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 My early nursing career was in a hospital setting and my last post was in intensive care, but
the long shifts, unsocial hours, and particularly night duty rotations were not in the least
appealing and after having my children, I needed to look for a new direction in nursing that
was more compatible with family life .
After completing my return to nursing course in 2003, I was extremely fortunate to be
approached about a practice nurse position. Knowing nothing about what the role entailed,
Crown St invited me to do a week’s work experience with them. I absolutely loved it and was
delighted when they offered me a permanent position. I started off with baby clinic as the
other nurses did not enjoy sticking needles into babies but I really like meeting all the new
mums and seeing the children through their immunisation programs until they start school. I
also completed a Family Planning course in my first year here.
My next main task was getting the Warfarin clinic up and running on a Thursday afternoon.
This monitoring service continues to grow and Dee now helps me with this service. Thursday
afternoons are often a time of explosive hilarity and our regular clients nearly always leave
with a smile on their faces.
I have been with the practice for 5 years this month and my role has continued to expand. I
completed a Diabetes course during 2008/09 which has enabled me to become involved with
the monitoring of our growing list of diabetic patients.
As well as assisting many patients who have complex health problems, an important aspect
of practice nursing is encouraging patients to maintain healthy lifestyles so I spend quite a lot
of time with patients advising them about weight, exercise, smoking and diet.
I really enjoy my job, firstly because the team here is so supportive but also because I value
the relationships I have built up with our patients.

Oct 2009

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