Siemens STEM Institute 2011

Donna Falk, Manalapan Englishtown Middle School 8th Grade Forensic Science
                   Special Thanks to Siemens Foundation,
                Discovery Education, College Board and ORAU
Siemens STEM Institute 2011
    4000   National applicants

    50   Amazing colleagues chosen

     6   Days in the nation’s capitol

     1     Unbelievable experience
What is STEM?
says:       What is STEM?
Science, technology, engineering, and math
 are permeable and interdependent.

 STEM education seeks to encourage curiosity
 and create learning opportunities and skill
 development for our 21st century students

      Why STEM Institute?
Empowered with the tools and knowledge gained
from the Institute, these select teachers are
dedicated to:

• Creatively utilitize technology in the classroom

• Continue learning

• Share ideas with others – pay it forward!
   Highlights of the Week!

Tons of new technology

Unbelievable networking with teachers

Meetings with leaders in STEM

Behind the scenes access
        Network of Teachers
We connected with Teachers throughout the USA

   Using technology to share ideas, resources
          and collaborate on projects.
         Network of
       We grouped with others for a year-long

  Ours is STEM
Careers for diverse
populations (esp.,
minorities, women,
   special ed).

                                                Anyone in the US ---or
                                                the world – can log on
                                                    and participate!
        Taught by Experts
•Use of cell phones in interactive classroom (!)
•Edmodo – it’s free and secure!
•Google docs– collaborate online
•Wikis – so easy!
•Flip your classroom (presentations of day’s lesson for
home use)
•Skype…it’s essential (video cams needed)
•Tons of stuff for PBL more sites for video clips, virtual
•Green Screen movies with Adobe Essentials
•Animoto quick movies
•Jellycam stop motion movies

There is so much we learned…
Try out one new thing this year!
Cell Phones in the Classroom?!
Cell phones as tools in the classroom today
      are as calculators first were in the 70s.

           Can be used to answer questions
                Create video presentations
               So many helpful STEM apps
Collaborating Around the World

Right from our own classrooms!
Instead of that Old Poster Project:

NEW Ways to Present Info, Assess, Create
 One-shot videos
 Flip Chart videos
 Green Screen movies with Adobe Essentials
 Animoto quick movies
 Jellycam stop motion movies
 Google Sketchup
More and More Applications

                Leafsnap
                Smithsonian Wild
                Google earth
                Google data
                Polartech
More Ways To Use Discovery
   Education Network
                                   Siemens STEM Academy –
                                   resources & ideas

                                   STEM Competition

                                   Streaming video for download

                                   Teacher PD in technology
And…so much more!
                                   Lesson Plans, Interactive Tech
                                   Book, Quizzes
Dr. McCammon Taught Us How
     To Flip Our Classroom
Instead of lectures that kids                  Special Thanks to

don’t sit still for:
                                               Lodge McCammon
                                               and Kylie Cafiero

• The class experience is literally
“flipped!” students watch short
storyboard videos at home and come
in ready to work!

• 60 minute in-class lecture reduced to
15 minutes!
                          Click for videos & details:
   And we met
  in their fields
         US Government Leaders
                                              Mike Lach,
                                      USDOE Special Assistant
                                      for Science, Mathematics,
                                     Engineering, and Technology

Carl Wieman, Associate Director of
      Science under Obama
       In the White House
       Conference Center!
Thought Leaders in the Media!
                                                       Danny Forster ,
    Brian Lamb, founder                                Architect, host of
    & CEO of C-SPAN                                    Science Channel's
    (we passed Newt                                    "Extreme
    Gingrich in the hall!)                             Engineering" and
                                       Discovery ed.   "Build It Bigger
                             Deborah Meyers
                             General Manager
                             Science Channel
          Behind the Scenes at National
           Museum of Natural History!
                                             Steve Jabo,
                                             Fossil Lab

     Nathan Erwin

                        Rusty Russell
                        National Herbarium

R. David Hunt
Forensic Anthropology
& CT Scan
 And Time For
Hands-On Fun!
   With STEM
   The Sky’s
   The Limit!
Siemens STEM Institute of 2011
(Please be patient while video downloads!)

                     (And these are the adults!)

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                  Any Questions?
          (You think you’re overwhelmed??)

 Experiences, pictures and song thanks to Siemens Foundation,
Discovery Education, College Board, ORAU, Smithsonian Institute,
   Science Channel, C-Span, Music byThe Kinks, “Education”

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