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									           Young Leaders Congress
               Lead Dubai…. Designing the Leader in You!!!
                                     3rd May 2012 to 5th May 2012

Invitation to Sponsors

Kawader Training Services cordially invites you to participate in the Young Leaders
Congress 2012. In making a commitment to become a sponsor, your company will be assured high
profile exposure at this Congress.

Please take a few moments to read our proposal. If you require further information about sponsoring,
please contact ……………………………………………

To secure your place at the Congress, simply choose the sponsorship option that best suits you, complete
the application form and forward, with your deposit …………………………………….. & mail to Kawader Training
Services, 2704, HDS Tower, JLT, P.O. Box 3685, Dubai.

Event Details:

When: 3rd May 2012 to 5th May 2012
Where: ……………………………….

About Us: Kawader is a training and human development institute licensed by the Knowledge and Human
Development Authority of Dubai that helps people achieve a pinnacle in their career and thereafter utilize
their capabilities to the maximum. We specialize in creative and holistic learning & make continuous
improvements in curriculum & pedagogical tools.

Keeping the same stream of thought & ideology of making education and access to knowledge fun, active,
exhilarating & a challenging experience we are holding the first ever leadership congress for high school
students of UAE that will not only be beneficial for the students but also to the schools, sponsors & public
in general.

About the Congress: Young Leaders Congress is a life-changing experience. It is a two-day adventure into
leadership for selected high school students from across the UAE.

Our purpose is to equip, empower and inspire high school students with valuable leadership skills that will
benefit them not only in their daily lives but also in their future endeavors.

The two days will consist of three keynote speakers as well as workshops and activities to help students
grow and learn in a fun and interesting way.

During the congress the students will meet with some eminent leaders in the field of politics, education
and business. Through interaction with decision makers, journalists and academicians, students will
receive direct experience and guidance that cannot be found in textbooks.

Each session of the Young Leaders Congress is designed to educate, inspire and motivate students by

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giving them the confidence and leadership skills that will take them to new heights of success.

All the students, regardless of their chosen curriculum or area of study, will leave the congress feeling
more confident, self-aware, and ready to face the challenges ahead. Young Leaders Congress will provide
students the opportunity to step outside the typical classroom-learning environment and into the realistic
world of active learning.

Students will be fully engaged in exciting and thought-provoking role-play activities, case studies, debates,
and hands-on simulations.

Students Profile:
We expect the number of participants in this event to be more than 500. Based on a well-defined
selection process, Kawader invites and accept applicants from UAE High School from the age group of 15
to 18 years, who exhibit a variety of skills, accomplishments, and temperaments. The true common
characteristics of our participants are demonstrated leadership potential and a capacity to thrive in a
rigorous and challenging environment. We consciously seek and select a diverse participant group, one
that not only reflects a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, but also a wide range of
personal interests and professional and leadership qualities and ambitions.

Congress Format

The three‐day congress will have the following features:
     Keynote Session
     Games & Interactive Session
     Contest and Debate Session
     Panel Discussion
     Networking
     Exhibition booths

Who will attend?

The congress will be attended by:

       Government Agencies involved in the education sector of UAE
       Companies interested in meeting their prospective & innovator clients
       Business Leaders who are interested to meet the young, enthusiastic future leaders
       High School Students
       Teachers & Academicians
       Universities
       Educational Institutes

Expected Number of Participants

We are expecting over 500 attendees from Dubai and other UAE Schools. The Congress will be promoted

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Email Campaigns
Social Media
Press Release
Congress Banners
Congress T-Shirts

Sponsorship Benefits

Publicity and professional association with the Congress

The congress will be promoted as first of its kind in the UAE and targets not only the education sector but
all other industries & organizations that will be associated with the congress through newsletters,
website, brochures & posters ensuring wide exposure & their identification with the Young Leaders

Your sponsorship will be supported through an integrated communications program through a variety of
email campaigns, newsletters, periodicals, social media and postings on the congress’s website. Your
brand will also receive extensive exposure on congress material, banners and on the t-shirts.

Networking with Industry Leaders and Academics

During the three‐day congress, sponsors can obtain direct access to the industry leaders and practitioners
in the education industry. Such networking can generate valuable contacts during and after the event.

Networking with Congress Speakers

Experts from different walks of life will come and share their views on the current standard of education,
current affairs, economy etc. in UAE and steps that can be taken as individuals to improvise, sustain &
cultivate great leaders from among the young generation of today. Their presence will be valuable to
sponsors who wish to interact with them.

Distribution of Company Profile and Services

The congress kits can include the sponsoring companies’ profiles and services.

Strengthening your Corporate Image

Through the congress, your company will be projected as a supporter and leader committed to activities
that benefit the young future leaders. The congress can also directly support your organization’s
marketing efforts by offering brand positioning, and image association.

The details and attractive sponsorship opportunities that are on offer for YOUNG LEADERS CONGRESS
2012 are as follows:

                                        Sponsorship Benefits
                      Benefits                  Event          Main            Co          Support
                                               Sponsor        Sponsor        Sponsor       Sponsor
     1     Award ceremony                         ✔
     2     All days display station                 ✔
     3     Press conference                         ✔

                                                                         Young Leaders Congress 3
     4     Award Ceremony Booth                    ✔              ✔
     5     Press Release                           ✔              ✔             ✔             ✔
     6     Posters                                 ✔              ✔             ✔             ✔
     7     Brochures                               ✔              ✔             ✔             ✔
     8     Participant Event Kit                   ✔              ✔             ✔             ✔
     9     Banners/flyers/Hoardings                ✔              ✔             ✔             ✔
     10    Event representative                    ✔              ✔             ✔             ✔

Sponsorship Opportunities

This congress will present excellent opportunity to share and exchange knowledge about the future
leaders of the UAE and we welcome you and your company to take part in this premier event. All
sponsors are promoted prior to and at the event as well as in the congress materials, dependent upon the
level of sponsorship agreed.

How to Book and Details of Payment Deadlines

In order to confirm your sponsorship, we will require the Sponsor Application form and fifty percent
(50%) deposit payment to be forwarded by return mail. The balance payment will be required by……………

Cheques should be made payable to:

Kawader Training Services, 2704, HDS Tower, JLT, P.O. Box 3685, Dubai

Cancellation Policy

In the event of withdrawal of your sponsorship booking, please be advised that unless that particular area
of sponsorship is resold, the Congress will reserve the right to retain deposit money received.

Further Information
2704, HDS Tower, JLT, P.O. Box 3685, Dubai
Telephone: +971-4-440887
Fax: +971- 4 - 4534888
Email: info@kawaderuae.com
Website: www.kawaderuae.com

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     Sponsorship Application

Company Name

 Contact Person

 Email Address

 Postal Address

 Phone Number

  Fax Number

Company Website

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      Package                 Price                    Select Package
   Main Sponsor           50,000 AED
   Co- Sponsors           25,000 or can
                          opt for
   Support                Lunch/Dinner
   Sponsors               Sponsor
                          Prize Sponsor
                          Congress Kit


Date:       ……………………………………

You will receive a confirmation email and an agreement upon submission

Return completed form with deposit cheque to:

Kawader Training Services
2704, HDS Tower, JLT, P.O. Box 3685, Dubai

Telephone: +971-4-440887
Fax: +971- 4 - 4534888
Email: info@kawaderuae.com
Website: www.kawaderuae.com

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