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									                                          Research Grant Camp 2012
                                                    Sponsored by the Resource Center
                                TriService Nursing Research Program (TSNRP)

Research Grant Camp is designed for novice nurse scientists and graduate (master’s and
doctoral) nursing students who plan to submit a research grant application in response to a
TSNRP Call for Proposals. The 2012 Research Grant Camp features 1) a modest amount of
didactic content about grantsmanship, 2) substantial time during which attendees will apply the
didactic content to continue writing their application on the appropriate grant application forms,
and 3) faculty feedback to attendees throughout the week regarding their grant application.
Attendees must be prepared to spend a significant amount of time, both before and during
Research Grant Camp 2012, preparing and writing their grant application. Given the emphasis on
grantsmanship, attendees are expected to arrive with a robust knowledge of the topic they have
chosen (as evidenced by the draft research proposal submitted as part of this application), the
research process, research design and methods, relevant variables and measures, and data
analysis. Graduate students should have completed some research, methods, and statistics
classes, and, ideally, have selected at least the chairperson of their thesis or dissertation
committee. The goal of Research Grant Camp is for attendees to produce a scientifically sound
research grant application on a topic that aligns with a research priority of TSNRP, and, if
applicable, is acceptable to the chairperson of a doctoral student’s thesis or dissertation

    Travel dates: 08 July 2012 and 14 July 2012
    Meeting dates: 09 - 13 July 2012; invited participants must attend all sessions on all
       meeting days

Location: North Island Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA

Eligibility: Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard master’s- or doctoral-level military Nurse
Corps Officers who 1) are novice nurse scientists or graduate students with limited research
experience, 2) plan to submit a research grant application to the TSNRP, and 3) have not
previously attended Research Grant Camp.

Cost: The TSNRP will pay travel, lodging, and per diem for invited participants. Travelers must
attend on official TAD/TDY orders. Attendees are not authorized to make travel arrangements
until the TSNRP sends them detailed instructions for how to do so.

Bonnie Mowinski Jennings, DNSc, RN, FAAN
Visiting Professor, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Janet D. Pierce, DSN, APRN, CCRN
Professor, University of Kansas, School of Nursing
Retired, CAPT Navy Reserves, Nurse Corps

Katherine McKnight, PhD
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Director of Research and Evaluation, Pearson School Achievement Services

Patricia A. Patrician, PhD, RN, FAAN
Colonel, US Army (Retired)
Associate Professor and Banton Endowed Professor

Rebecca Ryan, EdD, MPA
College of Nursing
Florida State University

Nancy Ryan-Wenger, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAAN
LTC (ret), AN, USAR
Director of Nursing Research
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Columbus, Ohio

Victoria von Sadovszky, PhD, RN
former Capt, USAFR, NC
Associate Professor and Director of the Honors Program
The Ohio State University College of Nursing

Michelle Walsh, PhD
Associate Research Professor
Frances McClelland Institute for Children, Youth and Families
Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences
University of Arizona

Application Deadline: 12 March 2012

Notification of Acceptance: 16 April 2012

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by Navy Medicine Professional
Development Center, (formerly NAVMED MPT&E) an accredited approver by the American
Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

TSNRP Research Priorities

Force Health Protection – A holistic examination of factors affecting the health care of
operational personnel (e.g., war fighters, support personnel) and their families before, during,
and after deployment.

    Fit and ready force
    Deploy with and care for the warrior
    Care for all entrusted to our care

Nursing Competencies and Practice – Description and evaluation of the military nursing
competencies necessary to sustain a patient from point of injury/other health event through the
continuum of care. Evaluation of educational interventions to enhance learning and retention of
military nursing operational skill sets. Translation of research and other knowledge into clinical
practice. Outcomes studies to evaluate the effects of comparative treatments or implementation
of evidence-based interventions.

      Patient outcomes
      Quality and safety
      Translate research into practice/evidence-based practice
      Clinical excellence
      Knowledge management
      Education and training

Leadership, Ethics, and Mentoring – Description and evaluation of interventions for leadership
and mentoring characteristics, approaches, and strategies and their effects on military nursing
leading to policy changes. Description and evaluation of the types of ethical issues that military
nurses encounter in practice and the types of education, topics, and resources helpful to ethical
military nursing practice. Description and evaluation of interventions designed to enhance
recruitment and increase retention of military nursing personnel. Topics may include research
about ethical issues specific to treatment, such as end-of-life care, treatment limitation,
competency, informed consent, rights and responsibilities of patients and providers, ethical
environments, and moral development and decision-making.

      Health policy
      Recruitment and retention
      Preparing tomorrow’s leaders
      Care of the caregiver

Application Procedure

   1. Complete the application form in this document.
   2. Complete a draft research proposal using the headings on the last page of this document.
   3. Full-time PhD and master’s students: Skip item 4 and proceed to item 5.
   4. Obtain a Letter of Support from your Commander or Chief Nurse, indicating that he/she
      supports the topic from a nursing or institution perspective and approves attendance at the
      5-day Research Grant Camp.
   5. Full-time PhD and master’s students: Ask the chairperson to write a Letter of
      Concurrence or hand-write a statement on your application, indicating that he/she
      approves of your research topic and general plan to complete the research.
   6. Send all application materials electronically to and using the subject Research Grant Camp Application.
      Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The TSNRP Resource Center’s Research Grant Camp Advisory Panel will review all application
materials and send invitations to the selected applicants no later than 16 April 2012. Nurses who
are invited to attend will receive additional information regarding expectations for the course and
a list of what to bring. Some applicants may be required to complete the TSNRP-sponsored
Research Development Course (tentatively scheduled for 18 – 20 June 2012) prior to attending
Research Grant Camp.

Disclaimer: Attendance at Grant Camp does not guarantee that a grant application will be

For additional information contact the TSNRP Resource Center:
Telephone 301-319-0596;
E-mail: or;

                                           Application Form
                                         Research Grant Camp
Personal and Contact Information

 Branch of Service and           Air Force    Active Duty     Reserve   Guard
  Component                      Army         Active Duty     Reserve   Guard
                                 Navy         Active Duty     Reserve
 Academic Credentials (e.g.,
  MSN student, PhD)
 Duty Station
 Duty E-mail Address
 Alternate E-mail Address
 Duty Mailing Address
 Daytime Telephone
 Mobile Telephone

Research Grant Application Information

 Research Study Topic
 TSNRP Research Priority            Force Health Protection
  (select one or more)              Nursing Competencies and Practice
                                    Leadership, Ethics, and Mentoring
 Projected Mentor

Military Status Information

 Date Projected to Deploy
 Date Returned from Most Recent Deployment
 Time on Station
 Date of Projected PCS
 Date started school (if PhD or master’s student)
 Expected graduation date (if PhD or master’s student)
 Date of Projected Military Retirement or Separation
 Social Security Number (for travel orders)
 Preferred Civilian Airport for Travel

                                       Draft Research Proposal
  (20 pages maximum; 12 pt. type; 1 inch margins, consistent reference format [e.g., APA, AMA, etc.]; you
                may imbed bullets, tables, and/or figures into the document as appropriate)

     I.   Title (≤ 81 characters long, including spaces)
    II.   Relevance to military nursing practice (≤ 100 words)
   III.   Explain how the research topic aligns with one or more of the TSNRP research
   IV.    Describe how your clinical experience, education, and/or leadership expertise and
          interest relates to the topic
   V.     Abstract (≤ 300 words)
   VI.    Specific aims of the study
  VII.    Background and significance (context, theoretical or conceptual basis for the study;
          describe what is known; synthesize literature, including previous TSNRP- or federally-
          funded studies; identify research gap[s] and justify how the proposed study will fill the
 VIII.    Research design
   IX.    Population to be studied
   X.     Inclusion and exclusion criteria for sample
   XI.    Sample size (with a power calculation, or, if appropriate, explanation of purposeful
          selection criteria)
  XII.    Recruitment and retention strategy
 XIII.    Research location/setting
 XIV.     Research procedure and/or intervention
  XV.     Measurement of baseline, demographic, control, and/or outcome variables (e.g.,
          variables of interest; tools, instruments, and/or questionnaires)
 XVI.     Data analysis strategy
XVII.     Potential limitations
XVIII.    Protection of human or animal subjects


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