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									                                           Scientist Resume

Contact information
Cynthia Wood

3859 Colony Street


Career objective
Looking for a challenging position of the Scientist in the reputed organization with a view to use my
wide experience for the benefit of the organization.


        Phlebotomy, preparation of reagent and culture media.
        Microscopy culture and sensitivity testing of various pathological specimens such as mid
         stream urine, blood, and sputum.
        Serological test for syphilis, typhoid fever, hepatitis, etc.
        Tests for HIV 1&2 using ELISA techniques and other rapid test kits; Test for Mycobacterium
         Tuberculosis, etc.
        Various methods of identification of bacterial isolates.
        Identification of fungi, by microscopy, and culture tests.

Career Achievements

        1989 Merit award.
        2008 M.B. Dutch Garner Award for best Ph.D. dissertation in the Poultry Science Dept.
        2006 Certificate of excellence for outstanding graduate student research presentation.
        2006 M.B. Dutch Garner Award for best M.S. thesis in the Poultry Science Dept.
        2004 Awarded the Andrews Ph.D. Fellowship, NC State University (competitive $22,000

National Blood Service
2008- Present
      Responsible for the management of the Antenatal Microbiology Department.
      Microbiological screening of Antenatal Specimens using automated E.L.I.S.A. techniques.
      Responsible for the production of regular reports for the Health Protection Agency, the
       National Institute of Biological Standards and Control and Regional and National Testing
      Management of department’s stock and equipment maintenance.

Biomedical Scientist Team Manager Donor Testing

       Responsible for the microbiological screening of Blood Donors for HBsAg, HCV, HIV,CMV
       and Syphilis using E.L.I.S.A techniques.
      Responsible for the microbiological screening of Antenatal Specimens for HBsAg, HIV,Rubella
       and Syphilis using E.L.I.S.A techniques.
      Responsible for blood grouping New and Known blood donor samples, using Olympus blood
       grouping machines and gel-card technology.


      University of Ulster, United Kingdom. 1984-1989
        MSc Biomedical Sciences (Medical Microbiology)
      University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. 1980-1983
       Associate in Medical Laboratory Science (Bacteriology)
      University of Lagos, Nigeria. 1977-1980
       BSc (Hons) Microbiology

Mary Weinstein

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