 Ceramics-I or ARS 251 The Art of Porcelain
                                          or FYS 123 Ceramics
                  ARS 240 Hot Glass-I
          3. ARS ______
          4. ARS ______ or FYS ______
          5. ARH 260 Survey of Western Art-I
          6. ARH 261 Survey of Western Art-II
          Two of the following:
                  ARS 320 Drawing and Painting-III
                  ARS 330 Ceramics-II
                                                                      Requirements for 2012 Graduates
                      ARS 340 Hot Glass-II
              7. ARS ________
              8. ARS ________
              One studio course at the 300-level or above (Past courses include):
                      ARS 321 Drawing and Painting-IV
                      ARS 331 Ceramics-III
                      ARS 341 Hot Glass-III
                      ARS 420 Drawing and Painting-V
                      ARS 430 Ceramics-IV
                      ARS 440 Hot Glass-IV
              9. ARS ______
              10. ARS 499 Senior Exhibition
              One Art History Course at the 300-level or higher (Past courses include):
                      ARH 360 Classical Art
                      ARH 361 Medieval Art
                      ARH 362 Northern Gothic and Renaissance Art
                      ARH 363 Italian Gothic and Renaissance Art
                      ARH 364 Northern Mannerist and Baroque Art
                      ARH 365 Southern Mannerist and Baroque Art
                      ARH 367 Modern Art
                      ARH 368 The Quattrocentro
                      ARH 370 North European Art from the Early Christian Period to the Renaissance
                      ARH 373 Modern Art: Impressionism to Surrealism
                      ARH 374 Non-Western Art
                      ARH 375 History of Photography
                      ARH 377 European and American Modernism
              11. ARH ______
              One studio or art history course at the 300-level or above
              12. ARH ______ or ARS______

NOTE: In selecting your courses for a teaching major be sure that you have taken at least one course
      in all five of the following areas (list courses):
          Art History                         ARH _________
          Two-dimensional design              ARS _________
          Drawing                             ARS _________
          Painting                            ARS _________
          Three-dimensional design            ARS _________

              1.     EDU 224 Fine Arts in the Elementary School—Content and Methods
              2.     EDU 226 Educational Technology
              3.     EDU 227 Practicum and Introduction to Education
              4.     EDU 228 Educational Psychology
              5.     EDU 330 Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom
              6.     EDU 335 Secondary Education Planning, Evaluation, and Classroom Management
              7.     EDU 349 Special Methods in Education
              8.     EDU 553 P-12 Student Teaching and Seminar in the Analysis of
                                                                 Requirements for 2012 Graduates
                      Teaching (12 credits)
      PHI 160 Philosophy of Art (Recommended)

                                                                      Revised: September 2010
NOTE regarding PRAXIS exams (from EPSB): “Teacher certification requirements are subject
to change. Before registering for the test(s), please refer to the Education Professional Standards
Board (EPSB) website at for current requirements or contact Ms. Wink at 502-
564-5778 or toll free 888-598-7667.”

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