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					Nicholas Eichenberg

Objective        To utilize the education and experience I gained from my 3 years at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to obtain a
                 career in Level Design.

Skills           Extensive knowledge of :               Solid Understanding of :
                    3D Studio Max                         Programming logic
                    Unreal Editor 3                       Photoshop
                    Source Hammer Editor                  Actionscript 3 / Lua
                    SCRUM / Agile Workflow                Computer hardware, software and IT configuration

Education        The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
                  Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design, Graduated March 25th 2010
                  Cumulative GPA 3.6
                  Student of the Quarter – January 2010 – March 2010

Experience       Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh – Summer Camp Intern
                 July 2010 – August 2010
                 Taught a group of 50 Middle School children from grades 5, 6, and 7 how to work together in groups in a game
                 design setting. Was the programmer for two separate games powered by the Wild Pockets engine in LUA, and in
                 charge of making sure all groups got their work completed on time.

                 Project Lead, Level Designer - No More Room in Hell
                 Half-Life 2 Modification (One of PC Gamer’s Big Four)
                 November 2004 – April 2010
                 Responsible for organizing a skilled team and keeping the project headed in one unified direction. Provided
                 feedback and critiques on all work to keep a single style, helped design core game concepts. Crafted pieces of
                 Levels. This project was featured in PC Gamer in 2004 along with Dytopia, Insurgency and NeoTokyo, forming the
                 “Big Four” Half-Life 2 modifications.

                 Teacher’s Assistant - Game Production Team
                 January 2010 – March 2010
                 Assistant Producer for 16 person team, creating a Sizzle Video and Game Package for a new IP. Utilized SCRUM
                 Workflow throughout entire class, stand-in Scrum Manager. Assisted Technical Team with project at all steps,
                 provided feedback on ideas and design concepts, as well as finalized models and textures for project.

                 Teacher’s Assistant - Intro / Advanced Level Design
                 August 2009 - March 2010
                 Taught Source Engine and helped students build successful levels in Source and Unreal Engine 3. Aided in bug
                 chasing and overall level design ideals, as well as indepth playtest information and tweaks to make better levels.

                 Cage / Cave - Audio Video / Photo Department of AiP
                 May 2007 – March 2010
                 Used customer service skills to check out equipment to students, troubleshoot problems with equipment in the
                 Cage/Cave, as well as equipment used by instructors throughout the school. I kept this job the entirity of my
                 time at AiP

                                              -References Available upon request-

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