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Advanced Topics Studio Art in 2D Design by liwenting


									                    The 2012-2013 Application Packet for:

Advanced Topics in.……2-D Studio Art

“The human mind once stretched to a new idea, never goes back to its original form.”
                                                                       Oliver W. Holmes

“Aspirations doomed to failure are the only ones worth aspiring to.” Daniel Pink

                         AT Course Description

*AT Studio in Art is a comprehensive college level foundation studio art
*The AT in Studio Art curriculum is in line with what a first year college level
foundation program would cover.
*The curriculum examines fundamental art principles, explores multiple
approaches, and gives students the confidence to engage in further,
intensive art study.
*Students move from proficiency in the basics to creating an advanced
concentration in their own style.
*Students are encouraged to take a more active role in choosing size,
materials, format, and interpretation.
*The teacher acts as a facilitator to encourage and help students create a
more personal response to assignments.
*Students choose mentor artists for the year.
*Students keep a visual research journal.
*The Advanced Topics program fosters a learning environment that gives
students an invaluable perspective on what it means to be an artist.
*The Advanced Topics program also hopes to instill life-defining, character
building skills: ethics, collaboration, responsibility, open-mindedness, and

Students are critiqued by the teacher both individually and in groups.
Students are critiqued on how they solved problems set forth in class. This
includes how creative their solution was (did they take risks?), and how
technically successful they were with materials and objectives. They are
also assessed on written assignments given throughout the year – this
includes self-critiquing, critiquing the work of others (classmates and/or
mentor artists), and aesthetic philosophies. Students will also be assessed
by their Visual Research Journal.

Before reading any further, ask yourself if many or all of the following
statement sounds like you – put yes or not in the blank spaces:

  1. ----------I love making art. I find it relaxing to spend hours on homework.
  2. ----------No one has to tell me to do art, it just happens naturally.
  3. ----------I read about artists and go to museums/galleries, as much as possible.
  4. ----------I am very visual and often perceive things that my classmates don’t “see.”
  5. ______Art is more than a hobby. Art it is central to who I am.
  6. ______I collect images and objects that I can use to express my ideas.
  7. ______I love working in my process journal; no one has to tell me to do it.
  8. ______I don’t follow the crowd. It is important to me to establish my own identity.
  9. ______I want to create things never seen before, in my own way.
  10. ______I am passionate about making art; art is the subject I do best.
  11. ______I am interested in many subjects and activities, but art is my favorite.
  12. ______I enjoy being creative and finding unusual solutions to visual problems.
  13. ______I am constantly experimenting with new ways to express myself.
  14. ______Whenever I see a blank page, I am compelled to draw on it.
  15. ______I doodle all the time.
  16. ______I’m always asking questions rather than accepting “facts.”
  17. ______I’d like to change the way people perceive the world.
  18. ______Going to an art store is like going to a candy shop!
  20. ______If I couldn’t take AT in Studio Art, I would feel something is missing!

If the following sounds like you, read on……………….

Who Should Apply for Advanced Topics in Studio Art?
1. Student who have taken at least two of the following courses in the
art department:

Studio Art Foundation
Studio Art II
Drawing and Painting
Drawing and Painting II
Media Arts Foundation
Computer Photography
Computer Animation
Fashion Design and Illustration

*You may take the following courses in addition to two of the above:
Crafts Foundation
Ceramics II
Sculpture II
Drawing and Design for Production

2. Students who want to take art six periods a week with no conflicts.
3. Students who are highly motivated and have developed strong studio
   and problem solving skills. (This course is not for new students).
4. Students who are willing to put in 4 to 6 hours of homework a week.
5. Students who don’t mind working the summer prior to their AT
experience to develop their portfolio.

 (If this description does not sound like you, or you have too many conflicts, consider
                    taking Independent Study or another art course.)

If you want to fly with the wings of an eagle you have to be an eagle at heart.”
                                                   Shawn Phillips song writer and singer

Candidate’s Name___________________________________________

Homeroom Number______Homeroom Teacher____________________

Home Phone Number_______________________________________

Cell Number_________________________________________________

E-Mail Address_____________________________________________

List all the art courses you have studied at Scarsdale High School




List any outside programs (summer. Saturday, and/or other schools





On a separate piece of paper (please type), write an in-depth comment
about your reason/s for wanting to take Advanced Topics in Studio Art.

Portfolio Review/Home Test
                          What do you need to do?

*Select four pieces from work you have already done that feel best represent
your abilities in art. These should be works you have done on your own at home
or at school. Please do not bring in any work done at other programs.

*The following can be done in any medium such as drawing, painting,
photography, sculpture, computer graphics, mixed media, etc.

Create an image with the theme:

      “Self-Portrait in a Mirror Holding a Mirror.”
Although skill is important, creativity and risk taking is valued more. Try and create an
image that pushes the theme of self-portrait. You can use tour entire face or parts of
your face. You can use mixed media or use traditional painting and/or drawing media.

                     Do not interpret the theme literally!!!

How to start: Write down two or more ideas you get when thinking about this
assignment. Doodle some thumbnail ideas. Include these with your application.

Create an image entitled:

           “Hallway from an Unusual Perspective”

Again, emphasis is on creating an original idea. Position yourself on a stairway looking
into a hallway or lie on the floor and look up. Maybe you can merge two hallways
together. You can get creative with how you solve the problem. You can combine
photography, computer graphics, and traditional drawing. There are no rules other than to
end up with an image that you feel is successful.

                  Push the boundaries of linear perspective.

How to start: Brainstorm two or more ideas you get when thinking about this
assignment. Doodle some thumbnail ideas. Include these with your application.

Create an image entitled:
                    “A More Fascinating Doorway”
Think about the purpose of a doorway and design one you have never seen before. It
can be a fantasy doorway or a serious new invention.

How to start: Decide whether you are doing a representation piece, a surreal piece, or
a serious new doorway design - one that could be replicated in real life.


                              When you are finished:

    Please put your application and art work in a red
             rope folder labeled with your:

Homeroom teacher,
E-mail address

Submit all art work to Dr. Gordon in Room 273 for
departmental review.

            Your portfolio is due February 28th.

  Have fun doing this. Please feel free to come
    to Dr. Gordon if you have any questions.

“Ideas can turn to dust or magic depending on the talent that rubs up against it.” Bill Bernbach

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