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									                                  IDEAL RESOURCE ALIGNMENT CRITERIA

Arizona Department of Education                   1                   IDEAL Resource Alignment Criteria
CONTENT                                              Do not align this resource to the PO if
                                                         the resource does not address the key components of the PO.
Does this resource align to the content
of the objective?                                          the resource is only tangentially aligned to the general topic of the concept or
 Would a teacher be able to use this                       PO and not the specific knowledge within the PO.
    resource to teach the critical                          Examples:
    knowledge within this PO?                                  o Science inquiry skills are taught as stand-alone content or in contexts other
 If the PO contains multiple parts,                              than the content embedded within Strands 4-6 for each grade level.
    bullets, or examples, does this                            o A fourth grade social studies resource discusses the World War II era in
    resource teach at least one of the                            general, without specifically mentioning its impact on Arizona.
                                                               o An eighth grade mathematics resource contains only standard percent
    components of the objective?
                                                                  problems (finding percent, part, or whole) and does not address percent
 If the resource is not a full lesson        NO                 increase, percent decrease, or simple interest.
    (streaming video, graphic, etc.) does
    this resource illustrate or support the                the resource teaches the PO in a context that is outside of the grade level
    critical knowledge within this PO?                      standard.
                                                               o A second grade science lesson teaches contributions or careers in space
                                                                  (space topics not taught at this grade).
                                                               o A fifth grade social studies lesson teaches important events of World War II
                                                                  (World War II is not taught at this grade).
                                                               o A third grade mathematics lesson teaches multiplication and division with
                                                                  multi-digit numbers, but does not focus on understanding the concepts of
                                                                  multiplication and division and developing fluency with multiplication and
                                                                  division facts.
YES - this resource aligns to the content            Comments or Evidence
of the PO.             ↓

 Arizona Department of Education                                  2                                       IDEAL Resource Alignment Criteria
ACCURACY                                         Do not include this resource in the LRM of IDEAL if
                                                     the content is incorrect or inaccurately represented based on current
Does this resource contain accurate                     knowledge.
content?                                                Examples:
 Is the content accurately represented                    o A social studies resource for primary students states that Betsy Ross created
   and consistent with current knowledge                      the first American flag.
   of the subject?                                         o A science resource calls Pluto a planet.
                                                           o A fourth grade mathematics resource defines an isosceles triangle as
 Are the vocabulary and explanations
                                                              containing two equal sides (rather than two or more equal sides).
   about the content grade-appropriate
                                                       the content is inaccurately represented due to oversimplification.
   without distorting or losing original
   meaning?                                                o A science resource states that plants are the only organisms which perform
 Is the content free from bias (if                           photosynthesis (or make their own food).
   appropriate)?                                           o A social studies resource for primary students oversimplifies the
 Are the activities safe and ethical for                     Thanksgiving story to the point that it is historically inaccurate.
   the students to perform (if                             o A fifth grade mathematics resource only defines fractions as parts of a whole
   applicable)?                           NO                 (it should also include parts of set, ratios, and rates).
                                                       the content is presented in a way that leads to misconceptions.
                                                           o Science recources with personification.
                                                           o Science resources that imply that animals breathe in only the oxygen in the
                                                              air (rather than animals breathe in air, but need the oxygen component).
                                                           o Social studies resources on exploration of America is presented in a way that
                                                              leads students to believe that Columbus was the first explorer.
                                                           o A sixth grade mathematics resource demonstrates division of fractions using
                                                              only algorithms (invert and multiply) and does not provide models and
                                                              examples in context.
                                                       the content contains biased information (if applicable).
                                                           o Only one point of view is given; opinions, rather than facts are given; facts
                                                              are not supported by evidence.
                                                     the activities include steps that do not adhere to current safety or ethical
                                                      guidelines for the classroom and/or the students’ age.
YES - this resource contains accurate            Comments or Evidence
content.          ↓

 Arizona Department of Education                               3                                      IDEAL Resource Alignment Criteria
QUALITY                                            Do not include this resource in the LRM of IDEAL if
                                                       the instructional methods or student activities do not follow best practices for
Does this resource contain quality                        teaching and learning in the content area.
content?                                                  Examples:
 Do instructional methods (if                               o The activities are not engaging for students.
   applicable) follow best practices for                     o The resource does not provide students with opportunities to demonstrate
   the content area?                                            their learning of the content.
 Does this resource make effective use
   of classroom time for teaching the                    the amount of time, effort, or materials needed to use this resource is not
   aligned objectives?                                    commensurate with student learning.
 Is the resource clear and free from
                                                             o A long video or interactive only includes short segments of - or tangentially
   presentation errors or defects                               addresses - the aligned content.
   (sufficient visual and/or sound quality, NO              o A multi-period lab or lesson plan is used to teach a small piece of content
   lack of typos or grammatical errors,                         (definitions, factoids) rather than building multiple skills or conceptual
   etc.)?                                                       understanding.
                                                             o There are more efficient, engaging, or effective resources available to teach
                                                                the same content.
                                                         the presentation of the resource contains visual or sound defects.
                                                             o Video or interactives have poor sound or video quality, making it difficult to
                                                                see, hear, or understand.
                                                             o Print materials contain spelling or grammatical errors, difficult to read color
                                                                combinations or fonts, page layouts that are confusing or difficult to follow.
                                                             o Hyperlinks embedded within resources do not work or lead to out-of-date,
                                                                deleted, or inappropriate web sites.

YES - this resource contains quality               Comments or Evidence
content.          ↓

Align this resource to the targeted

 Arizona Department of Education                                 4                                      IDEAL Resource Alignment Criteria

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