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The relationship we've had with Qatar and with Nakkilat in particular has been one of
the most satisfying I’ve had in my professional career. The vision which the
leadership in Qatar brought to this project to imagine that they would transform the
structure of the industry, innovate with the largest and most modern new ships in the
world, and -just by the by brilliant- two completely new categories of ships, and then
do it, and finance it within a period of two to three years. That is stunning on any
scale. And you really look to almost wartime comparisons in shipbuilding to achieve
these sorts of objectives. We at Shell are really proud to be partners in this
extraordinarily exciting enterprise.

LNG is clearly the fuel of the future and LNG shipping is central to that success. In
our current operation we are managing 25 of these world leading LNG carriers and
four LPG ships for our partners in Qatar. But this is only the beginning of the story,
because we're looking forward progressively to transferring those ships to Nakkilat,
and fostering a world leading LNG shipping company.

Shell and Qatar are co-operating on the Qatargas 4 project in Ras Laffan. We are
building a world scale LNG facility which will access markets in US, China and the

So Qatar are the owners of the resources; very important. And we at Shell are very
privileged to be able to work with Qatar to develop these resources and bring them to
market. The three receiving terminals that we are looking to take Qatargas 4 volumes
to are Elba Island in the USA. Elba Island is slightly ahead of schedule. Marine
facilities are already complete, ready to take Q-Flex and Q-Max size vessels; today
one of the few ports in the world that can take Q-Max. The storage tank and the
vaporisers are well underway to construction. And we expect that by the time
Qatargas 4 is ready for production, Elba Island will be up and ready and ready to
receive those volumes.
The PetroChina receiving terminals in Dalian and Jiangsu; they are also well on
track. This is the first two receiving terminals that PetroChina have constructed.
The final one is perhaps the most interesting, which is the Dubai regasification
terminal. The floating component of that has just come out of the shipyard in
Singapore, has been converted into the terminal with all the re-gas facilities and all
the additional equipment that needs to be installed on there. The marine part of that
terminal is well ahead of schedule.

I have worked in the LNG business for Shell for over 10 years and in many, many
different locations, and I can quite honestly say that the relationship that Shell has
with our Qatari stakeholders here in Doha is the best I have ever seen. We
complement each other and I think the strengths that we bring to the table with our
experience and our market reach, combined with the focus on value that Qatar has; I
think it's a great partnership. And I am extremely honoured to be able to be part of

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