On the basis of our recent conversations, I am pleased to advise

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					 Offer Letter                    Standing Faculty – Clinician-Educator
                                        Assistant Professor
                                 The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


John Doe, M.D.
123 Park Place
Philadelphia, PA 12345

Dear __________:

        On the basis of our recent conversations, I am pleased to offer you the position of Assistant
Professor of (specify department) at (specify hospital(s)) in the Standing Faculty – Clinician-Educator of
the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania for an initial term of 3 years. Your
appointment and any subsequent reappointments are subject to approval by the appropriate Perelman
School of Medicine committees, the Dean of the Perelman School of Medicine and the Provost’s Staff
Conference of the University. You will be contacted for information regarding reappointment.

         The Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators, which can be accessed at
http://www.upenn.edu/provost/category/faculty_affairs currently provides that this appointment is
renewable and there will be a mandatory review for promotion in or before your ninth year. You will be
reviewed for your second reappointment prior to the end of that appointment period. You should be
aware of the University’s “Policy on Extension of the Probationary Period,” Faculty Handbook Policy
II.E.3 at http://www.upenn.edu/provost/category/faculty_affairs and timely filing requirements
which provides important information relating to specific circumstances under which your probationary
period may be extended.

        The Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (FAPD) website, www.med.upenn.edu/fapd
contains additional faculty policies and related information which may be helpful to you. Within our
department, (insert name of faculty coordinator) is the faculty coordinator, (insert name of department
coap chair) is the chair of our department committee on appointments and promotions and (insert name
of department education officer) is the education officer and may also serve as a resource for you.

         In order to prepare proactively for reappointment and promotion, you must maintain records of
your teaching efforts and evaluative data. The Housestaff and Medical Student Teaching Evaluation
Record (HAMSTER) is a substantial online report of teaching information that will be available to you.
It includes recorded teaching activities and evaluations of faculty by medical students, residents, fellows
and masters students in the Perelman School of Medicine.

         The Perelman School of Medicine’s “Program to Enhance Teaching Skills” requires that new
faculty attend an overview highlighting the various teaching venues and opportunities at Penn Medicine.
You may choose to attend the overview program and will receive information about the next scheduled
presentation or you may view the overview program through Knowledge Link at
http://knowledgelink.upenn.edu. You will also be required to complete two additional Advance faculty
professional development programs for attaining teaching excellence prior to your initial reappointment.
I also encourage you to attend any of the other sessions offered through the Advance program
www.med.upenn.edu/fapd/advance in your role as either mentee or mentor. In addition to teaching
effectiveness, these sessions provide guidance in research, scientific writing, career management and
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technology training. Announcements about these programs are also communicated through emails. You
should feel free to contact FAPD about any professional development needs or suggestions.

           Attached you will find a statement regarding your compensation for the period (insert date).

         Further, in order to demonstrate our commitment to your work and to assist you in carrying out
your academic and clinical1 goals, the following arrangements are being made for you: (insert any
details regarding agreements)

          office and/or lab space
          equipment
          technical support
          start-up funding
          moving expenses
          computer

       As we discussed, you will be expected to participate in the clinical1, educational, and research
programs of the department. Your responsibilities will include (insert description).

       Also enclosed are the “Guidelines for the Perelman School of Medicine Faculty Mentoring
Program.” In accordance with the Guidelines, your academic mentor will be ________________. I
encourage you to review the online guide, “Shaping a Career in Academic Medicine: Guidelines for
mentor/mentee conversations” at www.med.upenn.edu/mentee.

         As a full-time Assistant Professor of (specify department) at (specify hospital(s)) you will be
eligible to participate in the generous benefits package offered by the University of Pennsylvania. After
your arrival, a benefits packet will be mailed to you by the Penn Benefits Center. If you have any
questions about this packet, you should contact the Benefits Center at 1-888-736-6236. You should also
arrange to meet with (insert name of department administrator and title) who can be reached at (insert
phone number).

         The University retains the right to modify or rescind any portion of their fringe benefits packages
at any time. You will be eligible for benefits according to the terms of applicable plans, as they may exist
from time to time.
         As a full-time University faculty member and as an employee of The Children’s Hospital of
Philadelphia and (insert name of practice plan), you will be subject to all applicable University, Penn
Medicine, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and (insert name of practice plan ) policies. These
policies, which are subject to amendment from time to time, currently include, though are not limited to,
“Principles of Responsible Conduct” www.upenn.edu/audit/oacp_principles.htm), “Conflict of Interest”
as described in Faculty Handbook Policy II.E.10
(http://www.upenn.edu/provost/category/faculty_affairs), in related policies and procedures at
www.med.upenn.edu/fapd and the enclosed The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Conflict of Interest
and Patent and Intellectual Property policies.

    If applicable
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       You will not be authorized to enter into any outside contracts or agreements on behalf of the
University or The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia without formal approval from the University or
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, as applicable, for which you should apply through me.

        We value our reputation and seek to conduct all of our activities with the utmost integrity. This
includes respecting the intellectual property rights of other institutions and persons. We seek your
commitment that you will not bring to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or use in connection with
your employment any intellectual property that belongs to others without their written permission. If you
have any intellectual property issues, please bring them to my attention so we can seek to work through

        This offer is predicated on your not having entered into any type of restrictive covenant or non-
compete that could interfere with your performing the services contemplated by the proposed
employment relationship with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, (insert name of practice plan)
and the University of Pennsylvania. The offer is also predicated on your not having any preexisting or
anticipated conflicts of interest with respect to your proposed position at The Children’s Hospital of
Philadelphia, (insert name of practice plan) and the University of Pennsylvania. If you believe you may
have a restrictive covenant, non-compete or conflict of interest, please contact me to immediately discuss
this matter.

         (If applicable - the first sentence)
         Please note, that in addition to your academic review, your appointment cannot be completed
until requirements for medical licensure, DEA and hospital credentials are fulfilled. Also, before you
commence employment at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, you must complete The Children’s
Hospital of Philadelphia employment agreement enclosed with this letter (please execute both copies and
return them to us and we will have them signed and return one fully executed copy to you).

         (FOR FOREIGN CANDIDATES) This offer is contingent upon your having authorization to
work and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are in compliance with U.S. Citizenship and
Immigration Services (USCIS) policies. Please contact the University’s International Student and
Scholar Services (ISSS) Office at (215-898-4661) or access http://www.upenn.edu/oip/iss immediately
so that any visa issues may be addressed before you join us. Appointment and payroll documentation
cannot be processed until you have presented ISSS approval.

         If you agree with the terms of this offer, please sign below and return the signed offer to me by
(insert date). As we discussed, assuming the faculty appointment is approved as we expect, your
appointment will commence as of (insert date). Please respond promptly to requests for information or
documentation. Failure to do so could result in delay of your appointment and inability to participate in
particular benefits programs, such as pension and long-term disability.

        All of us who have met you in the department are extremely enthusiastic about your coming to
the University of Pennsylvania and anticipate that you will have a highly successful and enjoyable career.
I personally look forward to working with you and to helping you develop your career.


                                                  Chair of Department
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I accept this offer as outlined above:

_____________________________                    _____________________________
Date                                             Name of Candidate

cc:     Department BA

Attachments:     Mentoring Guidelines
                 CHOP Employment Agreements
                 CHOP Patent and Intellectual Property and Conflict of Interest Policies

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