Biology 2 Lesson 3

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					Class:          Biology 2                                            Date: 1/24-1/25
Lesson#         Lesson 3
Daily Quiz: Lateral Thinking question
Turn In: Brain Narrative (Notes Stapled on top) 3 SMART GOALS
Objectives: Identify how perception, attention, memories and stress affect learning in the brain
                Understand the characteristics of life
                Create a classification system that is most effeciet with the public

   5    Exercise
              Stretch, Choose your own heart rate elevaor, Stretch
  10    Brain Teaser       A man dies of thirst in his own home. His plumbing worked perfectly
                           and not in the desert. Hows is this possible?
  15             * The man lives in a house boat, and is in the middle of the ocean
                   with no fresh water around.
  20    Turn in Narratives on quotes
              and SMART Goals
  25    Brain Presentation

  30            Basic Brain structure
                   * Neurons, regions, messaging, connections
  35            Perception
                   * Mental scene, sensory input, previous experience
  40            Attention
                   * Volunatry, driven by perception of enjoyable and worthy
  45            Memories
                   * Relational for permanent memories, neural networks, hippocampus
  50                  categorical thinking

  55    Stretch

  60    Taxonomy Activitiy
                DO NOT arrange like the actual grocery store
  65            Have partners, with both names on it
                    * MUST HAVE two different hand writings on the paper
  70            Activity
                    * Name three characteristics you can arrange items in a grocery store
  75                * Make a chart                * Separate characteristics (Color, calories, etc
                        * Have the arrangement and an area for advantages and disadvantages
  80                        * MUST HAVE three advantages and three disadvantages

  85            At the end use all advantages and disadvantages to decide which arrange
                customers will select, and why?
                Think Critically to choose criteria and assess the system in a logical and
  95            consistant manner

Bring activity to next class

 ies, etc