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                Work Experience Summary Form (WES)

This year we have created an online form for UCAS applicants to use to list their work
experience placements.

The information provided on the WES is not designed to replace that provided in the
UCAS personal statement but acts to support and to provide clearer details as to what
relevant work experience a candidate has gained. The personal statement will continue
to provide details to include motivation as to why the student wants to study veterinary
medicine, career exploration gained through relevant work experience and details of
extra curricular activities (such as charity, voluntary work or music/sporting activities).

The form will replace the need for references to be sent in which ultimately will reduce
the amount of paperwork we receive.

The form is broken down into 3 sections: Personal Details, Veterinary Experience and
another other Animal Related Experience.

Students are asked to list their veterinary experience and specify the animal type using
a drop down menu (Small / Farm / Equine / Mixed), they can they go on and elaborate
into a brief outline of duties and also list the contact details. The Admissions Team will
then contact the referees. Students can add as many entries as they wish buy clicking
the “Add more experience” button.

Applicants can also inform us about any further animal and other related experience
that they have completed. We have provided a list of Experience types to try and make
completing the form straight forward. These include;


WES forms must be competed by 1st November 2010 which allows the applicants to
include any work experience they have planned for the autumn half term.

There is also a section for Additional Comments at the end of the fomr where students
can submit details of any work experience organised after the 1 st November deadline
plus note any difficulties that may have arisen in gaining practical experience.

The WES form can be found here….
Example of a completed WES form (sent to the generic Admissions email

Work Experience Summary form submitted to The Royal (Dick) School of
Veterinary Studies Submitted on Wednesday 25th of August, 2010 at 1:04:26 pm

Student:    Freya Wilson
UCAS ID:    106-749-1794

Veterinary experience (3 stated)

Experience No: 1

Clinic/Hospital: Rossdales Equine Hospital       Animal Type:     Equine
Dates:      10th to 14th November 2008
Total Days: 4
Duties:     Tailed a nurse or surgeon for each day, observed surgery in
standing and open theatre, observed consults with the diagnostics team, and
check ups on the intensive ward.
Contact:    Mel Lean      Tel: 01638 577 754
Address:    Rossdales Equine Hosptial and Diagnostics Centre,
Cotton End Road,
Suffolk, CB8 7NN   Email:

Experience No: 2

Clinic/Hospital: Swayne and Partners Veterinary Surgeons      Animal Type:
Dates:       4th to 7th August 2009
Total Days: 5
Duties:      Observed all types of cases within the clinic from consults to
the surgeries, tailed a nurse or vet for parts of the day and helped the
nursing team with the handling of the animals in for surgery.
Contact:     Sarah Spark (VN)   Tel: 01284 701444
Address:     Swayne and Partners Veterinary Surgeons,
34 Southgate Street,
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 2AZ      Email:

Experience No: 3

Clinic/Hospital: Eastgate Veterinary Clinic       Animal Type:      Small
Dates:       24th to 28th August
Total Days: 5
Duties:      Similarly to duties at Swayne and Partners, tailed a nurse or vet
for sections of the day, observed consults and surgeries and helped the
nursing team with the handling of animals in for procedures.
Contact:     Claire Crane (practice manager)      Tel: 01284 753961
Address:     Eastgate Veterinary Clinic,
Cotton Lane,
Bury St Edmunds,
IP33 1XW      Email:

Other related experience (2 stated)

Experience No: 1

Organisation:      Barrow Hall Stables     Exp. Type: Equine
Other Exp. Type:   -
Dates:      3rd to 7th November 2008
Total Days: 5
Duties:     Worked as a stable hand with team at stables, general stable hand
duties including mucking out, feeding, turning out and in, grooming and
tacking up and preparing horses for lessons, also led horses with
inexperienced riders during lessons.
Contact:    KD Walker    Tel: 01284 811995
Address:    Church Road
Bury St Edmunds
IP29 5A       Email:

Experience No: 2

Organisation:      The Denham Estate Exp. Type: Lambing
Other Exp. Type: -
Dates:      29th March to 2nd April
Total Days: 5
Duties:     Worked as a farm hand helping with difficult births, feeding pet
lambs, numbering and turning out ewes and lambs, rotating ewes and lambs into
different pens, basic checks on newborns and ewes as well as other odd jobs.
Contact:    Cecilie Gliksten    Tel: 01284 810231 / 01284 810232
Address:    The Denham Estate
Bury St Edmunds
IP29 5EQ      Email:

Additional Comments

Due to take part in a placement at Banham Zoo, Norfolk, for two weeks from
the 18th October

Admissions Committee
September 2010

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