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College High School

    CHS is in an elite
     group of Indiana
      High Schools
Center for Excellence in Leadership of Learning
Purpose: The Early College High School model gives
students a head start on the rest of their lives. Allows
students to earn both a high school diploma and an
associate degree, or up to two years of credit toward
a bachelor’s degree.
    Students can earn both a high school diploma
    and an Associates Degree OR up to two years of
    college credit towards a Bachelor’s Degree.

   Qualified sophomores can enroll to earn dual
     (**freshman in PLTW courses)

   Promotes college planning and goal setting
        Only 13% of Fayette County Residents
         have obtained a college degree*

   Helps increase Honors Diplomas (academic and
    Benefits (continued)
   Prepares student academically for college
    placement testing
       • Students must meet specific score levels on PSAT, ACT,
         SAT or COMPASS tests in order to enroll and earn
         college credit.
   Saves students money (free when taken
    through CHS)
       • $107.80 per credit hour at IVY Tech*
   Develops enthusiasm about learning & going
    to college
       • Enrollment at IVY Tech Richmond has increased 44%
         from spring 2010-2011
       • Enrollment in CHS dual credits classes increased 62%
         from 2010-2011.
       • *
       **Economic Development Group | Connersville, IN News Publication
      Timeline of Course
         2 Math, 2 Business, 2 PLTW*, 1 Language Arts
 2009-   2 Math, 4 Business, 2 PLTW*, 1 Language Arts,
  10     2 Science

 2010-   2 Math, 5 Business, 2 PLTW*, 3 Language Arts,
  11     5 Science, 2 FACS**, 1 Agriculture

 2011-   2 Math, 5 Business, 2 PLTW*, 5 Language Arts,
  12     5 Science, 2 FACS**, 5 Agriculture

 2012-     2 Math, 5 Business, 2 PLTW*, 3 Language Arts,
  13       5 Science, 2 FACS**, 5 Agriculture
*Project Lead the Way **Family and Consumer Sciences
     Offered Dual Credit Classes 2011-12

            Indiana University or Purdue Course Title         CHS Course Title
AG          BTNY 210 Introduction to Plant Science            Adv. Life Science: Plant and Soil
            ANSC 102 Introduction to Animal Agriculture       Adv. Life Science: Animals
LANG ARTS   W 131 Elementary Composition (CTL) (3 credits)    Advanced Composition ES ACP
            A 202 Literary Interpretation (CTL) (3 credits)   Themes in Lit
SCIENCE     C 105 Principles of Chemistry (CTL) (5 credits)   Chemistry 3-4 ACP
            C 106 Quantitative Chemistry (CTL) (5 credits)    AP Chemistry ACP
            P 221 Physics 1 (CTL) (5 credits)                 Physics AP/ACP
Pathway to an Associates Degree in Business Administration          Applicable to Ivy Tech Applicable
                                                                                                       Term for
                                                                      AS Business Ad. -     to High
      High School Based Dual Credits Courses           CTL Course                                      Student
                                                                     transfer Track to IU   School
                                                                                                      Enrollm ent
                                                                    East BS Business Ad. Diplom a
      BUSN 101       Intro to Business                     Y                  Y
      BUSN 108       Personal Finance                      Y                  N
      BUSN 105       Principles of Management              N                  Y
      BUSN 102       Business Law                          N                  Y
      CINS 101       Intro to Computers                    Y                  Y
      BIOL 101       Intro Biology                         Y                  Y
      ENGL 111 via
                                                           Y                  Y
      W131 AP
      ENGL 112       Exposition and Persuasion             Y                  Y
      MATH 135       Finite Math                           Y                  Y
      MATH 136       College Algebra                       Y                  N
      SCIN 100       Earth Science                         Y                  N
      IVVT 1XX       Life Skills Course                    N                Y (1)
    Colleges Based Dual Credit Courses Via Online**        34                 25
      ECON 202       Intro to Microeconomics               Y                  Y
      SOCI 111       Intro to Sociology                    Y                  Y
                     Totals Credits                        40                 31

                                                                    Applicable to Ivy Tech
    Rem aining Courses to Com plete IVY Tech AS
                                                                      AS Business Ad. -      Credit
              Business Adm inistration                 CTL Course
                                                                     transfer Track to IU    Hours
              Transfer Track to IU East
                                                                    East BS Business Ad.
      COMM 101       Fundamentals of Public Speaking                                           3
      BUSN 230       Business Statistics                                                       3
      HIST 101       Survey of American History I                                              3
      PSYC 101       Intro to Psycology                                                        3
      ECON 201       Intro to Macroeconomics                                                   3
      ACCT 101       Financial Accounting                                                      3
      ACCT 102       Managerial Accounting                                                     3
      MKTG 101       Principles of Marketing                                                   3
      BUSN 210       Managerial Finance                                                        3
      OFAD 216       Business Com m unications                                                 3
      OFAD 218       Spreadsheets                                                              3
         More to Come
   Using the Business Associate Degree
    as a template, other CHS departments
    are working cooperatively with IVY Tech
    to develop:
       • AG (Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment)
       • ART – (Arts, Media & Communication)
       • Life Sciences – (Health Services)
       • PLTW (Industrial & Engineering Technology)
       • General Studies & Education (Social and
        Consumer Services)
               Next Steps
   CHS ECHS is constantly evolving to add additional
    classes as teachers obtain the required credentials.

   Students and parents should make themselves aware
    of the ECHS opportunity (all information is printed in
    the CHS Career Planner and posted on the CHS
    website) to aid in planning for future education and

   Make CHS ECHS courses a part of yearly high school
    course planning.

   Spread the word!!!!!
    Thank You ECHS

 One credit hour…$107.80 at IVY Tech
 At other Indiana colleges…up to $402.00
 FREE college classes at ECHS…PRICELESS

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