* Indicates Testing/Diagnosis Available (Revised October 2006)

Please note: Montgomery College does not test for or diagnose disabilities. Students who
suspect they have a learning disability may:

    Contact their insurance company to see if it will pay for a psychological or neuropsychological
    Seek a formal diagnosis from a certified professional, such as a neurologist, psychiatrist,
     psychologist, or a learning disabilities specialist.

Montgomery College does not endorse or assume responsibility for any product, method,
service or treatment listed on this resource list. The listing is provided on request to
students with disabilities who are seeking local resources. If other local resources should
be added, please contact Disability Support Services at 240-567-5058 or TTY (301) 294-
9672 (for the deaf and hard of hearing).

                    ORGANIZATION                                             SERVICES PROVIDED
Affiliated Community Counselors, Inc *                            Counseling, psychotherapy for individuals,
50 West Montgomery Avenue, Suite 110                              families, and couples, psychological testing
Rockville, MD 20850                                               and evaluation.
(301) 251-8965 FAX (301) 251-0136                                 Sliding fee schedule
Ms. Ellery Owens, Clinical Director

Applied Counseling & Psycho-educational                           Diagnostic testing for learning disabilities and
Services*                                                         ADHD. Psycho-educational evaluation
Jackson Place South                                               (cognitive, achievement, and social/emotional
932 Hungerford Dr., Suite 5B                                      assessment for adults), consultation, and
Rockville, MD 20850                                               counseling.
(301) 933-2374 FAX (301) 353-9093
Myra L. Burgee, Ph.D.

Certified Learning Center (Administrative                         Educational diagnostic testing. In depth
Office)*                                                          psychological evaluation. Reading, writing,
11309 Classical Lane                                              and math workshops. One-on-one tutoring;
Silver Spring, MD, 20901                                          small group program for study skills, speed-
(301) 593-3700 FAX (301) 681-8410                                 reading; preparation for SAT, GRE, GMAT,
www.certified-learning-centers.com                                LSAT, NTE; computer instruction.
Email: rf@certified-learning-centers.com                          Sliding fee schedule
Patricia Felton, Director

Chesapeake ADHD Center of Maryland                                Testing for LD & ADHD for college students.
(former Chesapeake Psychological Services)*                       Conducts educational and psychological
8607 Cedar Street                                                 evaluations for all ages. Psychotherapy,
Silver Spring, MD 20910                                           professional organizing, and ADD/ADHD
(301) 562-8448 FAX (301) 562-8449                                 coaching.
www.chesapeakeadd.com                                             Sliding fee schedule
Email: officemanager@chesapeakeadd.com
Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D., Director

Crossroads Educational Solutions, Inc.*                           Special education consulting/advocacy,
1505 Drexel Street                                                enrichment and remedial tutoring, educational
Takoma Park, MD 20912                                             assessments, AD/HD diagnostic screening,
(301) 535-9104 FAX (301)445-4401                                  related service referral network, post-
Email: sped.law@yahoo.com                                         secondary educational consulting.
Angela Askew, Director of Operations                              Sliding fee schedule and payment plan

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\53a7fb54-67da-4752-9f1e-aade5c6046c7.doc                                                  1
Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)*                       Assists eligible persons with mental, physical,
(Germantown Office)                                               or emotional disabilities to get job training and
20010 Century Boulevard, Suite 400                                placement. Diagnostics for learning
Germantown, MD 20878                                              disabilities provided only when multiple
(301) 601-1500 FAX (301) 540-7026                                 services will be necessary over a long period
www.dors.state.md.us                                              of time.
Roger Deason, Rehabilitation Supervisor

Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)*                       Assists eligible persons with mental, physical,
(Wheaton Office)                                                  or emotional disabilities to get job training and
2730 University Boulevard, Suite LL-1                             placement. Diagnostics for learning
Wheaton Plaza, North Office Building                              disabilities provided only when multiple
Wheaton, MD 20902                                                 services will be necessary over a long period
(301)949-3750 FAX (301)949-5876                                   of time.
Carol Haig, Rehabilitation Supervisor

Dyslexia Tutoring Program                                         Private, non-profit and offers tutoring services
The Rotunda                                                       for children and adults
711 W. 40 Street, Suite 310
Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 889-5487 FAX (410) 889-5363
Marcy Kolodny, Executive Director
Shannon Pinder, Program Director

Gallaudet University*                                             Psycho educational assessment for suspected
Mental Health Center                                              learning disability and attention deficit
Kellogg Conference Hotel, Room 3202                               hyperactivity disorder. Services available for
800 Florida Avenue, N.E.                                          hearing and non-hearing students.
Washington, DC 20002                                              Sliding fee schedule
(202) 651-6080 FAX (202) 651-6085
Email: MH.Center@gallaudet.edu

George Mason University Psychological                             Learning disability assessment, psychological
Clinic*                                                           assessment, consultation and IQ
10340 Democracy Lane, Suite 202                                   assessments, psychotherapy, counseling, and
Fairfax, VA 22030                                                 community workshops.
(703) 993-1370 FAX (703) 352-0035                                 Financial Aid available for assessments.
http://psyclinic.gmu.edu                                          Sliding fee schedule for therapy.
Lisa Meier, Director

George Washington University Center Clinic*                       Psychological testing, short and long-term
2300 M Street, N.W., Suite 910                                    psychotherapy, group therapy.
Washington, DC 20037                                              Sliding fee schedule
(202) 887-0775 FAX (202) 496-6263
Email : psyd@gwu.edu

George Washington University                                      Learning disability assessment and individual
Meltzer Testing Center*                                           and group therapy for depression.
2125 G Street, N.W.                                               Sliding fee schedule
Washington, DC 20052
(202) 994-9072
Contact: Risa Broudy

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HEATH Resource Center                                             Identifies and describes educational training
2121 K Street N.W. , Suite 220                                    opportunities for people with disabilities.
Washington, DC 20037
Voice/TTY (202)973-0904 Toll Free 1-800-544-3284
FAX (202)973-0908
Email: askheath@heath.gwu.edu

Jewish Social Service Agency*                                     Comprehensive neuropsychological testing for
6123 Montrose Road                                                all ages. Education and evaluation. Includes
Rockville, MD 20852                                               testing for LD and ADHD
(301) 881-3700 FAX (301)881-6156

Kennedy Krieger Institute                                         Learning disability assessment for all ages.
Center for Development & Learning
707 North Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
(443) 923-9400

The Kingsbury Center*                                             Diagnostic testing; tutoring; psychological
5000 14 Street, N.W.                                              evaluation; group and individual counseling
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 722-5555 FAX (202) 722-5533

The LAB School*                                                   Career Counseling; GED Prep; individual
4759 Reservoir Road, N.W.                                         instruction; college prep – day school for ages
                                                                    th      th
Washington, DC 20007                                              5 to 12 grade; evening school; diagnostic
(202) 965-6600 FAX (202) 965-5106                                 services; psychotherapy; speech and
Sally Smith, Director                                             language testing, and occupational therapy;
Susan Feeley, Admissions Director                                 workshops for teachers and parents; lecture
Learning Disability Association of                                Program meetings with guest speakers,
Montgomery County (former MCACLD)                                 panels, workshops and videos, newsletter with
P.O. Box 623                                                      articles, news and monthly calendar, tutor
Rockville, MD 20848-0623                                          referral service; parent advising service,
(301) 933-1076                                                    young adult social, career groups.
Email: ldamc@ldamc.org

Potomac Center, Inc.*                                             Diagnostic services for all ages.
5276 Dawes Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22311
(703) 379-7350 FAX (703) 379-7352
Dr. Charles Marcantonio, Director

Psychology Clinic – University of Maryland*                       Provides individual therapy, diagnostic
Department of Psychology                                          consultation, assessments for LD and ADHD,
University of Maryland, College Park                              and neuropsychological assessment.
College Park, MD 20742                                            Sliding fee schedule
(301) 405-4808
Email: PsycClinic@psyc.umd.edu

TLC- The Treatment and Learning Centers*                          Psychological and Educational testing for
2301 Research Blvd, Suite 110                                     learning disabilities, ADHD, and other learning
Rockville, MD 20850                                               differences. Academic tutoring in all areas,
(301) 424-5200 ext. 147                                           including study and test-taking skills and
                                                                  organizational skills. Psychological
                                                                  counseling services also available.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\53a7fb54-67da-4752-9f1e-aade5c6046c7.doc                                                  3
William Stixrud, Ph.D. & Associates*                              Neuro-psychological evaluation, academic
8720 Georgia Avenue, Suite 300                                    tutoring, child and family therapy, ADD/ADHD
Silver Spring, MD 20910                                           diagnostic testing.
(301) 565-0534 FAX (301) 565-2217
Starr Stixrud, Office Manager

The Women’s Center*                                               Offers Psychoeducational Assessments for
133 Park Street, N.E.                                             women, men, adolescents and children to
Vienna, VA 22180-4602                                             document Learning Disabilities, ADHD, or
(703) 281-2657 FAX (703) 242-1454                                 other impairments to learning so that
www.thewomenscenter.org                                           classroom accommodations can be
                                                                  considered by the school system.
                                                                  Sliding fee schedule

               PRIVATE RESOURCES                                             SERVICES PROVIDED

Michael D. Barnet, M.A.                                           Eligibility assessment for students suspected
Bilingual Instructional Assessment Specialist                     of educational disability. Multidisciplinary
Silver Spring, MD 20910                                           team of a bilingual psychologist and a
(301) 230-0656                                                    bilingual speech-language pathologist.
Email: mdb2012@hotmail.com

Lisa Bernstein, LCSW-C, MS                                        Executive coaching and organizational skills
15724 Buena Vista Dr.                                             training. Cognitive and behavioral therapy for
Rockville, MD 20855                                               adolescents and adults.
(301)590-0115 FAX (301) 590-1221
Email: coachlb@comcast.net

Manny Gerton, Ph.D.*                                              Psycho-educational assessments and
Psychologist                                                      planning for college.
1325 18 Street, NW, #105                                          Sliding fee schedule
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 331-9722
Email: mgerton@comcast.net

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