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                             Committee on Global Accreditation Activities
                              Summary of May 6, 2011 Conference Call

Members Present: Saurabh Sinha (chair), Enrique Alvarez, Bakr Hassan, Prasad Kodali, Rich Painter

Guest: Teofilo Ramos

Staff Present: Doug Gorham, Chuck Hickman, Sadiq Mitchell

   1. March 1 Meeting Summary

       The committee voted approval of the March 1 meeting summary.

   2. Action Register

       Committee members and staff reported on various items in the action register.

   3. Web Updates

       Chuck Hickman reported that a joint work group of selected members of the CGAA and the EAB
       Editorial Board for Engineering, Technology and Computing Portals will be formed to work with
       staff in addressing a series of issues concerning listings on accreditation.org. Hickman said the
       core issue is how to collect, classify and display information about accrediting agencies and
       accredited programs in a manner that is easy for end-users to access, while accurately capturing
       sometimes complicated differences in the nature of the accrediting organizations and their
       processes.     Whether (and how) to distinguish between “independent” accreditation
       organizations and those affiliated with national governments; whether to continue listings of
       some organizations that appear to provide only institutional accreditation, and others that
       appear not to have accredited any school or program; how to properly describe and depict
       regional recognition systems such as EUR-ACE and ARCU-SUR; better ways to obtain current
       information on accredited programs from some organizations; and how to position new
       accrediting organizations that do not have a website, are among the topics for work group
       review. CGAA members wishing to serve on the work group are encouraged to contact Saurabh
       Sinha or Hickman.

       Hickman also directed the attention of committee members to the new committee webpage,
       and invited feedback on its content.


   4. Project Updates

           a. Eastern/Southern Africa. Sinha and Doug Gorham reported on plans for an invitational
              meeting on collaboration among engineering societies in eastern and southern Africa,
   which will be held in Swaziland on May 20-21. Approximately 12 to 15 individuals
   representing seven different nations are expected to participate. Sinha, Moshe Kam
   and Gorham will attend on behalf of the CGAA. Because of differences in current
   conditions among engineering degree programs in the various nations, program
   sessions will focus primarily on capacity building. Sinha and Gorham said regional
   accreditation activity appears to be a long-range project.

b. Gulf Region. Bakr Hassan said the latest version of a position statement and cover
   letter about possible formation of a regional accrediting body in the Gulf Region is now
   circulating among work group members. Feedback received by May 20 will be folded
   into a final version of these documents, which will then be shared with relevant
   government, academic and professional society leaders for comment.

c. Latin America. Enrique Alvarez said a motion was approved at the Region 9 meeting
   calling for the formation of a work group to explore the possible focus and structure of
   an accreditation advisory organization for Latin America. Antonio Ferreria will chair the
   group, and other members will be selected shortly. Alvarez and Teofilo Ramos
   described ARCU-SUR, a recently formed process that involves several South American
   nations, and which provides mutual recognition of degree programs (including those in
   engineering) that are accredited by local organizations. ARCU-SUR draws from a shared
   pool of program evaluators, and each visit team has multi-national representation.

d. Nomenclature Workshop. Ramos described the recent workshop on common
   nomenclature for computing programs in Latin America. At present, there is no shared
   nomenclature to describe degree programs in different nations within the region, and
   content also varies significantly across geographic boundaries. Workshop participants
   sought to develop a classification scheme for different categories of degree programs,
   terms to describe each, and a “mapping document” aimed at helping each school
   classify its program(s) within the proposed categories. A draft of the workshop report is
   now being circulated among participants, and a final version will be sent to an extensive
   distribution list of organizations and individuals created with input by the group. Rich
   Painter emphasized the need to for the CGAA to exert more active “ownership” of
   follow-up activity to the workshop, the need to develop a more complete and ongoing
   dissemination and promotion plan for the report, and to track response.

e. CACET. Hickman said the first CACET accreditation visit was staged at the chemical
   engineering department of the University of West Indies in April, and that three more
   visits are scheduled for later in 2011. Experience from these visits will help inform
   CACET about additional steps needed to improve the program evaluator screening and
   training process, and what additional efforts should be made to help applicant programs
   understand CACET accreditation criteria and information requirements. He said an
   upcoming CACET Board meeting will also address issues related to strategic planning,
           governance and financial sustainability.    Chandrabhan Sharma and Kam will be
           participants in this event.

      f.   India. Prasad Kodali said that papers from ten speakers at the January IEEE/NAAC
           accreditation workshop were recently sent to IEEE. Hickman added that most papers
           from IEEE authors have also been received, and that work is underway to convert all
           papers to appropriate IEEE Xplore format. Once the proceedings are in final form, staff
           will work with Kodali and NAAC to develop a promotion plan to create awareness about
           the publication among constituents in India.

      g. China. Gorham said that MOUs to conduct program evaluation visits to Beijing Jiaotong
         University and Southeast University are now in process. He voiced hope that both visits
         will occur in fall, 2011.

5. Next Meeting

   Sinha said that the next meeting of the committee will focus on strategic issues. Creating more
   systematic methods of planning and budgeting for program initiatives, and for sharing “lessons
   learned” among various national/regional IEEE accreditation outreach efforts will be among
   items considered. Committee members will be contacted by Doodle poll to set a date for this

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