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									Ballet Teachers Workshop
Location: Victorian College of the Arts, 57 Miles Street, South Melbourne

Thank you for entering your child/ren in this year’s Ballet Teachers Workshop Competition/Scholarships. As mentioned in the
entail letter the Ballet Teachers Workshop Competition varies from normal dance competitions, in the respect that it is based on
the technique, presentation, and natural potential of students in a tradition ballet class setting rather then a performance of a
routine in costume on stage.

Dance Desires students will be competing against students from dance schools right across Melbourne and will divided into
groups according to their age. Students should expect to have 25-30 other students in the class with them and they will be
judged by a very prestigious panel made up of Robyn Hendricks (Soloist, Australian Ballet Company), Daniel Gaudiello (Principal
Artist, Australian Ballet Company) and Christine Howard.

Please find below confirmation of days, times and location. *Please note that the youngest age group has been moved to
Saturday 26 May, due to an overwhelming number of entrants.

Location: Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School Studios
57 Miles Street Southbank (not the studio on St Kilda Rd)

Date: Saturday 26th May 2012
Section AA (GROUP 1)       Arrival Time:
Lily Walker                2.50pm
Paige Marinos              Performance/Class Time:                           Class Viewing:
Zara Rigby                 3.30pm                                            All classes are open to parent and
                           Approximate Finish Time:                          teacher viewing; the cost of a ticket is
                           4.30pm                                            $10. Please note this is probably not
                                                                             the event to bring younger siblings to
Section AA (GROUP 2)       Arrival Time:                                     as there is a lot of sitting still and quiet.
Alice Dell                 3.45pm                                            I would also advise parents if you feel
Noa Pitt                   Performance/Class Time:                           that you would be more of a
Audrey Downie              4.25pm                                            distraction, it might be best not to
Aerin Klein                Approximate Finish Time:                          observe the class.
Georgia Howard             5.25pm
Ella Robb
Jocelyn Geary

Date: Sunday 27th May 2012
Section A (GROUP 1)        Arrival Time:
Caoimhe Campitelli         8.30am
Emily Cox                  Performance/Class Time:                            Miss Alanna:
                           9.10am                                             Miss Alanna will be present for as
                           Approximate Finish Time:                           many classes as possible to offer her
                           10.10am                                            support and encouragement. Please
                                                                              note however Miss Alanna needs to be
Section A (GROUP 2)        Arrival Time:                                      at another competition on Sunday 27
Tara Givoni                9.20am                                             at approx. 3.10pm – so there may be
Emily Grodski              Performance/Class Time:                            some classes she misses.
Chanelle Hamilton          10.00am
Aimee Harris               Approximate Finish Time:
Cyndi Klein                11.00am
Date: Sunday 27th May 2012
Section A (GROUP 3)       Arrival Time:
Tara McKenzie             10.10am
Rosie Morrison            Performance/Class Time:                             Good Sportsmanship:
                          10.50am                                             Please also remember that students
                          Approximate Finish Time:                            have been entered for the experience
                          11.50am                                             and in the hopes that they may expand
                                                                              their dance knowledge and gain
Section A (GROUP 4)       Arrival Time:                                       confidence. It is not important
Ava Rigby                 11.00am                                             whether they receive a placing /award
Rhianna Sander            Performance/Class Time:                             but merely that they gave it a try. Miss
Isabella Stein            11.40am                                             Alanna is proud of all of you and is glad
                          Approximate Finish Time:                            to have you as representatives for
                          12.40pm                                             Dance Desires.

Date: Sunday 27th May 2012
Section B (GROUP 1)       Arrival Time:
Maddie Aldouby            12.15pm
Stephanie Alexiades       Performance/Class Time:
Izzy Bigaignon            12.55pm                                 Uniform provided by students:
Zoe Damty                 Approximate Finish Time:                     Clean, hole free pink ballet tights
                          1.55pm                                       Also best to bring a backup pair of tights in case of
Section B (GROUP 2)       Arrival Time:                                Clean and/or painted ballet shoes
Ashleigh Harris           1.05pm                                       No skirts or legwarmers
Elli Hazan                Performance/Class Time:                      No Make-up
                          Approximate Finish Time:                Uniform provided by Miss Alanna:
                          2.45pm                                       Leotard & hair bow – this will be provided by Miss
                                                                          Alanna and handed to each student the week prior to
Section B (GROUP 3)       Arrival Time:                                   the competition. Students are to arrive in this leotard
Zoe Manning               1.50pm                                          fully ready to go. This uniform will then need to be
Lucy McKenzie-Stripp      Performance/Class Time:                         returned at the student’s next class.
Eleanor Mulcahy           2.35pm
                          Approximate Finish Time:                Hair:
                          3.35pm                                          Students are required to have their hair in an
                                                                           extremely neat and secure bun
Section B (GROUP 4)       Arrival Time:                                   Please ensure the bows are pinned firmly – using a
Ally Spiegel              2.50pm                                           minimum of 4 bobby pins
Angelina Vadolas          Performance/Class Time:                         Please also pack your SMILE!
                          Approximate Finish Time:

       Please find a copy of the original notice sent to Miss Alanna, attached to the notice board of the Dance Desires Foyer.

       Please also note that this notice can also be downloaded from our website if lost.

       If you have any further questions please contact Miss Alanna on 0438 305 440 or at

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