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									 Welcome to the
A Parents’ Guide to Understanding
 the College Application Process
 How Do I Know Where to Apply?

• Eligibility

• Comfort Zone
 Requirements for Admission to
     Community College

• Open enrollment

• Placement tests for deciding level of
  English and math courses
 Requirements for Admission to
      Vocational Schools
• These vary: some programs have academic
  requirements, some have open enrollment
• Ability to pay
• Check out apprenticeships
Requirements for Admission to

• a - g classes
• GPA min. 2.0
• SAT Reasoning Test and/or ACT (writing
  supplement not necessary)
• Graduation from high school
Requirements for Admission to UC

 • a - g classes
 • GPA min. 3.0
 • SAT Reasoning Test and/or ACT with
 • 2 SAT Subject Tests (until class of 2012)
 • Graduation from high school
                Comfort Zone
•   Academic Opportunities
•   Size
•   Extra-curricular activities
•   Location
•   Other variables
•   Selectivity
•   Early Decision, Single Choice Early Action, Early
Applying to Community College
• March/April: DVC presentation at CPHS
• Complete online or paper application +
  concurrent enrollment form
• April: English and Math placement tests
• Sign up for Counseling 095
• Register for classes
          Applying to CSU
• Applications can be submitted online
  between Oct. 1st and Nov. 30th
• No application essays
• No letters of recommendation
• Notification varies
• Student decision by May 1st
             Applying to UC
•   Online application only
•   Nov. 1st - Nov. 30th
•   Personal Statements
•   No letters of recommendation
•   Notification mid to end of March
•   Decision by May 1st
     Applying to Private Schools
• Timelines vary - check application deadlines
• Online or paper applications, including
  Common Application and Universal Application
• Personal statements
• Letters of Recommendation
     Exemptions from Placement

       CSU ELM (Entry Level Math)

•   SAT Reasoning Math          550
•   SAT Subject Math(I or II)   550
•   ACT Math                     23
•   AP Calc. or Stat.         3,4,5
•   EAP (administered with STAR test)
     Exemptions from Placement

    CSU EPT (English Placement Test)

•   SAT Verbal               550
•   ACT English               24
•   AP English (Lang or Lit) 3,4,5
•   EAP (Administered with STAR test)
    Exemption from Placement

                  UC Subject A
    (Analytical Writing Placement Exam)

• AP English (Lang. Or Lit.) 3, 4, 5
• SAT Writing Section        680
• ACT Eng/Writing Combined 30
               What Will It Cost?
• Assuming your student lives on campus,

•   DVC             $1,750 approx – living at home
•   Chico State     $21, 642
•   Cal Poly        $21,864
•   UCLA            $29,771
•   UC Davis        $29,259
•   Harvard         $53,950 -$56,750
        (Income between $80k – 180k pay avg.10%)
           How Will I Pay?

• Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

• Financial Aid
        What is Financial Aid?
•   Grants: Federal, State, Institutional
•   Scholarships: merit-based, need-based
•   Loans: student, parent
•   Work Study
 How Do We Get Financial Aid?
• FAFSA: Jan. 2nd - March 2nd
  Fafsa on the Web worksheet: www.FAFSA.ED.GOV
  Financial Aid Night in December
• CalGrant: Deadline March 2nd
• CSS Profile: Available Oct. 1st. Deadlines vary.
  $5 + $18 per college or scholarship.(Price for this
  year not posted yet)
• Online Scholarship Searches e.g.
• Scholarship Binder in the Career Center
        How Can Parents Help?
•   Try to stay calm
•   Focus on the education not the name brand
•   Talk honestly about finances
•   Help but don’t take over
• Enjoy them while they are still here!

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