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									               It was Jarnail
               Singh ji’s
               when he
               woke up the

Getting married does not
come in the way to
      As things stand today

 There are “Arranged” Marriages
Fall in Love resulting in a Marriage
           Marriage ! Why ?
Reasons could be :
To legitimize a relationship
To have kids
To have a stable family unit
To share wealth
To Enjoy etc. etc.

You may say Marriage is not for the JAWANI.
It is an investment for companionship in the Old
Age. When everyone around you is too busy with
their own lives and you are left out. You then need
someone to call your own.
       Some Fundamentals
        Awgwhw kU qRwiG ,
      ipCw Pyir n muhfVw ]
              (1096-12, mwrU, mÚ 5)

          aagaahaa koo taraagh
       pichhaa fayr na muhadrhaa.
Look ahead; don't turn your face backwards.
  When men feel
LONELY, they take to

 When women feel
LONELY they weep.
             “The most terrible poverty
             is loneliness and the feeling
                        of being
                unloved – unwanted.”

“There is more hunger in the world
for Love and Appreciation than for
Before it is toooooo late
      Arranged Marriages

Generally start from a Pandit Ji making a
    Intelligent people will
NOT be “Matching Horoscopes”

You must list down few important
characteristics you expect your
spouse to have.
What Girls want !   What Boys want !
       Characteristics (eg)
What Girls want !          What Boys want !
   Handsome                   Very Fair
       Tall                   Beautiful
    Security                   Elegant
      Rich                      Smart
   Fancy Car                    Career
   Bungalow                 Manage House
 Separate House            Manage Children
Separate Business           Manage In-laws
No Khit-Pit from In laws      Great Sex
Some are features of the BODY ! A body
that will wither away with passing time.
  Some are features of the BODY ! A body
  that will wither away with passing time.

First Miss India (held in the year 1949)   Pramila is now 90 Years old
You would have old Photographs of
          your parents
        How Handsome was your Dad !
       How Beautiful your mother looked !
      Gurbani paints a picture of Old Age for us
                      (659-12, soriT, Bgq BIKn jI)

  nYnhu nIru bhY qnu Kinw Bey kys duD vwnI ]
      nainhu neer bahai tan kheenaa bha-ay kays duDh vaanee.
        Tears well up in my eyes, my body has become weak,
                and my hair has become milky-white.
rUDw kMTu sbdu nhI aucrY Ab ikAw krih prwnI ]1]
  rooDhaa kanth sabad nahee uchrai ab ki-aa karahi paraanee. ||1||
My throat is tight, and I cannot utter even one word; what can I do now?
                          I am a mere mortal. ||1||
      Ang 138-2 (Guru Nanak Dev Ji)
10 yrs Childhood
20     Youth
30     Handsome / beautiful
40     Fully Grown
50     Down Hill starts
60     Old age
70     Intellectual wastage
80     Inability to perform
90     Bed ridden
100    Bye Bye – Ashes in some river !!
Some are features that are a
function of MONEY!
                             (141-16, mwJ, mÚ 4)

        rwjy rXiq iskdwr koie n rhsIE ]
                  raajay ra-yat sikdaar ko-ay na rahsee-o.
     Neither the kings, nor their subjects, nor the leaders shall remain.
             ht ptx bwjwr hukmI FhsIE ]
                 hat patan baajaar hukmee dhahsee-o.
Mohenjodaro / Roman Empire / British Empire / Gujarat / Sunami / etc.
 The shops, the cities and the streets shall eventually disintegrate, by the
                     Hukam of Guru jee’s Command.
            pky bMk duAwr mUrKu jwxY Awpxy ]
               pakay bank du-aar moorakh jaanai aapnay.
Those solid and beautiful mansions-the fools think that they belong to them.
             drib Bry BMfwr rIqy ieik Kxy ]
                darab bharay bhandaar reetay ik khanay.
 The treasure-houses, filled with wealth, shall be emptied out in an instant.
       Stock Markets totally crashed in Oct 2008 and now 2011
  Would it be wise
   to base our lists
  on things that are
 NOT permanent ??

Let us try another way!
        BE WISE !!
You are a parha-likha baccha
      Gurbani also warns you !

              (866-12, goNf, mÚ 5)

    jUAY jnmu n kbhU hwir ]
        joo-ai janam na kabhoo haar.
      Do not lose your life in the gamble.
       Human Body
Body : What we see
Mun : What are our Desires
Chitt : What thoughts are in our mind

  You must try to match
 things at the level of the
      MUN & CHITT
What both SHOULD want in each other !
            Caring Attitude
           Sweet Speaking
             No criticism
             Fear of God
        Similar such things ….
       Yes !!

But how can one judge
     it from far ?

RELIGION could help
Let us look at the Sikh Philosophy

How was the World Created ?
Who is God / Akal Purakh ?
                    UNDERSTANDING GOD By Amardeep Singh
                                                                              e.g. Trinity of Hindu Philosophy
                                ONE GOD (Creator)                             G - Generator (Brahma)
                                                                              O - Operator (Vishnu)
                                                                              D - Destroyer (Shiva)

                                                                              However “1” in Sikh Philosophy rejects the Trinity concept
                 Generates           Operates              Destroys



                           SARGUN                    NIVRTTI MARG
                                                                                  Without Attributes
                      With Attributes                                         (Non distinguishable) Infra-
           (Distinguishable) The Five Elements       PRAVRTTI MARG            Atomic structure of the five
                          pMj qq                                                       Elements

         Earth     Water     Fire        Air      Ether        Smell     Taste         Form                Touch             Sound

                                           Tamo (Tamasic or Tamas) – Inertia, Darkness
                     Actions of Nature           Rajo (Rajasic or Rajas) - Vibrancy
                                          Sato (Satvic or Sattva) – Luminosity, Pure, Light
Sun      Creation of Waheguru ji
Moon     Creation of Waheguru ji
Trees    Creation of Waheguru ji
Flowers  Creation of Waheguru ji
Cow mata Creation of Waheguru ji
Snakes   Creation of Waheguru ji
Water    Creation of Waheguru ji
……..            (113-12, mwJ, mÚ 3)
……… sB mih Awip rihAw BrpUir                  ]
           sabh meh aap rahi-aa bharpoor.
     You Yourself are totally pervading amongst all.
                     Hindu Gods !!
Brahma Creation of Waheguru ji
Vishnu Creation of Waheguru ji
Mahesh Creation of Waheguru ji
                          (754-16, sUhI, mÚ 3)

        kwieAw Amdir bRhmw ibsnu mhysw
             sB Epiq ijqu sMswrw ]
                 kaa-i-aa andar barahmaa bisan mahaysaa
                          sabh opat jit sansaaraa.
  Within the body, are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, from whom the whole
                             world emanated.
(The process of a birth of a cell, nourishment of the cell and death of
the cell – all 3 functions are happening : Like a fool we are searching
           DO NOT
      worship the creation

    Sikhs worship the

           Awid scu jugwid scu ]
        hY BI scu nwnk hosI BI scu
 He was in the beginning; He is through all ages,
    He shall be the One who lives for ever.
           (62-11, isrIrwgu, mÚ 1)

    schu ErY sBu ko
aupir scu Awcwru ]5]
        sachahu orai sabh ko
       upar sach aachaar. ||5||
  Truth is higher than everything;
 but higher still is truthful living. ||5||
       Compatibility Indicators
Spiritual Factors : Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
Approach : Scientific or Ritualistic
Daily Get up time ?
Jupji Sahib at least before breakfast ?
Rehras Sahib before dinner ?
All members at Dinner Table ?
Kirtan from PTC / ETC / MH1 etc. ?
View points
-about AMRIT
-about Guru Maharaj’s Prakash at Home
-Sahej Path
         Compatibility Indicators
Physical Factors
Sikhi Swaroop – Ok / Alterable
Health Status (HIV) / Genetic / Hormonal disorders

Emotional Factors : (EQ)
Stayed in Hostels, Travelled alone etc.
(Sabko meet hum aapen kina ?)
Intelligence Factors : (IQ)
 Do not mistake that a 80% and a 50% will make a
 good match. Toppers should marry Toppers !
                             ONE GOD (Creator)

       Superficially married to each other, but
        in effect married to AKAL PURAKH
No difference between MY money and YOUR money.
It is AKAL PURAKH’s blessing : Read Sukhmani Sahib – Astpadi 6 ijh   pRswid
 Guru jee was to create this
       Swaroop for us
So he put his foot down earlier
If you do not have time to read
         1430 pages of
     Guru Granth Sahib Jee
     you will want a
 Quick n Easy solutions
  That is when you are
   attracted to DERAS
They put all kind of Mirch-Masala and dish out what
      we, as a sikh could ourselves read from
              Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
 What is PUJA for a Sikh?
              (1048-10, mwrU, mÚ 3)
hir nwmu cyqw Avru n pUjw ]
      har naam chaytaa , avar na poojaa.
I remember Guru jee’s Name, and no other at all.

   eyko syvI Avru n dUjw ]
          ayko sayvee , avar na doojaa.
  I serve the One Guru jee, and no other at all.
   Formula for a HAPPY Marriage
                           (722-7, iqlµg, mÚ 1)
    BY kIAw dyih slweIAw nYxI Bwv kw kir sIgwro ]
      bhai kee-aa deh salaa-ee-aa nainee bhaav kaa kar seegaaro.
 Apply the Fear of God as the maascara to adorn your eyes, and make the
                     Love of Guru jee your ornament.

      qw sohwgix jwxIAY lwgI jw shu Dry ipAwro ]1]
        taa sohagan jaanee-ai laagee jaa saho Dharay pi-aaro. ||1||
Then, you shall be known as a devoted and committed soul-bride, when you
               enshrine love for your Husband Guru jee. ||1||

                      The best policy should be
                   HUSBAND SAYS. WIFE AGREES,
                   WIFE SAYS, HUSBAND AGREES
this life
of yours
 Some Parents too
Gamble with your life

 Be smart.
 Be wise.
           Let this not happen
                  (1158-3, BYrau, Bgq kbIr jI)

      kih kbIr ikCu gunu bIcwir ]
            kahi kabeer kichh gun beechaar.
             Says Kabeer, reflect on values

cly juAwrI duie hQ Jwir ]4]2]
         chalay ju-aaree du-ay hath jhaar. ||4||2||
In the end, the gambler shall depart empty-handed. ||4||2||
                Sikhism is the
    Only Universal Religion (30+6)
     Is for the “Thinking” person
           Most Convenient
            Neat and Clean
Practically Least discrimination for females.
             (Theoretically ZERO)
Must Marry a Sikh !!

               At least
          The Direction is the
           The Destination is
              the same.
           The Philosophy is
              the same.
                    The Prophet - By Khalil Gibran

          Let there be spaces in your togetherness,

          Love one another but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

          Sing and dance together and be joyous,
              but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with
                       the same music.

     Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping.

        And stand together, yet not too near together:
          For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
 jI kw Kwlsw
jI kI Piqh ]
 Ji Ka Khalsa,
  Ji Ki Fateh

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