Senior Project Presentation Rubric by cf84is9u


									                                 Final Advisor Review

Content in Senior Project Portfolio                                     Completed?

Junior Year Expectations:
      CIS-Path to Scholarships, Comparison of Two Careers,
            Course Goals, Updated Resume                                Y N

      Two Letters of Recommendation from Non-School Adults              Y N
      Community Service Hours: 4                                        Y N
      Best Works: Two Pieces                                            Y N

Senior Year Expectations
      CIS-Update Path to Scholarships, Financial Aid Sort               Y   N
      Transcript Review                                                 Y   N
      Three Letters of Recommendation                                   Y   N
      Three Completed Scholarship Applications                          Y   N
      Resume                                                            Y   N
      Community Service Hours: 12                                       Y   N
      Best Works: Two Pieces                                            Y   N
      Research Paper                                                    Y   N
      Comparison Activity                                               Y   N

      Senior has met the Senior Project Artifact Requirement            Y N

Seniors will present their portfolio at the appointed time to a panel consisting of
faculty and community members. Their presentation will include Junior and
Senior years’ requirements for completion. A visual presentation is expected.
Seniors could use media software such as PowerPoint or Prezi to highlight their
portfolio. Plus original documentation such as resume, community service
summary, best works will be presented and 6 copies provided to the evaluation
Your presentation should revolve around your future and how you plan to
become successful. Use elements from your portfolio to support your reasoning
and decisions for your career path. Points that could be included in your
presentation are: What caused you to decide your career path? What experience
at NPHS made you consider your career path? Do you feel that NPHS helped
prepare you for your career path?

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