September 24 - How to Make the Most of Your Student Success Centre by vUR7N8


									                                                             OPEN MONDAY TO FRIDAY
                                                                 8:30am – 4:30pm
                                                              Telephone 604-513-2017

     Student Success Centre
The Student Success Centre provides intentionally designed
programs and resources that enhance the students’ ability to
set goals, to persist academically, to develop skills and to
establish informed decision-making practices based on a
Christian worldview.

                          Academic Advising Office
               Provides informed academic options to assist students in the clarification
                      and the realization of their personal and educational goals.
                                      Web-page: Academic Advising

                Academic Coaching / Study Skills
           Provides study tools and resources to help students achieve their learning goals.
                            Web-page: http: Academic Coaching/Study Skills

                                Career Development
                Helps students and alumni make informed decisions regarding choice of
                                          major and career.
                                      Web-page: Career Development

                Career Experiences / Student Employment
                    Assists students with experiential learning opportunities through
                    internships, co-ops, volunteer roles and on-campus employment.
                       Web-page: Career Experience Web-page: Student Employment

                      Disabilities / Equity of Access
                   Assists students in accessing educational opportunities and provides
                         academic accommodations for students with disabilities.
                                 (located on 2nd Floor of Douglas Centre)
                                   Web-page: Disabilities/Equity of Access

                                      Writing Centre
                   Offers assistance writing academic papers and other assignments.
                                 (located on 2nd Floor of Douglas Centre)
                                         Web-page: Writing Centre

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