Mike is the managing partner of Petra Capital Partners, based in

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					Mike Blackburn founded Petra Capital Partners in 1999. Petra is based in Nashville,
Tennessee and currently manages two SBIC funds, Petra Growth Fund I, formed in 1999
with $80 million of available capital and Petra Growth Fund II, formed in 2007 with $160
million of available capital. Petra provides subordinated debt and equity to later-stage
growth companies throughout the United States. The firm focuses on healthcare services
and business services companies. Mike began his private equity career in 1992 when he
joined Lawrence, Tyrrell, Ortale & Smith and its successor firm, Richland Ventures.
Combined the two firms managed 4 funds totaling $255 million during his six year
tenure. Prior to entering the private equity business, Mike spent six years as a
commercial lending officer. During his 24 year career in financial services, Mike has
been involved in 69 private company investments; including 24 healthcare services
companies and has served on 22 boards of directors. He has a BA and MBA from
Vanderbilt University. Mike is a member of YPO (Southern 7) and is on the board of
directors for the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies.

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