Culminating Project Senior Presentation Rubric

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					                                    Culminating Project Senior Presentation Rubric
Student Name                                                                                                         Panelist’s Name_______________________
Please evaluate the student's presentation based on the criteria listed below. The objective is for students to receive 3 points for each criterion unless they clearly go above and beyond
the standard. Students need to earn a minimum of 37 points to pass. Please make constructive comments as students appreciate your feedback. Thank you!
                                        1                            2                          3                            4
             Criteria           Below Standard               Approaching               Meets Standard               Exceeds Standard                        Helpful Hints
         Introduction          Attention getter is non-        Attention getter is present        Attention getter is               Attention getter is unique     *Staff person in the room will make introductions of
                            existent.                      but is ineffective, irrelevant or   interesting, relevant and          and engaging.                    everyone present in room.
         Attention Getter                                  abrupt.                             appropriate.
                                                                                                                                     Attention getter sets the     *Do you have an engaging rhetorical question,
                                                                                                  Attention getter relates to     tone and prepares the            anecdote, quote or_______? Engaging means that it
                                                                                               the rest of the presentation.      audience.                        causes your audience to want to know more.

                                                                                                                                                                   *Does it relate to your presentation?
                               Student discusses 2 or         Student discusses 3 main            Student discussion reflects       Student reflects on 5 or       *What did you learn about the career? IE: salary,
  C      Career             less main points of their      points of their career              on 4 main points of career         more main points of career       outlook, education, working conditions, advancement
         Research           career.                                                                                                                                opportunities, etc.
  O                            Student does NOT               Minimal discussion of                Student discusses what they       Student discusses what
                            discuss what they learned.     what student learned about          learned about themselves in        they learned about themselves    *What did you learn about yourself by completing
  N                                                        themselves in relation to this      relation to this career.           and how it affected their        this research?
                                                           career.                                                                decisions for the future.
  T      Service               No clear description of        A description of the SLP is         A clear description of the         The SLP description is        *Clear description of what the project was and who
  E      Learning
                            the SLP and why/how it was
                                                           present, but lacks why/how it
                                                           was chosen
                                                                                               SLP is given, including what
                                                                                               the project was and why/how it
                                                                                                                                  uniquely insightful and
                                                                                                                                                                   benefitted from the project and how they benefitted.

  N      Project               No evidence of project        Minimal evidence of
                                                                                               was chosen.
                                                                                                  Student shows evidence of          Evidence of project is in
                                                                                                                                                                   *Why did you choose this project?

  T                         being done.                    completed project.                  completed project.                 more than one format.
                                                                                                                                      During discussion of what
                                                                                                                                                                   *What did you learn from this project that you can
                                                                                                                                                                   use as you go forward?
                               No discussion of what          There is only minimal               Student discusses what was      was learned student gives
                            was learned from this          discussion about what was           learned from this service          examples of how this             *Include evidence of project; pictures, memorabilia,
                            service project.               learned                             project.                           information will be helpful in   etc.
                                                                                                                                  the future.
         High School            Student discusses 1 area       Student discusses 2 areas          Student discusses 3 or more     Not applicable                   *Did you talk about how you have matured as a
                            of growth, how you have        of growth, how you have             areas of growth, how you have                                       learner or citizen, lessons you have learned during
         Career             matured as a learner or        matured as a learner or             matured as a learner or citizen,                                    high school, experiences or individuals that have
                            citizen                        citizen                             etc                                                                 influenced who you are as a person?
                                                                                                                                                                   *Did you reference/use your Navigation Binder?
         Future Plans          Student discusses 1 main       Student discusses 2 main           Student discusses 3 or more      Not applicable                   *You can include short or long term goals.
                            point of their future          points   of    their    future      main points of their future
                            education and/or career        education and/or career plans.      education and/or career plans.                                      *Do you know how you will accomplish these plans?
         Conclusion            Presentation lacks a           Conclusion is included but          Conclusion is clear and            Conclusion provides a         *Did you come back to your attention getter?
                            conclusion or is abrupt and    somewhat irrelevant or              consistent with presentation       challenge and is thought
         Clarity and        inconsistent with              inconsistent with                   and provides a sense of            provoking.                       *Does conclusion relate to your presentation?
         Appropriateness    presentation.                  presentation.                       completion.

         Panel                 Student is unable to           Student struggled to                Student is able to answer all      Student answers questions     *This presentation is all about you, so you should be
                            answer questions.              answer questions.                   questions.                         with ease and expertise.         able to answer all questions relating to everything you
         Questions                                                                                                                                                 discussed, including how/where you plan to
         Knowledge and                                                                                                                                             accomplish your future plans, probing questions
                                                                                                                                                                   regarding your service project, and anything else you
                                                                                                                                                                   may have talked about during the course of your
                                                                                                                                                                   presentation. Questions are NOT included in ‘talk

      Meets Standard: Yes _________ No __________                                                     Subtotal front Page_______ Subtotal back page_______ TOTAL:_______
                                  1                                 2                              3                               4
         Criteria          Below Standard                      Approaching                  Meets Standard                 Exceeds Standard                                    Helpful Hints
     Voice Quality,           Speaker lacks voice               Speaker exhibits some         Speaker uses an                Speaker skillfully uses       *Practice out loud, in front of a mirror is helpful
D    Poise/Delivery
                          inflection, is difficult to hear   voice inflection and can      expressive voice and           voice inflection to show
                          and has limited eye contact.       be heard most of the time.    appropriate volume.            confidence and projects voice.   *Practice several times
E    Inflection,
     Volume, Speaking         Speaker speaks too fast,           Speaking may be too          Speaking is mostly              Speaker has an even          *Time yourself to make sure you are within the time frame
L    pace, eye contact,   too slow, or mumbles.              fast or slow at times.        evenly paced and               delivery pace, acts natural,
                                                                                           enthusiastic.                  and is at ease.                  *Speak slowly and clearly
I    body language and        Speaker shows great                Speaker appears
     delivery pace.       discomfort in speaking by          somewhat relaxed by              Speaker uses eye               There is clear articulation   *Use bullets on note cards rather than writing out ideas
V                         reading from note cards or         reading most note cards       contact with minimal note      and speech is evenly paced       word for word.
                          visual aid and making              or visual aid and making      reading or looking away        with consistent eye contact.
E                         limited eye contact.               some eye contact.             with good posture.

R    Visual/Multi-            Lacks visual or visual is         One visual used with           One visual used with no       Multiple visuals are used.    *Font should be 20 -24 on slideshow
                          of very poor quality.              minor errors or is of poor    errors. Visual has a           They have an attractive
Y    Media                                                   quality.                      polished appearance and        design, and are professional     *Bullet main idea, do NOT write paragraphs. Only
     Quality,                                                                              effort is evident.             looking with exceptional         exception is a direct quote should be complete and the
                                                                                                                          effort evident.                  author given credit.
                             Visual is not used                 Visual is not large            Visual is large enough
                          effectively.                       enough or is not used         to read.                                                        *Additional visual should enhance presentation, not a just a
                                                             effectively.                                                                                  show and tell item i.e. this is my basketball.
                            Inappropriate multi-                 Ineffective multi-           Appropriate multi-              Multi-media met standard     *Make sure your flash drive or other equipment will work
     means using
                          media for speech and/or no         media for speech and/or       media for speech and           and it included additional       on school computers prior to day of presentation.
     electricity or       knowledge of how to                trouble operating the         student used the multi-        visual aids that support and
     technology)          operate multi -media.              multi-media equipment.        media equipment with           enhance presentation.
     *                                                                                     proficiency.
O                            Presentation is more                Presentation is up to 2      Presentation is between     Not applicable.                  *Again, practice and time yourself
T                         than 2 minutes over or
                          under standard.
                                                             minutes over or under
                                                                                           8 and 15 minutes.
                                                                                                                                                           *Does NOT include question and answer time.
H                            Speaker’s clothes are              Student’s clothes are           Speaker’s clothes are     Not applicable.                  *Look should be professional
E    Professional,        dirty, messy or appear as if
                          no attempt whatsoever was
                                                             more appropriate for a
                                                             regular school day (jeans,
                                                                                           clean and could be worn to
                                                                                           a job interview.                                                *Think Job Interview
R    Appropriateness      made to dress up for the
                                                             t-shirts, sandals etc.)           Boys have a shirt with a
                                                                                           collar and slacks without                                       *Ladies be aware of length of dress or shirt and cut of your
                                                                                           holes. Girls are dressed in                                     top.
                                                                                           nice slacks, dress or skirt
                                                                                           and blouse.
     Arrival time         Not Applicable                     Not applicable                   Speaker arrived on time,    Not applicable                   *You need to be at your scheduled place at least 5 minutes
                                                                                           prepared with materials.                                        early.

     Meeting                 Less than 3 of the                 3 of the following at           4 of the following at     Not applicable                   *ALL prior years’ components of the culminating project
                          following at standard by           standard by deadlines:        standard by deadlines:                                          must be completed to standard before you can present
     Deadlines            deadlines: service learning        service learning proposal,    service learning proposal,                                      senior year.
                          proposal, reflection paper,        reflection paper, project     reflection paper, project
                          project verification and           verification and senior       verification and senior                                         ****If you no-show a scheduled presentation, you will also
                          senior exemplary works.            exemplary works.              exemplary works.                                                lose an additional point.

    Additional Comments:                                                                                                                     Subtotal: ___________

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