issues for gender by l7b8J4


									Gender Issues
     Girls are outperforming boys in education

     Women are heavily concentrated in certain jobs, and lack a presence in others

     Women’s educational success is not translating into better pay and jobs

     Women are more likely to be carers than men. Women often take breaks from paid work

      to care for others. Resulting in lower pay, limiting career progress and reduced pensions

     Almost half of pregnant women experience disadvantage at work

     A high percentage of women are in part time employment

     May require part-time, flexitime, annualised hours, term-time working, job share and


     Women use transport at different times to men, in different ways and for different reasons

     Women have greater fear of travelling at night, and need easy access when carrying

      children and pushchairs

     Women have distinctive needs in their personal safety. Women feel unsafe walking alone

      in their local area, compared to men. Women have a high level of worry about violent


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