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									Unilever R&D
Disruptive Technology
Leveraging across categories
R&D Operating Framework
One Unilever R&D
4D model of the new organisation

                     Prioritise in Define

                           Brilliance          Fast,
             From         In Product        Large Scale
            Discover         Design            Deploy

                Differentiating and Transforming
            Critical Functional Capabilities
Key facts and figures

● Total of 6000+ R&D professionals

● 6 Global Research Centres
● 31 Product Development Centres

● Budget of €928 million in 2010, 2.1% of turnover

● Unilever holds 20,000 granted and filed patents
What are we looking for in the future

   2011                                                          2020

 The world is changing rapidly and we need excellent scientists
 who actively seek out and embrace change in order to win in the marketplace


                                                                  Unilever Confidential
How does this translate….
1. Rapid technology advances e.g. IT, data intensive science, robotics, omics
Scientists who are comfortable with change, stay on top of developments in their
    discipline, push boundaries of how we do R&D, computer literate.

2. Open Innovation – Growing our business by using all channels to get new
    opportunities and ideas
Scientists who are outward looking, forge partnerships, inventive, creative and
    entrepreneurial. Use the latest tools to stay connected externally and internally.
    Excellence in their scientific field

3. Growing numbers of consumers esp. in D&E & expanding urban markets
Scientists who care about translating technology for the benefit of consumers where-
    ever they live - deep understanding of the consumer.
Innovating sustainably – water usage, transformation in the chemical industries
Discover Focussed on Six Key Labs

                     Colworth      Vlaardingen

   Port Sunlight

                   Interdependent    Shanghai

 Discover Science Expertise

  Structured Materials                       Advanced Measurement
  and Process Science         Bioscience       and Data Modelling

Sensation, Perception and Behaviour        Nutrition and Health
Critical Functional Capabilities

                     INNOVATION     AFFAIRS              TECHNOLOGY

Role is to accelerate, protect and differentiate
breakthrough innovations and therefore deliver
competitive advantage.
New ways of Innovating

    Supplier Partnerships                                                   Open innovation
                                                                             48% of Unilever pipeline
                                                                             leverages Open innovation
                                                                             31% of new products in
                                                                             consumer staples contain
                                                                             external technology in 2010*

New businesses unit                                                               energy

 * Corporate Executive Board -The Research and Technology Executive Council 2010 Budget, Spend, and Performance Survey

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