ET 1640 Cisco Networking Academies by HC12073019478


									CLUSTER                                     Engineering and Technical

CONCENTRATION                               Cisco Networking Academies

WVEIS CODE                                  ET1640

Sample of job titles upon completion of the concentration: Systems Administrator, Network Administrator,
Network Engineer, Information Technology Specialist (IT Specialist), Local Area Network Administrator
(LAN Administrator), Information Technology Manager (IT Manager), Information Technology Director (IT
Director), Systems Engineer, Network Manager, Network Specialist


Cisco -

REQUIRED COURSES (Sequence Preferred)

WVEIS Code                                  Course
1642                                        Discovery 1
1644                                        Discovery 2
1646                                        Discovery 3
1648                                        Discovery 4

1664                       A+ Essentials
1665                       A+ Practical Applications
1692                       A+ Certification: Hardware
1693                       A+ Certification: Operating Systems
1705                       Fundamentals of Computer Systems

CCNA Discovery 1
Personal Computer Hardware
Operating Systems
Connecting to the Network
Connecting to the Internet Through an ISP
Network Addressing
Network Services
Wireless Technologies
Basic Security
Troubleshooting Your Network

CCNA Discovery 2
The Internet and Its Uses
Help Desk
Planning a Network Upgrade

Planning the Addressing Structure
Configuring Network Devices
ISP Services
ISP Responsibility

CCNA Discovery 3
Networking in the Enterprise
Exploring the Enterprise Network Infrastructure
Switching in an Enterprise Network
Addressing in an Enterprise Network
Routing with a Distance Vector Protocol
Routing with a Link-State Protocol
Implementing Enterprise WAN Links
Filtering Traffic Using Access Control Lists
Troubleshooting an Enterprise Network

CCNA Discovery 4
Introducing Network Design Concepts
Gathering Network Requirements
Characterizing the Existing Network
Identifying Application Impacts on Network Design
Creating the Network Design
Using IP Addressing in the Network Design
Prototyping the Campus Network
Prototyping the WAN
Presenting and Implementing the Network Design
Course Summary: Putting It All Together

Skill set standards for Career Preparation Skills, Safety, Leadership Development and Customer and Personal
Service should be integrated throughout the concentration as remaining skill sets are delivered.

Skill Set Standard                                    Career Preparation Skills
Knowledge Objectives     Students will demonstrate knowledge of

                             career paths.
                             goal development and achievement.
                             attitudes and work habits that support career retention and advancement.
                             communication in varied contexts.
Performance Objectives   Students will

                               relate skills and abilities to possible career pathways.
                               explain methods of goal development.
                               discuss methods of time management and task coordination.
                               practice professionalism in punctuality, appropriate dress, task completion, etc.
                               investigate methods of supervision such as giving and receiving feedback and
                             develop and present a statement of their personal work ethic beliefs.
                             prepare an application, cover letter, resume and thank you letter.
                             create an employment portfolio for use when applying for projects.
Skill Set Standard                                                  Safety
Knowledge Objectives     Students will demonstrate knowledge of

                             safety procedures.
                             accident reporting agencies.
                             Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Performance Objectives   Students will

                               recognize the main causes of accidents.
                               research agencies that are responsible for emergencies in the workplace.
                               develop a plan which outlines the procedures for handling an accident.
                               demonstrate operating instructions before using any equipment.
                               establish procedures for safe evacuation of the worksite in the event of an
                             follow safety and security procedures.
                             wear PPE as required for specified task.
Skill Set Standard                                     Leadership Development
Knowledge Objectives     Students will demonstrate knowledge of

                                public speaking.
                                parliamentary law.
                                leadership concepts.
                                characteristics of effective teams and organizations.

Performance Objectives    Students will

                               develop and deliver speeches.
                               participate in meetings using parliamentary procedure.
                               attend leadership conferences and training (local, state and/or national).
                               volunteer in community service opportunities.
                               participate in career development events.
Skill Set Standard                                  Customer and Personal Service

Knowledge Objectives     Students will demonstrate knowledge of

                             customer needs assessment.
                             quality standards for services.
                             evaluation of customer satisfaction.
Performance Objectives   Students will

                               confer with customers by telephone or in person to provide information about
                                products or services, take or enter orders, cancel accounts, or obtain details of
                               keep records of customer interactions or transactions, recording details of
                                inquiries, complaints, or comments, as well as actions taken.
                               check to ensure that appropriate changes were made to resolve customers'
                               determine charges for services requested, collect deposits or payments, or
                                arrange for billing.
                               refer unresolved customer grievances to designated departments for further

Discovery 1                                                                                            1642
Discovery 2                                                                                            1644
Discovery 3                                                                                            1646
Discovery 4                                                                                            1648

These courses align with Cisco Discovery. In order to teach the Cisco Discovery courses, teachers must hold a
valid CCNA certification and join the Cisco Networking Academy website for access to skill set standards.


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