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Ramiro_Rodriguez_Resume_Web_Developer by ajizai


									Ramiro Rodriguez                                              Location:    Fremont, CA 94539
                                                              Cell phone: (650) 279-xxxx

                           FRONT END WEB DEVELOPER

Expertise in: LAMP technology stack. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Ruby on Rails. Smarty templates. Java
Velocity templates. DHTML, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, Ext JS, Prototype. Macromedia Flash. Web
based Mobile Applications. Front end web development standards, optimization and best practices. RESTful web
services. SEO and Analytics advance techniques. Agile, and extreme programming methodology.

Highlights and summary of qualifications:

         10 Years of extensive experience as a Web Developer.
         Front End Developer at Constantly accomplished fast development
          cycles, with high code quality and efficiency. Accomplished several code rewrites, and
          fire drills, in timely manner, meeting extremely challenging deadlines. Constantly took
          charge of extra responsibilities: Site’s Analytics, Email and Affiliate Marketing
          campaign development, and automated QA scripts, aiming to save company overhead.
         Lead Front End Developer at Optimize website’s front end for High
          volume traffic, consumer facing website with average to 1.5M unique visitors per day.
          Agile one week release cycles. Participated in migration from PHP to Ruby On Rails
          platform, while becoming the key engineer to maintain the former codebase.
         Lead role in designing and coding, from the ground up, the Front End CSS, DHTML,
          JavaScript, PHP and Smarty infrastructure of a high volume ecommerce application at
 Participated as lead engineer in all aspects of the development cycle:
          Design, Development, Deployment, QA automation.
         Key in the development of Front and Back End for VoloMedia, meeting challenging
          deadlines, constantly multitasking different projects and proactively making key
          contributions in a high paced startup environment. Highly contribute to build company
          infrastructure from the ground up, by constantly taking extra responsibilities, and
          by being a key part of team building and team work.
         3 Years of solid ecommerce expertise developing, testing, fixing bugs and maintaining
          150 + Online Merchants at The Coca-Cola Company. Promoted from Quality Assurance
          lead engineer to Web Developer by demonstrating quality, efficiency, creativity,
          thinking outside the box and great multitasking skills. Saved company 70% of
          engineering costs by taking extra responsibilities at company’s restructuring time.
          Proactively developed creative solutions and alternative work-arounds for 60% of
          “too-difficult-to-fix” bugs for premium partners: eBags, EBGames, Gamestop, Old
          Navy, Overstock, NBA Store, Movielink, The Gap, among others).


Front End Web Developer – personal news aggregation service portal.
September 2011 – Present

       Responsible for the development of non-login web pages HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP.
        Including the creation of a dynamic front end, switching the site’s look and feel based on
        affiliate codes. Successfully lead the development, in the three rounds of site’s front end
        complete redesign, from version 1.0 to version 3.0, with tight deadlines, within 6 months.
       Add responsive design and media queries to visitor pages, to optimize for iPad Safari
        platform, and small screens. Implement JavaScript and jQuery features and animations;
        create a plugging to dynamically adjust content to section spaces, in article pages.
    Implement dynamic Google Analytics affiliate tracking code, including dynamic events,
     segmentation and advance GA reporting. Took care of coding cross email clients HTML for
     high volume, geo targeting email marketing campaigns. Code affiliate Marketing dynamic
     insertion of tracking pixels based on different promotions.
    Given scarce QA resources, volunteer in assisting Billing with automated regression testing
     QA scripts, including registration and invoicing validity, using Selenium and Ruby Test:Unit

Lead Front End Web Developer – leading online TV Guide web portal
January 2010 – August 2011

    Developed the HTML / CSS / JavaScript infrastructure of, and Sidereel’s
     admin portals front end, in a high pace startup environment. Meeting challenging deadlines
     with weekly releases to production. Deliver the company from 100-200K visits to 1.5 around
     unique visitors per day at acquisition time.
    Participate in two complete product redesigns and rewrites as the Front End Lead
     engineer. Become experienced in Java velocity template systems, Ruby on Rails, and
    Assist with the implementation, management and troubleshooting of site skins, Google ads
     and Google analytics, as well as some of the site’s backend, and site’s layout functionality.
     Enforce front end industry standards and best practices, including object oriented CSS and
     SEO techniques, to improve site’s performance.
    Develop video site, using WordPress. Modify WordPress themes and
     pluging internals, to customize functionality and look and feel. Develop JavaScript
     infrastructure for Twitter and Facebook social applications and widget.

Lead Web Developer – leading provider of eCommerce services
May 2008 – September 2009

    As the Front End lead engineer, successfully deliver the infrastructure of a high volume
     ecommerce shopping mall application through consistent and strong use of CSS, DHTML,
     JavaScript, PHP, Smarty and XML. Putting special emphasis in product’s maintainability,
     future extensibility, and performance in a high volume environment, as well as compatibility
     in multiple browsers and platforms, and follow industry standards and best practices.
    Participate in the evaluation of Front End technologies to be incorporated to the company’s
     products, as well as reviews and recommendation on Social Networking tools and widgets,
     and platforms like OpenID, Facebook apps, Wordpress blog integration, among others.
    Design and code review CSS styling and JavaScript and DHTML functionality of website,
     as well as the implementation of JQuery libraries and extensions needed for the product’s
     DHTML features, including fly out menus, image galleries, slide shows and Ajax
     asynchronous updates to the site’s dynamic features. Make sure the site would also work
     for browsers with JavaScript turned off and also ensuring cross browser compatibility.
    Design and deliver a web admin interface using CodeCharge IDE. Modify the default CSS /
     DHTML interface provided by the tool to improve look and field and insert our custom
     styling sheets. Re-engineer some aspects of the PHP and MySQL of the tool as well, to
     make it fit our needs due to Vendio’s complex Data Model architecture. .
    Designed and implemented OO PHP5 MVC framework, with Smarty templates, and a
     cache system to accomplish a high level of separation between presentation and logic.
    Designed and coded all aspects of the site in a highly controllable and configurable fashion
     via admin files. Control logging, profiling, cache settings, error handling, URL formats,
     SEO parameters, and HTML widget locations based on configuration parameters. Website
     features also include custom build pagination system, automatic breadcrumb generation
     based on user’s navigation, and automatic generation of RESTful URLs according to the
     user’s filtering interactions with listings views results from search engine based on
     attributes, categories, and price filtering. Successfully delivering a fully automated test suite
     and profiling toolset.
    Perform design and code reviews for the company’s other engineers, in-house as well as
     the remote offices in Rumania and India. Proactively interact with product’s manager to
     suggest improvements and performance related changes to our products. Responsible for
     reviewing design and implementation aspects of JavaScript libraries for various company
      products using JQuery and Ext JS. Lead observations that helped reduce the page loading
      time significantly for Vendio’s platform.

Web Developer – VoloMedia: leading provider of advertising solutions for portable media
February 2006-April 2008

     Successfully developed VoloMedia’s Front End corporate website, as well as other demos,
      wireframes and web products, taking specially care on browser compatibility issues with the
      Safari / Mac platform due to our customer base. Created VoloMedia’s CSS and DHTML
      infrastructure and web interfaces, also using Ajax, Prototype and Flash technologies.
     Developed a successful and widely used DHML widget that serves as an installer for
      VoloMedia’s desktop application, based on a snippet of code automatically generated in
      VoloMedia’s web portal, and distributed to any web page as a copy-and-paste, auto-attach
      overlay DHTML popup. Overcome technical difficulties such as customers with poorly
      coded HTML pages, iframes and interfering CSS, JavaScript and Flash elements. Due to
      the universal nature of the code, use of strong error handling routines in JavaScript snippet
      to account for any error that may prevent the plug-in installation.
     Using Object Oriented PHP classes and objects / Smarty / Pear DB and Auth modules,
      successfully developed the Front End / Backend interaction layer for VoloMedia’s web
      portals, based on a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. Developed VoloMedia’s
      PHP libraries and backend processes responsible for interacting with Ajax interfaces, as
      well as with VoloMedia’s desktop agents.
     Developed a web measurement and tracking system based on dynamic DHTML and
      JavaScript calls via Ajax, dynamic image loading, and parsing of Apache’s logs, to provide
      VoloMedia with usage data, statistics and data mining for user’s conversions on desktop
      application installation. Create Perl and PHP scripts to provide automated statistical
      analysis of our desktop agent traffic, as well as capture debugging data. Analyzed and
      pinpoint difficult to find bugs and problems related to the interaction of VoloMedia’s desktop
      agent with the backend processes. Setup testing servers and Perl build scripts to automate
      building test environments

Web Developer – Independent Contractor
July 2004 – December 2005

     Successfully design, development and maintain small to mid-size websites for individuals,
      organizations and small businesses. Extensive use of technologies such as HTML, CSS,
      Macromedia Flash, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

ECommerce Engineer - RocketCash LLC: online promotions for The Coca-Cola Company
March 2002 – January 2004

     Implemented and maintained CSS, HTML JavaScript functionality and backend code (using
      CGI Scripting in Perl, JSP and IBM WebSphere), for Coca Cola promotional websites (Mad
      River beverage:, and The Coca Cola Youth Partnership:
     Developed scripts to dynamically modify underlying HTML structure, CSS styling,
      JavaScript, and VBScript functionality of ecommerce checkout pages for e-commerce
      websites to make them compatible with ShopStream proxy technology.
     Created crawler tools to monitor web page changes using PHP, MySQL and Perl. Created
      and maintained shell scripts to make fix updates more efficient.

Associate of Science degree with a specialty in Web Programming.
Foothill College. Los Altos, CA.

Undergraduate bachelor’s in Engineering in Communications and Electronics.
University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, México.

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