Name:            Dr SM Rowland
                                              BSc, PhD, FIET, SMIEEE
                             Status:          Senior Lecturer
                                              Electrical Energy and Power Systems
                             Address:         B12 Ferranti Building
                                              School of Electrical and Electronic
                                              The University of Manchester
                                              PO Box 88
                                              M60 1QD
                             Tel:             +44(0)161 306 4720
                             Group Tel:
                             Fax:             +44(0)161 306 4820

Background Info:
Simon Rowland entered academia after building a strong career in industry. He
started his career in industrial Research and Development on materials and reliability
assessment. He progressed through the management of R&D and, having proved
himself to be a focused leader, moved into manufacturing and general management.
He continued to build a record of determining strategy, implementing change, and
improving productivity through strong people skills, and innovative thinking. Wishing
to rebuild his technical career, he joined Manchester University in 2003 and has since
rapidly built a portfolio of activity. Presently he is manager of the Supergen V -
Amperes consortium of 6 leading Universities. This is a £3M project supported by
EPSRC and UK electricity Network Operators focused on improving network
mangement through condition monitoring.

Research Interests
       Reliability of dielectric materials
       Polymeric insulation systems
       Asset management
       Surface insulation
       Composite insulators
Recent Publications
Moisture Ingress into Low Voltage Oil-Impregnated-Paper Insulated Distribution Cables
IET Proc Sci., Meas. & Tech. 1 Issue 5 (2007) 276-283
M Wang, S M Rowland and P E Clements

Modelling of currents on Long Span, Dielectric Cables on HV Overhead Lines
IEEE Trans PDel 22 Issue 2, (2007) 1138-1144
S M Rowland, K Kopsidas, I Cotton

Voltage Sag Characterisation: Point on Wave
IEE Genr. Trans. & Distrib 1, Issue 1, (2007) 146-154
S Ž Djokić, J V Milanović and S M Rowland

Implementation of a solution to the problem of dry-band arcing on ADSS cables
IEEE Trans PDel 22 Issue 1, (2007) 703-709
Simon M. Rowland, Osvaldo de la Cerda, Neil R. Haigh

Ageing of Silicone Rubber Composite Insulators on 400 kV Transmission Lines
IEEE Trans DEI 14 Issue 1 (2007) 130-136
S. M. Rowland, Y. Xiong, J. Robertson, S. Hoffman

Prevention of Dry-Band Arc Damage on ADSS Cables
IEEE Trans Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation 13 (2006) 765 - 772
S M Rowland

Engineering a solution to the problem of dry-band arcing on ADSS cables
IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine 22 Issue 4 (2006) 34 - 43
S. M. Rowland

Low Current AC Arc Stability on the Surface of Polymeric Insulation
J. Phys. D, Appl. Phys. 39 (2006) 3067-3076
S M Rowland and F C Lin

‘The refurbishment and development of a leading HV laboratory - bridging the academic and
industrial divide’
IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine 20 Issue 6 (2004) 35 - 44
Rowland, S.M.; Cotton, I.; Wang, Z.D.; Hogan, F.; Cooper, J.;

Surface arcing University Research Funding               £9.3k Oct 2004

  Composite insultors study                  National Grid                     £350k
                                             Oct 2005

  Microshocks, physics of arcs               National Grid                     £140k
                                             Oct 2004,
  Microshocks EngD                       National Grid and EPSRC          £60k
                                         Jan 2005

  DC insulators - Case Award             ABB and EPSRC                    £60k
                                         July 2006

  Supergen – AMPerES                     EPSRC + 9 industrialists         £603k
                                         Feb 2006

Improved condition monitoring of composite insulators      EdF Energy     £109k
      Jan 2007
Long term performance of composite insulators        Natinoal
Grid      £400k Sept 2007

External Professional Activities

       Co-Chair of IEEE Dielectric and Electrical Insualtion Society, Multi factor
        ageing committee
       Elected Board member of IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and
        Dielectric breakdown (CIEDP)
       Elected to IEEE Dielectric and Electrical Insulation Society Adcom from 2007
       Technical Committee member of EIA Conference Insucon 2006
       Member of UHVNet management team (University High Voltage Networks)
       Technical committee member of IEEE International Conference on Solid
        Dielectrics (ICSD) 2007
       Member of Energy Networks Association CS5 Group (communications)

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