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					    LEAD INDIA 2020
2nd National Movement for

      Nation Appreciates you
1st National Movement for Independence –1947
Lead by great leaders….

2nd National Movement for Development– LEAD INDIA 2020
Lead by…..???

“I am proud to be Indian” – Swami Vivekananda

         Lead India 2020 – Aap Badho, Desh ko Badhao
     Why should we be proud of being Indians?
   Up to 17th century – GLOBAL leader – significant

   “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to
    count, without which no worth while scientific discovery
    could have been made” – Albert Einstein
               Ancient Indian Social Values

   Atma-swarupa                        – All are one
   Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam               – Global Family
   Sthree sanskrit                     – Respect Women
   Sheelam Sarvathra Dhanam
                    – Moral values are the ultimate treasure
   Loka Samastha Sukhino bhavanthu
                             – World happiness and welfare

               So, when did we divert from our culture?
                 Influence of the western culture

"I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen
one person who is a beggar, who is a thief.
Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of
such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless
we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural
heritage. Therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient
education system, her culture.
If Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than
their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self culture and they
will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation“
                   -( Lord McCauley speech in in British Parliament in 1835)

Time snatched our Global leadership because of disunity.
                      But UNITEDLY, we achieved

So, what happened next?

In the 64 years of independence – tremendous economic development.

           Satellite, Space,       Agriculture              IT,            Purchasing
  Field     Diamonds &           (Cultivable land)     Communications      Power of the
                 Films           & Diary industry        & Missiles          Nation
  World           1                          2                 4                4

But Human Development?

                                                   Scams       HIV /       individual’s
   Field    HD Index*          Illiteracy
                                                 Corruption+   AIDS$    Purchasing power
                                 30% of
               134               world’s             85            3        No Rank
            What are the problems affecting
             development of our Country?

Common problems of            Common problems of the
   individuals                       Nation

                                  Poverty
   Postponement

   Greed                         Illiteracy

  Attractions                    Corruption

   Lust                          Unemployment

  Jealousy                       Disunity
         Correlation of National & Youth Problems

 Youth Problems            National Problems           Solution
 Laziness &                Low productivity leads to   Be Dynamic
 postponement              Poverty

 Desires beyond needs      Greed and corruption        Discipline desires

 Attractions and romance   HIV/ AIDs                   Discipline Actions

 Groups based on Caste,
 religion, region          Disunity                    Be Indian First

            Individual Problems lead to National Problems
Therefore, Individual Transformation leads to National Transformation
         Need for a 2nd National Movement

 Nation is missing a national goal like
 55% of Indian Population is below 25 years –
  majority will be the key stakeholders by 2020
 To bridge gap between economic development
  and human development
 To grab global opportunities to solve problems and
  to make India a global leader.
 To bridge gaps in present Education and Life
                Gaps in the Education System

                            Life Skills & Mission

Spiritual Enlightenment                                Cultural Values


Respecting Nature
                                                    Career Requirements

                          Nation’s Requirements
               Education & Employment Status in

Education:                         Employment:
Literacy in India :        61%     Govt. Jobs:                        1%
Education upto Primary :   35%     Pvt. Jobs (organized)              2%
School Drop Outs:          90%     Unorganized                        97%
Degree:      BA…….         75%
B.Sc & B.Com.              15%     • 4.1 crores – registered in the
Professional…              10%     employment exchange
                                   • 29.0 crores unregistered,
   1,50,000 are going abroad for
         higher education          •Only 2% skilled population out of
    Do you believe that India can be
transformed into a world leader by 2020?

     Dr. Kalam says, “Lead India 2020 is the 2nd

   National Movement, a mission oriented program

   transforming youth, gave me assurance that this

          will transform developing India

         into a Developed Nation by 2020”
                  What is Lead India 2020?

Vision:           Lead Youth to Lead India to Lead the World by 2020

Mission:          Igniting, training and nurturing youth as vibrant Change Agents
                  to lead India as a developed nation by 2020.

Working model:                    KNOWLEDGE






          ATTITUDES                                              SKILLS
                               GLOBAL LEADERSHIP
      How India and the world going to be by 2020?

At present, 55% of Indian population is below 25 years.
In 2020, the median age will be 29 years.

 2010 – Present age                  12 years to 25 years
 Age by 2020                         22 years     35 years
 Median age by 2020                  29 years
 By 2020, Youth of India will represent 25% of world’s workforce.
                                                Source: Prime Minister of India
                           Lead India
                   “Aap Badho Desh Ko Badhao”
                        Training & Research

Designed by Prof. (Dr.) N.B. Sudershan Acharya,
Under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

 Ignites scientific temper in Academics
 Inculcates human values for Human Excellence
 Inspires leadership with Patriotism
 Imbibes Global Skills to grab Global opportunities-solves
unemployment & Poverty.
 Instill power of peer group youth force to solve illiteracy &
             Think Globally – Act Locally - Reform Villages
     “Village Development is National Development”
            Aap Badho Desh Ko Badhao Training

        Modules for Holistic Development of youth
•   Life Skills – Vision & Mission
•   Physical Development
•   Mental Development
•   Career Development
•   Social Development
•   Spiritual Development
•   National Development
•   Human Values
        Lead India’s Experiments with Human Values
           Qualities instilled – observed Results

Love                         Experience Loka Samastha Sukhino
Truth                        Self Confidence, courage, conviction,
Discipline                   Self Control, self discipline
Respect                      Parents, teachers, elders, creator and
Jealousy & Anger             Compare and Compete with ones
                             own self
Self Enquiry                 Breaks by heart system
Concentration                Ignition of Scientific Temper (5 W,s –
                             What,Why,When,Where, Who and
                             1H- How)
              Training 55% of Youth as change agents to change
             villages to change developing India into a Developed
                                Ignition & Training

                                 Knowledge centre
    Village                    www.leadindia2020.org
Entrepreneurial                 Unique ID of Trainee                    Sustenance
  Leadership                 1. Data Collection                              &
       &                     2. Evaluation                               Nurturing
 Employment                  3. Analysis                                  Values
                             4. Reporting

                         Skills Development
                         1. Higher education Skills
                         2. Technical & Vocational Skills
                         3. Entrepreneurial skills

      Lead India helps students to achieve their goals even after their schooling
             Experiments and Results

• Dr. Kalam’s Oath No. 1 – Excel in Education, work with
dedication – improvement in 10th standard results – an
increase of 10%

• Each one teach ten – Solve Illiteracy
    In 60 villages of Karimnagar district, 749 illiterates
    made literate by 52 trained students within 45 days

• Digital Empowerment for youth Livelihood
    Program implemented in over 30 villages of various
     Individual Development leading to National Development
                 “Aap Badho Desh Ko Badhao”
Declaration of 2nd National Movement

         Movement to Curb Corruption
  I will be Truthful, Honest and Righteous
  I will not take BRIBE, Will not give bribe.
  I will fight corruption to achieve Corruption free INDIA
                             Lead India 2020 Training Activity Report
                                              (from 2003 to 2010 )
                                                                   Total Trainees: 6,68,554

No. of Trainees



                                    67,003                                         64,374
                            2003    2004     2005     2006      2007      2008     2009       2010

         Dr. Kalam’s each one teach ten experimental
                        pilot project results
                (from May 1st to 18th June 2008, in Karimnagar)
Mandal          No. of       No. of      No. of           No. of
                villages     students    illiterates in   illiterates
                covered      working     the Mandal       made literate

Bejjanki            10           52            250                53

Sultanabad          10          102            600                224

Peddapally           6           86            627                120

Kamanpur            10           36            150                43

Medipally           14          121            436                129

Chigurumamidi        9           87            300                110

Husnabad             7           40            460                70

Total : 7           60          524          2823              749
                                                              Sd /
                                               (Dy. Director of Adult Education)
    Why we are not able to solve our problems”

    In 1971, Central Govt. implemented Roti Kapada Makaan –
     food, cloth & shelter
    12 lakhs NGO’s, 3 million NRI’s.
   Every company is doing their best CSR.

   In spite of all such deeds this is the present status. Why?
   It is all being done as a patch work.

   No united effort to solve specific problem is being done.

                             Lead India 2020
A common platform to build up united strength with govt., NGO’s,
NRI’s and Corporates to solve problems of India
     Lead India National Club – LINC
   Structure:
    Chairperson – Principal
    Vice-chairpersons – 2 Teachers
   Change Agents – 12 students (IXth or Xth )
    Sub – clubs: global skills-life and vision; physical
    development; mental development; social
    development; human values; spiritual development;
    national development
   Each sub-club is headed by the change agents who
    inculcate the values into the other students at school
    by establishing the practice of peer group learning
                       LINC: Unification of efforts to solve Problems
                (CA, GE, Wipro, Infosys, NXP, ADP,                  NGOs
                Shantabiotech, Vijaya Electricals, Hetero Drugs…)
                                                                    (AIF, UnitedWay, NASSCOM, ITsAP – Republic Ride…)

                                                                                          State Government
Media companies                                                                           (AP, Tamilnadu)



                        Central Government
                                                                                              • Illiteracy
                                                                                              • HIV
                                                                                              • Poverty
                                                                                              • Corruption, etc.
                           How can Corporate Contribute

Ambassadors                      Trainers                       Mentors                 Supporters
Going to Schools,corporations            Conducting trainings         Mentioned separately           Focus
interest areas
Meeting Principals          Preparing training material                                 Technical support
Giving Presentations                                                                    like Web designing
Enrolling schools for Training                                                          Programming, PRO,
                                                                                            media coordination,
any others.
                             Role of Mentor

Organizes Sustenance Programmes:
(i) Career Information
(ii) Entrepreneurial skills development.
(iv) Interactive meetings with role models
(v) E - Counseling
(vi) Educational visits
(vii) Study centres for (a) Academics and (b) Career guidance
(viii) Project preparation on related topics:
   (a) information    (b) Role model     (c) opportunity (d) Comparative study
                  Thank you.

             LEAD INDIA !

For Details Contact:
Lead India 2020 Foundation
E – Mail: info@leadindia2020.org
Website: http://www.leadindia2020.org
Mobile: 9246369466 / 9247444521

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