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Convocation        The June 2012 Graduating Class
                   The Psychology Department extends heartfelt congratulations to 155 students who will be
                   receiving Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology at the June 2012 convocation:
The June 2012
Graduating Class    90 Honours BA in Psychology (including Joint Honours and/or Arts and Business)

                    17 Honours BSc in Psychology
Award for           8 Joint Honours Psychology (Home Faculty not Arts)
Achievement         19 Four Year General BA in Psychology

                    21 Three Year General BA in Psychology
Honours Thesis
                    In addition:
                    81 students will be graduating with a Psychology Minor designation

Future Plans        97 students will be graduating with a Human Resources Management academic
                     plan (Minor, Option, Specialization, or Diploma)

                   Convocation Award for Academic Achievement

                   2012 Departmental Award
                   for Distinguished Academic Achievement in Honours BA Psychology

                   On an annual basis, each department in the Faculty of Arts selects the top graduating
                   student from their Honours Bachelor of Arts program to be the recipient of the Departmental
                   Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement. The Awards are presented at the June
                   convocation. Those graduating in June as well as the previous October convocation are
                   considered for the award.

                   The Psychology Department is thrilled to announce that Julia Van de Vondervoort is the
                   2012 recipient of the Departmental Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement in
                   the Honours BA Program.

                   Julia completed her Honours Thesis (Children’s Concept of Ownership: The Relation between
                   Ownership Rights and Body Rights) under the supervision of Ori Friedman.

                   Julia will be receiving an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Philosophy Minor at
                   the June 2012 convocation ceremony. We look forward to Julia joining our MASc program in
                   Developmental Communication Science this fall. Her supervisor will be Ori Friedman.

                   Congratulations Julia on your outstanding academic achievement and best wishes for
                   continued success!
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                             Honours Thesis Awards
                             Sixty students completed an Honours Thesis Spring 2011 through Winter 2012. Six
                             students graduated in October 2011 and forty-six are graduating June 2012. Eight
                             students are continuing their studies. Each year the Psychology Department
                             recognizes the achievements of a small number of students who have produced the
                             most outstanding Honours Theses over the past year. The recipients of the 2012
                             Honours Thesis Awards are:

                             Bethany Delleman (Supervisor: Myra Fernandes)
                             "The Effect of Anxiety on Recognition and Memory Confidence”

                             Klint Fung (Supervisor: David Moscovitch)
                             "Social Anxiety and the Perceived Consequences of Social Blunders: The Role of
                             Focusing Illusion"

                             Merrick Levene (Supervisors: Ori Friedman & Colin MacLeod)
                             "Spider! Elephant! Penguin! A Developmental Approach to the Production Effect"

                             Margaret Lewis (Supervisor: Erik Woody)
                             "A Comparative Exploration of Alternative Methods for Analyzing Complementarity in
                             Time Series Data"
“Do not go where the
path may lead;               Margaret McBeath (Supervisor: Maureen Drysdale)
go instead where             “Self-concept and Tacit Knowledge: Exploring the Differences Between Co-op and Non
                             Co-op University Students”
there is no path
and leave a trail”           Lindsay Stehouwer (Supervisor: Joanne Wood)
      Ralph Waldo Emerson    "Suddenly on Shaky Ground: Experiencing Physical Instability Affects Perceptions of
                             Relationship Stability"

                             Julia Van de Vondervoort (Supervisor: Ori Friedman)
                             "Children’s Concept of Ownership: The Relation between Ownership Rights and Body

                                 Congratulations to all of the students who completed an Honours Thesis this year.
                                 I was happy to see that the projects covered a wide variety of fascinating topics
                                 and involved many different (and sometimes impressively complicated) research
                                 methods. Overall, the research proposals were a pleasure to read and the oral
                                 presentations were thoughtful and engaging. Fantastic work!

                                                                         Dr. Dan Smilek
                                                                         Psych 499 Course Coordinator

Future Plans
A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology is a very practical undergraduate degree and the career paths of those
graduating will be diverse. Some will seek employment while others will further their education, for example,
various college programs, law school, teachers college, graduate studies in business, education, psychology, social
work, speech pathology, etc.

The Psychology Undergraduate team would appreciate hearing about your plans for the coming year. This
information is useful to current and prospective Psychology Majors who are seeking career advice. Please email
your information to Heather Smith ( if you haven’t already done so. Include in your message
whether or not details can be included on the Psychology ‘Awards and Achievements’ website:

                                                                                “The future belongs to those who believe
                                                                                 “The future belongs to those who believe
                                                                                in the beauty of their dreams”
                                                                                            in the beauty of their dreams”
                                                                                                         Eleanor Roosevelt
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