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Rani Jain
355, Clerk Colony
Indore M.P
Contact no. 9406666304, 9302413080
E-mail: jain_rani3084@rediffmail.com,

Objective: Seeking position in the field of software Development/Testing/Integration with a
progressive and dynamic organization where I can contribute proficiently for my employer and
where my experience, education, skill and abilities will be asset.

Self-Assessment: Strong interpersonal communication skills, Self-motivated, Comprehensive
problem solving abilities and ability to deal with people diplomatically.

Area of Interest: Testing

Career Summary:

      Currently Perusing Diploma in Software Testing From SEED InfoTech Indore.
      1 year Exp. With Slick InfoTech Indore (Since Oct 2008 to Sep 2009) As a Sr. S/W
      3.3 Years Exp. with Emperor Solutions Indore (Since Jun 2005 to Sep 2008).
      Well familiar with MS SQL server 2000, Oracle 9i
      Well skilled with Visual basic 6.0 programming
      Well familiar in Crystal report 8.0 development
      Well familiar in .Net
      Writing PL/SQL Scripts like Procedures, Functions
      A versatile team player with good communication and interpersonal skills
      Ability to work under pressure and complete work on schedule.
      Having creative problem solving skills, quick and independent learning skills.

Skills Set Summary:

   Technical summary
     Reporting Tools : Crystal report 8.0
     Languages        : SQL
                     : PL/SQL
                     : Visual Basic 6.0
                     : C, C++
                     : .Net
    Database         : MS SQL Server 2000
                     : Oracle 9i
                     : MS Access
    Operating system : Windows 9x, 2000, XP, MS DOS
Academic Details:

        B.E. (Info. Tech), 2005 , ITM Gwalior (M.P.)
        Higher Secondary, 1999-2000 , U.P. Board (U.P.)
        S.S.C, 1997-98 With , U.P. Board (U.P.)

Experience and Projects:

Akums Drug

       Environment : VB 6.0, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Report 8.0, Asp.Net
       Role        : Developer
       Team        : 4 Members

Description: This project is related to Manufacturing Company of medicines. It Is ERP based S/w
.With the help of this project we Manage Production, Planning, Testing, HRMS, Purchase, Sales,
Accounting Effect.


Roll Pay

       Environment : VB6.0, Sql Server 2000, Crystal Report8.0
       Role        : Programmer
       Team        : 2 Members

Description: -This software was developed for maintaining the Payroll System in Police
Department. It included record maintenance of the following Types

         Employees Personal record, Branch record, Attendance record, Salary record, Leave
          record, Loan record, Advance records


Tara Ratan

       Environment : VB6.0, Sql Server 2000, Crystal Report 8.0
       Role        : Programmer
       Team        : 2 Members

Description: -This software was developed for a Charted Accountant. In this Project We Provide
these type of Facilities
      Provide the Facility to Maintain All Employees and Arcticleship Members Information
      Provide the Facility to Maintain Clients Record and his/her document Records
      Provide the Reminder Facility If All document not submitted according to the Services
         and also Provide the other many types of Reminders
      Provide the facility of Sending SMS to the Client
         Provide The Searching Facility According to Client Document Picture
         Provide the Facility of Crearting Folder of Client With Client Group, Service and
          Documents Pictures
         And also provide the other facility


Satay Sai, Sims, LNCT, Prastige, Rajeshwar and SATM

        Environment : VB 6.0, SQL Server 2000, Crystal report 8.0
        Role        : Programmer
        Team        : 1 Member

Description: In All above These Projects. I have done Library Management, Material
Management, Time Table Management and Training and Placement Management Modules.



       Environment : VB 6.0, SQL Server 2000, Crystal report 8.0
       Role        : Programmer
       Team        : 3 Members

Description: This project is related to production. With the help of this project we find out
Manufacturing, Designing, Packing, Forwarding (Cost, Time, Material), Automatic Scheduling of
machine, Lead Time Graph (With the help of this graph we find out how many item, process,
operations, sub operations are use in the product, how much time they take and also gives the
facility of time shifting by graph.).
     Providing the facility of designing
     Creation of process, operation, Sub operation according to the product.
     Providing Lead-Times Graph of the Items.
     Proving the machines setting Automatically according to from order date to Delivery date
Nature of activity:

        Received the customer raised Problem
        Investigating the problem
        Interacting with customer
        Providing Solution to the customer


        Primary responsibilities include analysis of the customer requirements
        Program the code and Design VB forms, Crystal reports as per customer requirements.
        Troubleshooting of various issues related to forms and reports
        Modified the forms reports up to the customer satisfaction level
        Maintaing the database related to Forms and Coding
       Intial testing of project to the Forms wise and Module wise.



       Environment : VB 6.0, SQL Server 2000, Crystal report 8.0
       Role        : Programmer
       Team         : 2 Members

Description: With the help of this project we maintain Stocks, Transaction, Charts related to
Transaction and Stock (monthly/yearly) Accounts, many type of Reports, Sales items, Employee
performance .Mainating all the records of employee,Cutomer and all the business related
      Keeping and maintaining details of stock and transaction.
      Creation of charts for transaction and stock.
      Show the yearly Montly and weekly Porift of Company.
      Provides the easy way of understading the all forms
      Report Generation and printing



    Environment : VB 6.0, SQL Server 2000, Crystal report 8.0
    Role        : Programming
    Team        : 3 Members

Description: This Project was developed to automate a Garments Shop.Maintaing all the
transaction of Related to sales, purchase, and return.
     Keeping and maintaining details of stock.
     Having record of Parties involved in Transaction with Topwear Garments Shop.
     Maintaining the account of the customer and supplier
     Generation and Bookkeeping of bills after transaction is finalized.
     Creation and Printing of Reports

Web Sites:-

        1. Krirtiindia.com
Extra Curricular Activities:
    Participated in seminar presentation organized by IT Department Gwalior.
    Active participation in organizing various functions at college level.

Personal Information:
Husband’s Name: Dr.Prasanna Jain
Date of Birth : 25th Dec1982
Language      : English, Hindi


        Mr. Swatantra Jain
         Software Engineer, Deloitte consulting India pvt. Ltd Hyderabad
         Mob. No.: 09866714190

       I here by declare that above mentioned details are correct and complete to the best of my

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