Wood Shop 8 - DOC by stU54o


									                                     Wood Shop 9
                                       Mr. Porteous

Within the philosophy of Career and Technology Studies, students in Woodshop will:

      Demonstrate a working knowledge of materials, tools and process that are used to
       create buildings and other related wood products that meet the needs and wants of
      Apply effective and responsible decision making skills in the design and
       construction of durable goods
      Develop positive attitudes toward individual and team work responsibilities,
       quality production and service.
      Develop an appreciation for health, safety and environmental issues related to
       construction and manufacturing
      Assess personal interests and abilities related to making realistic career choices

Marks will be awarded in the following manner:

Projects      65% (Planning, Drafting, Constructing, Finished product)
Quizzes       15% (Shop Safety, Tools, Drafting)
Participation 20% (Set up, attitude, behavior and clean up)

The tentative scope for this course goes as follows:

   -   Drafting                       - Safety
   -   Tool Awareness                 - Projects

This is a quarter term but possible projects this semester may entail:
    Folding bench (advanced students)
    Deacon’s bench
    Various boxes
    Segmented or stave turning projects

Please note, Because of the possible hazards of working in a shop with sharp tools.
Students exhibiting unruly behavior or actions that jeopardize the safety of any student
including themselves will be dealt with severely.

*Note: This information will be subject to change as the year progresses, students will be
notified of any changes.

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