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									                                              WATERTOWN UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                                    NEW COURSE PROPOSAL

Date:                                                          Department/ Subject Area:

Person(s) Submitting Proposal:                                 Proposed Course Title:

Anticipated enrollment/sections:                               Prerequisite?      no    yes
                                                               If yes, explain:
Do we have appropriately qualified staff to teach all courses?        no     yes
This proposal is targeted for students in grade(s):       9        10         11        12
It will be used in the following types of classrooms:       General Ed      Special Ed      College Prep      Honors
   Career & Technical Ed      English Language Learners
Will there be a fee?     no    yes        If yes, what is the amount?
Will new textbook/instructional materials need to be purchased?           no     yes (check all that apply)
    Textbooks            Supplemental Materials            Technology           Equipment             Other
If Other, explain:

Course Description (as it would appear in the course registration book):

Rationale for adding this course (e.g. student interest, gap in curriculum, differentiation of academic program):

Units of Instruction:

Modifications to departmental staffing and/or course offerings include:

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