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					                               THE E. B. EASTBURN POSTDOCTORAL
                                      FELLOWSHIP 2011 - 2013
                                        Application Guidelines
Under the terms of a bequest to Hamilton Community Foundation by the late Eugene B. Eastburn, a two- year
Fellowship will be awarded for full-time post-doctoral studies in engineering or the sciences (Natural or Physical
sciences, including Health Sciences).


1. The Fellowship is open to candidates who have/will have successfully defended their Ph.D. thesis no more than
   five years before the application deadline, or who will have successfully defended their Ph.D. thesis and are
   eligible to start a post-doctoral position by December 31st of the competition year (2011).

2. The Fellowship is tenable at McMaster University, where the Fellow is expected to pursue full-time postdoctoral
   study and research for the term of the Fellowship.

3. The Fellowship will be awarded for twenty-four (24) consecutive months, commencing approximately September
   1, 2011. In the event of the termination of the Fellowship during the Fellowship term, the amount of the award
   will be prorated.

4. For the 2011 -2013 Fellowship term, the total award will be $80,000, out of which the Fellow will be expected to
   pay all related travel, equipment, research and other expenses, as well as his/her own salary. A schedule of
   semi-annual payments will be arranged with the sponsoring institution on behalf of the Fellow.

5. Fellows are expected to devote a minimum of 80% of their working time to research, with up to 20% of time
   available for teaching, if so desired. It is understood that teaching responsibilities would be arranged with, and
   reimbursed by, the host institution. No other paid employment or major academic award may be accepted by the
   successful candidate during the term that the Fellowship is held.

6. Interim written reports briefly describing research progress must be submitted semi-annually by the Fellow. A
   final detailed report must be filed within one month of the conclusion of the Fellowship term. All reports are to be
   filed with Hamilton Community Foundation.

7. Preference will be given to those whose financial resources are severely limited.

8. The Board of Directors of Hamilton Community Foundation has final authority on matters related to the
   Fellowship, but will be guided by the recommendations of a Selection Committee, The E.B. Eastburn
   Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee, the members of which are appointed by the Foundation.

9. The Foundation reserves the right to terminate the Fellowship award for cause.


1. Applicants must submit in-person or by email, regular mail or courier:

   a)   A completed E.B. Eastburn Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Form (current year);
   b)   Curriculum vitae;
   c)   Original transcripts of academic records (graduate), complete with description of grading scale employed;
   d)   An abstract of the research proposal (maximum 200 words) expressed in non-technical terms;
   e)   A full statement in non-technical terms (no more than 2 pages in length) of the proposed research program;
        to be written by the applicant; to include a statement of the impact of the proposed program; and
   f)   A personal statement (no more than 1 page) in which the applicant explains what impact receiving the E.B.
        Eastburn Postdoctoral Fellowship will have on his or her ability to complete this phase of his or her research

2. Three (3) confidential supporting letters, sent directly by the authors to Leslie Brandreth in the School
of Graduate Studies Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and Research Training, McMaster University, must be
received by the application deadline (February 28, 2011). Referees must include the proposed research
supervisor(s) and the Ph.D. supervisor.

For the 2011-2013 Fellowship, complete applications and supporting letters marked “The E.B. Eastburn
Postdoctoral Fellowship” must be received on or before February 28, 2011 addressed to:

                                                  Leslie Brandreth
                                             School of Graduate Studies
                                               Gilmour Hall Room 212
                                               1280 Main Street West
                                               Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8
                                              Phone 905-525-9140 ext. 24205
                                               E-Mail brandla@mcmaster.ca

                                                        THE E. B. EASTBURN POSTDOCTORAL
                                                        FELLOWSHIP 2009 - 2011
                                                        Application Form

Surname:                                              Given names:


Permanent Address:

Mailing Address (if different):




University affiliations (including degrees, universities, and dates):

Anticipated date of completion of doctoral requirements, if degree not awarded:

Discipline of Doctoral Degree:

Please provide the names, university affiliations and email addresses of at least three referees who
are the authors of supporting letters being sent under separate cover:
 a) Proposed Research Supervisor(s):

 b) Ph.D. Supervisor:

 c) Other:

 How did you learn about The E. B. Eastburn Postdoctoral Fellowship?

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Please be advised that the personal information you provide in connection with this application will only be
used to assess your eligibility for the academic award to which you are applying. As part of the assessment
process, your personal information may be disclosed to members of The E. B. Eastburn Postdoctoral
Fellowship Advisory Committee, to the employees and Board of Directors of Hamilton Community Foundation,
and to the employees and other individuals associated with McMaster University.

                                              PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY
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